Lords of Freedom - Egypt 2013

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"Lords of Freedom"
Shaumbra Egypt Tour 2013

The fourth Shaumbra tour in Egypt was one of the most memorable and poignant of any sacred tour that the Crimson Circle has ever done. Not only seeing and feeling the impact of the recent revolution and Egypt’s bumpy journey towards democracy, attendees also experienced the changing energies of the ancient temples and sacred sites. One could actually feel the effects of previous visits by Shaumbra and others, as so much of the old energies and beings have been released and reclaimed.

With messages from Adamus, Ah-Kir-Rah, Beloved St. Germain and the Voice of Egypt, these 13 sessions will have a deep impact on the listener, just as they did for the attendees. Each session is available individually, so you can listen to one or all.

Each session includes the MP3 audio file and PDF transcript. Must have high speed Internet. (Translations available soon.)

1.    What Does It Take? (Adamus)
Adamus welcomes the attendees to Egypt, discussing the energies of the land, the focus of the journey, and asking “What does it take for your freedom?” After talking about the intensity that will accompany the group, he states that, “Servants build tombs. Creators build reality.” The session ends with a merabh of freedom, accompanied by the music of Gerhard Fankhauser.
Time – 1:01:47

2.    The Gift of Consciousness (Beloved St. Germain)
With the greeting “Oh-Be-Ahn” St. Germain invites the audience to feel their own timeless nature as they sail along the timeless Nile. Then he speaks passionately about the greatest gift of all that was given to us by gracious Spirit – the gift of consciousness. Awareness. St. Germain then leads a beautiful experience of physically integrating the divine consciousness with the human.
Time – 0:51:33

3.    Invitation (Ah-Kir-Rah) $20
In this stirring message, Ah-Kir-Rah, the Oversoul of Kuthumi, Thutmose, Balthazar and others, addresses the audience as Lords of their own creation. Then he speaks directly to the soul of each listener, offering a beautiful invitation to come home. This is one of the most precious messages of the entire journey.
Time – 0:45:04

4.    The Starboat (Geoffrey Hoppe)
In the sacred temple at Edfu, an inner room contains a “starboat,” said to carry the soul on its journey between the realms. In this recording, Geoffrey speaks briefly of the starboat and its significance, followed by toning with the group.
Time – 0:11:15

5.    Act Like A Master (Adamus)
Adamus talks about the inner voice that leads you into the next adventure, the leads a merabh of allowing, accompanied by the music of Gerhard Fankhauser. In this merabh the listener is invited to allow the divinity to join you, allow the body to rebalance, let go of the mind and allow the I Am to come in. Adamus reminds that, when all else fails, simply act like a Master, and it will be so.
Time – 0:44:19

6.    Shaumbra Wisdom (Adamus)
Adamus speaks more about allowing, and then illustrates the relationship between the human and the soul. Then he invites the Masters who are present to share their wisdom in answer to his various questions. Topics include the temples of Egypt, the energies of Set, the Wound of the Soul, and more.
Time – 1:23:17

7.    Tears of the Soul (Adamus)
Adamus speaks of the beautiful society of Atlantis, and how it changed because of the soul’s desire for freedom. Then, addressing the soul directly, he talks about the gifts of beauty, passion, pain, death, enlightenment and love that the human has brought to the soul. In a most beautiful and touching invitation, the soul is invited to join the human now, allowing the tears of the soul and trusting the human’s invitation. A profoundly moving and exquisite experience…
Time – 1:01:38

8.    Human Needs, Soul Desires (Adamus)
Adamus invites audience members to address their soul and clearly state their human needs. After entertaining exchanges with several Shaumbra, Adamus then talks about the desires of the soul. Assisted by the wisdom and music of Gerhard, the audience is invited to allow their soul to sing its desires to the human.
Time – 1:17:24

9.    This Great Land (Adamus Ra)
Talking about potentials for Egypt, Adamus discusses freedom, both for the country itself and how that freedom is affected by the divine humans who have connected with the land. Reminding us to simply allow, Adamus and the audience breath for “a smooth and graceful transition” into the new.
Time – 0:29:24

10.    The Ancient One (The Voice of Egypt)
Shaumbra gathered in the paws of the Sphinx and listened to the passionate, heart-wrenching cry of the Voice of Egypt, calling its people to hope and freedom.
Time – 0:08:57

11.    The Place of No Place (Beloved St. Germain) (1st group in King’s Chamber)
After calling each one to state who is here, St. Germain speaks of the history of the King’s Chamber, the visitors who have come, and potential now to release all that is not truth. A deep and profound experience.
Time – 0:52:56

12.    The Holy of Holies (Adamus) (2nd group in King’s Chamber)
Adamus speaks of the energies of this sacred room, how it has affected others in the past, and the silence that permeates it. He speaks of the memories that arise while in the room and how the Master handles it. After all have spoken their name, he bids us Oh-Be-Ahn.
Time – 1:22:38

13.    To the Masters (Adamus)
Adamus recounts the magic of the journey and reminds each one that the Master is already within, simply waiting to be chosen. Though it can be a challenge to be a Master and a human at the same time, he reminds us that it is absolutely possible, and even magical.
Time – 0:32:45

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