Passion of the Merlin - Online


  • The historic culmination of ages and lifetimes
  • Your old human template is dissolving
  • Merlin is timeless, immortal, wisdomized
  • “To live or die?” – that is the question
  • The Merlin is you, no longer bound by time
  • Human, soul, turn and face yourself


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Passion of the Merlin
Enlightenment of the Soul


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Our journey of eons and lifetimes – coming through the template of the Order of the Arc, embedding ourselves into matter and stumbling through the deepest and darkest experiences – must eventually culminate in Realization. Although it is nothing that the human can accomplish, the soul’s enlightenment is inevitable. The human’s only duty is to experience and allow the awareness of the I Am. Aided by the dragon, the Master visits every moment of every lifetime, collecting the wisdom until Merlin emerges, unbound by time and therefore truly free. As the human turns to face its timeless Self, another Ascended Master appears.

This profound event took place at the end of what Adamus called the Summer of Realization, September 2020. Bringing together extraordinary Ascended Masters, inspiring presenters, and more than 1,500 conscious beings from around the world, it was a landmark event. This culmination of the Atlantean Dream, taking place during the Time of Machines, is a testament to the tenacity, passion and commitment of Shaumbra.

Full of laughter, inspiration, sneak peeks, deep merabhs and profound messages, this is an experience you will never forget. It marks the culmination of our journey, the end of an era and the birth of a new and timeless time.


1. Yoham – Gerhard Fankhauser & Einat Gilboa – interview (1:11:26)
In this delightful interview, Gerhard & Einat share how they first met Shaumbra, how their music is inspired and created, and some of their adventures along the way.

2. Adamus Saint-Germain – channel (1:14:21)
With a clear declaration that this is the time, Adamus explains why the Order of the Arc disbanded, who the aliens really are, and what enlightenment really is. He also gives an update on Tobias’ human experiences as the young man known as Sam.

3. Dr. Douglas Davies – presentation (1:04:24)
After reviewing 11 years’ worth of messages from Adamus, Dr. Doug distills it all into 13 important points. A fantastic primer for what Crimson Circle is all about.

4. Merlin Ambrosius – channel (57:07)
When the Master and the dragon complete their deep inner work, Merlin emerges – eternal, immortal, unbound by time. As the Merlin, you go timeless, without future or past, integrating all into greatness.

5. Dr. Joachim Wolffram – interview (1:25:05)
After meeting his own dragon and receiving remarkable wisdom, Joachim published several books in the Althar series. In this lively and fascinating interview, he shares what it’s like to encounter the dragon and face himself.

6. Sart Ohkrap – channel (1:14:58)
A beloved member of the Colorado Shaumbra community, Sart unexpectedly left his physical body in May 2020. Now “tearing up heaven” with his celestial dirt moving equipment, he shares the story of his life, Realization and death with love, humor and a timely admonition.

7. The Rude Awakening Team – interview (1:30:52)
Temporarily derailed by the pandemic, the Rude Awakening team of Jonathan Kray, Jorge Andrade and Sandra Roggerman tell of their challenges, victories and new developments in creating this remarkable world class production. Includes a “behind-the-scenes” video.

8. Rude Awakening World Preview – video presentation (45:50)
Enjoy the world preview of this inspiring story of awakening and enlightenment. It’s not what you think! And it is our story.

9. Kevin Moore – interview (1:34:49)
Kevin talks about interviewing more than 70 channelers from around the world, his passionate vision for the Spiritual News Network, and shares excerpts from a wide range of interviewees.

10. Kuthumi lal Singh – channel (58:50)
In his once-a-year message to Shaumbra, Kuthumi tells a silly tale of what sets Shaumbra apart from “normal” people. He then shares a beautiful story of his path to enlightenment, the beings he met along the way, and the final simple moment when it all became clear.

11. “Adamus on the Couch” – comedy skit (38:00)
After an extended litany of preposterous claims – everything from famous past lives to strange diets, nudist tendencies to magical abilities – two psychiatrists from the Land of Blue decide it is time to bring Adamus in for evaluation. But things do not go quite as expected.

12. Beloved St. Germain – channel (32:00)
In this unforgettable gathering of Ascended Masters and Shaumbra, St. Germain delivers a stirring call to the human: It is time to know what you know, let go of the struggle and receive the awareness of enlightenment. And, to the soul, he says: Face your human now, understand what it has endured, and never again turn your back.

