Magic of the Masters

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•  DreamWalk to Atlantis and the Temples of Tien
•  The love of Tobias and adventures of Sam
•  Communing – the energies sing!
•  Kuthumi hiding from his soul
•  It’s not what you believe, it’s what you allow!
•  Time to go beyond mass consciousness
•  Bring home everything that’s yours

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Magic of the Masters
Beyond Mass Consciousness

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When 500 Shaumbra Masters gather in one place, something big is bound to happen. During this event in Bled, Slovenia, Shaumbra learned about communing and began releasing themselves from mass consciousness. First, St. Germain led a DreamWalk to retrieve an old aspect, still in the Temples of Tien dreaming the Atlantean Dream. Then, in a sweet and poignant first message to Shaumbra, Sam (the new incarnation of Tobias’ oversoul) shared some of his experiences living as a Master on Earth. Kuthumi follows with a loving and humorous story of communing with his soul, allowing his Realization, and bringing back the magic. Adamus then explains what mass consciousness is, where it came from and why it’s here, and guides Shaumbra in rising above its tightly woven gravity. With this freedom, you no longer have to be affected by everyone else’s thoughts, emotions, memories and beliefs.

With the presence and support of Adamus, St. Germain, Sam and Kuthumi, Shaumbra have come so far in allowing their Realization that there is now no going back, even if you tried. Your light is brighter, you can commune and sing with the energies that are here to serve, and hold your own thoughts and dreams, no longer storing them in the cloud of mass consciousness. According to Adamus, this event is a true milestone for Shaumbra, at the level of the Quantum Leap and Tobias’ Farewell.

1. Dreamer, Come Home (46:05)
Adamus gives a short history of Shaumbra’s journey. Tobias called us together and helped us know we’re not crazy. Then Adamus took over and began cleaning house and getting rid of the makyo. The next big step is no longer working for energy but allowing it to serve you. He then shifts to St. Germain and guides a DreamWalk back to the Temples of Tien in Atlantis. In this experience of And, the dreamer is still dreaming the Atlantean Dream and is one of the last aspects waiting to come home. We give the invitation, “Dear dreamer, you are no longer alone. The dream is fulfilled. Take my hand and come with me now, be in my life. Help me dream a new dream.”

2. A Master’s Life (1:02:05)
Sam introduces himself for the first time to Shaumbra and explains that “SAM” means “Sovereign Ascended Master.” From the same Oversoul as Tobias, Sam is here to experience and enjoy things that Tobias never did. He has discovered Tobias’ teachings on the Crimson Circle website, reconnected with Tobias himself, and has never doubted that he is both human and divine. Sharing a few details of his life, Sam talked about his girlfriend, his car, his dog, his challenges with technology, and the precious experience of communing with everything around him. He invites the audience, with the accompaniment of Yoham, to hear and commune with the energies, and how they sing back to you.

3. Communing with Soul (1:04:40)
Kuthumi comments how Shaumbra are so much lighter and brighter than in years past, then relates the story of how he convinced St. Germain to work with Shaumbra when Tobias left. He laments about the confusing nature of words, causing much laughter in his “mis-hearing” of various things, and how the mind distorts what the soul is communicating to us. Then he tells more about his experience of lying in bed, resisting and mis-hearing the messages from his own soul, Ah-Kir-Rah. Finally, he concocts a song, with assistance from Yoham, and invites the audience to sing along.

4. Beyond Mass Consciousness (51:50)
After inviting us to feel into the gathering and all that has happened, Adamus states that now comes the time to do what we came to do – release mass consciousness. He explains why and how it came to be, and the effect it has on humans. It is comparable to the computer “cloud” where everything is stored – every action, thought, dream, belief – everything. Mass consciousness has kept you oriented in a type of limited balance, but you don’t need it anymore. It used to have some creativity but is now very mental and glued together with emotions. Now is the time to disentangle and allow yourself to rise above the cloud. As you do, bringing home every single thing you ever contributed, it begins to loosen the tightly woven gravity and has a profound effect on mass consciousness.

Format: Streaming audio and online text e-reader
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Cost: $44

Ratings: Attendee ratings of the various channels at the Magic of the Masters gathering:
St. Germain – 4.9 out of 5
Sam – 4.9 out of 5
Kuthumi – 4.9 out of 5
Adamus – 5 out of 5

Translations: When text translations become available, they will be listed at the top of this page. Because these are done on a gratis basis, we do not know when they will be available. No refunds or extensions will be granted due to translation availability.

