ProGnost™ 2019 UPDATE

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  • Technology is the most important issue on the planet today
  • You are here to bring consciousness to this historic change
  • You can get to the New Earth by death or by dragon
  • Magic is real!
  • Time to stop playing the “spiritual journey” game
  • You are the dreamer of a whole new era

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ProGnost™ 2019 Update

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Adamus opens this important message with a clear reminder of why you are here – embodied Realization – and a candid admonition to not get distracted, whether by family, humanity, the environment, causes, politics or anything else. “Put all of yourself into your Realization,” he says, "for you are the dreamers of a whole new era. This is your true passion, and Merlin’s best friend, the dragon, will make sure that you bring no imbalances into it." Adamus goes on to talk about the rapid advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, which will bring a conformity reminiscent of Atlantis. While human life will essentially become managed by smartphones, beings of consciousness like you will be here showing the way to the beautiful alternate reality of New Earth.

After his reminder of why the dragon is here, Adamus gives a sobering look at the state of the planet. With mental focus at about 97%, it leaves just 3% for creativity, crowding out the dreamers, the joy and the creativity. Because of this, the overall energy dynamic of human consciousness is the feeling of being lost. He takes a look at Old and New Earths, saying that Shaumbra are here to be way-showers to illuminate the option of coming to New Earth for the humans who are ready for an alternative.

In the second session, he answers a number of questions, then leads a beautiful Merabh for the Dreamers. While his comments about Old Earth may seem daunting, especially because of our memories of Atlantis and the headbands of conformity, this message is really about bringing the magic back into life. In fact, he says magic will become outlawed at some point, because it will not be recognized by computer intelligence. However, we will learn how to be invisible to the tracking systems and even how traverse between the New and Old Earths at will.

ProGnost is Adamus’ annual planetary trend forecast and future-vision. The main ProGnost sessions are done in January of each year, followed up by the mid-year ProGnost Update. It is not necessary to view previous ProGnost forecasts or updates because each session stands on its own.

Session 1 (1:12:41)
Adamus discusses advanced technology, the loss of creativity, New Earth & Old Earth, the dragon and dreamers.

Session 2 (1:11:00)
Adamus answers questions to clarify issues raised in Session 1, and then leads a beautiful Merabh of Dreamers

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, July 2019

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The impact of this ProGnost Update is profound. I watched it twice with a couple of days in between. My mood was challenged, switching between feeling sad and very happy about what Adamus lined up. During the day I have had a few situations where my feeli
ProGnost™ 2019 UPDATE
Why am I here? Why not leave this earth with all its suffering, quarrel, fighting, suppression, feeling lost etc.??
In the ProGnost 2019 Update Adamus once again tells us why we are here. This time I feel that I really got it! I`ll come back to this in the end of my review.
“The time of the machines” is a scary time for conscious people, who recognize what is taking place regarding technological development. Internet of things develop so fast; microchips are implanted in hands and in the brain to make life “easier” for humans: open doors, transfer money directly from one account to another, sharpen and intensify memory and intellectual capacity of the brain and so on.
Our smartphone tells us, when to get up, have breakfast, brush our teeth (even tell us if we did it right), go to work – And suggests us what to do in the spare time … Spare time: We are going to have lots of time for ourselves. Robots take over all the boring tasks and important ones, too, such as managing important functions in company work. So Adamus suggests that you earn a lot of money by developing an app for how to take nabs, because lots of nabs are going to be part of our lives.
Most people will fill the spare time with computer games and mental activities, in fact 97% … Only 3% will use their own creative abilities singing, dancing, painting, walking etc. and find joy this way.
This can be seen already, just notice the behavior of especially children and young ones.
Conformity will be the normal standard; programs will check if you are “normal” enough to get your reward, read money … A couple of states are preparing for implant of chips in their population to have control with people; NO: to make life easier for them. In 2050 this will be normal for all countries in the world.

