New Energy Education

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 •  It is time for New Energy Schools 
 •  Focus on turning out creators rather than academics
 •  School's true purpose: Communicate, interrelate, calculate and create
 •  Traditional education needs drastic reform
 •  Tobias’ vision: Creative, holistic, small groups, internet discussions
 •  New Energy education = profound effect on mass consciousness



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New Energy Education
Tobias' perspective on modern education

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What can be done about our public schools and education system? Traditional classrooms around the world are struggling to offer a quality education while coping with a changing world and students with new challenges and unique abilities. Even though progress has been made in reforming public education, there is still a huge emphasis on sitting still, paying attention, memorizing data and spewing it back out on a test. In fact, you could say the state of mainstream public education is frozen; and when energy can’t expand, it tends to blow up! Without a doubt, the time to change the educational paradigm is now, especially as there is an influx of new beings – Crystal Children – coming to Earth for the first time, who find it difficult to thrive in traditional classrooms. Consciousness is expanding. Therefore, it is more critical than ever to start a New Energy educational system that recognizes the Master within the student.

In this lively 90-minute session, Tobias discusses the vast potential for New Energy Schools. He reviews the history of modern education and explains the four basic guidelines for the educational process. These include teaching children how to:

1. Communicate
2. Interrelate
3. Calculate
4. Create

Tobias also cautions that we are not trying to overhaul the whole public education system and instead offers specific suggestions for developing New Energy schools for Shaumbra students and challenges us to begin the process.

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Length: 1:20:25

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias, Linda Hoppe and Maggie Hopffgarten

Recorded in Lakewood, Colorado, October 2007

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