ProGnost 2017 Update - Six Ways the World is Changing

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•  When you’re not in drama, all is well
•  Technology changes are the result of consciousness
•  Karma is manmade, and 6 billion people working on it
•  Tech is affecting masculine & feminine, mind & body
•  Upheaval in God consciousness brings chaos
•  It’s all about freedom
•  Repercussions of AI and VR in this Time of Machines

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ProGnost™ 2017 UPDATE
Six ways the world is changing

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Adamus discusses the rapid development of things like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and states that these are the result of consciousness rapidly blossoming on Earth. In this Time of Machines that he foresaw centuries ago, technology is simply the accelerant. Among things being affected are karma, the mind and body, humanity’s concepts and beliefs about God, and even duality itself. When humanity is ready, free energy will finally be understood, which will change everything on the planet. However, there are many who are choosing to remain in the old ways, which is why New Earth and Old Earth will not meld.

Earth is a place of growth, learning, experience and wisdom. Though it may seem chaotic, Shaumbra are here on the planet, first to allow their own Realization, but also to illuminate and bring consciousness to new potentials for humanity. Earth will never go out of existence; it will remain a stage where Masters come to play.

Adamus lists six areas that are most profoundly affected by the changes taking place:

  1. Karma – Evolution is happening in years instead of lifetimes. Because the human spirit is not used to this accelerated change, it is causing mental and physical overload.
  2. Masculine/Feminine – Technology is allowing the imbalance of this original duality to be exposed, causing adjustments in every sector. This high-speed change brings conflict and discomfort, as well as integration within individuals.
  3. The Mind & Body – Technology is causing significant changes in the mind and body. The mind will either find its place in the Body of Consciousness or melt down, while the body is swiftly evolving from its ancient template, to the point of potential incarnation into a manufactured body.
  4. Energy – A relatively new phenomenon, the issue of energy is also rapidly changing. With free energy abundantly available, it may still be a while before humanity is truly ready for it.
  5. God – The current concept of God is only about 6,000 years old. Evolving from nothing to a ‘god-for-everything” to one God, and now to the God within, this change in God consciousness is causing a fundamental upheaval.
  6. Freedom – Internal freedom is what humans want more than anything else. Freedom to be sensual, to go beyond Focus, to go beyond the body and mind. Freedom is rapidly changing due to technology.

Adamus tells about his involuntary time-traveling experience in the late 1700s that led him to see the present-day Time of Machines and humanity’s obsession with “looking glasses” (mobile devices). He says that humans have the potential to become lost in their virtual worlds, losing touch with who they are and where they’re from, but work is being done to help them. While the potentials for hypnosis and mind control have become much greater, those who are aware of the multiple realities of existence and the “I Exist” will never succumb to such manipulation.

“Please remember, you didn’t come here to Earth at this time to save the planet. You came here simply to have your Realization. You came here to bring a potential of consciousness to the planet for those that may want it and not worry about those who don’t.” – Adamus

Session 1 (1:12:47)
Technology is changing every facet of life while humanity is facing issues around karma, masculine-feminine, mind & body, energy, God, and freedom. Adamus also announces that Old and New Earths will not meld.

Session 2 (1:02:05)
Artificial intelligence is growing and will try to mimic the mind and emotions. In this Time of Machines and growing virtual reality, your presence is more important than ever.

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Adamus Saint-Germain 

Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, July 2017

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Time is coming when the Sci-fi become reality
In this forecast, Adamus gave us some insights about what will happen here on this planet Earth in the near future. I really was excited of this Prognost because I like sci-fi movie so much. I remembered why I had chosen this time for this last lifetime and to be in the Earth as an embodied Human. I’m fascinated by technology inventions and I feel such a passion to work with or talk about them. So, yes this is that lifetime when all these interesting changes are happening! Wow. Yes. I can imagine how human life will change because such technology caused changes. Those 6 topics which would be most affected by technology changes (Karma, Masculine / Feminine imbalance, Mind and body, Energy, God, and Freedom) pointed by Adamus were really interesting and unequivocal things. Adamus explained every point in details how or why would be affected by technology changes.

