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  • You’ve been rehearsing for this – now it’s time
  • You already know what to do: Add consciousness
  • Disruption, virus, civil unrest, weather changes, anxiety and more
  • The desire for freedom brings in immense energies
  • Elohim, Lords of Light and archangels
  • It’s time for tough love, the unrelenting forgiveness


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ProGnost 2014 & Update 

It’s happening now

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Do you want to understand what is happening right now in 2020? Go back to the 2014 ProGnost messages from Adamus. It’s all right there, with an amazing perspective from six years ago on the events of the world today.  

Adamus’ highly regarded and provocative biannual ProGnost Series began in January of 2014. At that time, he gave an overview of trends and upcoming potentials for Planet Earth, including fuel and energy distribution issues, civil unrest, financial and economic disruption, earth and weather changes, ever more mental imbalance and anxiety, and global virus outbreaks. The most important question in all this is, What about consciousness? Adamus said humanity is moving from the Christ consciousness era, signified by 33, to the era of embodied mastery, signified by 44. He also shares fascinating information about the Lords of Light and Elohim.

This Cloud Class is a combination of ProGnost 2014 (January 2014) and the ProGnost 2014 Update (August 2014). We were inspired to re-release the information, as it is very timely and important for all of Shaumbra.

NOTE: The January 2014 event included presentations from Jim Self and Dr. Douglas Davies. These additional sessions are NOT included in this Cloud Class.

Adamus poses a very important question: What about consciousness? Adding consciousness to the equation truly changes everything. He notes that Earth is the planet of freedom, and that the opposite of freedom is power. As humanity grapples with the issue of freedom vs. power, it will have a direct influence on the relationship between the Old and New Earths. Although recorded in 2014, these messages are more timely than ever.

1. What About Consciousness?
After a deep merabh called “You already know,” Adamus talks about adding consciousness to the equation, freedom vs. power, moving from the era of 33 to 44 and the multiple manifestations of the current disruptive energies.

2. Disruption (1:13:38)
Remember the true identity of the Elohim and Lords of Light. A discussion of disruptions that include civil unrest, extreme weather, fuel/energy issues, financial disruption, fast-spreading global viruses and mental imbalance, followed by four minutes of allowing.

 3. Compassion (47:29)
Adamus mentions the upcoming astrological alignments, the Old and New Earths, how it’s time for tough love, the most common things that keep you from self-love, and tools you can use.

4. Update 1 (1:12:41)
Your angelic families are tuned in during this time of change. In fact, time itself is what holds all aspects of physical reality in place. The desire for freedom is bringing in huge volumes of energy, and therefore, turmoil and change.

5. Update 2 (1:01:26)
When you accept that energy – everything in your life – is serving you, everything begins to change. More about viruses, the environment, civil unrest, mental issues, power and religion.

6. Update 3 (54:26)
Comments about the previous session, and a Q&A covering topics such as the role of water, the potential for WWIII, dynamics in South America, relationship between Old and New Earths and more. Ends with a beautiful “moment of forgiveness” experience.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Cost: $75

Translations: When text translations become available, they will be listed at the top of this page. Because these are done on a gratis basis, we do not know when they will be available. No refunds or extensions will be granted due to translation availability.

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Broomfield, Colorado, January 2014 and Louisville, Colorado, August 2014

Refunds: No refunds on digital purchases

A note from Geoffrey Hoppe:
We decided to re-release Adamus’ messages from the ProGnost and ProGnost Update 2014 Cloud Classes because the information is more relevant than ever. We had all but forgotten ProGnost 2014 but, while looking for something else, Jean Tinder, our Content Manager, realized that these sessions contain incredible insights that help to understand what’s happening now in 2020. We’ve reduced the price from $260 (all combined sessions) to just $75 (Adamus sessions) to make it more accessible to Shaumbra.


