ProGnost - January 2017 - Bridge to Theos

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•  Technology, politics and artificial intelligence
•  Earth, our beloved – and hungry – planet of Love
•  Old Earth, New Earth, and why they won’t unite
•  Where is the love?
•  The beauty and sensuality of Theos is just for you
•  A Dream Bridge to the place of deepest love

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ProGnost™ 2017
Bridge to Theos

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Adamus discusses what we love about our dear Earth, the “hungry planet,” as well as the challenges humanity is currently facing. These include diseases, power and control issues, financial problems and especially the tight focus on the mind which is resulting in mental imbalances and heavy use of psychotropic medications. He then announces that the Old Earth and New Earth will not merge, due to humanity’s choice for artificial intelligence rather than new, clean energy. However, there is a place on New Earth called Theos, a magical place that exists beyond the emotional and psychic gravity of Earth, where we can truly experience deep love and sensuality. We are building a bridge to this incredible reality, a plane of existence that has already been perceived by some as Planet X or Nibiru.

Saying it is time to move from our “I am nots” into “I Am that I Am,” Adamus opens with brief review of the previous ProGnost messages, and provides his perspective on the recent elections (won by Donald Trump). There are tremendous changes happening at every level, brought about by the convergence of consciousness with physical reality.

This is a ProGnost experience unlike any that have come before. While Adamus does indeed talk about planetary trends and developments, this time the changes and implications are much more personal.

Session 1 (1:28:16)
Earth is an amazing planet with tremendous beauty and also tremendous challenges. As Adamus says, it’s a “hungry planet” – everything has to eat or get energy in some way. Earth is also the Planet of Love, for Spirit did not know love until it was experienced here in physical form. As beautiful as Old Earth is, one of the dearest dreams Shaumbra have carried from the times of Atlantis is the union of the New Earth with this old one. However, Adamus says they will not merge due to choices made by humanity, and this news may bring up some deep feelings and questions. 

Session 2 (1:11:31)
It’s important to understand why the Old and New Earths will not unite. Adamus says there are four main reasons, including the tight mental focus and resulting stuck energies; power games playing out in countless ways; humanity’s pursuit of artificial intelligence rather than clean energy; and gravity, an effect of time and space moving through reality and that holds things together. These dynamics do not apply to New Earth. Rather, it is a place of deep sensuality where gravity works for you, and the true love you’ve been longing for can finally be experienced. Theos, a beautiful realm within New Earth, is where you can experience all the things you love about Earth without the limitations. 

Session 3 (1:43:44)
Shaumbra have a deep love for Earth. Having helped create it originally, we now feel quite invested in its beauty and success. However, staying on Earth for embodied mastery can be very challenging, so we have created the New Earth as well. Adamus mentions that even scientists are perceiving the gravitational effects of New Earth, also known as Planet X, Planet 9 and Nibiru. Theos is a special area of New Earth that exists without gravity, hunger or limitations, and is available “on demand” for those who know the way. Adamus guides a beautiful merabh of building a “Dream Bridge” between Old Earth and Theos, and then answers questions from the audience.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Cost: $100

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, January 2017

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ProGnost 2017 Attendee Comments:

“Homeward last.”

“Finally, we have the way.”

“Oh, wow! Thanks to all of you for that amazing, beyond-words event.”

“Yesterday a bit of overwhelm. Consciously decided to *perceive* my dream time there last night. This morning remembrance with deep gratitude, tears, joy and the desire to shout....Hell Yes! and Hallelujah!.... integration has already begun.”

"Monumental indeed! Many thank yous to CC and to our beloved professor. I am very excited about our new stage(s), our safe, wondrous, and gravity-flexible space to play and create. Yiiippppyyyyyy!!!!!”

“I am overjoyed to be able to experience THEOS on New Earth, I want to feel what LOVE is!”

"Wow!! Great news!!! Exiting news!!! Thanks dearest Linda, Geoffrey and gorgeous Adamus Saint-Germain!!! Love for everyone from me.”

“Thank you so much Dear Linda, Dear Geoff and Dear Adamus for this Prognost!!! Another bridge in my life... :-) My heart is fulfilled tonight! Gratitude for all of us...”

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5 stars
A profound experience. Useful. Beautiful. Loved it. Thank you.
Review by A. / (Posted on 3/1/2020)
Great show!
Review by Chris / (Posted on 2/22/2017)
An amazing message !
The message, that the Old and New Earth will not come together made me really sad. Then I felt relief. I don't have to care for this planet any more. "All is well in all of creation". An amazing message ! It brings hope and a good perspective for Shaumbra.
Review by Anna / (Posted on 1/26/2017)
Simply Incredible!
This explains my love/hate, happy/sad relationship with being on earth, as well as early childhood dreams. Explanations! Definitely profound in a way that sneaks up on you. I loved Adamus' take on Gravity. Its a relief to know there is a way through managing more than one level of energy (old/new Earth) finally feels like I'm home no matter where I am. I definitely recommend this one!
Review by Jaci / (Posted on 1/24/2017)
Profound information.
Words don't to it justice.
What an experience for me.
Review by Cynthia / (Posted on 1/16/2017)