I’m waiting that time what Adamus predicted when robots are helping to our life become easier (e.g. house cleaning robots). Adamus’s story was astonishing about his last lifetime when he time traveled back and forth (past and future) through a tunnel. He visited those times when remarkable technical inventions became into realization. I could say that the predicted future was even shocking about the virtual reality and how humans could become trapped in that reality and even forgot that reality where their physical body was existing. After this Prognost I’m understanding even more why we are going through this process of embodied enlighten and open up our angelic senses. Now we are just getting used to experience to sense and to be in the multiple reality and to live in the AND state so, virtual reality isn’t’ be able to catch us into it. Virtual reality becomes only one of the possible realities.

So, be brave to look into the telescope or looking glass of Adamus which show you the future possibilities of this Planet Earth.
Review by Timea / (Posted on 9/24/2017)
Why are you here now?
The thing that struck me most about the ProGnost 2017 Update was Adamus’ discussion about why we are here right now. Obviously the first reason is to have our realization and completion, but many of us could have done that lifetimes ago. Why did we delay? Why did we choose to do it just now? And of more relevance to me, why am I staying around, doing it in this tired body on this crazy planet, when I know that I could go off to the New Earth and the Ascended Master’s Club any time I want to? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself quite a lot lately, and while my stock answer that I want to have the full experience is true, it sometimes rings a bit hollow when I’m going through the messy human experiences of transformation.

In this update Adamus recaps the technologies that are being developed right now and the earth-changing potentials they bring, and he tells the fascinating story of his vision into our times during his lifetime as Saint Germain. Then he discusses why we are here now, and gives the clearest answer yet.

In the coming years Artificial Intelligence will learn how to recreate itself, and it will try desperately to create consciousness, which it cannot. At the same time masses of people will be giving over their minds to virtual realities that are entirely mental and mostly masculine and have little or no place for consciousness. This can turn a person into a lost shell of a being, and will make them vulnerable to hypnosis and mind control like we have never seen on Earth before. So what does all this have to do with us?

When we bring our full consciousness into our bodies here on Earth, it illuminates the dark places where people have forgotten about their own consciousness. When we evolve our bodies through consciousness, rather than by turning them into machines, we bring an alternate choice to those who want it. And, by bringing more consciousness to the planet, we change the dynamics of how it all moves forward and of what might happen when it comes crashing down. That’s a reason that makes sense even to my human, especially since there’s nothing I need to do except breathe and allow, and let the wings of my ancient dream carry me through.

I found this update to be both fascinating and inspiring, and I highly recommend it!
Review by John / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Great Summary of the Impact of Technology
This presentation was once again well done. It didn’t provide much new information, but the topics were presented in a way that could be easily digested. I found it to be particularly informative about virtual reality. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality seem to be the way of the future. I particularly enjoyed the segment about being sucked into our electronics. So many people are unconscious of how they are using their electronics, and they are using them all the time. It is almost as if the electronics are using them! I enjoyed the ProGnost 2017 update and am looking forward to the next one.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 8/14/2017)
A Helpful and Clarifying Update
I found the January 2017 ProGnost to be quite catalytic. In comparison, this mid-year update solidified my understanding of what is happening globally and what my role is at this time.

Adamus explained some things I was intuitively sensing, particularly about the hypnotic potentials within AI and virtual reality and the beneficial impact of expanded consciousness.

