Prognost 2016 Update - July 2016

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ProGnost 2016 UPDATE – July 2016
The quantum acceleration of evolution, and why you chose to be here now

• • • ACTUALIZACIÓN De ProGnost 2016 • • • 


The ProGnost 2016 Update is highly recommended by Adamus to help understand what is coming to the planet in the next few decades. It also provides the foundation for the upcoming Shouds in the Transhuman Series.


Text translations currently available include:

Adamus’ message is so important that he begins by inviting you to Angel’s Peak for a look at what’s happening on Planet Earth and, from this compassionate perspective, offers a reminder of why you’re really here at this time.

Adamus first talks about physics, patterns and particles, how these make up your physical reality (including your physical body), how they are constantly changing and what this means for you. He talks about the flow of light and consciousness that’s been coming to Earth, especially since the Quantum Leap in 2007. This flow is bringing drastic change to the planet, including changes in technology, the human body and overall evolution, which has heretofore been a very slow process. He also says that, just as we are releasing the ancestral basis of our biology, the time has come to also release nature and our connections to Gaia.

Adamus clearly states, “Technology is going to change everything on this planet. Everything.” The question then becomes, what will humans choose to do with the technology and all their extra time? All humans are moving inevitably toward profound alterations. The question is whether they will do it through power or through consciousness, and what will be the results of this choice?

Whether you enjoy technology or not, this special ProGnost session will open your eyes about the biggest shift happening on the planet right now: The rapid evolution of the body and mind. Some will do it with technology, while a few others will do it with light and consciousness. But one way or the other, the evolutionary leap is underway.



Length: Session 1 (1:03:56) and Session 2 (58:37)

Format: Streaming audio & video, text e-reader

Availability: 90 days from time of registration

Translations: When text translations become available, they will be listed at the top of this page. Because these are done on a gratis basis, we do not know when they will be available. No refunds or extensions will be granted due to translation availability.

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