Featuring: Adamus, St. Germain, Sam, Kuthumi and Yoham
Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, assisted by Linda Benyo Hoppe

Recorded in Bled, Slovenia, October 2018

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The magnificent energy of 4 Masters together, created a real landmark on the path to our Embodied Realization.
The magnificent energy of 4 Masters together, created a real landmark on the path to our Embodied Realization. From Saint -Germain reminding us to integrate our last Atlantean aspect to adorable young Master Sam, that gave us a precious tool to add to the ever-present Permission, to the delightful stories wrapped in deep wisdom from Kuthumi, to our Beloved Adamus leading us out of mass consciousness, this is an unforgettable seminar. If you are a Shaumbra, you will cherish it as one big jump ahead on overall conscience. Big laughs are inevitable, as well as a sense that your hearth is going to burst out any moment, with joy, gratitude and true sense of companionship. Thank you, Masters!
Review by P.E. / (Posted on 12/13/2018)
Another Wonderful Adventure
My experience with the Magic of the Master’s was that St. Germain, Kuthumi, and Sam all led me up to the point of releasing mass consciousness and Adamus pulled it all together at the end. This was profound for me. It gave me an experience of release that I had not had until this point in time.

Mass consciousness is something that we all live in and it becomes almost invisible, just like when our face is close to a window screen and we can’t see the wires of the screen. The channels helped me pull away from the screen of mass consciousness and see that it is not what I am. These masters helped the human in me find my way to freedom.

Joe Davinroy
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by JD / (Posted on 11/25/2018)
Magic of the Master’s 2018 offers a fascinating collage of insights from St. Germain, Sam, Kuthumi, and Adamus that meld together in a beautiful and touching way. I was charmed by the tenderness of the channels and the poignancy of the celebration as we untangled from mass consciousness.

I listened to this offering about 1 month after it was recorded and was delighted to realize how I had been communing and aligning with the potentials over the past two months. If you choose to order this Cloud Class, you may realize the profound ways you too have been contributing to this great shift, and feel a true connection with all those around the world who are also making this choice. The potentials here transcend time and space.

In the days following my participation I have seen how my participation in life is deepening, and I have watched how old energy patterns are shifting to serve me in new ways. We are indeed living in exciting times.

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by DVK / (Posted on 11/21/2018)
Finding the Magic
After listening to the Magic of the Masters, I’ve taken a dive into feeling about what I consider to be magic. For me, magic happens when I’ve allowed myself to go beyond the mind and to open my perceptions and senses.

That Shaumbra can come together again in this lifetime is magical in itself. I have attended events like the Quantum Leap in 2007, Tobias’ Farewell in 2009 and the last Crimson Circle trip to Egypt in 2014 (among many others) that all contained beautiful shifts in consciousness, or as Tobias would call them, points of separation. When we allow ourselves to go beyond, to really open up is when we bring awarenesses to ourselves that can only be described as magical.

We don’t have to physically be in attendance at events to know we have helped to create them. One only has to take a breath to connect to the beautiful energies that are present when Shaumbra gathers. And we gather much differently than we used to. As Adamus says, we are nearly makyo-free, which means we attend with more balance and clarity.

The Magic of the Masters contains four segments. In the first, Saint-Germain takes us on a beautiful DreamWalk to the Temples of Tien. I’ve been on countless DreamWalks with birthing clients for many years, and I consider them to be one of the most magical things I’ve done. The second message is from Sam who describes his life as the latest incarnation of the oversoul of Tobias, and how communing is such a part of his lifetime. Communing is becoming something for Shaumbra as well while going into our realization. In true Kuthumi style, he brings his brand of humor into the third segment, but as always, he shares his profound wisdom. Adamus then provides some magic when he invites us to rise above mass consciousness in the last segment. Although I’ve been aware of disconnecting from mass consciousness for some time, this was the biggest shift I’ve made.