I now more clearly see why I chose to be here during this most significant time on the planet, and how I can maintain a point of perspective that helps me avoid chaotic distractions and remain in grace.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 8/13/2017)
Interesting Times Indeed

How does that old Chinese curse go? “May you live in interesting times?” Yup. That about sums up the ProGnost Update for 2017! Sigh. Indeed the future will be interesting…
I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of ProGnost 2017 back in January and took me a while to catch my breath on that one. However now that the big reveal is over, and I’m over my sulking about the old earth not getting it, I could sit behind the short wall and take this in better without throwing tomatoes at Adamus.
The update for ProGnost is succinct and simple. Really two separate parts with a different energy in each one hour session. The first session is Adamus in his true professor lecture mode just laying out the six major changes that are happening right now due to technology. These are things you may have not thought about but certainly have felt energetically and did know on some level. As Adamus says technology is only the accelerant to these changes because of our consciousness. The technology right now is bringing all the stuff up to the surface! Karma, the imbalance in masculine and feminine energies, our minds and bodies and energy, god and freedom are all covered with some new and interesting insights from the ascended master’s point of view. The first time that I believe Adamus has talked about “space feeders” which I found relevant sitting on a crowded beach the other day! (Why did they have to sit beside us?) I also liked his expression that there was lots of “revolution in evolution” since these changes are causing a lot of friction on the planet right now…
This first session really clarified for me why the old earth and new earth won’t meld now or ever. But I was happy to hear, unlike other channels,the old world is NOT coming to an end and will never go out of existence. The old earth will always be a stage to experience and act out. I’d still like to visit one day!
Part two of the update takes a different tone. Adamus returns to his story teller aspect at his finest! He outlines in much greater detail “The Time of the Machines” and his Merlin like adventure. It felt like an episode of NetFlix’s “Black Mirror” sci-fi series as he takes us through his time travel vortex into the future of technology from a 18th century dude’sperspective. Thoroughly entertaining, I think he needed to do this to get the book launched and Geoff kick started! From the days of “steel horses” to the “looking glass” of cellphones and tablets, he weaves a fascinating story of the history of technology as he tries to understand…
However when we reach the future of virtual reality, his tone takes an ominous note… One of the reasons he wants to get this book out. Not to be in fear but to be aware. As Sovereign beings we will not get lost but many others can and will be. We are here for embodied enlightenment NOT virtual enlightenment. But I think we need to heed the warnings of what is coming truly as AI, Artificial Intelligence and VR, Virtual Reality take over minds, hearts and freedom of many around the world. But choosing to live as a Master of our reality AND multiple realities will always reign supreme. No one can take us over if we live in awareness, our I Am.
I love though that Adamus wraps up this ProGnost update with a reminder of how yes we CHOSE to come back together at this time of realization. That yes again we brought in the light to ground it as a potential for others and radiate that. It is a time of machines AND also the time of consciousness.
Yes indeed the next few decades and centuries will be “interesting times.” Buckle up Shaumbra!

Review by Gritty Angel / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Multilevel update with the ProGnost 2017 - Update
Like a gift of clarity on how is going the world around us, this update comes with insights on the perspectives that we will see like looking from a distance and the reminders of why we are here.
The first session may feel like an intense lecture where you can feel how the technology is accelerating the changes that are here. Then the second session feels more like a time travel listening to the fascinating story `The time of machines` in order to remind us why we have chosen now to be here and brings into awareness the potentials and probabilities that come with the artificial intelligence and virtual reality.
I loved the clarity and the constant reminders that it is not about us and not about fear or drama and that we are not here to save the planet.

