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 •  How’s your economy?
 •  Realization is allowing energy to serve you abundantly
 •  Let your radiance be seen, even by “Big Brother”
 •  Debt is the devil, let it go
 •  Invest in yourself, borrow from the Bank of the I Am
 •  Learn, engage, invest – and watch what happens!

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ProGnost 2020 UPDATE
Adamonomics 101

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“Economy,” from the Latin word for “House,” is simply the movement of energy, whether in the world’s financial systems or in your own inner House. In this time of convergence, viruses come forward to rebalance energies, and the coronavirus pandemic will eventually result in economic balance. The Master understands that it’s all your own energy serving you – i.e. Realization – and therefore allows abundance in every form. The antithesis of this is debt, which “keeps you in owing instead of owning.” Adamus shares very clear insights and suggestions about cryptocurrency, investments, debt and conscious corporations, as well as soon coming medical and technical breakthroughs that will support true equity.

Adamus talks about how viruses come about and the important service they provide in bringing energetic balance. He then discusses the four main types of economies and how it is time for drastic change on the planet, because it’s safe enough for big shifts in consciousness. In fact, this is why you’re here, to radiate your light for those who are creating the new economies and systems. With the move from a material-based to digital economy, there are multi-national corporations, seeded by conscious individuals, that are changing commerce, education and equality around the planet. He says it’s time for Shaumbra to get over their issues with corporations and look below the surface at what is really happening.

Adamus also gives very clear insights about cryptocurrency – “If you don’t understand it, learn about it” – investments, debt and even bankruptcy. He says it is time to go beyond the issues of abundance, because “Abundance is a state of being, not an account balance.” Realization is about mastering and allowing your own abundance – the flow of your own energy – in every way imaginable. From there, it finally becomes possible to go into something completely new: Putting consciousness and energy together.

Session 1 (1:19:27)
An overview of the purpose and origin of viruses, energy and allowing it to serve you, the four main types of economies, and the dire need for change on the planet. Let your consciousness radiate and engage with technology, corporations, and your own inner economy.

Session 2 (1:12:19)
Adamus’ suggestions are for Masters only. Take a look at your issues with corporations, then put on your big-boy Master pants and get over them. The coronavirus is here to bring economic change and equity; it will leave when there is enough consciousness. It’s time to learn about cryptocurrency, investing, and abundance!

Questions & Answers (1:21:27) (audio only)
Adamus answers 17 questions on topics ranging from conscious corporations, debt and Realization, contributing money/energy to others and radiating consciousness through AI to bankruptcy, computer viruses, the arts, aliens, human rights and more.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, July 2020

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ProGnost 2020 Journey of the Angels Convergence About Coronavirus

Abundance Clinic Abundance Merabh I Am Abundance 

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Not to be missed
. This update is like a college class it includes lecture and lab. There’s so much information about economy, and how to manage our energies. Adamus called it Admonomics 101. And there will be more to come: 102, 103. The price of this session will also include Q&A session sometime in September.

Adamus explains when and how the original virus was created and what does the word Economy mean and goes through history of economy. He also talks about debt. And why having debt is so disempowering.

He encourages Shaumbra to invest in stock and learn about crypto currency. I did trust Adamus several years ago when he told us to go and invest in Robotics. I did my homework and learned about investing in Stock Market. Took me few years to start feeling it. And it has been an adventure. My new adventure with crypto currency awaits.
In this update Adamus explains that since everything is our energy when you buy stock you just put it in your own energy field. You are converting one form of energy into another. So in other words it is investing in yourself.

Adamus talks a lot about corporations. I do work for a good multinational corporation. So, I can attest that not all corporations are bad. Mine drives equality and open thinking; integrity is one of the values. One of the co-founders said: “Do not be encumbered by the past - go and do something wonderful.” - Robert Noyce. So, we do wonderful!

“Abundance is a state of being not bank account balance.” This is such a wise advice for the human and since we’re creating new reality for ourselves as masters this presentation is a must.
Unfortunately, I just missed the call for Q&A sent out on 8/11 with due date 8/12 – very short time to respond.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 8/15/2020)
Life changing
. Finally, the version of economics I want my daughter and the next generation to be taught!! Gosh it all just makes SO MUCH SENSE, I’m already making money from the advice it’s insane and so so simple. Just wow!! So so amazing!!!
Review by Mary / (Posted on 8/7/2020)
Economics: A Master Perspective
. To borrow the tag line from Keahak X, ProGnost 2020 Update: Now More Than Ever.
As I watched from home, I reflected back to the January ProGnost 2020 that I had viewed while on a trip to Costa Rica. It’s astounding how much the world has changed since then. To have the clarity and perspective that comes from this Update is so important now, more than ever.

