Master’s Life 12 – Pathways to Realization

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  • Clear explanations of awakening and Realization
  • Ascended Master anecdotes and statistics
  • Pathways they tried but do not recommend
  • Common experiences on the way to Realization
  • Dead ends, steppingstones and easier pathways
  • What’s your pathway?
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The good life, the Master’s Life  

The Master’s Life
Part 12: Pathways to Realization

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Seekers on the road to enlightenment might be shocked to learn that there are many diverse pathways to Realization. In fact, spirituality is not the only way, and many Ascended Masters were not mystics, never meditated, and had no sense of God in their lives. Adamus Saint-Germain prefers to use “Realization” for what has been called enlightenment or ascension, because it is about realizing who you truly are beyond this illusionary reality. Until now, spirituality has been the most common path to Realization, but there are many others. In the past, these have included very difficult things like torture, suicide, and other traumas, as well as easier paths such as nature, creativity, and even impending death. In this modern era, things like physics and technology can also provide the pathway to Realization, but there are also distractions, dead ends and steppingstones along the way.

Ultimately, every Ascended Master went deep into Allowing on their way to Realization, which Adamus states is the easiest and most natural pathway of all.

Adamus Saint-Germain talks about the many pathways to Realization that have been taken by nearly 10,000 Ascended Masters, as well as some of the new pathways now becoming available. Spirituality is by far the most common and has been considered by many to be the only path. But anything that helps one go beyond the illusion of this reality and remember their true self can open the door to Realization.

A beautiful reminder for Shaumbra and an excellent overview for newcomers, this information is perfect for anyone on the journey from awakening to Realization. Adamus explains what you can expect along the way, reassures that you’re not crazy, and invites you to simply allow yourself to relax into Realization.

Master’s Life 12 is ideal for newcomers to the Crimson Circle, and for veteran Shaumbra as well. It takes away the burden of being “spiritually adept” and encourages a graceful, natural and personal path into Realization, no matter who you are or what background you come from.


1. Awakening to Realization (50:50)
After helpful explanations of both awakening and Realization, Adamus gives some interesting statistics about the current Ascended Masters, including their average number of lifetimes and some of the paths they took.

2. What to Expect (42:29)
Hear about the common experiences shared by nearly all Ascended Masters, including issues with the body and mind, loss, solitude, and something Adamus calls “PhD,” followed by a merabh of Allowing.

3. Worst Pathways (21:30)
A fairly brief message about ways that some came to their Realization, but are definitely not recommended. These include torture, drugs, insanity, suicide and various other traumas.

4. Steppingstones and Dead Ends (1:03:29)
On the way to Realization, there are many “side roads,” diversions that can be helpful steppingstones or simply dead ends that distract and delay. These include things like discipline, power, gurus, angels, prayer, religion, meditation, aliens and more.

5. Better Pathways (39:10)
In this entertaining and informative session, Adamus talks about some of the better pathways to Realization, including nature, creativity, physics, technology, spirituality, impending death and self-love, followed by a beautiful merabh.

6. The Natural Path (23:28)
Inviting you to “Relax into your Realization,” Adamus leads a beautiful merabh of Allowing, reminding that everything, everything, everything now is about your Realization.

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Cost: $195

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo, Kona, Hawaii, March 2020

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. Goood preoduct I recommend it
Review by IPaHe / (Posted on 6/6/2021)
Another not to be missed
. Master Life 12 –

Pathways to Realization is a very special Master Life – it stands on its own. Adamus starts slowly with a broad background of Crimson Circle teachings, so it is very suitable for beginners. He clearly defines what Realization is and how it is different from Awakening. He also brings beautiful teachings of Tobias into new energy and new understanding including the fruit of the rose, allowing, and the painting.

I heard the knock – call to awaken, my fruit of the rose, which was more like a kick in the butt in early 2001. And I started with Yoga and gratitude journal. Those were my initial steppingstones and Adamus goes more into detail about those in his presentation. I read books, attended meditation classes, etc. I tried to study metaphysics, but it didn’t work. Some experiences were tickling my energy in the beginning. They were exciting but then those were going flat. I was losing interest.