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What tremendous information that is ready for us now.
- Looking from my perspective, these Prognost events had the most impact on me, but as a human, what remained was a kind a feeling that it is somewhere to be visited again… And now … here it is.
It may become a classic, perhaps it already is… I liked how Adamus presented the idea of starting from the end, then go to it.
So in the very first channel, it contains all basics about allowing, about knowingness, and the understanding of the transition from number 33 to number 44 (basically stepping into mastery). Also, there is a relevant discussion about freedom vs. power, kind of like having its origins in The Journey of the Angels, but put more into practical application for life. Also, it is the introduction of the idea of Convergence, that by now it should be a clear event for us.
While all has the flavor of Adamus and distractions, I can observe that it was more like the professor Adamus, going through things that needed to be prepared. So, in the next session, the talks are about distractions, while taking into account things like Lords of light – why are they there – and reminding about adding consciousness to things. The talks about disruptions go to various levels to address every level of imbalance, also the talks about every aspect – Earth/weather, fuel/energy. financial, civil unrest, biological virus, mental – yet, these details are now relevant, especially the virus part. While introducing the concept of Allowing, there is an interesting experience of 4 minutes of allowing that I found relevant.
The third session brings some things to remember or tools… well it is interesting for me to see that those are very helpful now, more than ever, and this is the place to remember it. I see that some essence remained with me, yet the details …. kind of where covered by my intense life. Back then it was still the discussion if the old Earth and the New Earth will come together, it is still addressed here by Adamus, also the idea of Tough love – which is a deep subject about loving yourself, then the discussions goes to jobs, relationships, past, body…. and most relevant is that of compassion.
The update, done at CC Connection Center brings new interesting things and intensity.
While it starts with the talk from Adamus that ProGnost may be the continuation of the story of the Journey of the Angels that Tobias recorded, and that spirit understands wisdom, not dates and figures… Well, it is intense discussion on many levels that Shaumbra has done some work on it (like holding energy, and other interesting stuff) and environment.
The second session from the update is about seeing how much are you in the mind (?!) But, yes, it is a special setting, and quite an experience. While there are some special topics, my experience was one of getting kind of put to sleep, while still trying… The clarifications on the virus still bring some clarity, in the now days.
In the last session, Adamus explains the previous experience – mental . In any case, it looks like a Q&A session, yet the answers are kind of very compassionate.
Whatever the story of getting this material back to the stage might be, I am very glad that it is brought to the forefront, and it is very relevant. Thank you for this gift to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and the CC Staff.
So, I do highly recommend this material.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 6/16/2020)
Never underestimate Prognost
- It turns out to be so much more than a heads-up of probabilities and potentials for the coming year. It does that too, but with a passion for us to pick the good ones. To create and shape history, not just go along and record what happened to have happened.
I don't doubt Adamus much, so I was not surprised he had mentioned the virus before. I also don't blame myself for having forgotten about it, because that Prognost was a condensed download of seed energies for the coming six years. It still took me for a ride re-listening to it.
Adamus previewed this massive milestone of Convergence in 2014 and it occurred just now 4-4-2020. It is all there:
The Archangels being not really an outside energy, but our creation of key energies to be available to us to integrate when needed. It started 2014 in a beautiful merabh, and just completed with the dissolving of the Order of the Arc. Our role and responsibility to the angelic families started to diminish then and was also just concluded in the update of Ancestral Freedom. Alien call back announced in 2014, completed 4/4/2020,
The Threshold energies are planted in this Prognost, the Unforgiving Forgiveness that can move us to Higher Ground, as the giant energy wave is coming in that consciousness on earth has created. It is an offer for total amnesty if we can allow it because nothing bad ever really happened, it was all just experience. No more excuses, not if we want to ride that wave instead of getting mangled in it.
Abundance is addressed. As I understand it today, it is allowing yourself to receive all of your energy, open and feeling, with total trust and new beyond-human faculties, instead of claiming guilt, shame, blame, doubt, and other assorted consolation prizes at the am-not and thus have-not level of consciousness. I can go back and forth in one day, so it can't be about the money
The few that have since understood their I Am Presence and the resulting energy as all their own, with the sole purpose of serving them, have changed the world. Boom! Angels having come to Earth to understand the relationship between consciousness and energy. Mission accomplished.

