ProGnost™ 2019 - The Dragon Enters

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•  You’ll be in the history books
•  Ancient dragon stories were based on Atlantis
•  It’s about forgetting our origins and losing our name
•  The dragon returns now, will you invite yours?
•  It brings disruption and clarity
•  It demands that you release guilt and shame
•  It is time to live in magic and grace 

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ProGnost™ 2019
The Dragon Enters

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ProGnost, Adamus Saint-Germain’s annual planetary forecast, is always provocative and eye-opening. He usually shares his unique perspective on the rapid proliferation of technology and artificial intelligence, and how this will shape the world in decades to come. However, ProGnost 2019 took a different turn when he said it was time for “the dragon to enter.” A higher level of consciousness on the planet has called in the dragon energy, and this will have a profound effect on the world, human consciousness and, most of all, your own life. After being in the other realms since the times of Atlantis, the dragon of clarity and truth now challenges you to release whatever is still holding you back and accept the forgiveness of the I Am.

According to Adamus, the dragon has not been on Earth since the purification at end days of Atlantis. Now, in what has been prophesied for many ages, the dragon has been called in by a relatively small group of conscious and allowing humans. The dragon brings chaos, clarity and great transformation for those who are ready. This beautiful and ferocious dragon guards the doorway to full Realization, because none shall pass who still hold onto guilt, shame, makyo and unforgiveness. However, the dragon will help you find and release the last things that may be holding you back, eventually emerging as the beautiful butterfly of freedom.

Session 1 (1:09:49)
Adamus says that “The Dragon Enters” is a favorite chapter in his book “The Time of Machines.” He explains the history of the dragon, and that a small group of conscious humans has called it in for the first time since Atlantis. “Dragon” means clarity, truth and magic. Watch now how it affects your life and the world, especially in the early part of 2019. In a deeply touching guided experience, you are invited to accept the dragon as your Pakauwah (animal totem) and experience the freedom and magic it brings.

Session 2 (1:04:42)
What happens now that the dragon is in the world? After input from the audience, Adamus explains that it will bring absolute clarity about the guilt, shame and other issues you’re holding onto, for you cannot bring them into Realization. The dragon has no agenda, it simply brings drastic clarity. Adamus asks an intense and deeply felt question: “Do you understand why you are here right now?” The answer changes everything.

Session 3 (1:02:37)
This time has been prophesied for a very long time, with many different iterations. Pay close attention now as the crystal energy of the dragon comes in. Adamus asks for input from the audience on how the dragon will affect one’s personal life. The biggest, most important issue is letting go of guilt and shame, for they have no place in Realization. Now it is time to receive the forgiveness of the I Am for coming here “with no light and no name” and becoming lost. Adamus says, “Shaumbra, we have a few years, the clock is ticking. Now is the time to welcome the dragon into your life.”

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Cost: $100

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, January 2019

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Let the Dragon in
Prognost 2019 is not your typical, information filled Prognost. It is interactive. There’s a lot interaction with the audience. It is also experiential. According to Adamus dragon comes to every Shaumbra and every human on earth at this time. So humanity is ready for it, isn’t it? What is this dragon? Clarity. Forgiveness. Unforgiving forgiveness. It will bring to the surface all hidden imbalances. This could happen only after there is already enough consciousness. This presence of the dragon will have profound influence on everything around. As it did in my life.

So the dragon enters, what does it mean and what will happen? Those of us that attended CC Threshold events met the dragon face to face, some of us had the opportunity to look the dragon in the eyes. Speaking form experience - resistance is futile. Allow this clarity to clean the house. It’s just going to be so much better, easier. Is humanity really ready for this clarity and forgiveness? Adamus gives simple explanation of what this entering means for humanity. I was always curious how I can forgive something that I’m not aware of. The simplicity of allowing forgiveness beyond the mental.

On a personal note: I was always fascinated by dragons, dragon stories, always wanted to be a dragon rider. They didn’t scare me at all even though in my culture dragons have eaten little girls like me. Ah, and all the stories about princess locked in a tower and protected by a dragon. And only the youngest – most innocent – brother will prevail in saving the princess. Right now I can see that this princess is our innocence. Our true identity.

