Ask Tobias: Pets

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 •  What makes our pets so special?
 •  Learn the origin and history of our animal companions
 •  The important differences between ordinary animals and pets
 •  Our pets are here in compassion, service and unconditional love 
 •  What happens when our pets die?
 •  The bond is never broken



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Ask Tobias: Pets
Our Companions on Earth and Beyond

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Our beloved pets – dogs, cats, horses, birds and more – are often the nearest and dearest beings in our lives. They are the ones into whom we have breathed our precious angelic energy, bringing them into a new kind of life. Our pets love us unconditionally and, in deep service, will take on energetic dynamics from their owners including illnesses, joys, challenges, physical attributes and more. When a pet dies, its essence remains with you in love. And, when you cross over, your pets will be there with you. They have an “energetic pass” that allows them to travel the realms and, with your invitation, can even return for another incarnation at your side.

This Ask Tobias is one of the most popular topics in this series. During this 75-minute channeled message, Tobias talks about why we have such a special relationship with our pets, how they are in service to us at all times, and how to communicate better with them. Topics and questions include:

   • Infusing your energy into objects and animals
   • Pet’s illnesses and physical challenges
   • How to communicate with your pet
   • Differences between animal species
   • Neutering, spaying, euthanasia and other issues
   • Human and animal allergies
   • And much more

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Length: 1:15:19 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias, Linda Hoppe and Tracey Burrell

Recorded in Denver, Colorado, February 2006

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