11. Yoham – music (14:42)
A lifely set of celebration music to close out this incredible event.


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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Merlin Ambrosius, Sart Ohkrap, Kuthumi lal Singh and Beloved St. Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Presenters (in order of appearance): Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe; Gerhard Fankhauser & Einat Gilboa; Dr. Douglas Davies; Dr. Joachim Wolffram; Jonathan Kray, Jorge Andrade & Sandra Roggermann; Kevin Moore; Dr. Bodil Espensen & Dr. Ole Nielsen.

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, September 2020

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A phenomenal online life changing experience!
I’m still taking it all in: actually still reeling from the event, which has literally turned my reality inside out. The human is not in “control”, and never was, but was the catalyst for the enlightenment of its beloved Soul. Truly a Divine Romance…
When I understood this in tandem with the sublime event of the Passion of the Merlin, I surrendered in a very trusting, sensual way to the I Am, and am riding the waves of bliss still...
~ A remarkable paradigm shifting experience with slowly unfolding Realisation. Even more compelling, my birthday was the day after the live event and it was the most life changing gift.
Thank You so much Every One here and beyond :)

Review by Liza / (Posted on 6/3/2021)
Another point of separation
. Passion of The Merlin was another wonderful event from Crimson Circle. I enjoyed it even more since I was not planning on attending it in person this year. So, having an online only event was a treat. And I already got my ticket for Bled 2021 event. I miss the hugs, the smiles, dancing in the evenings and long meaningful conversations with Shaumbra.

This celebration was yet another point of separation for Shaumbra. According to Adamus ~1500 Shaumbra around the world arrived at the point of realization. Even though the unfolding and integrating it in the everyday life may take some more time.

Adamus starts with the question what to do after realization. And he does it in purely Shakespearean fashion: “To live or to die - that is the question.” And I to have those type thoughts myself. To stay or to leave?

What a treat. I cried, I laughed. Such a beautiful presentation It brought different parts of the world into this present moment. Time and space re defined. I almost physically felt the points of consciousness and wisdom igniting around the word. Especially during the groundbreaking last segment from St. Germain. In addition to this I enjoyed all the presentations. So many expressions of mastery and wisdom. Few additional highlights for me include update on Sam, free time and becoming timeless, Sart’s story, and of course Geoff’s creative costumes. And yes Kuthumi, I am enlightened!

It also brought memories of all other Shaumbra summer celebrations that I attended in person. My first one was in Breckinridge, Colorado when Tobias brought the concept of gnost, then there was Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Time well spent online in very smoky California while the world takes break during pandemic.

Review by Iwona / (Posted on 11/30/2020)
A beautiful online event, and now a cloud class that marks a major shift for Shaumbra.
. The event is marking almost the end of the Summer of Realization, and that brings a series of special channels that are taking us into a moment of convergence for Shaumbra with Adamus Saint-Germain, to the clear understanding of Merlin Ambrosius and what next (going into Greatness), the stories and insights of Sart, the yearly channel of Kuthumi (that is always fun and with meaningful stories always) and Saint-Germain that brings most profound message that marks a shift into a new era for Shaumbra.
I find equally important the guest interviews that just give some moments of integrating and allowing between the channels: Einat and Gerhard, Dr. Douglas Davies – with an impressive distillation of all 11 years of shouds with Adams , Dr. Joachim Wolffram – talking about the dragon, The Rude Awakening Team and the special World Preview of the Rude Awakening film, Kevin Moore – and finding more about his work, and the beautiful comedy act “Adamus on the Couch” – presented by Ole Nielsen and Bodil Espensen from Denmark (both psychiatrists) questioning Adamus.
I appreciate the beautiful way of being presented each segment, with opening music from Yoham. At the online presentation I did feel like in a marathon, with some relaxing and fun moments in the second day, but still having to make it to the finish line – the channel with Saint-Germain. After, it was easy to access in a more relaxed way each channel, in order to be more aware of the messages.
Regarding the messages, I enjoyed observing how beautiful Adamus has prepared the stage for the three days, taking us from the beginning of our Earthly journey and converging into the now over times and experiences that we had, and adds an experience about the release of the human template (also available as a download). Then the Merlin Ambrosius felt very known, as in feeling and content, and at the same time some new physics that will come into our lives. Hearing the stories of Sart and his new perspectives are fun and did make me look at some things with different eyes. As always, Kuthumi comes to share some interesting stories and perspectives, I liked most perspectives presented about his opinion that Shaumbra is like the letter W of the alphabet, with interesting story to it, and how he met his soul before enlightenment.
And all concludes with the message from Saint-Germain that makes the call to the human and to the soul – to face each other and never be separated (and it is a lot more as experience, as you can imagine).
Much appreciation and many thanks to Geoffrey, Linda, CC staff and Adamus for this historic and memorable event, a beautiful presentation of such important information to Shaumbra.
I do highly recommend this as an important cloud class.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 11/10/2020)
Yes I Am Enlightened
. I could not talk after this event. More importantly I never want to talk about my (mere human) self ever again, for better or worse, maybe because she no longer exists in isolation (which was the root of most of my complaints).
Where to begin describing this moment in time, which was also a timeless "Augenblick" (the beautiful german word for "moment" captures the presence of consciousness in time, calling it a specific perception, a gaze).