This ProGnost Update contains a lot of information about economy from Adamus’ perspective, appropriately named Adamonomics. His view actually helps you to understand more about YOUR energy, and the misperception that anything is outside of you. That is crucial as you come to your Realization, and the information in this Update supports that. For me it was another invitation to feel and become even more clear that it’s all my energy. One of the topics that Adamus covers is cryptocurrency. I jumped into it a couple of years ago, but am now revisiting old accounts from the perspective that it’s all within my energy field, and that it’s not about making money. (My human still struggles a bit with that). I’m looking forward to experiencing cryptocurrency with this new perspective.

I really appreciated how Adamus didn’t just impart a lot of information pertaining to money and economics, but kept turning it back to what it would mean to the Master during and after this convergence of so many things on the planet. He mentions the Master and mastery several times during the Update. He speaks to here’s what you need to understand, here’s what you can try, here’s what you can master, here’s what a Master can’t be doing, and my favorite: “…put on those big boy Master pants now…and let’s get on with this.” He also says, “Master it. Own it.” and is very clear what that means.

Adamus ends the ProGnost 2020 update in a couple of surprising ways. He said because we got to where he wanted us to go, there will be a follow up session or two. Also, he tells what is ahead once you have mastered your own energy. To have him say that it’s something that’s never been done in all of creation was a bit jaw dropping!