I heard more clearly this time that Prognost is the continuation of our epic creation story "Journey of the Angels". JOA covered the origins, the choice to leave home, the coming to earth - starting with childlike Lemuria, the attempt to grow up in Atlantis and after that the Christos era, planting the seed of Compassion, represented by the number 33: the 3 elements of experience, light, dark and gray accepted, with compassion. Healing the past, to open up a true future.
And we just entered that future: Embodied Realization, the energies of 44: four elements, light, dark, gray and now clear, the second 4 symbolizing embodiment of these energies. Souled human beings allowing themselves to realize their Sovereignty in a balanced way, so we can stay on earth and radiate this exquisite consciousness.

Everything in Prognost 2014 says "Time for Shaumbra to take conscious responsibility, acknowledge Mastery, Allow our Sovereignty to permeate every moment of every day.
I know I listened then. I know I went out and bought bottled water and supplies for a month and kept them replenished for some time.
So, if I knew all that then and since, how come I am still in the process of Realization?
In a fine balance between urgency and compassion, Adamus points out that Time is a major culprit, the very element that holds 3D reality together, or if you will, the Gorilla Glue that makes the cocoon so hard to break for the aspiring butterfly. I used to be kinda proud of my many lifetimes, not realizing that I was swimming a little further from shore with every single one of them ....
No excuses, unforgiving forgiveness includes slow learners. And ongoing anxiety, and the temptation to worry, that will be with us until they are not anymore.
So what to do?
The answer is always the same, 2014 and 2020: do nothing, be aware, open to your feelings, add consciousness to every experience, and observe reality changing. Repeat.
If instead, you cannot resist the seduction of throwing your hands up in worry and anxiety, know that you are redirecting the natural flow of your energies, to create the situation you tell yourself you work so hard to avoid. Remember the ever-popular Adamus statement "If it is in your life, it is because you want it there"? This is where my tears of frustration met his truth: of course I don't want the 3rd rate outcome in my life, but what I DID insist on was my limited human mind directing my energies, and that tends to produce 3rd rate outcomes, on a good day.
"It takes a bold Master to Allow without Exception and without Delay"
It IS the easy way out.

Now that could be considered funny...
Siglinde Schwenzl
member of CC review team
Review by Sig / (Posted on 5/25/2020)
Not to be missed
- I was impressed by the freshness of those messages. Interesting how differently the energies feel between January 2014 and the update in the new CCCC.

The first part starts with a beautiful Merabh on knowingness. And then Adamus brings simple concepts and tools for our life going forward, like adding C (Consciousness) to the equation or what is really creating reality, to mention couple.

In 2014 Adamus told us that it is time for embodied masters to step forward. Creators of their own reality not victims of others. Being a victim is a power play. You already know the essence. Probabilities and potentially. More simplified concepts.

Embodied mastery is number 44. Christ conscious number is 33. Human consciousness is moving from 33 to 44. So many things that Adamus said resonate me right now. Especially about money and energy serving us. As well as allowing energy to serve.

He explains biggest influence on a planet, which is even more obvious now. Freedom and power. Freedom is accepting your sovereignty and it is taking responsibility. Freedom is energy independence. Everything comes from you. Consciousness brings energy.

Power, on the other hand is accumulation and manipulation of energy. Basic human need is for energy. Everything we do is to acquire energy. Food and money are like disguises for energy. So, what brings energy? Conscious. Wow so simple. I didn’t get it six years ago. It is slowly sinking in. You’re either choosing freedom or power. There’s nothing in between.

Energy that comes as a result of consciousness of freedom if it is not used for freedom, not used in high consciousness it will explode, work against those who use it. Oil countries as an example.

Initially, I was hesitant to start listening. Well, I’m glad I did. What a nice surprise. This is such a gem. Thank you for re-release. OMG, and Linda’s comment about toilet paper made me laugh so hard based on the recent events with corona virus... It become such a real experience in USA.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 5/6/2020)
A Wake Up Call
- “The humans are almost begging for a wake-up call. They’re almost begging for something dramatic. When something big happens, then they come to a little bit more consciousness.”