The impact of this ProGnost Update is profound. I watched it twice with a couple of days in between. My mood was challenged, switching between feeling sad and very happy about what Adamus lined up. During the day I have had a few situations where my feeling of being conscious and present was not there … Somewhat dangerous in one occasion in traffic. So, as Elvis Presley puts it: “I`m all shook up!”
So, why are you/we here??
What is missing here on earth? Consciousness! So, we are here to be way-showers to illuminate the option of coming to New Earth for the humans who are ready for an alternative. (More information in the Shouds & in KEAHAK)
If you dare, watch this 2-session ProGnost 2019 Update. Be sure that you are fully grounded, especially the first days after you watch it. Session 2 is Questions & Answers …
I fully recommend this Update!!
Finn Andersen
Member of the CC Review Team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 8/12/2019)
A "must see" to know what is going on in the world - and your role in it.
This ProGnost update is a ”must see”! Not because it’s nice, but because it is necessary, if you want to know what is going on in the world right now – and what your role might be, if you so choose.
In ProGnost ’18 Adamus talked about artificial intelligence, robots etc. and what that would lead to. That was rather chocking, but what I didn’t realize at that point is, how soon the computers / artificial intelligence will take control of the humans and their lives. Of course, the humans ask them to do it, because it makes life so much easier.
The smartphones will tell you what to do and when. It will go slowly, so you don’t really realize that you are giving up your freedom. Within the next 10 years, people will have implants in their brain instead. You have probably also read or heard about, how it’s already taking place. It enhances the memory and the ability to be focused on what you are working with for a longer time. From my human standpoint, it is really scaring. Reminds of the Atlantean headbands.
The really creepy result, however, is that the control mechanisms will outlaw – as Adamus calls it – the Merlins, the dreamers, the creativity. Within the next 10 years. Meaning, if we want to stay on Earth, we will have to stay under the radar, be invisible. How fun is that???
I see the tendency of being seduced by computer game, when I am together with our grand kids. Of course, we can play, paint, do things outdoors with them, but if they can choose, they go to their computers.
Already Tobias – and of course also Adamus – talked about that what we are doing will make a profound difference on Earth. As I remember it, it was about helping to get the stuck energy moving again and go beyond the very mental way of living on Earth. I have probably been too optimistic in the way I have perceived it, because what Adamus says in this ProGnost, is that only about 2 percent of people on Earth right now, will want to really change. That is, do the same as we are doing or die and then go to the New Earth.
I don’t want to save the world, but I do love it in spite of all that is taking place, and I would have loved to see it be a better place to live for humans. Of course, that is the limited human perspective. From the broader perspective, it would be lack of compassion, not to let people have their experiences.
Our role: When I first heard Adamus mention Merlin, I was so excited! Yes, that was it! That was what I wanted to be! The storyteller, the one showing another path than just the “normal” life! And I would surely stay on Earth after my realization! But now – I still resonate with Merlin, but do I want to stay when I will have to be kind of hiding? Right now, it’s not at all clear.
I highly recommend ProGnost 2019 update!
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 8/12/2019)
Perfect Prequel for Passion 2020
“I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want (this!)”
The chorus to this disco hit from the Pointer Sisters has been dancing through me as I just finish my first go around of the new ProGnost 2019 Update! I’ve been cheering, clapping my hands and blowing air kisses to Adamus! The dogs think I’ve lost it. But no, eureka I’ve found it!!
Finally. The passion that Adamus has promised! He’s alluded to it for years. Even wrote in one of my books “Be patient, because the next big level/evolution in your life is coming very soon. It will be your true passion.” Okay Adamus I forgive you that you wrote that 4 years ago and that time is an illusion with Masters. Four years to you is just a fart in the wind! I’ve been waiting and watching and feeling…. Where or what was it? My Keahak journal entries often lamented about this over and over. “Where art thou Passion? The human ones have been long gone!
However, I now know we weren’t ready to hear it until now. You have been building up to this in the last few years of Shouds, Master Lifes, Keahak and past ProGnosts. In fact I got “nada” from the recent Master’s Pause “I Am Remembering” … nice words, nice music but nothing really visceral for me until this! I like Adamus straight up, in my face and you deliver in this update! As you said if Tobias said this back twenty years ago, none of us would still be here! There would be no Crimson Circle.
Adamus tells us again in this update that the one thing we are here for at this time is for our embodied Realization. Period. It’s the one passion for being here right now. Okay I know, I know. You’ve said this before. But somehow this time I really got it! It’s raw and undiluted in this update. Forget the causes, the saviour work, politics. Stop caring for others. Put ALL of yourself into your embodied Realization even at the expense of your family and friends. Because we’re going to do more for them with our embodied Realization than caring for them. Whoah! You talking to me Adamus? (Five years into caretaking my aging father...) Okay right between the eyes I felt that one!
Threshold style, Adamus doesn’t sugarcoat any of what he continues to say and you can tell that Geoff and Linda are a tad uncomfortable with this message. He goes on to tell us why THIS is the year to do it as our recent Shoud series is titled Passion 2020. The big year where we’re really going to understand and get our Realization IF we allow our integration and don’t get distracted…
Part of this of course is the clarity of the dragon coming in talked about in January’s ProGnost ‘19. You can not go forward into realization with imbalances. You can’t. No crap allowed whether it’s abundance issues, relationships, health. “Get yourself in that place of Realization, fully integrated, where you are also the Merlin.” Adamus says. No loitering on your spiritual journey and being airy fairy if you’re going to be Shaumbra going forward!
The update continues like another episode of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” with more about the “Time of the Machines”, run by our smart phones controlling everything. Adamus talks about our current lost generation lacking true creativity and imagination not making decisions. I’ve noticed myself how many in my yoga class wearing smart watches? Do we really need to be reminded how much water to drink or how many steps to take? Pfffttt! Google already wants to start my email conversations and it will only get worse according to Adamus with people giving up all their freedom to their technology and the “Internet of Things” Brain implants will be mandatory by 2050 for all and “divergent” Shaumbra may be hauled into an office to see why we don’t fit the program. Ooh, “Can’t wait!” says my old Cathar aspect. Bring it!
Actually Adamus says the machines/AI will never be able to integrate or understand our “magic” (allowing energy to serve) and has promised a way for us to remain invisible if we choose to stay. We will radiate that potential to others who may choose it and be the wayshowers for the New Earth. Where dreamers can still dream as Sovereign creators!
The potential for creativity, for creation, for colour, the potential to go beyond the mind, the potential for true passion. THAT is why we’re here right now as Shaumbra and part of the Crimson Circle! The New Merlins here to bring magic back and remind people that “They always had the power (energy)” like Glinda the good witch told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
It’s taken us twenty years (and a few thousand lifetimes) to get here. This is OUR time. Our passion, our joy and our service! The world truly needs us right now and I AM so excited to be part of it with those core Shaumbra who are passionate too! You know who you are.
ProGnost 2019 Update. “Turn on, tune in or drop out of CC.” That’s my prediction!

Tammie O’Rielly
CC Product Review Team
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 8/9/2019)
Only for Core Shaumbra
I have just watched it and had a lot of different feelings. None of them have been extreme at all. And I had a feeling that everything is well. And I am curious to being shown or better said to be remembered how to find and go through the Dragon Door as well how to be invisible (Adamus called it how to stay under the radar) because I am a left hander Person.
Review by Merlin Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 8/9/2019)