Actualizări pe multiple nivele la ProGnost 2017 - Update
Ca un dar al clarității despre ce se petrece în lumea din jurul nostru, această actualizare aduce simțiri profunde legat de perspectivele pe care le vedem cumva de la distanță și reamintiri despre de ce suntem aici.
Prima sesiune se poate simți ca o prezentare intensă în care puteți simți cum tehnologia este cea care accelerează schimbările care sunt aici. Apoi, a doua sesiune se simte ca un fel de călătorie în timp în timp ce asculți povestea fascinantă „Vremea mașinilor” pentru a ne reaminti de ce am ales să fim aici acum și aduce în conștiență potențialele și probabilitățile care vin împreună cu inteligența artificială și realitatea virtuală.
Mi-a plăcut claritatea și remintirea constantă că nu este despre noi și nici despre frică sau dramă și că nu suntem aici ca să salvăm planeta.
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Change is coming - watch it with Compassion - all is well
German translation below.
I write this review because I am part of the product review team. I did not pay for the class.
The ProGnost shouds are a little bit different than the other material from Adamus. They are of special interest to everyone who wonders what the hell is going on on this crazy planet.
This ProGnost session has been of special importance to me – and might be for some of you. I have been a very very optimistic person my whole life. I have always been able to see the light in another person. I am still very optimistic. But, since about a year, I am starting to get a bit rattled. To put it mildly. To be honest: At times I am crushed. Old Earth and New Earth will not meld. WHAT???! Trump and Brexit whittled away on my positive view of things also a bit. A client of mine – someone who was fast on the ascension path – decided to leave the planet. And – ok, my bad – the channelings of the Group of a quite unsettling future for Earth also upset me a tiny bit. What I needed was a little reassurance. And Adamus delivered. The words of the shouds this time were not that important (although I always hunger for a few hints of what is going on). The compassion was.
You can always feel the compassion of Adamus, in all channels. But part one of this ProGnost Update is suffusted to the core with COMPASSION. I could hear and feel with every word: “Yes, I understand, why some of you are rattled. I feel with you. Please don’t look at the surface. Look to the core. ALL IS WELL. It really is. Feel what I transmit right now.“ That is what I felt. I can’t yet put it in words. But I can understand better what is going on. Yes – it can be daunting – seeing and feeling the pain and fear und uncertainy of many people on Earth right now. And what might be going on in your life.
But in the end it’s a good thing. It’s the end of many many illusions. My being rattled – that’s my expecations that are being rattled (and destroyed). Which is a good thing. Expectations are from the mind and actually are worthless. There is nothing to hold onto anymore. Only the moment – and feeling myself in the moment. When I do that I can enjoy the ride – even going downhill fast. What an amazing experience. I realy learn about compassion right now – giving everyone their own choice.
So – for me the most valuable part of this ProGnost Update was the compassion, which he does not talk about much, but which you can feel. The information part was not so important – but nevertheless valuable too. Adamus talked before about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, but in this session (part 2 of the channeling) he let the vision of where the planet is going come to life. It’s more like watching a movie about the current developments and that deepens the understanding.
All in all: Interesting information, but at the core not the information is the important point, but the deepening of understanding (from what he said in ProGnost). There were a few Ahhh! in there for me. My mind did not yet quite catch up. But the important thing is: I can *feel* what is going on. I *know* what to do and deep deep down I (again) *know*: All is well.
If you are rattled – give yourself the gift of listening to this ProGnost Update.