I eventually found Crimson Circle after I turned my life around in 2005. And at the first live event in Reno – I felt at home. I remember it very clearly - It was in the restroom and I looked and another Shaumbra’s eyes and I felt home for the first time. I wish I knew her name…

Fruit of the rose it this awakening moment. The human gets tired and bored with life, with repetition. The same experiences over and over. Once the human makes the clear choice to hear the knock … or kick … the awakening starts. Realization on the other hand is the passion of the Master and is beyond human abilities. The only thing humans can do is to allow.

Allowing was brought initially by Tobias, but we as a group were not ready for that. Now we are.

Realization, you realize, and you remember who you are. What you are doing here. You realize that all energy is yours. In Adamus’ words “That there’s a play, a beautiful symphony between your consciousness and your energy. You realize that you are on this planet to experience, to expand, to express, and to enrich.” Which are the passions of the Soul, the I Am and Tobias was also telling us about those in one of his Shouds.

All in all – Master’s Life 12 is not to be missed. It has lots of lectures from Adamus and beautiful Merabhs.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 7/31/2020)
A beautiful Master’s Life from paradise to help ease our way to our own…
. I appreciated the intro and the beautiful nature that can be seen during the sessions. While it is a very informative material, I find it fascinating how it is addressing the awareness and reflection on one self and how are we doing some things. Overall, while going through the sessions I felt it to be very encouraging on many levels and kind of relaxing.
In the first session, I found much clarity in the explanations about the Awakening and what is Realization, really getting why all the mental stuff doesn’t work and that It all comes down to Allowing. It is really fascinating looking to the depth of information regarding how long can it take from Awakening to Realization, in general starting from the cases that Adamus refers to. For me it was a new perspective of seeing the story of the painting that the creator does and then dives into it to experience it. Also, I liked the part explaining what is the Master and the wisdom.
The second session is about what happens in the post-awakening going to realization process. It is interesting to feel into description, well my mind tried to check my status. Adamus talks about the changes that are going on in the body (release of everything stored in the body – memories and ancestral lineage), changes in the mind. And while I’m sure I heard the words before, now was time for me to experience that `everything is about my realization` and that any change or shift in the body or mind can go much easier or a little faster, but not controlled by myself. Then is explained the period of solitude (and a little talk about losing everything – the joke from Kuthumi – and why is it there) and the PhD – (loss of Passion), longing for `home` and the Dragon. There is a beautiful merabh where there are some points with value – some observation on myself lately kind of are encouraged by that merabh, like release of trying to control or suppress things that are happening in the mind, and really hearing that all energy is serving me in this sacred transformation, the biggest transformation that I will go as a souled being.
Another remark on this material from Adamus is that we are building a library documenting what happens going from Awakening to Realization and there is not much information about this process on Earth. I find this to be important to be aware of.
In the third session, Adamus talks about the not recommended ways (but that had as result the Realization, and not embodied), but all is in support of showing that there are many pathways to Realization.
The next session for me was about getting aware of the Steppingstones and Dead Ends, or the `side roads` that one can take for experience or just by curiosity, or just to delay going on the road to Realization. I found it entertaining and quite informative, and that it made me to contemplate my ways. It has also some good humor and jokes, and I liked how Adamus brings it all back to the I Am that I Am, it’s all within and not outside. The most important message was for me that is time release what we had taken on – problems that are not ours – it’s time to release that.
In the session about the Better Pathways, I liked the story from Adamus about checking with the other Ascended Masters – IAAM – and getting 7 seals of approval for what is presented. The session has o lot of points of feeling and contemplating how we/I choose to do it and the merabh at the end of the session brings that to a deeper level. The main point is that there are many pathways to Realization and it can be a combination of those.
The last session is about the natural pathway and it is a beautiful merabh of Allowing. I almost wouldn’t want it to end, but I can replay it. I appreciate most the simplicity and clarity added to Allowing during the merabh.
Many thanks and blessings to everyone making this material possible for us to access and enjoy the experience that comes with it: Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, the entire CC Staff.
So, I do highly recommend this material.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 6/25/2020)
There IS more!
. ... and there is an unexpected variety of pathways to get there.
In ization.html, Adamus lays out the navigation, with categories ranging from Keep Out to Dead End to Go-Ahead to Scenic Route. It is not long ago he mentioned Spirituality was not the only way to realization, and I remember being baffled, but at this point, it feels like a relief.
Why listen to Pathways now, when we are almost there? We don't choose the airline when we have started our descent to the destination...
Because timing is not that much of a factor in the process of remembering our timeless existence, and it is really helpful to look at the different pathways even and especially for the last stretch, so we can choose our personal version of ease and grace by looking at the choices, and just in case we got distracted with dead-end options, we can see that and let it go now.
The first of six channels drops the concentrated essence energies into the listener's awareness while opening the questions we get a chance to answer for ourselves by absorbing the always amazing information and participating in the merabhs, those very clear and present opportunities to turn understanding into experience.
While time is not of the essence, literally, it is important to keep the energies moving. Stagnation, endless repetition of same experiences, becomes counterproductive, as much as trying to rush the process.
Realization seems to be a massive energy transmission the human is flooded with, Adamus manages to put it in a nutshell anyway: "All En- ergy is my own and in symphony with my Consciousness. I know who I AM, I AM HERE to experience, expand, enrich and express myself. I can transform back to my natural state anytime, bringing with me all the wisdom I have distilled from my experience."
It is big, so Adamus reminds us one more time that allowing means on ALL levels of our triune being, human, master and I Am essence.

