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Light Body

Our physical body is the product of countless generations of ancestors, resulting in genetic tendencies and hereditary/karmic weaknesses that can leave us feeling powerless and vulnerable to the body’s whims. However, the light body is our very own creation, and it can guide and form the physical body in perfect harmony if we allow it to come in and be integrated.

This merabh, created with the inspired music of Yoham and the gracious compassion of Beloved St. Germain, is a beautiful opportunity for us to give the invitation to our own light body, to come in and be received by our physical self.

According to St. Germain, “It’s been said that the body is the temple of God, but it’s really a rented temple.” However, “The light body comes in, and this light body is yours. It is the true temple of God, of the God, I Am.”

• This merabh is highly recommended for anyone experiencing physical or health issues, or who wants to bring their body weight back into balance.

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