ProGnost™ 2018 - Last Era of the Mind

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•  Shaumbra combine the goodness of human and wisdom of the Master
•  Creation starts at the end… really!
•  Coming soon – the fragmentation of TimeSpace
•  Human are creating a whole new species
•  Consciousness changes everything – that’s why you’re here
•  Evolution vs. pandelution
•  TechGRIN – Tech, Genology, Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Nanotech

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ProGnost™ 2018
The Last Era of the Mind

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Creation doesn’t start at the beginning; it usually starts at the end and moves in all directions, so declares Adamus in ProGnost 2018. He calls this true form of creation “pandelution” and states that the fragmentation of TimeSpace will occur over the next 30 years as technology –TechGRIN or Technium – continues to evolve at lightning speed. Adamus says we are in the last era of the biological mind, and at the birth of a whole new species as humanity begins to integrate with technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR). In these drastic changes, it is the presence of consciousness that makes all the difference – and that’s why you are here.

In true creation there is no agenda for any particular outcome. The Creator simply breathes out the pure joy of existence and then dives in to see what it created. Rather than evolution moving toward God, God is actually moves into Its creation.

Adamus states that everything – a chair, butterfly, screwdriver, lock of hair, technology – has an awareness of itself, and that technology is actually a life form, “the 7th Kingdom.” He calls the four main areas of technology “TechGRIN” which stands for Genology, Robotics, (Artificial) Intelligence and Nanotechnology. We are not here to resist technology, but rather to add consciousness.

As a life form, technology wants to grow, expand and perpetuate itself, and will reach “Artificial General Intelligence” (equal to the human mind) within 2-3 years. At that point, things will change very rapidly. Without consciousness it could take over the world. With consciousness it can bring new potentials and even freedom. Although the lines between biology and robotics may become blurred, “Technology will honor and serve you if consciousness is present.”

The mind, having a hard time keeping up with the changes, wants to keep things as they are. Its main tools are doubt and death, which help make up a shadow that has held us back for eons. During an incredible merabh, you may actually feel this shadow begin melting away.

Topics covered:

Session 1
True creation, fragmentation of TimeSpace, why you’re here, evolution, pandelution, TechGRIN, a new species, Artificial Intelligence.

Session 2 (1:14:22)
What technology wants, implications of TechGRIN, the mind, biological evolution, biology vs. robotics.

Session 3 (1:25:54)
Multiple New Earths, new “entry points,” Call to Consciousness, the Atlantean Dream, merabh, releasing the Shadow, questions & answers.

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Cost: $100

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Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, January 2018

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An incredible Call to Consciousness
My personal experience with ProGnost 2018 was also one of feeling the new shift in consciousness, The call to Consciousness, and now I can tell the difference that going through this cloud class makes – after some time.
So in the first 2 sessions Adamus takes us into being aware about what is not seen in the news, and we should be aware of, and also addressing the mind, you know, just to observe and have a clear picture of how things evolve now on Earth and what will bring balance to this process, pointing from time to time that is not something we should work on or battle with. And, of course, the third session is more about why we are here, exactly at this time.
For me was quite important to understand the convergence factors – consciousness, technology, evolution – that do make things to appear intense and complex, but looking at the new term – pandelution, that starts to make sense after a while. Interesting to note that the Quantum Leap Celebration (2007) marked a point of no return on this pathway that we are now on and, well, just now that makes sense or has a different meaning to it. Also, the constant reminders are to be in your presence, in the body and aware / in consciousness and no battle (of course). Most significant talk about the big picture makes you admit that – yes, maybe I do have problems on my own, but you can start to see how insignificant that can be looking at the big picture. That is something worth to experience. Mostly that without consciousness it’s frightening (this perspective). But technology will honor and serve if consciousness is present.
And for the experience of getting to look on why you are here and how the interaction with technology can look like, yes, the title The Call to Consciousness has a profound meaning. There are some interesting perspectives about the fragmentation of timespace to observe (not to think about and get into fear, or processing, or doubt), mostly that Shamubra will explore that in a safe way. So, if you want to experience a shift in consciousness, I would say it is one of the very special cloud classes to just do that.
I have to appreciate also the studio setting, the lights and how was prepared the safe space for this experience and for that I express my deep thanks to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, Crimson Circle staff for a very profound experience.