It’s up to each of us to find magic. For me, I found it in the Magic of the Masters. I recommend experiencing this latest grand gathering of Shaumbra.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 11/18/2018)
Commune with the Magic
“The return of magic. The return of magic comes when you’re communing with energy, rather than fighting energy, what you’re allowing energy, rather than working hard for it.”
Adamus shared these words at the recent Shaumbra gathering in Bled, Slovenia where indeed magic returned! While 500 Masters attended in person, thousands of others like myself communed in spirit feeling the same energies... And now through the magic of technology, we can be there to experience the actual channels from St. Germain, “SAM”, Kuthumi and Adamus!
While there is nothing quite like being at a live Crimson Circle event, the energies from this gathering are palpable. Beyond the words, a brightness and joy radiates which both Kuthumi and Adamus confirmed . “There is a different light in Shaumbra now and we’re beginning to let it shine.” I loved hearing the audience laughter along with the musical magic of Yoham and Shaumbra singing and toning together. While this is an audio only Cloud class vs video , I feel it provides a richer experience communing with the energies with less distraction… (though I miss Linda’s eye rolls!)
And of course there is magic in all of the words of the four Masters whom Geoff channelled brilliantly. It reminded me of a Black Magic box of chocolates to choose from! Sweet and rich St. Germain, smooth 100% organic SAM, slightly nutty Kuthumi, and dark, spicy Adamus. Mmmmm….
Adamus tells about the history of Tobias to remind us that we’re not crazy while his job was to clear house of Makyo (spiritual BS). Bringing us to this point… allowing energy to serve us! St. Germain leads us in a profound DreamWalk back to the Temples of Tien where an aspect of us has still remained dreaming of our Realization on the planet. Now we bring home this aspect to dream a new dream of New Energy!
SAM, which is the acronym for Sovereign Ascended Master, is from the same oversoul as Tobias. I was there at the Tobias farewell and have been so looking forward to knowing more about how he is doing! SAM is living very well as a Master on an organic farm in Oregon and showed us how energy truly serves him with ease and grace. I loved his clarity and quiet confidence and how he is here to simply experience and enjoy life communing with all energies sharing some great examples. SAM is such a standard to young and old Shaumbra alike. And I want an invite to that future party!!
“It’s just natural to know that you are God also, to know that energy is here to make your creation bigger and brighter, to make it anything you want it to be, to live out your wildest dreams.”, SAM unabashedly states.
And it wouldn’t be a party without Kuthumi’s annual stand up routine! Kuthumi is his usual “hoot” playing with us and reminding us that magic is just communing with energies! “It’s not what you believe, it’s what you allow” will be singing in your ears for sometime after…
Adamus wraps it up with his promise earlier to show us how to move beyond mass consciousness in a merabh that is indeed moving above the clouds. Now we know how to be in it AND leave it. It was a huge aha for me to understand that it is only just energy as well here to serve me. Even the traffic. Boom!
Indeed this event is a milestone in Shaumbra history and I would encourage you to commune with the magic!
Tammie O’Rielly
CC Product Review Team
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 11/13/2018)
Most amazing Masters gathering
For me, going to the live experience with this event, then re-listening to it… it really feels like a gift of a new life. Like Geoffrey already mentioned in his article from Shaumbra Magazine of November 2018, it was a beautiful venue, and a room that felt very comfortable, even with 500 Shaumbra (Masters),with a very good acoustics, and with a safe space like built-in.
As the event started, and Adamus came in, the tension and the waiting for the beginning was dissolving away, yet, the messages where saying `you arrived, you are there`, even Saint-Germain stated something similar. After Adamus makes a review of what we are doing (and here, that this was a milestone event) – now stepping into allowing energy to serve us, and I liked the idea that `energy is a friend`. I also liked the simplicity when he explained about inviting the Master – Hello Master, You’re here. And, after that, there was the dreamwalk of meeting and getting to now the aspect of dreamer, of each of us, back from the Temples of Tien. It is a very personal experience, and I was surprised of the level of emotional release that was going on for me…
And the next channel was a little surprising, with SAM. The perspective of a Sovereign Ascended Master just living like us, as a human… And I was like taking notes about what life could be, with more ease and grace. I guess you already heard of… communing. The new breathing. To me, after some interesting stories told by SAM, it was like connecting some points from my life, but… well, some aha moments –I can say. After the last shoud it is clear that this is where we are going, so it is interesting to feel and be aware of that.
In the next day we had the channel with Kuthumi, a relevant one, even if he is getting just one public appearance per year… Yet, making us aware that the mind is still interpreting the constant message from the soul, meaning that it is not a clear message, rather distorted, was quite puzzling to me, not really a surprise, but intriguing. And, that the all hard parts are done… from our journey, that felt encouraging. And now it’s just a matter of unfolding… Then, the fun way of remembering the message from the end… with a song – that it is not what you believe, but it is what you allow… wow! It still comes in the now from time to time and I do have fun remembering that and starting to observe my reality and reminding to myself to allow.
After that, and the amazing events before the last channel, Adamus came in and started getting us into the next step – the release from mass consciousness. Perhaps it is a unique experience, for me was the feeling that I am ready and enjoying the experience and some understanding that came with that.
Now, after some time and experiences, I can say that I look at life somewhat different, and I still experience changes and releases. For me it’s an unfolding, in somedays there are fun experience, which makes me say that I do recommend this material from all my heart.
Many thanks to Geoffrey, Linda, Adamus and the CC Staff for this true gift of a simple material, yet very deep in feelings and wisdom and applied consciousness.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 11/7/2018)
Magic x 4 !!
The experiences in these 4 truly magical presentations and dream walks are for all of our family of Shaumbra who have arrived together in this magnificent lifetime. This gathering is the realization of where we’ve been headed for lifetimes, especially this one.