This is important information. Threshold was a preparation for dragon to enter. Now every Shaumbra that chooses, can experience the energies of Threshold in Prognost 2019.

Iwona Wirkus
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 3/11/2019)
The clarity of what;s next
In my experience with the material I can say that I was curious about the topic, not having the benefit of attending the Threshold, it seemed to be more than a surprise to seeing it in the title for this year ProGnost.
At the time of the online presentation I felt like a bit of pressure that started to get balanced after the first segment, considering that the subject is about both, about the world and about us – Shaumbra. For me it is really a joyful event and a good place for being aware of what’s next. After the first session, that contains interesting information and remainders about our path and a very interesting merabh, the second one gets into discussion about how it will affect the world, and that brings a sense of how to not be affected or confused when you encounter such situation. In the third session it’s more about us, Shaumbra, also starting with a discussion, and getting to the main and core things that we are facing (and we will do for some next months), and that is a very insightful. For me it was interesting to observe, to contemplate, and have experiences after some period of time. Right after the first watch of the material I had to ask myself if there is something that Adamus brought before, as a type of preparation? And the answer was... indeed: The Master’s Pause – I Am Sleeping and I Am Safe.
So, in short, feeling into the fact that we have been preparing for this time, we have chosen this time to be in, brought me more confidence and trust for this time of the Dragon entering the Earth. The clarity that is in this material, mostly for the persons not participating in Threshold workshops, I would say it brings at least the amount of information to be very informed about what is going on inside and in the outside world. My experiences after watching the material were in the range of days with clarity, and in some days something that can be perceived as magic, and some days like with some chaos... while clearing things that are coming to the surface, but I consider that experience better than having hidden things... and not knowing what is holding me back. Well, that is from my recent experiences that I observed, and most were in a balanced way, sometimes with the dragon almost bringing a knowingness that is something coming up, sometimes that is just time for a simple letting go of things that I was not so aware of.
I always hold a special place for thanks for our friends that bring such beautiful gifts for us in terms of CC materials, and ProGnost: - Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC Staff. It means a lot of work and effort for a good material and I always like to give special thanks for everyone that is involved.
And I highly recommend thins material for it’s clarity for the times for changes that we go trough.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 2/26/2019)
The Dragon Enters
Adamus hit on some really good points. We can’t hide from our shadow or take our baggage with us where we are going. This class will introduce you to the dragon within. The dragon symbolizes our consciousness. It reveals the survival strategies that limit us and helps release them.

If you are not ready to let go of these strategies, then you should not consider this Cloud Class because it will shake so much stuff loose that it will tear you apart in the process.

As I moved forward after ProGnost, I noticed my bullshit meter was highly activated. I was able to see the hidden motivations that were driving myself and others. This stirred up a wide range of emotions including aggravation and disappointment. Ironically, this eventually led to a more compassionate outlook on life. The more I breath into allowing, the more I can just allow what is to be as it is and allow the dragon to do its job inside me. Allowing is what lets things change.

Joe Davinroy
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by J.D. / (Posted on 2/1/2019)
A Must have experience!!
Prognost 2019 has already been reviewed brilliantly and clearly by many of you. And as someone simply stated today, Prognost is a Must for all of us!! Realizing not only who the dragon is but also that OUR consciousness has allowed its coming to Earth now, is life changing!

This review of Prognost 2019 has been the hardest for me to write, and the slowest to be written! Today I feel I’ve realized why. There’s really nothing I can add to the already posted reviews and comments, and I knew I was having difficulty finding words to describe my experience. I’ve realized that it’s because it’s deeply personal. But you’re family, this is now a closed group, and I Am safe!

Some weeks, maybe 3-5, before Prognost, I was journaling one morning, and a name came very clearly to me…..Shuanna. I wrote it down because I thought I’d forget it, but I didn’t. On my morning walks when I call to my Soul, Sophia; my pawkawah from years ago, Anakan; Yeshua, Kuthumi, (and knowing Adamus is with us every step of the way) to join me, I also immediately began inviting Shuanna. I felt clearly that this name was to be intoned or sung. I wondered a couple times who it was… oversoul’s name, perhaps? But it didn’t seem to matter who…...just now a part of the family of I Am. Walking and communing and experiencing with us every day.