Allowing as just the human reminds me of the old English saying "Smile and be happy, it could come worse. I smiled and was happy, and it came worse". It often does on the Path to Realization, so unless you Allow your master to expand the details and access the wisdom in the events to inspire your response, you may feel like a failure. The I Am is a gullible audience, it will never interfere with our timing, but it has a deep, deep longing for us to come home.
Because the master knows and holds the tension between both levels, human and divine, it is the master who urges the whole being to realize itself already, as all energies seek release.
We came to earth on a return ticket, we jumped on a bungee cord. It is actually hard work to pretend you are still free-falling when you are already bouncing back. Bouncing back means feeling real soul passion for our Creator-Selves, appreciating the Dragon for pointing out last oversights and digressions in the way of full realization.
Allow! There is no place else worth going.
The ascended masters that came before us left the planet fast, not leaving much behind for the next wave to follow. That is where Shaumbra come in. Every moment we can stay conscious and aware beyond the dual mind, enriches the expression of our own presence while inspiring the new ones. Now that our responsibility to the ancestors including the angelic family has been concluded, all channels of our radiant broadcast are open and available to the new ones on earth. We have always added our energies together as "Shoud", but now Adamus invites us to be even more consciously present for every transmission, to add in all our wisdom even as we allow it to expand further.
Adamus touches on What to expect in the process - for some of us that is "Yep, that happened!" If you have Been there, Done that, your next challenge is to rise further until you see humor in the experience. Apparently Kuthumi is ready for competition. I love it when I happen to crack up a fellow human being, even involuntarily - can you imagine the feeling of bringing down the house in the Ascended Masters Club with a story from your Act? (The old "Hu was the first ascended master" is not that hard to beat, yet.)

How do we choose to experience our one and only Realization?
It is not a race for time, but there is cosmic attention on the Best Stories!
Siglinde Schwenzl
Member of CC Product Review Team
Review by Sig / (Posted on 5/19/2020)
Another Masterpiece
. If Master’s Life 12 – Pathways to Realization were a painting, I would judge it a masterpiece! To date, I think this is the most stunning, beautiful creation I have experienced. Maybe because it was filmed at the Villa Amyho with the beauty and colour of the Hawaiian background… Maybe it’s the soulful opening video and music… Maybe it’s the “Celtic” pathway spade and graphics all synergistically used in the production… Maybe it’s the radiance and clarity of Geoff and Linda’s presence and words with or without Adamus’ brilliance! And maybe, just maybe it’s because so many of us including the CC staff have reached a place of integration now that reflects our masterful energy back? This Master’s Life IS special as Adamus says and I certainly concur!

