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Master Up with $44! 

Dear Shaumbra,

You’re amazing! We have been inundated with inquiries, both on social media and in emails, asking how you can support the Crimson Circle right now at this Time of Convergence. Someone had the brilliant idea to do a special $44 one-time “Master Up” donation to tie into Shoud 8 of the Passion 2020 Series, to be aired on April 4, 2020 (4/4/4), when Adamus talks more about the disbanding of the 144,000 angelic families. It’s also the time when the planet moves from the “33” Christ-consciousness number to the “44” Master number.

Thanks to this great idea, we have created this special donation page. The funds will be used to continue the work of Crimson Circle in providing up-to-date and insightful information about Realization, and what’s happening on the planet and around the cosmos.

To support the work of the Crimson Circle on an ongoing basis, you can also become a Crimson Circle Angel by CLICKING HERE. This involves monthly recurring donations of $22, $44 or $99.

If a donation isn’t possible right now, we invite you to simply send 44 blessings to the Crimson Circle staff and to all Shaumbra around the planet.

“The official date of the announcement for the fact that the angelic families are being dis-banded is coming soon. It’s scheduled for April 4, 2020. April 4th, because it’s also symbolic of transitioning from the 33 number, the Christ consciousness number, which is now firmly planted on the planet, and now going into the Master number 44.”

Note: Less than 1% of Shaumbra are CC Angels, and less than 6% of Shaumbra ever purchase a product or workshop. Your generous support helps us continue to make the huge library of free materials available to everyone around the planet.

With immense gratitude,

Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe
And the entire Crimson Circle team

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Beyond the Beyond
I am grateful for everything that the Crimson Circle does for us who call ourselves Shaumbra and for those who do come after us. I am feeling honored to be a part of this and cannot say how much this New Energy Company through their Service has truly changed my life and expanded my Consciousness. Thank you and Blessings and heartfelt love to you.
Review by Merlin Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 4/2/2020)
Great idea!!
Why not also put a prominent, but tasteful, link to Master Up with $44, or to donate any amount, on the main Crimson Circle site?
Review by Tom K. / (Posted on 3/28/2020)