The presenters, high quality, every one of them. Expressing their creativity even as they go through the shared experience with all the challenges. Vulnerability has become safe to be shared among us, diversity is possible without creating fractions or division. No wonder Saint Germain feels confident that in a few short years, we will no longer need the channeled messages, we will be ready to collaborate and celebrate together, fully equipped for the new era and the wave of people finding the Crimson Circle.
The channels: carefully orchestrated with each new voice/expression adding to a whole new harmonic convergence, that culminated in Saint Germain's conducting, or should I say officiating what I consider the most sacred moment so far in human history.

Adamus provided the set up by summoning the energies of convergence, as they happened in rapid succession, all leading up to this: the aliens leaving, the Order of the Arc closing and with it the portal that we all used to come in and leave. We don't need it anymore, but before it closed, Adamus invited us to revisit it one last time in a video with music - don't ask me what exactly happened, I just trusted as I watched and opened to its energies, over and over....
And in case we didn't hear him the first umpteen times, the big question is not about our realization, this weekend or next, but about staying embodied after that, or not. I thought that was the one thing I knew for sure, for once. I also remember Adamus said at a different occasion to take the time and feel into it, when it the choice is truly upon us, feeling deeply into the bliss of the realized energies available to us as well as the challenges and potentials ahead that come with staying embodied, and then, only then, make the choice because trying to decide from human perspective may just be insecurity, lack of trust in self; in any case we don't know what we are talking about until we get there. Trusting myself enough not to try and predetermine what statistic I will be part of feels really good, actually.
The Merlin Ambrosius enters in style: hooded black cape with golden lining! They all do, the attires of the Masters are fitting and luxurious! Living in the land of flip flops and beachwear, it was a feast for the senses to see hands emerge from a cascade of lace, noble materials and well designed lines engulfing the human form - we tend to miss out in that department day to day:). Merlin energy IS the key to the new era on earth, and he hands it to us without reservation.
Sart chimes in expanding on his story below the cheerful smiles he so freely shared - another historic first: one we had a chance to sit next to and have coffee with during events, now talks to us in his familiar voice, live from the Ascended Master's Club. Makes it so very real in one more way.
Kuthumi, beloved friend! Yes, the humor, but more so for me a breathtakingly beautiful soul - maybe that is why he chose to be with us "every breath of the way", with a lightness that only one who crashed his impressive mind as hard as he did, can convey. I would not call it coddling or spiritual massage (although I am not opposed to those either, since I do a fine job of irritating myself just so I won't get too comfortable as a mere human...).but I do find a deeply nourishing peace and calm and lightness all of my own in his presence. He talks about the parallel highways that we humans walked, our souls walking alongside just one step over... and all it takes for them to merge now is to say it out loud and hear it, too. YES, I AM ENLIGHTENED. That is when all the fuss about being in "that number" when the 1012 march into realization, dissolved for me. The energies are here, the window is wide open for all of us. Every day later adds another richness, every day earlier another potential. This is the Moment of Sweet Aloha between myself and my Soul, and I allow myself to savor it and to respond by no one else's standards but my own. I had taken off my watch years ago, never liked wearing one even before I noticed that the noun "watch" is also a visual verb: even if I don't look at it, it is watching me! Creepy!!)
The Saint Germain Channel is the culmination not just of the 3-day event, but of 21years of Shaumbra work and thousands of years of human history. Like in Ravel's "Bolero', the voices/energies converge and create a momentum that becomes ever more delicious and difficult to contain, until - the energies seek release in the next level of creation: This unfolded live, easily the most sacred Augenblick in all of human history as I see it, and the "most fulfilling, honoring role" of all of Saint Germain's illustrious lifetimes: Shaumbra joining together, forming a circle around the globe, going where Creation had not gone before: A group of humans, together side by side, experiencing their break through into sovereignty
First love became possible between a human and their soul, and there was a dance leading up to it as Saint Germain addressed the human first, then the Soul, and finally the human once more to seal the new relationship
Love needed the human to bring to the moment full awareness, acceptance and allowing of their limited role and responsibility of contributing experience to the triune beingness. Having released undue, mistaken burdens of guilt and shame, the human can now realize new potentials of beauty, grandeur, that are opening up right now and defy any comparison to previous experience, inviting the human aspect to fully immerse in this new life. With that, the human it seems became recognizable for the Soul. They had met before, but managed to take turns to refuse the acknowledgment of each other. Sound familiar?
Then Saint Germain addressed the Soul and asked it to now unwrap and fully apply the gift of love and compassion the human had brought home, to feel deeply into the price the human paid in its service to the soul. The pain, the hardships, the illusion of lack, and worst of all, the feeling of being lost, alone. Feeling what it had never felt before, the Soul was appreciating and acknowledging the full extent of the human's service. And while it has been "complete" before, it became richer, deeper, even more grand with that.
Seizing the true magic of this moment, Saint Germain asked the Soul to commit to never, ever, EVER again ask its human to go through that type of hardship again! I confess at this point that I had yelled at my soul before, in her ivory tower of perfection, graciously receiving the distillations of my blood, sweat and tears, and wouldn't it be time to learn how to give a dam? Being that designated humans are not that easy to come by and they can wear out, you know! I had no idea if she heard me, but it felt good to say it. Imagine my joyous overwhelm when it happened.
So when Saint Germain invites the clear human to lift their eyes to now behold the image of their own holy expanded Soul, they recognize each other for the first time. Lovers may be in each other all along, as Rumi says, but it can be a daunting journey to not just finally meet, but to see themselves in the other. You may now kiss the human.
If you are prone to cry at weddings, prepare to dissolve! I have yet to get through listening or writing or even remembering this moment without crying myself another river of Joy.