As Adamus tells us right away, WE are creating this latest Master’s Life. As “veteran” Shaumbra, we are adding our energy and gathering everything we know for the new ones coming in. It’s not just our words but our energy. He has also mentioned this in recent Shouds and Keahak. We’re co-creators as Master’s now and play a vital role in all of the CC materials so of course they should shine with our brilliant brushstrokes of wisdom! Adamus asks us to feel ourselves as part of this creation and what we’re doing with this Master’s Life.

In ML12 we help illustrate the roadmap from Awakening to Realization. What has been our unique journey and experiences? How did we first wake up and begin the pathway(s) to our Realization?

Adamus reminds us of the Tobias story of the “painting” we first created when we came here to earth. How we loved it so much and dove into it and all our colours…. And then how we forgot it WAS our painting and ALL our energy. That no one else could change our brushstrokes or colours…

However, as we know, as we went deeper into our paintings, we got bored and knew there was something else… time to go beyond and back to ourselves! This was what Tobias called the “Fruit of the Rose” that we placed within our painting long before we dove into it to remind us when it was time to wake up and show us a way out… I have to say I never really understood this story until recently!

And so, we begin the journey down many roads after our awakening. For many of us it started with books and studying, some classes and groups. I know for me it did, one leading to another and another…but ultimately as Adamus says, dead ends. Disciplines, breathing, meditation, ceremonies are all distractions and makyo.

While the human awakens, the Master within has the desire for Realization. The human doesn’t do it nor can understand it. This is the purpose of ML12 to explain how Realization happens!

Adamus gives us the answer both right in the beginning and then in the exquisite Merabh at the end – allowing. That’s when it ultimately happens. It’s all in the first session of ML12!

But in true Adamus style, he spends the five sessions outlining much about what we have or will experience along the pathways. Kind of like “What to Expect While Realizing We’re Realized!” (Only parents will remember those books.) I appreciated the reminders of body releases including special rashes and back aches which have both been recent experiences. Again, everything, everything, EVERYTHING is about our Realization. Something I should have tattooed on my forearm instead of the rash.

I know I related to a lot of the things he reminds us we may experience along the roads to Realization. I now have my advanced level “PHD” in Realization. Passion, Home & Dragon to add to my non-identity, non-existent business cards! Thank you Professor Adamus.

Adamus also reminds us that we only do Realization once so we may as well enjoy the journey. How do we want to get there?

I think most of us have or will avoid the worst pathways which Adamus also covers in a short and not so sweet session. However, it’s a good reminder that realization is NOT just a spiritual thing. As Adamus says “don’t try this at home.” Mind you my late husband did do the LSD, drug trip in the ‘60’s and would be pleased to know Adamus said a few Masters did reach Realization this way. Perhaps Ram Dass who recently passed?

Adamus also covers stepping stones, dead ends and side roads on the way to Realization. That there is no right or wrong pathway… While I enjoyed studying, discipline and denial were never my fortes. In fact, I tended to get thrown out of groups that had too much ceremony I giggled at like the Rosicrucians. I never went back. I have been more about the “Lazy Person’s Guide to Realization” which includes now of course benching, naps, wine and good lattes. And a good burger on occasion! As Adamus says don’t deny your body of the good stuff: food, drink, sex! Dive into life and enjoy it. Otherwise the free energy body won’t come it so stop those damn diets!

And I’ve always known GURU stands for Gee U R YOU. India has never called me other than the curries and bhangra dancing! However, I admit I did go down the angel distraction hole for a decade… angel cards anyone? Most of that collection has been given away and even Doreen Virtue has found Jesus. Literally lol. Her cards definitely went out the window!

