Ask Tobias: Mormons and Other Spiritual Families

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 •  What’s a spiritual family, and do you have one?
 •  Tobias talks about 144,000 angelic families and their unique energies
 •  They are reuniting on Earth, often through religion
 •  Mormons are a very strong angelic family
 •  Hear details about Joseph Smith as told by Tobias
 •  Now is the time to release your angelic family and be sovereign 



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Ask Tobias: Mormons and Other Spiritual Families
Understanding and Releasing Angelic Ancestors

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Every human comes from one of 144,000 angelic families, represented by the Order of the Arc, and has embodied on Earth in service to their family, lifetime after lifetime. This means that humans tend to stay within the same biological/ancestral lineage, for it is generally an extension of their spiritual family. This strong connection to one’s soul family was very pronounced in Atlantis, and in modern times can dictate one’s nationality, ethnicity and even belief systems. In fact, most world religions came into being for the purpose of reuniting angelic families on Earth. Their doctrines and dogma help to hold the family together and maintain its purity. Many religions even emphasize recruiting or proselytizing as a way to both attract their spiritual family members and to “steal” members from other families. For example, the Mormon Church, founded by Joseph Smith, is a belief system that focuses heavily on missionary work to help reunite “lost” angelic family members, whether dead or alive. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and many other sects use similar practices to “keep the family together.”

This insightful and sometimes provocative session is co-moderated by Roy Hansen, former fundamentalist and conventional Mormon. In it, we learn the history of angelic families formed before we came to Earth, and their contemporary efforts to reunite here on the planet. Tobias uses the Mormons, or Mayrunes (their angelic family name), as an example of a prominent spiritual family with a strong energetic bond. He talks about the contracts with our families and why it’s time to release them and be truly sovereign. Finally, Tobias reminds us that “Shaumbra” is not an angelic family, but a group representing many different families that have agreed to come together at this time as pioneers and teachers of the New Energy.

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Length: 1:22:37

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias, moderated by Linda Hoppe and Roy Hansen

Recorded in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, October 2006

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