** Romanian
Experiența mea cu ProGnost 2018 a fost de asemenea despre a simți o nouă schimbare în conștiință, Chemarea la Conștiință, și pot povesti acum despre efectele și însemnătatea parcurgerii acestui curs cloud după o vreme.
În primele două sesiuni Adamus ne duce spre a fi conștienți despre ceea ce nu se vede la știri, însă ar trebui să conștientizăm și, de asemenea, că se adresează minții pentru ca să observe și să aibă o imagine clară despre cum evoluează lucrurile pe Pământ și ce va aduce echilibru acestui proces, punctând din când în când că nu este ceva la care să lucrăm sau să ne batem cu. Și, desigur, sesiunea a treia este mai mult despre de ce suntem aici exact în aceste vremuri.
Pentru mine a fost destul d eimportant să înțeleg convregența factorilor – conștiință, tehnologie, evoluție – care fac lucrurile să pară intense și complexe, însă privind la noul termen – pandelution, acestea încep să capete un sens după o vreme. Este interesant de notat faptul că Celebrarea Saltului Cuantic (2007) a marcat un punct din care nu ne mai puteam întoarce de pe această cale pe care suntem acum și, ei bine, doar acum devine tot mai clară însemnătatea acestui fapt. Reamintirile constante sunt de a fi în prezența noastră, în corp și conștienți / în conștiință și fără bătălii (desigur). Semnificativ legat de imaginea de ansamblu te face să admiți că da, poate că am probleme ale mele, însă poți începe să vezi cât de nesemnificative pot fi acestea în imaginea de ansamblu. Asta consider că este o experiență interesantă. Apoi că fără conștiință este înfricoșătoare perspectiva. Însă tehnologia va onora și servi dacă este prezentă conștiința.
Și pentru experiența de a privi la de ce ești aici și cum poate arăta interacțiunea cu tehnologia, da, Chemarea la Conștiință are o însemnătate profundă. Sunt câteva perspective legate de fragmentarea timpspațiului de observat (nu de gândit și de mers în frică sau procesare sau îndoială), ci faptul că Shaumbra va explora aceasta într-un mod în siguranță. Deci, dacă doriți să experimentați o schimbare de conștiință, aș spune că acesta este unul dintre cursurile cloud ca să faci asta.
Trebuie să remarc cum a fost pregătit studioul, luminile și cum a fost pregătit spațiul sigur pentru această experiență și pentru toate acestea îmi exprim mulțumirile profunde către Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda și personalul Crimson Circle pentru o experiență foarte profundă.
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 2/4/2018)
Important update about what is going on and why we are here
Review „ProGnost 2018“
German translation below.
I write this review because I am part of the product review team. I did not pay for the class.
Hm… actually I could write a very short review for the class. Like: This is important. Do it.
*Chuckle* But of course most of you read a review to get a feel for a workshop, so I try to do better. ProGnost for a long time has been the only thingie I attended (apart from the monthly Shouds). Only recently I realized why: Apart from embodied realization my true passion is being here at this time. And ProGnost refers to exactly this: This time and why we chose to be here.
All the ProGnost classes have been a bit different than the other classes from Adamus. He talks about what’s happening “out there”, not only about “inside”. And “out there” and “we” are directly related. What we do (with awakening and embodied realization) can have a big impact on this planet. And as most of us love this place dearly it’s good to know: What is going on, why we chose to be here and what we can do.
What we can do: That’s nothing new. Just be here. Be yourself. Switch on your light (awareness, presence, mastery). We know that. But for me it was truly helpful to get some background information about major shifts and transformations that are going on.
And boy – this can creep you out. I am a big fan of science fiction and fantasy. And some time ago I realized: Reality beats every story. Every single one, even the most fantastic.
Adamus elaborates on what he started to talk about some time ago in ProGnost (technology and where it’s going and the connection to consciousness) and adds some new interesting stuff. A bit confusing for my mind on the one hand, but very illuminating for my overall understanding. I got a few “Aha’s!”, which is nice, since some of the stuff happening is quite unsettling. I can understand now why some predict the end of the world in the not so far future. It’s a littlebit like the Mayans: So much will change – they can’t see further. And it’s around the corner!
I was quite down after hearing that Old and New Earth are not melding. I am in peace with that now (well – ok – mostly :p ) and ProGnost 18 helped me a lot to get an new perspective, new understanding and a couple of Wow’s.
Apart from the information there is some real nice help with shifting your consciousness. I was in tears at one point, because a quite troubling aspect came home. I guess it will be different for every one, but consider the resistance you might feel with regard to listening in. That’s a good sign you can expect some shifting and transformation.
I recommend this class for every Shaumbra, because it’s like the “Read this first!” part of something you bought for yourself – truly helpful for getting the most out of what you chose. And then I recommend it for everyone who would like to know what’s truly going on with the planet, with technology and consciousness. If you struggle with the news or the antics of humanity it’s a good way to develop understanding and compassion. And if you have the feeling you are here for a reason, ProGnost might help as well.
Give yourself time to digest the class. It will boggle your mind and some other parts of you might react with mad giggling, eating lots of chocolate or making confusing remarks to Muggles (or some other weird side effects – I guess it will mean something different for everyone). But with regard to one thing I am sure: You will be moved in one way or the other. See you in fantasy land – all the stories are true.
Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 1/27/2018)
Artificial Intelligence - Where Is It Going?

