Mysteries of Love

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Mysteries of Love
Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain
Through Geoffrey Hoppe, assisted by Linda Benyo Hoppe

Love has intrigued and captivated us for as long as we have felt it. More songs and poems have been written about love than any other subject, and more lifetimes have been shaped by love than any other element.

But what is love and how did it come to be?

Is love an energy or is it consciousness?

Why do so many of us feel a deep constant longing for a perfect love that seems forever lost?

In one of Adamus’ most profound series, “Mysteries of Love” offers beautiful and enlightening insights into love. Stating that love was actually created on Earth by angels longing to find their way back home, Adamus explains why it is so easy to love our pets and even why aliens sometimes interact with humans in less than pleasant ways.

Adamus addresses such topics as the definition of love (what it is and what it isn’t), the dark side of love, the joy of love, and the one Lost Love that we always feel deep within. He explores the imbalances of love, the purpose of love, and why it exists in our lives. Exploring and experiencing love with others is actually how we eventually learn to love ourselves – without manipulation, abuse or imbalance, but in true compassion and acceptance.

There is also a hilarious episode of “Adamus’ Theatre” where the archetypal characters act out the dramas, pains and joys of love.

Finally, Adamus leads an incredibly profound experience of reunion, first addressing the soul, then addressing the human, then inviting them to end the separation.

As you experience the Mysteries of Love, you will laugh at the antics of Adamus and the Shaumbra group; you will weep tears of longing, understanding and reunion; and you will experience a very deep truth within yourself.

Mysteries of Love is an experience you will never forget.

Click to watch intro video, made by our Russian translator, Paul Mochalov

Session titles:

1.    What Is Love? (45:29)
2.    The Birth of Love (35:05)
3.    Lost Love (46:56)
4.    The Dark Side of Love (1:04:12)
5.    The Roles of Love (17:04)
6.    Tarot Insights (48:15)
7.    Sharing Love (1:16:25)
8.    Adamus’ Theatre of Love (1:00:36)
9.    The Joys of Love (59:07)
10.   The Wisdom of Love (37:32)
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