So, what’s the magic? I hear Kuthumi laughing at how simple this is. The magic is not changing or transmuting anything… is simply allowing our divine self to commune with all the energies…..energies that are here to serve us!

So why weren’t we able to have this experience when Tobias was here? Kuthumi answered this with his song in session 3…..”it’s not what you believe but what you allow”. It’s taken a few years and a considerable amount of seeing and then releasing beliefs for us to come to know who we’re always been and…. to allow allowing!

We are there!

Adamus notes that the Quantum Leap gathering in 2007 as well as Tobias’s departure in 2009 were turning points for Shaumbra, as is this epic gathering in Bled.

While we all knew that the intent of this gathering of 500 Shaumbra, joined by all of us tuning in, was to release ourselves from mass consciousness, I was not prepared for the dreamwalk with St Germain in the first session to rejoin my aspect left in the Temples of Tien to dream of this “time” and to invite it to come and dream now of the experiences I can have in New Energy. Nor was I prepared for the sweetness, wisdom, and insights of SAM (Sovereign Ascended Master) in the second session.

For me, Sam shines, radiates, and resonates as the standard of a Realized Master that he is, for all of us. And his sense of humor is so refreshing and fun. He even shared how Tobias taught him to say things that Cauldre didn’t want to say!

He talked about communing, as Adamus has talked recently about all energy being communication. Sam gave so many beautiful and inspiring examples of communing with and singing with all energies in his daily life, including making love with his girlfriend who is 9 years older than he is!

Sam is truly the standard of how to walk on earth in embodied Realization. For days, I’ve been walking and singing in the sweet clarity and simplicity he brings.

The experience with Adamus in the fourth session was epic…a milestone....never experienced before. We’re finally able to get out of focus to truly experience And.

He talked about mass consciousness in relation to the computer cloud we know. Both store experiences and emotions. So as I allow myself to unweave from mass consciousness, taking all my past experiences with me, I can no longer be pulled back into the cloud of mass consciousness…..unless I choose to play there for a while. My wisdom now distills everything for me and I hold all of my experiences and memories and dreams…..I now own it all. It’s all within me, and I have ascended beyond/above mass consciousness.

And as Adamus so beautifully described, the “drone” of mass consciousness is now replaced by harmonics and resonance that we can sing and commune with…..mass consciousness is simply energy!

My favorite quote/insight was from Sam: “I don’t know how to put it into words, but all energies sing and they speak and they communicate and they talk…...letting my heart sing back without having to say a word, without having to think a thought, this is the new breath. Communing is the new breath.”

Thank you G&L for arranging this gathering in the perfect place, for channeling our old friends as well as dear inspiring Sam, and thank you to all of our beloved family of Shaumbra for gathering physically and virtually to create and share this milestone!

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Patti / (Posted on 11/2/2018)
That's what we made it for. Now it is only creating and allowing in joy.
Review by Serge / (Posted on 10/30/2018)
After Bled I really feel alive and well, filled with energy … Still singing Kuthumi`s wonderful tune, invented by Einat / the amazing Yoham, who supported the energies of Masters in a very beautiful way.
Magic of the Masters
Beyond Mass Consciousness