So as I was listening to Prognost and Adamus talking about our dragons, I had the big slap on the forehead! OMG, Shuanna is my dragon!!

The most exhilarating aspect of that was the joy I began feeling in knowing that I had allowed its presence in my life every day, for weeks, with essentially no mind chatter!! Wow, the mind chatter has diminished to nearly nothing!! Oh, Happy Day!!

And as I continued to listen and integrate the wisdom that was coming, I knew I’d moved to a beautifully and exquisitely different dimension of allowing. I’d been walking with and communing with my dragon for weeks, so it was so crystal clear, there was nothing I had to do to allow this into my life!! Oh, sweet joy, no longer a do-er!!

Then one day after Prognost, I was walking and came suddenly to a dead stop, realizing that Adamus had told us the dragon is a compilation of all the senses, so all of a sudden I was aware that now I was allowing a New and expanded freedom to fly with my dragon to all the 200,000+ senses Adamus started talking about several years ago. When my mind finally wearied of trying to figure out how I am going to get to all those senses, in steps my dragon to offer me a free ride!!

And the last piece of the experience is the love, compassion, acceptance (forgiveness) I’ve been feeling and experiencing. In the 3rd session, Adamus talks about the guilt and shame we’ve all allowed in our lives. This showed up for me as still trying to perfect the human aspect, which originates in feeling shame for being human. The feeling of being loved even when my human judges itself as being impatient or sharp is difficult to describe. It’s a sense of knowing that I Am is constantly reminding me that my impatience and my sharpness is loved….unconditionally. It’s simply human….not good or bad. There is no need and actually no way that the dear human can perfect the human aspect…’s already loved! As is! Simply allow~~

The dragon is Light & Clarity. And rather than shying away from either, the love from Soul/I Am inspires an indescribable feeling of safety that’s perhaps analogous to a dog who’s been making a mess, and his person catches him and says, “who did this?”, and the dog rolls over on his back, stomach exposed, and tail wagging… fear, just allowing the experience!

Heartfelt thanks & love to you, Geoff & Linda for bringing this through to us, to all the CC staff for making it technically and aesthetically real, and as always to all of Shaumbra for BEing here Now, and allowing!

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by Patti / (Posted on 1/27/2019)
Deeply personal
ProGnost has evolved over the years from an event that featured several presenters to what it is now, a deeply personal experience for those choosing their embodied realization in this lifetime. I wasn’t drawn to the first years of ProGnost, but it began to capture my interest when the material became more focused for Shaumbra.

Adamus Saint-Germain explains that the other ProGnosts have been about the outside world, but this was to be different as it was to be about what this group called Shaumbra is doing. This experience was very personal and was a departure from the previous events.

That it included so many elements of a Crimson Circle workshop called The Threshold was unexpected. It is an indication that what is created in smaller groups is now ready for all of Shaumbra. Threshold is intensely personal, and in this ProGnost is the invitation to experience the encounter with the Dragon, which is one of the key elements of Threshold. The symbolism of the Dragon and the effect its arrival to the planet will have on humanity is explained.

Since experiencing ProGnost 2019, I’ve had some days with big “bumps” in them. I’ve encountered what I need to revisit. It’s nothing that I haven’t known before, but the dragon - clarity itself - is making it nearly impossible to ignore, try that I might.

This event is another indication that Adamus is bringing forth what is appropriate for those serious about their realization. ProGnost 2019 is not for those still seeking and searching or for those dabbling in “spiritual” or New Age material. But I feel it’s some of the best material yet for those choosing embodied realization.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 1/25/2019)
Fierce Beauty
This is a landmark ProGnost marking a tipping point for the planet, and particularly for Shaumbra. It is also a firm reminder that we cannot take our baggage with us into realization. The Dragon waits at the threshold of our enlightenment and will do whatever is necessary to free us from our limitations before allowing us to pass.

Those who have participated in Threshold events know how potent this gift of consciousness is. For those who are new to this concept, ProGnost-The Dragon Enters offers vital information about the beauty and ferocity of this liberating presence. This is a no-nonsense message. Having taken Threshold almost 4 years ago, I can vouch for the merciless mercy the Dragon brings. It found what I had hidden, even from myself.