The next day I am back at work in the old folks home/ rehab hospital, it feels surreal, as it should. I walk down that hallway of crushing density, depression, pettiness, anxiety, pain and a chaotic ballet of aspects calling in their demands and comments, no longer filtered through functioning minds in many cases; sometimes entertaining, sometimes even aware for a flicker. Real easy to think I must have done fucked up again to have a day like that follow a weekend like this. Instead, I slow down to a swagger, slow motion, like they do in the movies. Knowing that I own this place; knowing that I own my perception of everyone here and that I placed them on my path to complete my awareness. Opening wide to everything in my path, as Merlins do. Opening just as wide my awareness of new potentials for greater ease and grace, breathing that in and hearing that breath in the back of my mind all day - before I appear to resume the customary pace. The parallel highways Kuthumi talked about have merged.

Happy Enlightenment, Shaumbra! With huge Appreciation and Gratitude to All of us for creating this event, especially the stellar contributions of Geoff, Linda and their staff of Merlins who have clearly mastered working in and beyond time to make this happen in Beauty and Grace.
Until we all hug again,
Siglinde Schwenzl, member of CC review team
Review by Sig / (Posted on 9/23/2020)
A Turning Point
. I can’t imagine all the reworking it must have taken to change the Passion of the Merlin from a live event to an online event. For those hundreds of Shaumbra planning to be there in person it was no doubt a disappointment, but in the end it became an opportunity that allowed many more to experience the event as it unfolded. As much as I enjoy the company of Shaumbra, I loved being in my own home to experience the magnitude of what came through. I was able to lie down on my bed and be in the stillness of me as I took some moments to integrate what I experienced.

To say that the Passion of the Merlin was diverse in what it offered over three days is a bit of an understatement. For me, the real gems were the channels by Geoffrey Hoppe, and I would like to highlight those. I seldom mention Geoff in my reviews other than to thank him, but I feel he deserves special acknowledgement for his extraordinary ability to bring forth these five channels.

