ProGnost - January 2016

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ProGnost™ 2016 
Planetary Trend Forecast

A roadmap for Shaumbra for the next 20 years


Adamus Saint-Germain
with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

ProGnost 2016 - Español

Crimson Circle Cloud Class Event

- Streaming Audio/Video (non-downloadable)

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 • Включает в себя русский текст


What happens when pure consciousness converges with physical reality?
When technology exceeds the mind’s capacity to understand it?
When nearly every facet of life is monitored by sensors?
When every human experience is demanding freedom?

The answer is the DISRUPTION of old systems.

In this fast-paced, provocative and multi-layered presentation, Adamus looks not only into the coming year but the coming decade and beyond. Planet Earth is in the midst of monumental changes on all fronts, from technology to medicine, education to religion, food to finance and more. It’s not “coming soon,” it’s happening now.

Adamus begins ProGnost 2016 by discussing some of the astounding phenomena unfolding before our very eyes, including many changes that were foretold at the Quantum Leap in September 2007. Technological advancement is unfolding at an exponential rate, overtaking the mind’s capability to manage, and overwhelming the physical senses.

ProGnost 2016 is based on facts that are happening right now. Adamus lays out a map about what’s coming next as the result of exponential advances in technology, and paints a picture of what’s on the horizon for humanity. It’s information-based rather than fear-based, but it prompts many, many questions about what life will look like in the next few decades. One thing is certain: Our world will change in the years ahead.

Adamus declares that it is time to allow the Master’s Sense to open up. This Master Sense is how you can navigate the converging and colliding currents of new and old, conscious and unconscious, and create a life where you are well-sustained in every way. It is how you can sense and interact with new dimensions of experience that have been closed down for a very long time. 

A note from Geoffrey Hoppe: I consider ProGnost 2016 to be one of the most concise, insightful, provocative and informative messages from Adamus that I have ever channeled to understand the external reality we live “in”. I recommend it because it challenges all Shaumbra to feel into why we are here, and sketches out the direction for Crimson Circle and Shaumbra for years to come. This isn’t just another channel… it’s THE channel for our times. 

PROGNOST WATCH: On almost a daily basis there are news items that correlate with Adamus’ announcements in ProGnost. To see a collection of these articles, please visit the Crimson Circle News page.


Read Geoffrey Hoppe's comments about his ProGnost experience here.


ProGnost 2016 includes three channels plus a bonus Q&A session. 

Session 1 – 1:16:43
Session 2 – 1:24:03
Session 3 – 1:18:25
Questions & Answers – 40:00


Subscription cost: $100 (nonrefundable)

Please, review the Technical Requirement FAQ's for online access before subscribing.

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ProGnost 2016 Attendee Comments:

“This ProGnost was jam-packed with information and, although discomforting, he gifted us
with tools with which to work. It was by far the best ProGnost we have had.”

“Recommended only for tuff human angels. For those who are dedicated to their Realization.”

“Information about technology and its consequences was really astonishing---sci-fi.”

“Enlightening, grounding, and shocking as usual.”

“Adamus offers an incomparable degree of precision in his ability to define and explain
potentials. His definitions and explanations are profoundly crystal clear. Unquestionably,
Adamus is full of great love and compassion as well.”

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