The experience of release can be brutal, but allowing our liberation in this lifetime is what many of us have chosen to do. As a result, there is now enough consciousness on the planet that the Dragon energy is available to all. It will become a potent catalyst for change in the months ahead. If you choose to view this material, you will feel the Dragon stir within you.

I highly recommend this workshop and consider it essential viewing for all allowing their embodied realization.

Donna Van Keuren
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by DVK / (Posted on 1/20/2019)
The Mother of all ProGnosts!
From the opening tones of “This Majestic Land” by Michael Hoppe, Crimson Circle’s theme music, I knew this ProGnost 2019 would be different… Feeling frissons of knowingness, this event is both personal and profound. Rather than being about robots and bitcoin, it is about Shaumbra. It’s all about us!

Adamus states one of the purposes of this ProGnost is to open our eyes to who we really are. “Why DID we choose to be here at the time?” For me this is so affirming. He reminds us that what we are doing right now is creating the template for awakening humans and we will be written about in the future for the “work” we have done here. (Try putting that on your resume!)

Like many of you, I was born “turned on”. I have always known I was here for a reason. I was passionate about waking up the planet and part of the cadre of Light Warriors. I was there for the Harmonic Convergence in ’87 and other drum beating events that tried to get enough of us meditating at one time . My bible was the “Aquarian Conspiracy.”. Finding the Crimson Circle 16 years ago shifted me and I’ve retired that sword , focusing more on changing myself than changing the world. A quiet last life time… Retire into the third circle with my dogs!

In ProGnost ‘19, Adamus woke that passion in me again! Now IS the time and we ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for! (Drumroll!) By the end of March, enough of us will have reached that “100th Monkey” milestone of consciousness and light that change is here. But rather than monkeys, the “dragon” will return. And Shaumbra have helped bring it out of the cave again.

What is this dragon? It’s a metaphor for clarity, truth, wisdom, magic and sometimes chaos when our light returns. In ProGnost ’19, Adamus shares the myths and lore of the dragon since the times of Atlantis and King Arthur. It only returns when the light of consciousness is present in enough people, under a million which is now. In Part Two he shares how the dragon will affect the planet and Part Three how it will affect us. “What will the dragon be to you” Adamus challenges us?

I was first introduced to this dragon at the very intense Threshold event Adamus introduced five years ago. Adamus stated this was why he was here. For Threshold. The dragon stands at the threshold of enlightenment and will not allow you to enter realization with any guilt, shame or unhealed stories. It will bring up anything unbalanced. And now the energies of that dragon are here to serve all Shaumbra! It has been prophesied as the second coming but it is not your grandma’s Jesus who will save you. Enter the Dragon.

Having looked the dragon in the eye, I can personally attest that your life will change! The dragon will breath fire into any nooks and crannies and bring up any crap that needs forgiveness. You don’t need anyone else other than maybe Adamus to help point it out! The unforgiving forgiveness comes from your I AM and not the human. As a veteran Thresholder , I can attest that this isn’t an overnight process and is deeply personal so be prepared… ( I have called Threshold the “Roto Rooter” of the soul and still recommend the 4 day experience to dive really deep into the forgiveness.)

I am deeply moved and honoured to be here to truly witness this time of the dragon both in myself and the planet ! This IS why I am here. This is why YOU are here. This is why Crimson Circle is here. And I am grateful WE exist! Deep breath.

