ProGnost 2016 - A Year of Disruption

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 •  Consciousness and physical reality are converging
 •  Will Old Earth and New Earth come together?
 •  Virtual reality and other changes – not science fiction!
 •  It’s time to awaken your ‘Master Sense’
 •  Prepare for disruption
 •  And remember that All is Well

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ProGnost 2016
A Year of Disruption

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What happens when pure consciousness converges with physical reality? When technology exceeds the mind’s capacity to understand it? When nearly every facet of life is monitored by sensors and affected by robotics? When every human experience is demanding freedom? The answer is great disruption of old systems. In this fast-paced, provocative, and multi-layered presentation, Adamus Saint-Germain looks into the coming years, decade and beyond. Planet Earth is in the midst of monumental changes on all fronts, from technology to medicine, education to religion, food to finance and more. It’s not science fiction; it’s happening now! And the number one planetary dynamic is freedom.

Adamus begins ProGnost 2016 by discussing some of the astounding phenomena unfolding before our very eyes, including many changes that were foretold at the Quantum Leap in September 2007. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, overtaking the mind’s capability to manage, and overwhelming the physical senses. Adamus declares that it is time to allow the Master Sense to open up, for this is how you can navigate the converging, colliding energies of new and old, conscious and unconscious, and create a life where you are well-sustained in every way. One thing is certain: Our world is changing in profound and far-reaching ways.


Session 1 (1:16:43)
Welcome to a year of disruption! With the aid of slides, Adamus explains how technology has exceeded the human mind and that there are great changes taking place in all aspects of human life. Ultimately it will bring freedom – after a lot of chaos. 

Session 2 (1:24:03)
Adamus summarizes some of the ways that sensors, 3D printing, nanotechnology and the ‘Internet of Things’ are affecting our lives. He concludes by saying the motion of TimeSpace is changing reality and all we have to do is allow. 

Session 3 (1:18:25)
Going forward, there will be disruptions in distribution systems, including significant changes to medicine, food, water, education, and religion. Adamus introduces the Master Sense, which is a new order of sensory awareness, and says it is time to allow this in. 

Session 4 (40:00)
Adamus answers a wide range of audience questions about biological robots, the Master Sense, separation of Old Earth and New Earth, and even politics.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Cost: $100.00 

Translations: When text translations become available, they will be listed at the top of this page. Because these are done on a gratis basis, we do not know when they will be available. No refunds or extensions will be granted due to translation availability.

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, January 2016

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