These sentences, which were in the last session of the ProGnost 2014 & Update, really hit home. I dare say that when Adamus Saint-Germain uttered them during the event, they did not have quite the impact that they have now as the world finds itself right in the middle of something big. If the coronavirus that impacts the planet so dramatically isn’t a wake-up call, I’m not sure what is.

Some may wonder why this event has been released again. I dare say that you won’t get very far into it before you discover the absolute relevance it has to not only what is happening on the planet today, but to those who are choosing embodied realization in this lifetime.

ProGnost 2014 is in three sessions: “What About Consciousness?”, “Disruption” and “Compassion”. In the second session, Adamus goes into some detail about the biological virus that is a potential. We’re playing out that potential right now, and his explanation of viruses in that session, and also in the second of three sessions of the 2014 ProGnost Update is a opportunity to understand this in a more expanded way.

While the information around viruses in this ProGnost and the Update is timely, there is so much more that is covered in these two events. Adamus discusses freedom and power, and touches on how even our spiritual families were based on power. Given the recent disbanding of the angelic families, that brings awareness around this huge shift.

This experience is more than a look back. ProGnost 2014 & Update is as relevant now as when they were first released. Insights into the economy, mental issues, compassion and what is in store for the Crimson Circle are some of the topics that are covered. And there is much, much more.

In the last session, Adamus invites us to experience forgiveness. As so many are on the verge of their realization, this is key to allowing the fullness of who we are. For this experience alone, it would be worth the listen.

Now back to the beginning of this review. Will humanity come to a little bit more consciousness as a result of the pandemic that is affecting the entire planet? As we’re in still in the midst of it, that remains to be seen. I remain hopeful, and feel that the time for Shaumbra to shine their light has never been more important.

