Oslo: From Control to Freedom

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Release the limitations in your life and experience true freedom



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The Oslo Sessions: From Control to Freedom
Oslo, Norway
June 2006

Our lives are filled with external controls with everything from traffic signs to rules at work. But according to Tobias, the truly limiting controls come from within ourselves. We control our body by telling IT what is best, even though our body already knows how to rejuvenate itself. We control our mind by trying to block out things we don't like. And we control our spirit and soul through a matrix of outdated belief systems, including religion and even New Age.

In the Oslo Sessions, Tobias reviews the internal control systems and describes how we can release controls to allow for new physical, mental and spiritual freedom in our lives. He takes the listeners through the experience of choosing to let go of controls and then truly listening to the different levels of energies. Recorded live in Oslo, Norway in June 2006. Excellent material for moving forward into the New Energy.

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