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Presented January 17-18, 2015

Online via the Crimson Circle Cloud Class

Patricia Aburdene
Dr. Douglas Davies
Linda Benyo Hoppe
Geoffrey Hoppe
Jim Self
Adamus Saint-Germain

Patricia Aburdene

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Quantum weirdness, ancient documents, God disintegration, viruses, challenges, opportunities, revelations… these are just a few of the topics discussed in ProGnost™ 2015!

During this two-day event, presenters Jim Self, Dr. Douglas Davies, Patricia Aburdene and Adamus Saint-Germain give a clear picture of upcoming dynamics for 2015 and beyond. The potentials they share are sobering, exciting and far-reaching.

Joined by the energies of Sam/Tobias and the other ascended Masters, Adamus says that this is the year when the light of consciousness illuminates many, many things. Saying that the energies will be somewhat segmented into quarters throughout the year, he talks about what to watch for including things like survival issues, religious disillusionment, new revelations from unexpected sources, toxic releases and plenty of what he calls “quantum weirdness.”

Always filled with practical insight and advice, Jim Self offers very potent tools for managing life in the chaos. Comparing it to standing in the middle of a six-lane freeway, he offers very practical methods for stepping onto the “bridge overlooking the freeway” and thereby keeping one’s balance no matter the level of chaos that surrounds us. Rather than looking at time as linear, he says that time is an application that can be used to serve us in practical ways.

Patricia Aburdene gives an overview of trends in society, finance and industry. In fact she says that the most important commodity across the globe, rather than technology, information or money, will soon be creativity. She also gives some very practical advice for surviving and thriving in these coming months and years.

Dr. Douglas Davies explains and illustrates many of the astrological influences that will affect the planet and humanity in 2015. While these influences do not control our destiny, he reminds us that, like understanding ocean currents, it can be very helpful to understand the energy dynamics that are playing out in order to best navigate our way through them.

Session 1
Opening Comments: The Significance of 2015

Session 2
Jim Self

Session 3
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

Session 4
Patricia Aburdene

Session 5
Dr. Douglas Davies

Session 6
Jim Self

Session 7
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

Session 8
Questions & Answers: Jim, Doug, Patricia & Geoff moderated by Linda Hoppe

Cost: $235 (nonrefundable) Registration includes access to the streaming audio/video files for 90 days.
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