Thank you to the Crimson Circle for releasing these events once more. It was supportive then AND now.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 4/22/2020)
The most important in the messages is for me what is said in session 5: “When you accept that energy – everything in your life – is serving you, everything begins to change.” AND I also find session 6, QnA, that ends with a merabh “moment of forgiveness”
WOW … and wow again …
In 2014 when Adamus began the ProGnost sessions I listened to the channelings without really taking them in. I guess I did not catch the potentials in the messages and what they would lead to. But now I fully understand every word said. Why? Because what Adamus told (and “predicted”) in January and August 2014 is happening now!
There are 6 sessions, duration in all is about 5 hours. I saw the videos 1 or 2 sessions per day. It was necessary to digest the contents before going on with the next session.
Everything said has been told before, if you have followed CC for a few years, but nevertheless the sessions have a strong impact on the viewer (me).
During the last couple of years, I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of being conscious and the importance and knowingness of how consciousness and energy work together. We see the results of our own creations now … Damn it! Who would have guessed it would be like this? A world happening …
Adamus talks about the importance of adding the big “C” (Consciousness) into the equation; into everything. He tells that what really started the energies to move was humans` quest for freedom. He tells about disruption on earth: civil unrest, extreme weather, fast-spreading viruses and other things … You can see the contents of the 6 sessions in the store.
The most important in the messages is for me what is said in session 5: “When you accept that energy – everything in your life – is serving you, everything begins to change.” AND I also find session 6, QnA, that ends with a merabh “moment of forgiveness” very beautiful.
Humans are grand beings. I feel this when I allow <3.
I recommend this material. I am in awe of the “predictions” from Adamus.
Finn Andersen
CC Review Team Member
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 4/3/2020)
He already told us...
It was very interesting to watch again at this time. I remember, that I was a bit shaken back then, but looking at it from the perspective of what is happening right now all around us, it is with the feeling, he surely did “warn” us – or maybe better, prepare us. One of the things he mentioned, was that the old and the new Earth might come together. At that point, I really hoped for it. But as it has shown, it will never happen. I do like the idea he mentioned in the ProGnost this year, that this Earth might end up as a museum, the place where it all started.
I feel, it is so deep and intense to watch, even after 6 years. Several times I fell asleep…
In the first session he talked about consciousness. How important it is that we use it. Most people are half asleep, living there lives as they always have. I can’t help thinking of the Ancestral Freedom update, where he already in the parts from ‘15 shows us, how we are bound to our ancestral lineage. In so many ways we have taken over what was theirs, and not really belonged to us. To be free, we have to let go of it. That is why consciousness is so important. If we ever want change, if we are stuck in some situation, we have to add consciousness, as he shows in his usual wonderfully entertaining way.
He also mentioned, “it’s time!” I think I have heard that so many, many times. Time to step forward as Masters (from Adamus) and also in my head in different situations. We can’t keep waiting. So, what to do? Allow! I had this question coming up, is it really that long ago he talked about allowing? And coming into our Mastery? It obviously is.
Freedom and power. How many people really want freedom? Rather few. They are afraid of the consequences. It is more “safe” to stay in the old victim role. Then you can blame somebody else. And that is being part of the power game. Behind it is always fear. And the believe that energy is outside of you. That you have to get it from somewhere. Instead of realizing it is all within. That actually takes a while. Although I know it, I have to remind myself.
Isn’t it funny, already in ’14 Adamus talked about, we are going from the number 33 (the Christ consciousness) to 44 (the Master) And now we are having 4-4-4. It really IS time!
He talked about the purpose of a virus and predicted that several would come, to clear out some of the old stuff. Among other things, the economic balance (unbalance!) between those who has a lot and those who has almost nothing. What is exactly what is going on right now, with almost everything being closed down. If it will bring a new balance, is yet to be seen. If not, we will surely see another wave of the corona virus.
The change in weather patterns was also one of the subjects. We are seeing that now. And the all the consequences.
In the update, he continues with some of the same issues: Love. Earth is the planet of love. And the important part, you have to love yourself. Freedom. Freedom is the I Am. Very different from the usual understanding of the word. That is mostly freedom from something. The intensity is increasing, and people can feel that. In their bodies, and in their mind. It gets tougher. The finances. He said there would be economic battles between countries at that time. I don’t remember if there were. But the economy is surely affected right now.
Energy is serving you. He said that in the update! Now we have come to it’s all our own energy. But it’s still the question of trusting it.
There is so much more to say about ProGnost 2014 & Update, so much that is so relevant (also) right now. So, why don’t you just buy it and take a look at it yourself? I loved it!
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 4/3/2020)
It is Happening Now!!
- Prognost 2014, along with it’s Update, is the sweet sweet hug I’ve been needing in this time of social isolation.

Many things Adamus speaks of in 2014 are predictive of and relevant to what’s happening today. And he gives us invaluable tools, gifts for today.

In addition to talking about a virus that would spread quickly across the planet, he talks about the shift from the number 33, referring to Christ Consciousness, to the 44 of the Master. This is so “right now” with the 4.4 channel in two days! Further in the channel Adamus speaks about the 4th element being clarity, “shiny clarity”. This is the gift of the dragon that Adamus has spoken about in the Convergence we’re experiencing………..the convergence we’re right in the middle of!!

In Session 2 (p. 86 of the transcript), Adamus says: “Now, 44 is kind of sacred in my book, because you’ve got the element of four – the integration of the clear, the integration of the I Am – and now, when you walk it as a Master, you embody it and you live it, it becomes the

four-four. See, if you’re not really living it, you’re not experiencing it, it’s just four. Once the Master embraces and then walks with it, now you have a four-four. Just a little trivia.”

How predictive is this of the channel on Saturday, 4.4? This is also the day registration opens for Keahak X. Intense enough?

Adamus recently said that Tobias’s Journey of the Angels was a sleeper, waiting for the present time. Prognost 2014 feels the same. Adamus gives us insights and awareness and tools for this present experience of stepping into our sovereignty in the midst of many shifts & transitions.

In Session I, Adamus talks about Convergence, the time of coming to completion, as Geoff & Linda recently did. Adamus notes the convergence of eras: Atlantean, mental, and astrological.