The message of ProGnost 2018 centers primarily on Artificial Intelligence, what it is, and where it is headed over the next few years. I found this to be fascinating as I am seeing this technology appearing in the world around me right now. I see it in home monitoring and security systems. I see it in robotic companions marketed on the internet. I see robots that fold your clothes and vacuum your house. I see A.I. in the smart phones we carry around in our back pockets.

Once again, Adamus was very clear and patient. He helps us understand the shift in technology, and how this is affecting human life on the planet. Watching ProGnost helps us understand how consciousness will affect the future evolution of A.I. and whether people will get lost in this technology or not.

I believe the presence of consciousness offers people a choice. Adamus said that when consciousness is present in an individual, then technology is of service to him or her. A.I. is here to stay. How do you choose to interact with it?

Adamus closes the session with an in-depth merabh that helps the human mind relax so we can open into our consciousness.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 1/25/2018)
ProGnost is Profound, Exhilarating, and Deeply Touching
If you are stunned by the changes that are happening on this planet and are curious as to why you are here at this pivotal time enduring your own messy human evolution, your may find this Cloud Class answers your most burning questions. Here you will receive a clear and stunning overview of human evolution that describes this very point in time, a time when technology is going parabolic, and the resulting choice point each human being will face that will define the reality they individually create for themselves.

For those who have gathered together for years now under the banner of the Crimson Circle, those who remember each other from many lifetimes and layers of experience and whose journey has been reflected through the Crimson Circle’s manny channeled messages, this message from Adamus is a profoundly touching one. It shares the beauty and perfection of a creation coming full-circle.

For those who have never participated in Crimson Circle events before, but feel called to view this Cloud Class, know there are insights here that will help you navigate your way forward.

I found this material kindled a knowingness in me that put my entire journey into perspective, and helping me understand why I am here at this game-changing moment when humanity is evolving into a new species.

I see this material as a culmination and honoring of all that has come before, and a point of graduation. It is time to release our wounds, our illusions and distractions, and our old games of power. It is time to “master up.” This message is, as Adamus describes, a “call to consciousness.” The river is splitting. The time of sitting on the fence is over. Why are we here now? To shine as the radiant beings of consciousness that we already are. The moment we have been anticipating is here, and we are the ones we have been waiting for.