Adamus goes on to put prayer, religion, meditation, groups, lovers, suffering and his favourite aliens in the category of distractions from true Realization. Sometimes a step up, sometimes a bump in the road to trip over. I loved what he said about Shaumbra meditation being just a good walk in nature! With a dog of course I would add.

Ultimately, it’s all up to us. It’s all within us. When we allow that and realize it’s all there that’s when we become realized. That’s the true “Holy Grail” we’ve been searching for.

But wait there’s more! Adamus shares that there’s more than the common spiritual path to Realization and offers some of the easiest ways. I like his analogy of creating a “Realization Cocktail” and mixing it up a bit. Beside spirituality, we can add a shot of nature and creativity. And in the next 7-8 years physics and technology will show that it’s all right back within too. I can see the new generation “getting it” that way! Also adding a jigger of self-love sweetens it all. I’ll drink to that!

Adamus invites us in a Merabh to feel into our pathway and how have we done it? What would we say to others? He mentions “waiting” as another one that most Shaumbra including me relate to. Thank God self our time has come!

At the end again, of course Adamus endorses Allowing as the most profound and natural path to Realization. We weren’t really ready to hear it when Tobias offered this message years ago and now finally we are!

We’ve come to this planet to dive into our painting. We’ve gone through over 1,000 lifetimes of experiences and now time to go out beyond time to come back to Self, our wisdom and our I Am and our Master. It’s ALL about allowing. We now know EVERYTHING is our energy and it is here to serve us.

Now that we know that, we can stay and play and paint with all the colours that we want creating a living masterpiece called our Amyho life. And know I will add a lot of crimson to mine!

Thank you to all the Master artists behind Master’s Life 12. Truly a radiant creation!

