Probabilities and Potentials

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Probabilities & Potentials

In this dynamic presentation, Adamus talks the “reality tube” that we have created and are currently living within. He states that, “The tube represents probabilities. [It] is the very thing that says that your tomorrow is probably going to be very similar to your yesterday. It is very predictable.” Things like living a certain number of years, experiencing health challenges, relationship issues, and karma are what we can expect to encounter within this tube of predictable probabilities.

Adamus then states that, “You can change the destiny of your own probabilities right now.” When humans expand beyond the reality tube, “You have the potential to go beyond your probabilities. You have the potential to choose what resonates in your heart. You have the potential to have joy and happiness and completion and fulfillment, or the potential to continue living and experiencing in this tube, in this limited tube of probabilities.”

After explaining the differences and attributes of your probabilities as well as your potentials, Adamus then leads the listener through what he calls a DreamWalk. It is a beautiful experience of expansion and of tapping into the potentials that exist beyond the current reality tube.

Adamus asks:

“What will it be – probabilities or potentials? What will it be – making conscious choices or just living tomorrow as you lived yesterday? What will it be – seeing out into this night sky of all the stars that are there or just seeing a few limited little stars? It’s up to you – totally up to you. You have the empowerment to choose whichever you want.”

Available in audio (MP3) and text (PDF) format

Run time – 1:04:06

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Review by Wendy L / (Posted on 10/28/2018)