If you feel pulled to the material, there is a reason, a profound and very beautiful reason. I invite you to trust your inner wisdom, and give yourself the gift of this program.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 1/20/2018)
A turning point for Shaumbra!
I wasn’t sure what to expect of ProGnost 2018. Adamus called it “The Last Era of the Mind,” but I think it should have been called A Call to Consciousness, for that’s what it really was.

I knew he would talk more about technology and artificial intelligence, and like many Shaumbra I’m a little tired of hearing about it. Why should I care if computers are about to take over the world, and in fifty years burn themselves out looking for consciousness? I just want to get on with my enlightenment, with bringing in my light body and grand abundance, and all those other silly human agendas that enlightenment is “supposed” to be about. (Yeah, right!)

Well, Adamus did talk about technology and where it’s going, and that it might be more like thirty years, and that the computers are also going to shatter time and space. And oh, by the way, technology is a life form. But that’s not what ProGnost 2018 was really about.

As it turns out, this was a meeting that Saint-Germain participated in from across time and wrote about two hundred years ago, and its real purpose was to bring in a very important shift in our own consciousness. The real purpose of ProGnost 2018 was to release the doubt and shadow that we’ve carried for so long, so that we can bring in our full consciousness as a light for the interesting times ahead, and also to finally allow REAL conscious creation.

I had the privilege of attending ProGnost 2018 in person, and I went home feeling as though something had just happened that was even more significant than the Quantum Leap of 2007. It felt to me like this event was a turning point for Shaumbra as we deliberately choose to bring our full consciousness to Earth, and it was a turning point for Earth, because our consciousness is what will make all the difference going forward.

More than anything, ProGnost 2018 felt like a point of separation for me, and for each one of us individually, for this is where it gets real. This is where we choose to be all in. This is where we decide whether to keep pushing energies around like humans, or to allow REAL creation to happen.

If you haven’t seen ProGnost 2018 yet, I urge you to watch it as soon as possible. Whatever it was that happened during that meeting is still happening across time, and no matter when you join in, you will be fully a part of it if you so allow.
Review by John McCurdy / (Posted on 1/19/2018)
Life changing!
New insights. Grand experience. And the Merabh is beyond words! I am grateful that I gave myself the gift attending ProGnost live online.
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 1/18/2018)
I'm rating it 10 out of 5
This is by far the most intense piece I've experienced (though I've done many CC courses over the years). However precise the description, the content of these sessions is extremely hard to find proper words for. It's not a fortune-telling session for curious, it is an intense and highly informative experience for "I can take it all" types. So, if you're still considering whether to buy it or not, whether it's going to be worth it, I would recommend checking with yourself if you really feel what allowing means and feels like: if you believe you do, I swear you won't regret it for a second - you wouldn't miss it for the world! :)
Review by Amcm / (Posted on 1/18/2018)
There's no going back

The energy and consciousness of Shaumbra determines the message. And what was brought forth at ProGnost 2018 is profoundly deep, touching and absolutely perfect for where we are in our realization.

What a beautiful reflection and validation that for so many of us, that this is THE lifetime. While I understood that on an intellectual level for many years, I can feel it more deeply now, and with that comes a clear knowingness which goes far beyond the mind.

Adamus references The Quantum Leap which occurred in 2007. It seems several lifetimes ago, and in a sense, it was! I was there in Taos when I felt something shift and open, and it was sans definition. That same type of feeling occurred for me during this ProGnost.

In the days proceeding the event, I could feel, as many others felt, that something monumental was coming. And indeed it did. It came from the explanations of Evolution and Pandelution, Technology and TechGRIN, the levels of earth and those implications, and several other things that we are heading towards as humans. As always, Adamus makes no judgements about any of it, and invites us to do the same.

Why this ProGnost is entitled The Last Era of the Mind is clearly explained, and the invitation is always there to feel into the information. There are many opportunities to do this throughout the three sessions, and if one allows themselves to do that, it greatly enhances the experience.