On the last day there was an opportunity to listen to other channelers as part of a docu-series. Not to take away from anyone else, but I was again grateful that the messages for Shaumbra come through in such a clear way from someone with a beautiful speaking voice and sparkling eyes. To have a channeler in their integrity is not to be taken lightly.

The channel from Merlin that ended the first day contained so much clarity about Realization time and potentials, and felt very tied into what Adamus presented earlier in the day. It was an invitation to go deep into the material, and had the feel of our recent Keahak channels. I became even more aware of how my human, especially at my age, is looking at the “future” through the lens of time passing.

The channel from our dear Shaumbra Sart was particularly touching. A humble human, thinking his Realization would come after so many others, told the story of his passing and now his experiences as a “new” Ascended Master. To borrow a line from the play and movie Steel Magnolias, “laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” I experienced a lot of that emotion as I listened to dear Sart tell his tale and give Shaumbra some gentle and loving advice.

It’s difficult to put into words how I felt after the last channel from St. Germain. It felt like a warm bath that I wanted to immerse myself in over and over. From the time he gathered all the Ascended Masters to join us, my tears began fto fall and continued throughout the entire channel. He called upon each of us to come to ourselves in the most beautiful and elegant way. His message is one that will stay with me.

The Passion of the Merlin is a turning point for Shaumbra. Hundreds have now allowed their Realization, and things will never be the same going forward. Wherever you are on your pathway to Realization, this event offers incredible insights and support. A most heartfelt thank you to all who helped in the creation of this event.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 9/21/2020)
. Technically everything flowed flawlessly. I've been supportive of the Crimson Circle for over twenty years and commend Geoff, Linda, Adamus Saint-Germain and the entire staff that
contributed to this worldwide production
Review by R. / (Posted on 9/19/2020)
Celebration of Summer of Realization
. Passion of The Merlin is definitely multi-layered. It’s for everyone now in realization, for those who soon will be, and clearly for those who are in any of the myriad stages of (Rude) Awakening.
Of all the workshops, classes, and channels I’ve experienced, Passion of Merlin is most alive with diverse perspectives and personalities.
It’s a celebration of realization; it’s a ceremony of both the inane and the deepest of the deep. It is a ceremony of the completion of “The Summer of Realization”. It spans the humor and mindlessness of Dr. Ole & Dr Bodil analyzing Adamus to the Beloved St. Germain giving a divine and sacred directive to Spirit to never ever again expect the human to experience suffering, unworthiness, poverty.
Day 1 is Adamus reflecting how we’ve gotten here and where we are. Very distilled: I Am is Enlightened, Merlin is Realized; Human is Free; our Atlantean Dream is fulfilled.
Dr. Doug does a brilliant distilling of a decade or so of channels, and Merlin comes in in grand clarity.
Day 2 included, for me, the most amazing diversity. Joachim Wolffram’s stunning interview, filled with his articulate descriptions and contagious passion for understanding the width and depth of coming to realization, is contrasted to the absolute simplicity of Sart’s story of his life, his realization, and his transition to Master, without, as he said, ever understanding anything Adamus talked about, like gravity. I cried more tears (and laughed more) during Sart’s channel than during any of the others.
The Rude Awakening staff are dynamic, and the film they’ve spent 3 years (so far) creating is top-notch professional!
Day 3 is Kuthumi, who made me miss more than ever, being in a group to loudly and joyfully reply, “Namaste!!” He shares his story of his walk to realization, highlighting how complicated we can make it, and how simple it really is.
Beloved St. Germain brought “The Summer of Realization” to a magnificent point of closure. It reminded me of my experience of the final channel in Keahak I when Adamus St. Germain invited body, soul, mind, aspects to integrate. And now, 9 years later, he brings the final invitation to ONEness of Spirit and Human.
In Journey of the Angels Update, Adamus reminded us that Tobias’s story was not an ending, but the beginning of the next era. Passion of the Merlin, for me, is the story of completion of the transition to ONEness. Now begin our experiences and stories of the saga, having decided to live, in freedom, on earth as an Embodied Master.
Geoff deserves a major award for all the costumes and for channeling Sart so magnificently and clearly, and Linda gets one too for her fun and authentic interactions with Sart’s flirting!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 9/18/2020)
It has been such a great experience to live with this 3-days event, go through all the feelings, memories etc. in the now moment, when I remembered to stay here. I am still digesting stuff from it; am having the feeling of being realized/not realized and
. Passion of the Merlin – Online
Wow, full circle in so many ways, is my feeling after this online Passion of the Merlin event.
Going online instead of having the event in Bled, Slovenia, allowed more than double-up of participants experiencing it live.