In Bled, Slovenia, Oct. 2018, became a wonderful experience in many ways.
There are 4 channelings: Adamus & St. Germain; Sam; Kuthumi; and Adamus.
In the first one “Dreamer, Come Home” Adamus talks about the importance of allowing. Allowing yourself totally. It is not allowing everything around you to benefit from you; but allowing energy to serve you … It is also very important to allow your wisdom in, the song of your soul; allow the master in; how? You just say “Hello, master!” Done! Energy serves you.
St. Germain tells about the AND; like Adamus is a facet of St. Germain and Shaumbra, the master in every human being is also a facet you can allow in. He looks back and integrates the energies from the Atlantic dream by giving a Dreamwalk, so Shaumbra (all of us) can allow the dreamer aspects to come home by walking the sacred path from the temples of Tien till now. Consciousness and energy can now come together and allow new energy to serve us.
Sam shares in “A Master`s Life” experience from his life in a very humoristic way. Energy is communication. Energy is singing and communicating. Instead of taking deep breaths we should commune; enjoy energy exchange by hearing the singing of the energies from spirit in and around us: “I exist because of you” is coming back to us from all around us as singing.
Kuthumi is filled with humor and joy in “Communing with Soul” as always. He tells again about his life; and how he was supporting Adamus in his preparation for taking over after Tobias, very funny story, indeed.
“Allow yourself to be crazy! No matter what you are going into your realization.” He told about his days in hospital listening to his inner voice, that was noisy, scolding and holding down the human part to a breakdown. Akira asked him continuously: “What do you believe, Kuthumi? And why do you believe it?
Kuthumi felt very irritated and annoyed. The mind stood in the way for understanding what the soul was saying … It really said, “Just allow, dear Kuthumi, just allow!”
At last the channeling ends with wonderfully singing “It`s not what you believe, it`s what you allow …”
Adamus discusses in “Beyond Mass Consciousness” what mass consciousness really is … Mass consciousness is mostly working in your brain. You can`t think your way out of it. You can allow yourself out by allowing energies to serve you; allow yourself to rise above it; no battles, no efforts, just allowing … It is just energies, just singing.
Together all of Shaumbra go beyond and rise above mass consciousness in a beautiful communing way …

After Bled I really feel alive and well, filled with energy … Still singing Kuthumi`s wonderful tune, invented by Einat / the amazing Yoham, who supported the energies of Masters in a very beautiful way.
I recommend this cloud class with the energies of more than 500 Shaumbra in Bled, such a joy.

Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 10/27/2018)
This is one of the biggest transitions we have done as Shaumbra, leaving mass consciousness!
Having participated in the event in Bled, Slovenia with great joy, it was like being back there when I started listening to the channels again. One of the things Adamus said, as I remember, it was in the beginning, that it was not only the 500 people who was live at the event, but also all of Shaumbra who were tuning in to this event and participating in this amazing shift: leaving mass consciousness!
The first channel should have been St. Germain, but Adamus came in first – couldn’t help himself. He left quickly for St. Germain, who led a dream-walk back to the Atlantean time, to invite back the aspect that had held the Atlantean dream. It was so beautiful and made so much sense. Like letting go of something that is not needed anymore, and then watch it come back in a totally different way.
After that Sam came in. Wow! I felt it so inspiring to listen to a young man of 19, not having all the old patterns and overlays we have had when growing up. It shows us what we can do, create, when we allow our realization! He talked a lot about communing, even called it the new breathing. What he meant was listening to the energy of everything around him. Hearing the song of the energy. And how appropriate, when Adamus has talked about energy being communication.
After this channel, I should talk with somebody to make some arrangements, but I had to give up, because I just couldn’t express myself in words.
The second day Kuthumi was channeled. I love the way, he can take the essence of what he wants to share with us and turn it into a short joyful song that actually makes it easy to remember! With the help of Yoham, of course! As always, he was so funny, also when sharing some of more tough parts of his story from his last lifetime on Earth.
The end of the whole event was Adamus on stage again. This time, to guide the leaving of mass consciousness. In Bled I fell asleep at some point, coming back to his words, “Transition completed!” Wow, such an amazing feeling! And I feel, it’s so beautiful that all of us participated in this, no matter if we were there in person or not!
After this event a lot of integration is taking place. And you know how that can be! Changes on different levels, things to let go of, and also being in an open state to allow the time for the new to emerge – not knowing when it will.
Don’t miss this one!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 10/26/2018)
The best
The greatest recordings ever done until now :)
Review by Georgeta / (Posted on 10/26/2018)
Let there be Magic here from now on because I Exist!
From Haha to Aha into Ascension. And if you want to know my thoughts about this Magic of the Masters I invite you to commune with me because I Exist!
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 10/25/2018)