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 5/13/2020)
From Awakening to Realization
. At the beginning of Session 5 of Pathways to Realization, Adamus says, “It’s kind of a consolidation of so much stuff….for Shaumbra now, for the ones who come later.” A perfect distilling of this presentation as well as a key to the many layers and levels in our journey from awakening to realization
We’ve had nearly 21 years of channels at monthly shouds; the basic classes, including SES, Aspectology, Journey of the Angels, DWB, DWD, DWL, DWA; 9 years of Keahak; 12 Master’s Lifes; 6 years of Prognost & Updates; a number of the I Am Master’s Pause presentations; a lot of classes and workshops, including Quantum Allowing, Ahmyo, and Threshold. This is a lot of “stuff” as Adamus says. So, as Master of all, dear Adamus masterfully consolidates all these years of steps, insights, and allowing into one profound discussion & experience! And I’m summarizing his summary, so you can feel if you’d like to experience ML12 personally!
When CC did the update on Journey of the Angels, in the last session added by Adamus, he reminded us that we’re here, now, creating the continuing saga of our Journey as angels on Earth. It was with great excitement that I realized after delving into the 1st session that this is what Adamus is outlining for us here. It is a “roadmap” of our journey of, on an average, 1000 lifetimes, since we arrived on Earth, particularly this last step from Awakening to Realization.
Session 1, Awakening to Realization, is a summary of this current portion of our journey. Adamus reminds us that we probably started the awakening process several lifetimes ago, waiting til this lifetime to manifest this final awareness of expanding from awakening to realization, with many of us then choosing to stay on earth as embodied masters.
With so much discussion over the years and channels about awakening, realization, and allowing, I greatly appreciated Adamus’s clarity on each of these. Awakening is “the desire of the human to go beyond.”, to do something different. Basically it is finally knowing, “there is more” than living lifetime after lifetime going up and down on the same horses on the same merry-go-round.
Adamus goes back to Tobias’s story of painting the picture of our experiences as human, then loving the painting so much that we dive in and forget we created the painting. Awakening is remembering that the “Fruit of the Rose” is what we put in our painting, as the means to get out!
And I finally have a clear understanding about “others” being in my painting, in my Energy. He explains simply that they are not IN my painting; I am simply hearing, in my painting, the song of their soul, coming from their painting!
Awakening is as simple as saying, “I am done! It’s also “the longing to come back to your Self”.
Realization is not human driven, as is Awakening. Realization comes from the Master self, the collective of your wisdom. It is remembering who your are plus integrating with all the wisdom from all your lifetimes of experiences, remembering you are a beautiful souled being.
Realization is when all your aspects come home and you remember your origins and how you got here.
Realization is when you understand your Self as Consciousness, and that you are here to play with your Energy.
Realization is the HUGE step from believing you have to work for Energy to knowing all Energy is yours, perfectly bringing to you all that comes from the desires of your heart.
Adamus reminds us that Realization is not the result of breathing, meditation or studying; the simplicity of why we’re here is to experience, expand, express, and enrich, and how to be Realized is the purpose of ML12.
He reflects the simplicity of letting go of trying, simply stopping, and then, in one deep breath, Allowing Realization, “at the level of pure Consciousness”; at the “level of Wisdom”, “allowing Energy to serve you.”
At the end of Session 1, Adamus goes through some “Facts & Figures”, including that Realization is not a race, that there is only ONE cocooning experience and only ONE emerging as a butterfly in all your lifetimes, and that this is the most beautiful experience EVER!
He notes other factors in the journey from Awakening to Realization include realizing that “I’m in an unnatural state”. Mind, body, logic, linear thinking are not natural, nor are repeated incarnations.
Session 2, What to Expect, includes a discussion of common experiences in post awakening including body aches and pains, spatial disorientation, mind, self perception and loss of identity, loosing everything, solitude, and what Adamus calls our PhD…..Passion, Home & Dragon. Passion for Self, our I Am; longing to go home to Self and feeling the compassion of the I Am to have you back, and the revealing and release of guilt and shame and any feelings of less than I Am, via your Dragon
He concludes with a Merabh of Allowing, including a reminder that to go into Realization without all the experiences would be like a glass of water without the
Session 3 is a discussion of what Adamus call the Worst Pathways. These were mainly experienced by the early ascended masters who left right after their realization. They include torture & pain, exhaustion, trauma, hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, insanity, starvation, and suicide.
Session 4, Steppingstones and Dead Ends, covers a number of common side roads, including studying & philosophy, denial, power, gurus, angels, prayer, meditation, groups, lovers, suffering and aliens.
Session 5, Easier Paths to Realization, is lovely. While there are many pathways to realization, most of us have come via a spiritual path of nature, creativity, self love and allowing. Physics & technology are a path, ultimately realizing via augmentation of the mind, that all the understanding and answers are within.
This session concludes with a Your Pathway Merabh. He asks if we’re ready and answers that he thinks so or he wouldn’t be here with us!
Session 6, The Natural Path, is both sweet and profound. The sweet part is telling us he went to talk to Tobias when he began to work with us about why he didn’t focus on allowing after he introduced it to us many years ago. Tobias said we weren’t ready then, that we were tired and worn out, we needed to know we weren’t crazy and that we are very special, that we are here for a special reason but that we weren’t quite ready to hear what that is, at that point.
To that Adamus adds that the mission statement for Shaumbra is: coming to Realization in this lifetime and then staying in the body. “That’s it”, he says.
Allowing, Adamus summarizes, gives the Master permission to move in with all its wisdom, gives permission for the Free Energy Body to join with the biology, gives permission for gnost & intuition to join.
Allowing requires a lot of trust, including trusting that everything that is happening is my Energy serving me.
Allowing is about embracing the beauty and pleasures of human life, experiencing the greatest love and compassion ever, relaxing into realization.
Then in the final merabh, as Adamus talks again about the spiral and then jumping back into our lives, I finally got the profundity and clarity of this. The spiral explains all the layers we go through. Sometimes it’s discouraging when I realize I’m dealing with doubt, again, or identity or worry, again, or agendas, again,etc. But the spiral represents revisiting the same awareness, with more clarity each time, as we’re more & more clear with each spiral.
“The journey into Realization, it’s like a spiral. You open up more and more, expand more and more, and then you hit that final point, that final Allowing, and you dive right back into your life….fearlessly, without worry, without hesitation… longer afraid of the body, no longer afraid of life itself.”
Beloved Adamus concludes with inviting us to take a good deep breath, saying, “and may every breath in your body be one of Allowing.”
Is this the allowing of the magic of the Merlin into our life?

