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ProGnost™ 2017
Bridge to Theos

Adamus Saint-Germain
with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

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New Information

This is a ProGnost experience unlike any that have come before. While Adamus does indeed talk about planetary trends and developments, this time the changes and implications are much more personal.

One of the dearest dreams Shaumbra have carried from the times of Atlantis is the union of the Old and New Earths. However, because of recent choices made by the general consciousness of humanity, Adamus announces that the Old Earth and New Earth will not come together in the near or even long-term future. He explains that the real turning point in the decision came when humanity chose to pursue the development of artificial intelligence (see ProGnost 2016 and ProGnost 2016 UPDATE) rather than clean and abundant energy solutions for the planet. He adds that one of the simplest and most obvious energy solutions is gravity.

This change, Adamus notes, makes way for a potential called Theos. The name “Theos” is derived from Adamus’ acronym for what he calls Spirit: The Eternal One, or THEO. Theos is a portion of New Earth that is now available to Shaumbra, and can be accessed by what Adamus calls a Dream-Bridge. Then, when the attributes and capabilities of Theos become familiar and embodied, you can use the Dream-Bridge to affect your human life here on Old Earth. Rather than having to choose between the two, Theos opens the potential of living in the AND, being in the physical body on Old Earth AND living in Theos simultaneously.

Adamus talks at length about Planet 9, also referred to as Planet X and Nibiru. He says that scientists now acknowledge the existence of this planet but have not yet seen it. He says that the scientific community knows something is there because of the gravitation motion of other matter in the region, but says that the gravity is actually not caused by physical matter. Instead, the motion is caused by the gravity of New Earth and Theos. He notes that while gravity is generally regarded as the result of matter moving through TimeSpace, it is also caused when TimeSpace moves through non-matter like thought, emotion, passion and beliefs.

True Love
Adamus also talks at length about the physics of Old Earth and New Earth, the recent election results, free energy, the many forms of gravity and much more. He notes that many Shaumbra came into this last life with hopes for experiencing deep love, but that it has been difficult because of the heaviness of mass consciousness. In Theos, he adds, true love can be experienced in a very sensual way.

Then he brings everything together in a deeply touching merabh, followed by a highly informative Q&A session. On many levels, this amazing presentation is a game-changer.

Make it Real...
NOTE: Adamus makes it very clear that this presentation is about the energetic transmission based on those participating in it, rather than simply a disclosure of information. He says that in order to “get the energy” one has to actually participate.

“Those of you who are watching, I’m going to take you through a wonderful day, a sequence. The first session, the set up and the reveal; second session, the physics, the dynamics behind it; third session, how it applies to you personally. What you can do, what you shouldn’t do, and then questions and answers.

“There is going to be a lot of discussion online debating, arguing certain hypothesis, conjectures about what this all means, and the further it gets away from the core, from the real heart of Shaumbra, the more makyo, the more crap is going to be involved.

 “I tell you this because it’s going to change your world. For some a small degree; for others, a very large degree. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to become imbalanced just because what others are saying, others who haven’t listened to it; not only the words, but the whole energy of it.” 

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ProGnost 2017 Attendee Comments:

“Homeward last.”

“Finally, we have the way.”

“Oh, wow! Thanks to all of you for that amazing, beyond-words event.”

“Yesterday a bit of overwhelm. Consciously decided to *perceive* my dream time there last night. This morning remembrance with deep gratitude, tears, joy and the desire to shout....Hell Yes! and Hallelujah!.... integration has already begun.”

"Monumental indeed! Many thank yous to CC and to our beloved professor. I am very excited about our new stage(s), our safe, wondrous, and gravity-flexible space to play and create. Yiiippppyyyyyy!!!!!”

“I am overjoyed to be able to experience THEOS on New Earth, I want to feel what LOVE is!”

"Wow!! Great news!!! Exiting news!!! Thanks dearest Linda, Geoffrey and gorgeous Adamus Saint-Germain!!! Love for everyone from me.”

“Thank you so much Dear Linda, Dear Geoff and Dear Adamus for this Prognost!!! Another bridge in my life... :-) My heart is fulfilled tonight! Gratitude for all of us...”

Attendee survey results:

  • Adamus Channels: 96% Excellent
  • Recommend to others: 96%
  • Price – a good value or just right: 95%


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Great show!
Review by Chris / (Posted on 2/22/2017)
An amazing message !
The message, that the Old and New Earth will not come together made me really sad. Then I felt relief. I don't have to care for this planet any more. "All is well in all of creation". An amazing message ! It brings hope and a good perspective for Shaumbra.
Review by Anna / (Posted on 1/26/2017)
Simply Incredible!
This explains my love/hate, happy/sad relationship with being on earth, as well as early childhood dreams. Explanations! Definitely profound in a way that sneaks up on you. I loved Adamus' take on Gravity. Its a relief to know there is a way through managing more than one level of energy (old/new Earth) finally feels like I'm home no matter where I am. I definitely recommend this one!
Review by Jaci / (Posted on 1/24/2017)
Profound information.
Words don't to it justice.
What an experience for me.
Review by Cynthia / (Posted on 1/16/2017)