Live Free

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Live Free
A Profound Discussion and Merabh with Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded with a live audience at the Consciousness, Unleashed workshop in Bled, Slovenia¬, May 2014

During the first Consciousness Unleashed workshop, Adamus gave a very special message about true freedom. First, he talked about why he loves and respects humans so much, saying, “Angels are not in this very dense time reality. They’re out in the floaty clouds in the etheric realms. They don’t have problems and issues, but they also don’t have that very deep and intimate experience with themselves. They don’t have this whole reality where you can get lost, where you can play any game that you want. They don’t have to coexist in such tight proximity to other angels. They don’t have the mind. They don’t have the opportunity for such a beautiful realization of Self as you do.”

Then he talked about why he’s here to work with Shaumbra, specifically the ones who have truly chosen embodied enlightenment, and why he encourages the “dabblers” to move on. After discussing the question “What do humans want?” Adamus goes into the topic of the day – what Shaumbra really want. There are many things Shaumbra want but the truest answer is freedom.

Adamus gives an entertaining synopsis of the book The Red Lion (which was inspired by St. Germain) and how it illustrates the cost of ultimate freedom for those who are not ready. He also talks about Time, explaining how it is the glue that holds together our earthly dimension, and how we can transcend Time and its limitations.

Then, accompanied by the magical music of Yoham (Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa & Amir Yakobi), Adamus guides the listeners into the sensuality of true freedom, a gift that only you can give yourself, if you so choose.

Live Free is classic Adamus. It is profound, insightful and entertaining. His message goes beyond the New Age and Spirituality, into a realm of its own. The Merabh at the end of the session can help shift your consciousness, from limitation to freedom.

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