He talks about the struggle between Freedom & Power and the manifestations of these convergences including financial/economic, Earth/weather, fuel/energy, civil unrest, a virus that will effect the whole planet for a needed clearing, re-balancing, re-alignment/reordering. And he also notes the increase of mental issues including anxiety, depression, suicide, and confusion. He’s talked again about all of these in recent shouds.

Also in Session 1 are the reminders of 2 simple yet profound tools that are especially relevant to all the transitions we’re currently experiencing. “You already know that you know” and “Add Consciousness to the Equation.” The simplicity and profundity of adding consciousness to the seductive fears and unconscious spinning of the effects of the virus sweeping the planet is priceless, the essence of staying balanced.

In Session 2, Adamus talks of Elohin, Lord of Light, the reminder we buried around our time with Yeshua. In the merabh at the end of that 2ndsession, “The Four Minutes of Allowing”, Adamus invites us to, “Allow yourself to receive this amazing Lord of Light that you are.” This is so beautifully relevant as we make our integration of human essence into our Light Body!

In the 3rd session, Compassion, Adamus reminds us that we have a “tendency to focus on one level - a very mental level – while many other things are going on.” He talks about being in service, old and new earths, and about tough love of Self. He gives us the “C” word tool list, some of which he gave again recently in a shoud: consciousness, choice, command, character, certainty/courage/clarity, community, and compassion – for Self.

“When you see things getting difficult and challenging….stop and take a deep breath. “C” - double “C” - compassion & consciousness.”

In the 1st Session of the Update, there are several things Adamus talks about that are especially relevant to today. He mentions having a 30 day supply of food and water (and Linda prophetically adds toilet paper!), not because we need to “do” something, but so our human won’t be distracted with worrying about having basic needs supplied! He speaks about time being released which is most relevant to the Order of the Arc leaving. Our purpose in coming to Earth was to get time moving again, and we have accomplished that just recently!

He notes the biggest separation of consciousness in the history of the planet (those who are ready to move on to New Earth and those who choose to stay in the density and duality of Old Earth), and reminds us that it’s a time when we’ll do what we did in the Temple of Tien…..shift our consciousness a half dimension so no one can mess with you.

Session 2 is about our passion for our Freedom, again relevant to the disbanding of the Order of the Arc. We’re now free in a way we haven’t experienced since being in the void after our Wall of Fire experience! After we’ve exhausted all alternatives, our last and final choice is to trust ourselves, final integration, a gift. With the leaving of our angelic families, we’re now ready!!

The quote that resonated deeply for me is, “It is very easy to begin existing in another consciousness, literally in another dimension, while still here, very very easy.” This is where we are now, and Adamus says it’s easy!

Adamus talks about our desire for Freedom drawing tremendous Energy to Earth, causing disruption in old systems, as it should. This is reflected in the virus and the imbalance of the economy today. He also mentions potential problems with distribution of goods; a current reality.

He speaks specifically that the virus is a method to clear that which is stuck, and reminds us that viruses just don’t die, which scientists are now seeing as the virus mutates. Adamus also mentioned in the recent channel about the new corona virus that it would appear to “die” but then would return again and again.

He mentions civil unrest again and “mental” being the biggest problem since Atlantis. The mind is the overriding theme of the economy, environment, virus, and it’s falling apart.

Allowing, he says, is the trap door out of the mind, but the mind is programmed by mass consciousness to stay in the mind and doesn’t know how to allow. It cannot take into account the reality around it. The mind cannot fathom being Free, and the mind cannot imagine true Freedom.

And in the final merabh of forgiveness, so very relevant to today, “This is a time for giving, for giving to you, giving yourself freedom….going beyond the mind and into your true Self….Going beyond the ancestral body into your light body.” He also speaks here of the unforgiving forgiveness, the work of the dragon who entered in 2019!

Adamus closes the last session with a sweet reminder for today as well: “And remember, my dear friend, remember everything that is happening to you right now, no matter what, is serving you….serving your enlightenment.”

Here we are….Stepping into the Master number 44 and Freedom, the true passion of our hearts!

As always, heartfelt thanks to everyone for being here now, and wishes for a big group hug!!

Review by Patti / (Posted on 4/2/2020)