Ich schreibe dies als Mitglied des Produkt-Bewertungs-Teams. Der Kurs war für mich kostenlos.
Die ProGnost Shouds unterscheiden sich ein bisschen von anderem Material von Adamus. Sie sind besonders interessant für alle, die sich fragen, was auf diesem verrückten Planeten los ist.
Dieses ProGnost war für mich besonders wichtig – and könnte es für einige von Euch sein. Ich war mein ganzes Leben sehr optimistisch. Ich habe schon immer das Licht in einer anderen Person gesehen. Ich bin immer noch sehr optimistisch. Aber, seit ungefähr einem Jahr, bringt mich das alles so langsam ein bisschen aus dem Konzept. Um es mal vorsichtig auszudrücken. Um ehrlich zu sein: Teilweise bin ich am Boden zerstört. Die Alte und die Neue Erde werden nicht verschmelzen. WIE BITTE???! Trump und Brexit haben weiter an meiner positiven Sicht der Dinge genagt. Eine Klientin von mir – fest auf dem Weg zum Aufstieg – hat sich dafür entschieden, den Planten zu verlassen. Und – ok, mein eigener Fehler – die Channel der Group über eine recht beunruhigende Zukunft für die Erde haben mich auch ein mini bißen verunsichert. Was ich gebraucht habe, waren ein paar Worte der Zuversicht. Und Adamus hat das geliefert. Die Worte der Shouds waren dieses Mal nicht so wichtig (obwohl ich immer nach ein paar Hinweisen hungere, was vor sich geht). Was wichtig war, war das Mitgefühl.
Du kannst in allen Channeln von Adamus das Mitgefühl spüren. Aber Teil 1 vom ProGnost Update ist bis zum Kern von MITGEFÜHL durchdrungen. Du kannst es mit jedem Wort hören und fühlen: „Ja, ich kann verstehen, warum einige von Euch erschüttert sind. Ich fühle mit Euch. Bitte seht Euch nicht nur die Oberfläche an. Spürt den Kern von dem, was vor sich geht. ALLES IST GUT. Es ist wirklich so. Spüre, was ich gerade aussende.“ Das ist das, was ich gefühlt habe. Ich kann es noch nicht so richtig in Worte fassen. Aber ich kann jetzt besser verstehen, was vor sich geht. Ja – es kann einschüchternd sein – den Schmerz und die Angst und die Verunsicherung von vielen Menschen auf der Erde in dieser Zeit zu sehen und zu fühlen. Oder was vielleicht in Deinem Leben gerade vor sich geht.
Aber letztendlich ist es etwas Gutes. Es ist das Ende von vielen vielen Illusionen. Meine Erschütterung – das sind meine Erwartungen, die erschüttert wurden (und zerstört werden). Das ist etwas Gutes. Erwartungen kommen aus dem Verstand und sind letztlich wertlos. Es gibt nichts, an dem man sich noch festhalten kann. Nur der Moment – und das Spüren von mir selbst in diesem Moment. Wenn ich das tue, dann kann ich die Fahrt genießen – selbst wenn es sehr schnell bergab geht. Was für eine phantastische Erfahrung. Ich lerne gerade wirkliches Mitgefühl – anderen ihre eigene Wahl zu lassen.
Also – der wertvollste Teil dieses ProGnost Updates war das Mitgefühl, über das er nicht viel spricht, aber das Du spüren kannst. Der Informations-Teil war nicht so wichtig – aber trotzdem auch wertvoll. Adamus hat bereits über Künstliche Intelligenz und Virtual Reality gesprochen, aber in dieser Session (Teil 2 des Channelings) lässt er die Vision, wo sich der Planet hinbewegt, lebendig werden. Es ist mehr wie das Betrachten eines Films über die aktuellen Entwicklungen – und das vertieft das Verständnis.
Alles in allem: Interessante Information, aber im Kern ist nicht die Information der wichtige Punkt, sondern das Vertiefen des Verständnisses (von dem, was er in ProGnost 2017 gesagt hat). Es gab einige Ahhhh! in diesen Shouds für mich. Mein Verstand ist noch nicht nachgekommen. Aber die Essenz ist: Ich kann *fühlen*, was vor sich geht. Ich *weiß*, was ich tun muss und tief tief in mir *weiß* ich (wieder): Alles ist gut.
Wenn Du erschüttert bist – gib Dir selbst das Geschenk, Dir dieses ProGnost Update anzuhören.
Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 7/25/2017)
Fascinating Story and Interesting Lecture
In this short update I found everything that I love about Adamus as he reminded me again why I truly came to this incarnation at this very time.
Firstly- very interesting lecture about what is happening on the energy levels - how technology is accelerating the changes by bringing everything into the surface. And which areas of our lives it is manifesting.
And Secondly a fascinating story about his time travels when he was working on his book “The time of the machines” as he encourages Geoff to write an updated version of the book.

