Memoirs of a Master

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  • Consciousness changes the very nature of reality
  • You’re no longer trapped in time
  • The darkness is your divinity
  • Captain of the Mothership or passenger in the pod?
  • Release the distractions
  • Simply allow the Master within

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Memoirs of a Master
20 Short Stories from a Spiritual Master

The short stories in this book, as told by Adamus Saint-Germain, depict interactions between a Master teacher and the student or spiritual seeker. Based on or inspired by actual experiences, these creative and delightful stories are designed to help you see yourself as both the Master and the student. Covering such diverse topics as allowing abundance, releasing mass consciousness, the pliability of time, meeting one’s true Self and more, these stories put complex sacred teachings into a form that makes them more personal, more understandable and, perhaps, more entertaining. Woven into each story, you will find profound insights and many layers of wisdom.

In these memoirs, the student is generally a compilation of many people, and the stories take place in contemporary life. The Master can be perceived as Adamus or any other enlightened teacher, but ultimately it is you.

The Master is the wise and patient inner voice, always present, always compassionate, but oftentimes unheard with all the noise from everyday human life. The Master is already within, already Realized, already enlightened, and never more than a breath away.

The student is the eager learner, the doubtful human, the terrified yet determined seeker. The student knows there is more to life but doesn’t know what it is or how to get there and so continues on the path, driven by an unrelenting quest to unite with their deep inner knowingness.

In this book, as in life, the Master and the human are but the same.



 1 – The Loan

 2 – 21 Days

 3 – The Land of Blue

 4 – The Locket

 5 – Shortcuts

 6 – The Christmas Tree

 7 – The Clock Tower

 8 – The Laundromat

 9 – The Interview

 10 – The Mothership

 11 – Recognition

 12 – In the Garden

 13 – The Musician

 14 – The Movie

 15 – Too Much Noise

 16 – The Dolphin

 17 – The End of the Path

 18 – The Temple

 19 – The Park Bench

 20 – The End of the Day


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Wspomnienia Mistrza - Polski 


Book length: Approximately 46,000 words

Format: Paperback and e-reader 

Cost: $14.95 / $7.99 

Author: Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe


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This book is pure Adamus – and I highly recommend it! Adamus will point out your makyo and not let you get away with it. He will do it in a simple, entertaining, deep, and straightforward way. Interestingly, the book came to me two weeks after taking Threshold. One morning I woke up with a somewhat random yet deep desire to read "Memoirs of a Master". I bought the book immediately and, the moment I finished reading the first story, I understood why it came to me. This book feels like a big step on the way to enlightnment.

- F

P.S. If you choose to buy it, try reading it out loud! It's so much fun.
Review by Flo / (Posted on 9/4/2020)
Enlightenment is natural.
This book, a big step on my way to enlightenment.
It's like standing on the sea shore with bare feet at the water's edge. You feel the ocean begin to slowly pull the sand beneath your feet and not so far away a serge is swelling into a wave. You know something is coming towards your consciousness. It's pulling very naturally towards you until it crashes on the shores of your knowingness and becomes wisdom, oh so naturally.
Review by Chashymie ( Elaina Nielsen) / (Posted on 1/11/2017)