Welcome the dragon. “It will bring clarity, it will bring magic and it will give you back your name.”
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 1/17/2019)
Now, all of a sudden Adamus really wants “to kick ass” with this ProGnost: He let`s the dragon out to all of Shaumbra … You don`t even need to take The Threshold to meet your dragon there. Although I will recommend that you do so.
ADAMUS did it again! What?? He surprised us! No, he shocked me!
All previous ProGnost sessions have been taking a view on circumstances in the world / on Earth in general.
This ProGnost is about you and me personally; very personally, indeed.
Those of us who have participated in The Threshold know what it means with the entrance of The Dragon. Now, all of a sudden Adamus really wants “to kick ass” with this ProGnost: He let`s the dragon out to all of Shaumbra … You don`t even need to take The Threshold to meet your dragon there. Although I will recommend that you do so.
When the dragon comes in it brings clarity; no place to hide; everything comes into the light to be acknowledged, accepted and integrated! Everything! And, this means in YOU personally, in institutions, in society and at national levels; in short, all over the world. Of course, for you personally it is only necessary if you want embodied realization in this lifetime, and is this not what you go for as Shaumbra?
I listened to The Dragon Enters live. My dream showed me a tiny aspect of mine: I stayed at a hotel of a kind; somehow, I had paid for bottle deposit, too … so to get my money back I gathered my bottles to deliver them back again. But I found more bottles and thought I would bring them, too (to get more money, of course). But bringing them over, I found it wrong to receive money for something that was not mine, so I told that only half of the bottles were mine … So, perhaps my dragon came in.
I will not tell more about the contents. Let yourself get surprised and shocked, like I did.
I can once again recommend Adamus` creation.
IAMAI, member of The CC Review Team.
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 1/13/2019)
Get ready for the Dragon: clarity, truth and magic
Adamus always surprises! I expected ProGnost to be about what is going on in the world right now. He talked a little about that, but mostly about what would happen to us, Shaumbra, and others on their path to realization. The Dragon enters!
If you have taken Threshold, you know that the dragon is waiting at the threshold to realization, to keep you from entering before you have released all of your crap. If you brought that with you into realization, it would destroy you.
The dragon has been in the other realms but is now entering because of consciousness on the Earth. There is enough consciousness now. Adamus said about 1 million people, but it’s not just the number more the quality. So, what will that mean?
Adamus explained the word “dragon” means clarity and truth. And magic. When you meet him/her it will bring clarity to every little dark spot in your life. Everything that is unloved. This is not about being perfect, make amends for “sins” or anything like that. It is recognizing all of your darkest feelings, your shame and guilt on the deepest levels and receive forgiveness from your I Am. The human can’t forgive him/herself. That would only be superficial. It has to come from the I Am.
The I Am looks at everything as experiences; judges nothing. Everything has added to the wisdom and fulness of the I Am. But do we accept that? Or do we doubt ourselves? Am I really worthy?
In autumn, I had a long period, where I was so angry. Anything could trigger it. It was incidents from my whole life that suddenly popped up, demanding my attention. It was tough, I took a lot of long walks by myself and breathed with it. At some point, I discovered that the anger had (mostly) disappeared. Instead different situations came up, where I had done something “wrong” to others. My first reaction was to excuse myself (to myself – it was also because …), then halfway push it back and finally breathe with it, embrace it.
We will all have our own encounters with the dragon. How tough it will be – well, I guess you know, how much do you resist or allow?
The rest of the people on Earth has not asked for the dragon, but it is here and will affect them as well. The light from the dragon will lit up potentials for humans, and those going through their awakening may end in the second or third wave of beings going towards realization, as Adamus has talked about.
The dragon will put light on all unbalances on Earth. In politics, finances, businesses, environment, the feminine / masculine balance etc. It will enhance mental unbalance and body issues in the individual. Our culture is so much in the mental, so that will be one of the first places it shows up.
With the whole technological evolution going on, it is so important that consciousness is present. And that’s why we have chosen THIS lifetime to be the one of embodied realization.
As always, the graphic is amazing, both the intros and the backdrop at the studio.
I highly recommend ProGnost 2019, The Dragon Enters
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 1/13/2019)
Our last steps into Realization and yes, what a great self-investment!
I felt somehow and also read it in the book "Memoirs of the Master" that the Dragon is a metaphor for clarity. And I always looked forward to the day when I would participate in "The Threshold". And because it is now the time where the Dragon enters Adamus introduced us to the Dragon and still will be doing so in the times to come wich is very beautiful because he said that we do not need to participate in "The Threshold" but we can if we choose to dive deep into that topic. I am sure that as he has mentioned before that everything he talks about in the Workshops will be uncovered and talked about in the Shouds as well. So, indeed I am very grateful for this ProGnost as well as for those who set the stage so to speak and participated in The Threshold to make it now possible that the Dragon enters for Shaumbra now and at the end of March/the beginning of April for humanity although for them it has a much different impact on them as it has for Shaumbra. Anyway, we do know that: "All is well in all of Creation".
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 1/13/2019)