Highly recommended!
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 7/24/2017)
But see this ProGnost Update 2017 if you dare!
Take 3 hours out for a ride with Adamus Saint Germain on The ProGnost Update July 2017
AND remember to fasten your seat belt first.
Adamus tells about what evolution on Earth is up to: Technology has a vast influence on what is and what will be happening, as technology develops rapidly accordingly to the consciousness of all:
Karma; Masculine/Feminine; The Mind & Body; Energy; God and Freedom are areas with very much change!
I must admit that I got shook up by this message although I knew beforehand what would be coming. Even a couple of days after having seen the Cloud Class I am still feeling response in my Body of Consciousness… It is so important now with Virtual Reality coming in more and more to really choose to be here AND to be aware that you can choose in which reality you want to be! Many humans will get “lost!”
But see this ProGnost Update 2017 if you dare!
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 7/23/2017)
Insights into Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
Being candid, I struggled with whether to give this a 4 or a 5 (gave Sensuality Clinic a 10!) Why? For years now, Adamus has been taking us past so many words and more and more into Sensuality and knowing with merabhs and experiences. Yet, I give it a 5 because of the deep insights about virtual reality in the last segment.
At the beginning Adamus reminds us that what’s happening in the world doesn’t matter, that all IS well, and that we can take a front row seat to the greatest dramas ever on Earth.
He invites us to view things energetically, as an observer, and to step into our wisdom of how everything is interacting and changing due to growth of technology. He talks about 6 major and accelerated areas of change.
Waiting for morning clarity to write about what I listened to yesterday, I am realizing the depth of and the somewhat staggering implications of the potentials of Virtual Reality that Adamus touched on……a reality that becomes more seductive and spans many many decades
And yet, despite the potentials of a hypnotic reality, void of sovereignty and sensuality, our dearest Adamus St. Germain created a scenario of how resilient and indestructible our beautiful Earth is, and reminded us to allow the grandest potential for each of us to,

“Let the wings of your ancient dream, the dream of embodied enlightenment, carry you gracefully into Realization.”
Ha! Perhaps this WAS a merabh into future potentials…… just without music or title~~
Review by Patti / (Posted on 7/22/2017)
I love to get the overview of what is going on in the world right now, and what is coming. And from a perspective beyond the human self.
What I really love with this prognost update is, how Adamus offers us the overview of what is going on, on Earth right now, and where it is leading. It is so easy as a human to get caught up in all the problems on Earth, wars, conflict etc. But from the perspective that Adamus offers, it is all very appropriate. Changes are occurring very fast now, and we have asked for it. That means that all the unbalances have to come forward to be cleansed and released.
Adamus talks in the first session about the influence of technology and what the outcome of the evolution will be. It will especially effect humans in 6 different areas: The perception of karma, God / religion, energy supplies, the increase of the population, the balance between feminine and masculine, and the mind & body. He is very clear when he lines out what is going on and will go on in these areas.
The second session was for me the most captivating. He tells about some time travels he made in his last lifetime as Saint Germain. Coming to our current time and looking at where the technology has taken us. Then going back to the invention and use of the steam machines, following each step up until now and even further. Looking at how the artificial intelligence and the use of it grows and grows; leading to the virtual realities. This is already existing, and can certainly be a benefit at some areas. “The danger” of it, is when people only live in these realities, putting on the virtual reality glasses in the morning when they wake up, and kind of “forget” this reality, where they actually live. This makes them of course very susceptible to hypnosis. For Adamus also a reminder of the Atlantian headbands, used to control the lower classes.
Hearing this my human self really didn’t like it, and surely, it’s not what I want for my grandkids to grow up with. Also, because it excludes the imagination and all the other senses and dimensions, and the sensuality of life to live in a reality created and controlled by somebody else.
Later in the evening, I was able to see it from another perspective: No soul can ever be caught/ taken over by somebody else. Eventually, it will come back to the I Am. And surely, the soul will gain so much wisdom through experiences like that! And though it truly is not my (human) wish for my grandkids, who knows the passion of their souls or any other soul?!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 7/22/2017)