Opening into Consciousness

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A beautiful guided experience into your own consciousness

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Opening Into Consciousness
by Yoham

From the gentle opening notes to the final welcoming breath, Opening takes you on a journey into your Self. It is a guided invitation to breathe, to be fully present, to truly feel on all levels, and to expand into all that you are. Accompanied by the inspired music of Yoham, Geoffrey Hoppe narrates this soothing meditation to help you open into your full consciousness.

Opening Into Consciousness is full of gentle reminders of how the conscious breath blesses your entire being, how being in the Now brings all that is needed, what it means to truly feel the many levels of your Self, and the profound effects of expanding your energy. This meditation is a beautiful way to begin your day, find balance in the midst of daily turmoil, or release yourself into rejuvenating sleep.

Track list (click to hear samples)

1.    Beginning (0:52)
2.    Breathing (8:49
3.    Point of Presence (10:30)
4.    Feeling (10:10)
5.    Expanding (12:37)
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