I have followed Crimson Circle since 2001; gone all the way with Tobias and now with Adamus (St. Germain). What a journey it has been, as Adamus says.
The 3 days were (are) so intense; all is wrapped up with Yoham`s beautiful music. It gives so much more variety, expression and depth to the music/sound with this competent and skilled backup by bass, percussion and keyboard.
The central part of the event are the two channels with Adamus and St. Germain. Both of these lead up to guiding through our understanding of how the human, the master (Merlin) and the I Am find into the balance, leading to realization / enlightenment. And this goes so deep, so deep, that if you are ready to feel into this and allow it, off you can go or stay
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 9/18/2020)
Am I Enlightened Now?
. I will always remember this weekend with Passion of the Merlin. For the rest of this lifetime and after I have left Earth. It simply was incredible. As Geoff and Linda said in the beginning, this event is a celebration and it became so, probably way beyond any expectations. There was a lot of wonderful presentations that I enjoyed a lot, but to me the most important was the channels.
Adamus started with talking about the realization in a deeper way than he has done before – well, he began in the last Keahak session – but the point is that it is the I Am that is enlightened, when it has received all the wisdom from the Master. And the Master becomes realized as the Merlin, which the human becomes totally aware of. I like the picture he uses of the wine fields that are harvested and all the grapes are made into wine. The Master riding on the dragon making sure nothing is left (no hidden wounds, no guilt or shame) but everything collected and made into wine (wisdom). So, all the human has to do is to relax and enjoy life. It is not the responsibility of the human to be realized. That is not the first time he has said that, but I have certainly had this feeling this summer, will I be one of the realized Masters this summer? And I feel I have let go of that. I have chosen that, so when it exactly happens really doesn’t matter.
To make sure that I would relax for some days, I hurt my foot on Sunday – nothing serious – but I had to sit still both Monday and Tuesday. Which actually was perfect. The weather was warm and sunny, and I could sit outside.
Ending Friday was a channel with Merlin Ambrosius. Representing the Merlin energy, he guides us in a Merabh to connect with our own realized Merlin energy. A deep experience.
The Sart channel was beautiful and touching. I met him once in The CC Connection Center at an event, a really warm and kind man. In the channel he shared highs and lows from his life in a humorous way. And isn’t that the mark of a Master, being able to talk about the tough things he has gone through with humor?
Like Kuthumi! It’s such a joy to listen to him. So deep and so funny at the same time. I feel that he brings his messages forth in a way so you almost without noticing come to laugh at yourself too. And that is liberating!
The last channel ending the whole weekend was St. Germain. Wow! I will not tell about it, because if you haven’t seen it yet it might take away from your experience. But it was so deep and so touching. I think I was crying through the whole channel. That Linda was able to guide the breathing afterwards was unbelievable.
Another red thread through the whole event was the music with Yoham and Friends. I love their music, and it is always in sync whit what is going on. Gerhard and Einat were the first to be presented. Actually, so interesting how this “home time” offers new ways of using your creativity, when you cannot do what you had planned.
Short about the other presentations: Dr. Doug Davies talked about the essence of the Adamus channels from the last 5 years. These points he came up with, helps to clarify a lot of what we have been going through. Amazing that he can do that.
Dr. Joachim Wolffram, author of the Althar books, was so clear both in his words and his energy. I haven’t read his books, so I cannot say anything about it.
The end of Saturday was like going to the movies. Well, with red wine instead of popcorn. The beautiful story of Shaumbra, told by the Rude Awakening team. I am sure it will help a lot of people in the future, just to see they are not the only ones going through awakening, and more important there is a way through it! The movie is both interviews with Shaumbra from different places on Earth and some wonderful acting illustrations of the journey. I love the craziness of that.
Kevin Moore, docu-series producer, such an inspiring guy to listen to. He made the series “They call us Channelers” where also Geoff and Linda were interviewed. He received the “Inspire Consciousness Award” at the end of the interview and so well deserved!
“Adamus on the Couch” interview with 2 psychiatrists from the Land of Blue was so funny. From all their books they found a lot of different psychiatric unbalances Adamus suffered from, like multiple personality disorder, anorexia and to be psychotic. But Adamus didn’t really seem to care…
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 9/18/2020)
W is for Wunderbar!
. If the letter “W” stands for Shaumbra as Kuthumi so cleverly describes us in his channel during the online Passion of the Merlin event, “W” certainly describes this past “W”eekend! WoW with two huge “W’s”!! Wonderful! Wild! Wacky! Witty! Woke! Wise! In fact, it’s kind of left me “Wordless” for a change but I’ll let my human try…

