Masters in the New Energy


  • The Master trusts themselves implicitly
  • The Master makes choices 
  • The Master is a self-contained being
  • The Master understands that life is an illusion
  • The Master accepts all things as they are
  • The Master understands they are a creator
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Masters in the New Energy
Living Beyond Limitation

The path from being a newly awakened human to living as a Master on Earth is not an easy one. Ascended Masters of the past had long and arduous journeys, filled with suffering, deprivation, and loneliness. Today, however, there is a new generation of Masters, the new Merlins, walking the Earth in joy and celebration, having released their old human definitions, allowed the profound reunion with Self, and expanded beyond old limitations. The experiences and challenges they faced are distilled into the wisdom that fills this book. Adamus talks about putting Self first, making choices, having absolute trust, allowing your grandness, the magic of mastery, God and much more. If you are ready to allow your own mastery and walk the Earth as a divine being, this book is for you. 

This book was born during a very special gathering called by Adamus Saint-Germain in early 2007. He announced that the purpose of the event was to write a book called Masters in the New Energy. It would be a gift of wisdom and inspiration to the humans who choose to step into mastery in this time of great and profound change on Earth. 

The Master of the New Energy understands that anything can be done. You can go beyond. You are not limited to your physical body or your physical environment, yet you can be fully present within it. You are not limited to the old laws of physics because those laws are changing as consciousness is changing. The Merlin understands that they can shape and shift energy in any way that they choose – as long as they are willing to go beyond. ~ Adamus 

A simple and profound message for those who choose to go beyond limited thoughts and beliefs into a new understanding of reality. 

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Book length: Approximately 30,000 words

Format: Paperback and Kindle

Cost: $14.95 / $9.99

Author: Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

Recorded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 2007


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The Master makes it simple
I read 4 Adamus books. This is by far the most profound, if I allow myself to judge, no judgement intended. But for most humans it probably seems too simple, too easy. Life must be harder. But it isn't. It just is.
Review by Monsieur LeMétre / (Posted on 6/19/2019)