Review by Patti / (Posted on 5/10/2020)
I felt extra dizzy, were pretty tired (without a reason), had special dreams and other reactions … Kind of a cleanup, like when the dragon is around, helping to balance stuff in me. I recommend you go through the sessions a couple of times. The messages
. This Master`s Life in a way sums up my way through awakening, post awakening and up to where I`m at today. It is very different from the former Master`s Life editions. Adamus is addressing people with a broad stroke, newbies to Crimson Circle as well as “old timers.”
During the sessions I have felt very much entertained and had many good laughs. Some of these experiences will have another effect on new Shaumbra and people, not involved in or familiar with CC and Adamus. They are going to feel shocked over Adamus` direct and humorous way of sharing and, of course, over the things he says.
Having told about what awakening is, how it may feel; how ascended Masters have made their way to realization (ascension), Adamus tells about ways to realization that have been used: torture, drugs, insanity, suicide and various other traumas … These are NOT recommended.
Then he tells about other ways that can be used, but will show up to be distractions, steppingstones or “dead ends” on the way to realization. These are things like discipline, power, gurus, angels, prayer, religion, meditation, aliens and a few more … These examples are told with a glimpse in Adamus` eyes. Very entertaining … I show the examples here, because this is where “normal” people will get rather surprised, perhaps also newcomers will feel shocked.
In the 5th session Adamus tells about better pathways to realization. He points out that my and your way to realization will be a blend of several ways …
The last session is about allowing; allowing your way to realization; allowing is a natural process and everything happening in your life is about your realization. It ends with a beautiful, very deep merabh. AND, dear friends, this merabh is the pearl of this Master`s Life. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful …
Four of the sessions are rather short, between 21-42 minutes, but nevertheless I felt the effect of the Master`s Life 12 in days after: I felt extra dizzy, were pretty tired (without a reason), had special dreams and other reactions … Kind of a cleanup, like when the dragon is around, helping to balance stuff in me.
I recommend you go through the sessions a couple of times. The messages go deep and clear the way to your realization.
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 5/4/2020)
What is your pathway?
. I would like to begin this review by highlighting what is at the end of this Master’s Life. The merabh in the sixth and final session called The Natural Path was one of the most profound experiences I’ve created for myself to date. I heard things in a way that I hadn’t before, I felt things I had not yet felt, and came away with a clarity about Allowing that I had not yet given myself. For me, this Allowing merabh was the gem in this Master’s life.

I also realize that what I experienced at the end of Master’s Life 12 - Pathways to Realization was due in part to everything else that was presented leading up to that merabh. The merabh at the end allowed the complete distillation of all the material. Adamus Saint-Germain is a master at embedding the energies to provide not only a flow of information, but also to offer an invitation to go beyond.

The first two sessions felt to me like he was reviewing some information to get some “up to speed” who might be new to Crimson Circle. Beginning with the third session, the information was new to me. I remember being surprised when Adamus first said that there were numerous pathways to realization, and I wondered what those might be. He had already mentioned technology as a pathway, but it was fascinating to hear some others which he mentions in session five.

Adamus presents information about what he calls “stepping stones” and “dead ends” on the way to realization. One that really stood out for me was prayer. Ever since I was little, and all the time while a member of a church, I had a struggle with prayer. I learned how to do it as I was taught, but I could never fully connect to it. I’ve only had my palms read once, but the reader looked at my palm and then straight into my eyes and said, “Prayer is your karma.” I’ve never forgotten that, and no matter how she meant it, it validated that it was an issue for me. Adamus explained very clearly what a distraction prayer is, and how it sets up that strange energy that help - like everything else - is outside of you. I know that it was important for me on my path to realization to not get distracted by prayer.