Like so many of you, I was kind of bummed not to be attending this Weekend live as originally scheduled for Lake Bled, Slovenia. I have gone to so many of the big Crimson Circle events over the years in both the US and Europe and there is nothing like a large room filled with Shaumbra, the music, the laughter, the hugs, sharing meals and wine together after! (Doesn’t wine also start with a “W”?) And of course the energy and information of the channels and presentations as they unfold on stage. So quite frankly I wasn’t sure how this was going to translate “online” when COVID forced the cancellation of the live event. Was Bled going to be blah? Merlin “meh”?

Whoah! I was Wrong with a capital “W”. The Passion of the Merlin Online was and is an experience truly Worth Watching! It reminded me of the old variety shows. Remember those? With music, comedy, drama, yes but also the Wisdom of many Wizards sharing. It could have been “campy” but it wasn’t… It was a true co-creation of a wide variety of exhilarating experiences!

Emceed with grace and style by Linda and Geoff, I was a little unsure of the costume changes initially but loved the anticipation of “next”. From Adamus to Merlin, to Sart, Kuthumi and St. Germain, Geoff seemed to morph seamlessly into “character” and should win the Oscar for Best Channelling! These channels are truly standalone and I am still reeling from the impact of them. Dear Sart alone worth the price of admission! WTF? Way to fuckin’ go! I watched them together in a row together again after just to feel into the words AND wordless experience… Merlin for me was my big WoW followed by that touching Avalon song and video.

The other guest presenters and "W5" interviews such as Dr. Doug Davies, Dr. Joachim Wolffram and Kevin Moore had a lot of wisdom to share as well but I did feel they ran a tad long and sometimes too didactic for me. A few too many words! But Dr. Doug did a brilliant distillation of Adamus’ last eleven years of highlights which really stands on its own. Like many, I tuned out most of the other “channels” from Kevin Moore’s show excerpts. Adamus has spoiled us! But I appreciate the “work” Kevin is doing and definitely deserved this year’s “Inspire Consciousness” award presented by Geoff and Linda at the end of their interview.

The much anticipated “Rude Awakening” film preview did not disappoint and I absolutely loved the “Co-creating Rude Awakening” behind-the-scenes film by Nazar Fedunkiv. Quirky and brilliant and hope to see more of that incorporated in the actual film since it truly moved me. Personally, I enjoy less polished interviewees in lipstick and more tears and grit. Show them in their jammies with bags of chips and beer! I really appreciated the vulnerable stories of the journey shared by the team and know this film WILL wake up many more. Woo hoo great work!

And the skit with Adamus being psychoanalyzed by our very own Shaumbra “Land of Blue” resident psychiatrists, Drs. Bodil Espensen and Ole Nielsen was wild and wacky. Enlightenment is all about lightening up and laughing in my world!

The music of Yoham: Gerhard, Einat and their band opening and closing each session added the perfect punctuation like pearls in a string of light. Einat glowed like an Atlantean Princess and her dancing and singing a delight that invited us to join! The event also opens with their interview and journey with CC.

In the final poignant channel from St. Germain, most Shaumbra were moved to tears I wager as 1,012 Shaumbra holding hands around the world allowed their Realization. Our final “Into Greatness”. No more Waiting. Another wow just WOWZA!

Words are truly difficult to express the experience of this weekend and the gratitude for Geoff, Linda, CC staff and all the wise, witty Masters who co-created this grand event. Wunderbar!

Why wait to watch it again?

This review brought to you by the letter "W" and
Tammie W. O’Rielly
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 9/14/2020)