I had an expectation that ProGnost 2018 would contain interesting and supportive information for those who are choosing realization in this lifetime. What took me a little by surprise was how deeply touching the material is, and how many tears I would shed while experiencing this event. There was such validation for what we’ve created to get to this point. I can’t even find the words to describe the Merabh in Session Three other than to say the Call to Consciousness is an invitation that supports our realization perhaps like no other before it.

I am truly grateful to Geoff and Linda, the CC staff, and to all who contributed to this experience. The dream is being realized.
Review by Kathleen Haws / (Posted on 1/17/2018)
Pearls of Wisdom
Prognost 2018

Practical pearls of wisdom and so much more. Opening the human to new ideas about techGRIN, integrating human with robotics in the near future. Bringing new potentials to light. Humans tend not to be aware of things that are outside of their belief systems, for example, Adamus told us in January 2018 Shoud that humans initially didn’t see stars, or the stories about Native Americans not seeing the ships when Columbus arrived. Preparing us for what’s to come. With a Merabh that connected his vision from the time he was writing the book “The time of the machines” during his life as Saint Germaine with this particular gathering.

And so much more...

And this time, I have a personal story to tell.

Adamus told us in Prognost update in 2015 to invest in robotics. And I did.
It was an experiment. I opened an investing account and went to do my research. I felt a lot of pressure and didn’t know which one company to pick, at one point someone in the FB group mentioned the first robotics ETF - which is a new type of mutual fund and is a collection of different robotics companies from all over the world, called ROBO. This felt right. I was learning so much about investing, opening new potentials. So I took a deep breath and put some money into it in July 2015, an I was observing how the value went down, taking deep breaths, and investing another bonus into it in August 2015 when the price of the shares dropped from $25 to $23. Trusting Adamus, since he said to sit on it for couple years, so I did. I’m happy to report as of January 2018 my initial investments are 75% and 90% up. The price of ROBO is $44 per share right now and this is not a typical growth rate in the US stock market. Thank you Adamus for your practical tip. Thank me for listening.

That was my little gem that I found. Maybe you can find your.

What I’m going to take out of this one is to stop resisting the changes that are coming and embrace the new without expectations.
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 1/16/2018)
Dance consciously with the Machines – or become one …
Dance consciously with the Machines – or become one …
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 1/16/2018)
Adamus tells about the technological development right now. And the importance of consciousness to lead to a proper use of it.
After all the hints from Adamus in the Shouds, Keahak etc. about this ProGnost, my expectations were really high. And I was surely not disappointed! He talked – of course – about what is happening in technology right now. I have watched many programs in the Danish TV about technology, the development of robots etc. Lately one, where a guy had a firm where he made robot dolls to men. Not just sex dolls – not that I like that – but these were made also to be kind of companions, they could talk with, be their mates! Adamus mentioned the potential of having robots to take care of your child, put it to bed and sing for it… I can’t stop thinking, what will all this do to the human? Okay, everything has an awareness of itself, as Adamus also said. But what kind of connection is this? How about the soul connection?
The technology can be very helpful to humanity - I would surely like to have a robot clean the house, do the laundry, all the routine things - but it can also be used as a power tool to control others! How it will be used is a question of consciousness. That was what Adamus underlined again and again. How important the consciousness of Shaumbra and others is. Those who have this lifetime as the one with realization. To shine our light, to illuminate new potentials for others.
Adamus also talked about the creation of a new specie. Human. “The model” we have right now is old, from the time of Atlantis with some moderations later on. It carries the burden of our Ancestors – gens causing illnesses etc. - and surely it would be great to let go of that. And 3D printing an arm, if you should lose it in an accident. Still, the question is to me, where is the line between the human and the robot when it comes to that? Also, does that mean kind of eternal life in the body? Who would really want that, and what would the implications be?
I feel this ProGnost raises so many questions. Also, not many people are aware of what is going on with technology right now. They are not interested. Adamus mentioned a break-through – right now I don’t remember what – that should have been on the front page of the Times, because of its importance to humanity. But it was not. Only mentioned somewhere in a news program… That is kind of scary.
It touched me deeply, when Adamus referred to his “soon-to-be-written” book “The Time of Machines”. He said that in his time-travel, in his last lifetime as St. Germain, into our time he was at a meeting – that meeting we had with ProGnost. And he saw how we were connecting from all over the world, not only the ones in the studio. To him then it was psychic connection – he didn’t know the internet of course. But we were all there to radiate consciousness in a time, where it was most needed!
He also talked about Virtual Reality, Nano-technology, and the point within 7-15 years, where the linear understanding of time and space cracks because of the evolution. Opening to time and space comes to you. And what consequences that will have for humanity. Just to mention a few of the subjects. Of course, ending the day with a beautiful Merabh and a great Q&A.
The day after ProGnost I felt like having an energy hangover. So much new information and opening of consciousness. It takes time to integrate.
So, I dare you, do you have the courage to know what is going on in the world behind the scenes, and not being afraid of what you might meet – then buy this ProGnost ’18 cloud class!

Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 1/15/2018)
Holy Shift Adamus!
If I was writing this in the 1700’s by quill and ink, my words would be blurred together by tears falling… and perhaps I am? And at this now moment in 2018, I am typing these words on my laptop still overcome with profound feeling. I have just finished watching the live broadcast of ProGnost 2018 and I want to try to express my experience if possible before getting caught up with distractions or reading other people’s comments on social media.

Normally before writing a review, I like to take my time to integrate the information for a few days or weeks, perhaps watch the videos again and write notes to summarize. My mind likes this! But fitting however that ProGnost 2018 is truly about the last era of the mind. So I’ll let my soul do the sharing.

It’s hard to find the words truly to describe what just happened. Something very moving, very profound, and very, very “real” for those of us who consider ourselves Shaumbra. From those last days in Atlantis, and the times of Yeshua to now, TODAY is why we are here! After 1,400 plus lifetimes and almost 15 unwavering years with Crimson Circle, Adamus gave me, and I’m trusting many of us, the reason why . AND I felt it!

Yes, in the first two stellar sessions Professor Adamus complete with slides, explores in great depth the history of technology and it’s growth… expanding on previous ProGnosts and updates regarding the explosion of AI, it’s iterations, robotics and the fragmentation of time and space. And explaining from evolution to “pandelution” along with “techGRIN”. Even a new “7th Kingdom” and now seven different levels of earth. Whew! The Time of the Machines as Adamus has called it. All quite fascinating information for the human to digest and as I’ve said before like a scifi episode of Dark Mirror on Netflix. And it is here now, not in the future!

While all of this can feel slightly daunting, Adamus reminds us that EVERYTHING is here to serve us, even technology if our consciousness is present. And yes as we’ve heard before, we chose to be here at this time. That our consciousness, our presence is essential to what is next on the planet…

Adamus also reiterates what he has been emphasizing recently in the Shouds and Keahak. Why we need to drop the family ancestry, processing and the need to distill into our Master’s wisdom. To let the ghosts go so we can move through time and space without baggage.

However it was in Session 3 of the day with the Merahb that all of this moved for me from mere words to deep knowing… Adamus announces that this is more than ProGnost but rather the culmination or 17 years of Crimson Circle. A call to Consciousness! Finally bringing heaven and earth together and fulfilling the Atlantean dream. The FINAL good bye to our shadow… It totally explained why so many of us have been in “holding patterns” this lifetime where it seems that little works out in a human way.

Words truly won’t do justice to this Merahb and experience. .. If you are Shaumbra you will feel it and know it. This is a huge shift for us and everything we’ve been doing for years . Finally. The final chapter has been written by us!

Adamus had tears. I have tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift of knowing. I Am. I Exist.

Love and appreciation to Adamus, the remaining Crimson Council, Geoff and Linda and CC staff and all of Shaumbra who are still here and yet to remember. All IS well in all of creation!

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 1/13/2018)