Out of the Box

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 •  Humans live and think inside many types of boxes
 •  But you can get out of the box!
 •  You can experience being open, creative and free
 •  Energy pathways and patterns are fluid, not rigid
 •  You can live and play in the sacred geometries of energy
 •  Potentials and energy are just waiting to serve you!



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Out of the Box
A Special Tobias Message

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We humans define ourselves by the boxes or limitations in which we live, thinking they are the only reality. These boxes include the physical body box, our house box, our work box, even our car box. We watch the television box and use a box to talk to others and surf the internet. Our food comes from boxes and gets cooked in a box. We even go into a box when we die! But all these boxes limit our natural energy, creativity, flow and freedom. When we allow ourselves to go outside our boxes into the multidimensional sacred geometry all around, it changes everything. Our physical body feels energized, our creativity opens up, and new unlimited potentials can come into our lives. We can even begin playing and working with the fairies, devas and other elementals that help keep energies moving outside the box.

Recorded at the home of the late renowned southwest artist, R.C. Gorman, Tobias talks about all the boxes we live inside and the many benefits of getting out of them, including not feeling so tired, worn out or depressed. He says to stop worrying about what others think – it just doesn’t matter anymore – and begin to enjoy a new sense of creativity and refreshment. Tobias invites the listener to experience the spiral or other waveforms of energy and discover the creativity that opens up. He also gives new information about energy pathways and how to work with them, opening up new dimensions and awarenesses in our lives.

A landmark message!

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Length: 31:17

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $10

Featuring: Tobias

Recorded in Taos, New Mexico at the home of R. C. Gorman, July 2005

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