Mysteries of Love

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 •  Discover what love is and where it came from
 •  Love can be both magical and painful
 •  The greatest companion and darkest monster
 •  At long last, reconnect with your Lost Love
 •  All has been in preparation to bring love home to Self
 •  Love and enlightenment – they are the same

 At Adamus' request in the June Shoud, Mysteries of Love will be available at a 50% discount through August 31, 2021


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Mysteries of Love
The greatest treasure of all

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Love. It has broken hearts and healed souls, haunted, intrigued and captivated humans, and changed the face of the world since the times of Atlantis. More songs and poems have been written about love than any other subject on Earth, and more lifetimes have been shaped by the intimacy of love than any other element. How beautiful that we can experience love – for a friend, a lover, a child, a pet, a good book, even a favorite place in nature. But what exactly is love and how did it come to be? Is love energy? Is it consciousness? Why does it affect us so deeply? And where is the lost but perfect love that we always secretly long for? Even Merlin himself postponed Realization in order to experience love.

One of Adamus’ most profound workshops, Mysteries of Love offers beautiful and provocative insights into love, including what it is, where it came from, why it can hurt, and how it is the ultimate milestone for realization. With full audience participation, he addresses such topics as the history of love, the dark side of love, the joy of love, and the one Lost Love that we carry with us through lifetimes. Yet, exploring and experiencing love with others is actually how we eventually learn to love ourselves – without manipulation, abuse or imbalance, but in true compassion and acceptance.

With just the right balance of seriousness and humor, Mysteries of Love will have you laughing at the antics of Adamus and the Shaumbra group; weeping tears of longing, understanding and reunion; and experiencing a very deep truth that can change your life forever.

Mysteries of Love is an experience you will never forget.

CLICK HERE to watch intro video, made by our Russian translator, Paul Mochalov


1 – What Is Love? (45:29)
One of the last stops on the way to ascension, love’s origins are right here on Earth, the Planet of Love. 

2 – The Birth of Love (35:05)
To survive on Earth, you had to connect with others, and in that union, you saw Spirit reflected. This magical and power first experience of love eventually leads to New Energy. 

3 – Lost Love (46:56)
Love is very pure and sacred, yet the biggest challenge is the one you loved the most. Deeper than a soul mate or twin flame, let yourself finally reconnect. 

4 – The Dark Side of Love (1:04:12)
Love expanded to many parts of life. Love has also deeply hurt you. Recognize these experiences; now, what love will you give to yourself? 

5 – The Roles of Love (17:04)
In the many various roles in Avalon, also acted out in Arcturus, Merlin delays Realization in order to experience love. What role do you play? What have you done for love? 

6 – Tarot Insights (48:15)
Wulfing von Rohr gives an insightful tarot presentation for the Mysteries of Love tour. 

7 – Sharing Love (1:16:25)
After speaking of the “light” energies in the standing stones (similar to that in crop circles), Adamus addresses the issues with loving others. Now it’s time to bring it home to self. 

8 – Adamus’ Theatre of Love (1:00:36)
A rollicking episode of Adamus’ Theatre with Morgan le Fay, Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin and more. 

9 – The Joys of Love (59:07)
In myths and legends, the gods can work with energy and physics, but they don’t know love. You ultimately ARE love – a badge of honor. What changes when you love yourself? 

10 – The Wisdom of Love (37:32)
To the soul: It is time to distill, integrate and bring forth the wisdom of love. To the human: Allow the grandness, allow falling in love with yourself. Allow the profound reunion and rebirth.


Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

Cost: $95

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Wulfing von Rohr

Recorded in France, April 2012

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What is Love - merabh Love of Self - Merabh Love Merabh of Isis and Adam Master's Life 4 - Sensuality  Call of the Soul

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