Part information, part experience, the latest in the Master’s Life series is a perfect reflection of where so many Shaumbra are on their pathway to realization. Most of us have taken the spiritual path, but there may also be other pathways that we have included as well, making it like no one else’s. The merabh in session five is a beautiful invitation to feel into our own pathway and what elements we have included.

For anyone who is choosing Realization in this lifetime, I recommend experiencing this latest installment of Master’s Life. The invitation is there, as always, to take away what you feel would best support you.
Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 5/3/2020)
"The Golden Bridge to come back Home"
- In Master’s Life 12, I realized the pathway of allowing is the true joy of becoming aware of our realization. Home is no longer in a far distant place. It is like the bridge of Theos. I felt that I am not moving at all; but the pathway moves through mi. It brings me back to all that I am. The graceful movement of energy I have heared about it many times from Adamus, Tobias and Kuthumi. I wondered how is it that thay say "Home comes to you". How is that possible? But now it comes to my experience. Home has been right here just waiting for us to let it come to us. Amazing . This is as always a five stars Masterpiece from Adamus, Crimson Circle and all of us. I call it "The Golden Bridge to come back Home". Thank you.
Review by Mitra / (Posted on 5/1/2020)
Recognize YOUR pathway to realization
- This Master’s Life feels very different than the others. It probably has to do with, he is asking us to add our energy and consciousness to the material. Of course, we always do that, but my feeling here is that this is a part of our legacy to those who come after us. Quite nice, actually. To me personally, it was also putting into words, what I have already experienced. What I “knew” but wasn’t really aware of. Providing a feeling of more wholeness.
I haven’t had the thought that there were other pathways to realization than the spiritual one, before he in ProGnost ’20 talked about those coming after us might do it through technology. That was a revelation.
And now we can get to know about the different ways. All of them are ways the ascended Masters have used. He even has a session about the ones that are not recommended. And especially by the ones who used it. They all included a lot of suffering, and as he says, they all have a potential of distraction. So, he is very clear about that they are not recommended.
I love the session called steppingstones and dead ends. He is so entertaining and as he has done a lot of times, talking about how the churches more are a dead end than a steppingstone. This session clarifies a lot about what is going on in the new age – for example gurus – and a lot of other things that many of us probably have been through. And why it doesn’t bring you to realization.
Of course, there are the recommended paths. All used by ascended Masters, and often combined with each other. The paths, I mean. The spiritual path - that probably all of us have used - has often in the past been combined with nature and being creative.
Being in nature and creative expressions have been parts of my live since I was a child. Something I really loved and still do. I didn’t imagine it would be part of coming to realization. But it truly makes sense to me now. He also explains, how metaphysics and technology can be pathways. Not really something I have thought of before, but I can see why it is so.
If I should conclude on this Master’s Life, it clarifies a lot. The energy goes deep. I have been feeling strange and wobbly after listening, and I still am.
As always, the graphic and the music to the Merabhs are beautiful. I love how you experience the material in a much deeper way during the Merabhs. It is no longer just a concept of the mind, but so much more.
I highly recommend The Master’s Life, PATHWAYS TO REALIZATION.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 5/1/2020)
Repetition and review of the last 20 years
- I am not giving the full stars because from Session One to Session four I thought that if Adamus continues the same way he did in the Sessions before that either Blood would begin flowing out of my ears and eyes and that I simply would transition to the other side. Now I can feel how the other Ascended Masters must feel when Adamus talks about his Story of being in a Crystal Prison. Because everything he talks about is being said already when and if you are like me a Shaumbra from the beginning of the Crimson Circle. Then he changed some energies and words he used and I got some huge Realization. So don’t be surprised if you become huge insights yourself. Adamus turned it around at least and that’s what counts for me.
Review by Merlin Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 4/29/2020)