If you feel you would like supportive, informative and timely information about Mastery, economics, and what humanity is experiencing at this particular time, I highly recommend the ProGnost 2020 Update.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 7/24/2020)
Own, don't owe!
. Addressing the state of abundance in ourselves is UP!
For the world in general, and Shaumbra in particular, so we can serve in facilitating this worldwide change that is gaining momentum. The more radically we can trust our true nature and allow it to express, the faster the world can restructure itself "top to bottom": So much for a quiet summer!
Listening to the channel, I felt struck by lightning: part of me electrified with the new quality of potentials converging on the planet, part of me burnt! Quietly irritated that I am still "making it work", instead of accessing the equally available elegance of my life!
Adamus threw out the ones unwilling to address abundance and he is equally energetic with those still here. Every bandaid of excuse is ripped off, every crutch kicked out from under us. Damn! Adamus does indeed give a damn about getting this issue over with, he is pretty excited about the potentials of consciously abundant Shaumbra!
The awareness of any "I am not" Or "I have not" moment throughout the day keeps coming. The Merlin opens to intensity and with that, takes the fronts out of confrontation present and past. A milder energy comes into that space, where I can sense my deep passion for this life, clueless all these years how to express it appropriately without getting owned or sidetracked, but showing up anyway. I am getting it now, and magically, it is not too late.
Next time I am "irritated" about the disruption of my limited comfort, I might remember that anything that comes up now, is a misplaced energy asset asking me to deposit it back into my creator account. Accept it, feel it expand, ka-ching, more of me free, and that feels good every time! No more time frames to miss, no more appointments to be dis-appointed, just go with the flow - until I feel it come to me as I go.
Abundance, the word is beautiful with energies of exuberance, exhilaration, enthusiasm, and sensuality. I like words, so I looked it up. The primary meaning refers to"Unda" the female water spirit, overflowing or surging wave. Staying in the water metaphor and always "plentiful", it also used to describe "bursting forth" like a spring, or ... seething, boiling, foaming, bubbling which implies some interaction with the environment. Made me smile because it is all proof of our energy, the good feelings and the impacted ones. That intensity I got accused of now and then, it is my energy trust fund! All I have to do is take off the lid when I am alone and get out of my way!
Apropos accusations: in the awareness of abundance, there is no place for criticism, no time for negativity. Not inside the CrimsonCircle as Adamus pointed out a while ago, not anywhere else in my life. I am not quick to attack, but I have been triggered to defend myself, vigorously - what a waste of time that, too, in a post-factual world. "Facts" are side effects of a larger reality, just like money is a side effect of abundance, so why not look at the big picture instead: Could it be I took in SES to hold myself accountable for my interactions with others, but neglected the all-important other part of loving myself, instead of hoping and expecting it to come, at least in part, from others? I was in the first SES class ever, and self-love back then felt to me like icing on the cake. Turns out, it is the cake, and it is time to eat it. Apart from SES that keeps on giving, the single most helpful other class for me to facilitate the love of self has been Threshold, so I am going to repeat that one in a few weeks. I can use the boost.
When I do feel love for myself, it makes me infinitely more generous with "others", and life becomes about the level of consciousness on earth, my contribution to the Zeitgeist, instead of petty personal dismissals. Adamus encourages us to actively appreciate, leave feedback for things that work, people who create. Feedback has become another currency.
And we are to grow up financially, do some basic research, and invest our energy into value we believe in. Not so much for immediate riches, but to participate and experience, take ownership. Adamus makes an interesting point that whatever corporations may have stood for, and some still do, there is a new group of entrepreneurs on the planet that works passionately and creatively to bring consciousness into the economy while living out their own brilliance. I saw firsthand what he meant when I listened to a few podcasts about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I was lucky to happen upon interviews with the founder of bitcoin and a few other key figures, and I was impressed and excited to have "met" them (I felt right at home because they use the same disclaimer about "entertainment value only" regarding their financial insights:) They have a selfless passion for their work, a fair and balanced way of working with each other even in tense competition, amazed at what unfolds. All of them on a cutting edge they don't know will work out for them personally or not. Their challenges are not so different from ours, except they don't bother sweating abundance: The founder of bitcoin never worked a job in his life, he experienced a "liquidity event" early on and that freed him to serve his purpose as a master. "Liquidity event" is my new favorite word.
If you have deliberate or random issues with abundance, you may have them thrown in your face like cream pie... If you are currently in debt and it is not a mortgage, listen to Prognost Update at your own risk. There is homework too, everything is interactive at this stage, every step a threshold.
Acknowledging that it is a complex issue, Adamus is offering a Q&A in a few weeks, a rare opportunity to have our direct questions answered.
So let's get to it, Shaumbra, home stretch!
Siglinde Elise Schwenzl (SES, haha..)
Member of CC review team.
Review by Sig / (Posted on 7/21/2020)
Abundance 101
. Rich. Dark. Delicious! Not just my morning coffee but watching the ProGnost 2020 Update this morning, I savoured both! I have loved most of the ProGnosts over the years as well as the updates but this one is Adamus at his boldest, which like a good cup of java, is kick ass in delivery! Even Geoff commented at the end that it was one of the most different channels he has done… With or without coffee, trust me you won’t fall asleep on this one!

Subtitled Adamonomics 101, (say that three times), Adamus is on fire in this two-part offering about what the economy really is and what it means to us personally and on the planet right now. I have to admit, I never studied Economics in school other than “Home Ec” where I used what Adamus calls the first robot, the sewing machine! I’ve never really thought about the word “economics” which Adamus tells us is from Latin meaning “house”. An economy is a House, a way to manage energy, with two or more. And since all energy is ours, it’s important for a Master to understand the economy since ultimately it’s our own house, our own economy and our own energy! Take another deep sip of coffee and let that sink in…

This ProGnost Update just doesn’t talk about the convergence happening but IS a convergence too of Adamus’ recent channels. It’s like he couldn’t talk about it until now and I feel that’s why his passionate delivery style. Do you remember the June 2020 Shoud where he was giving us the abundance lecture? Like finally Shaumbra, shift your money shit or get off the planet! Well this update explains the why with some practical wisdom and more.

Adamonomics is the type of economics lecture I can listen to! You know when Professor A has the podium, you better sit up straight and take notes! Adamus gives us a basic Economics 101 history lesson from apples to jackasses. It’s like “Economics for Dummies” oops Masters! Ultimately, it’s all your own energy and you’re only trading with yourself. “You’re just transferring from one energy state in your reality to another, pretending that somebody else is involved”. I love this and it reminds me of a quote from A Course in Miracles “Never forget you give but to yourself.” Why I just shake my head with the money whiners that still persist on Shaumbra social media… I’m with Adamus just leave if you can’t own your own energy!

I love this overview of the world market and how it developed over 500 years that Adamus shares. Supply and demand. Command economy. Mixed economy. The gold standard. Corporations vs governments. Honestly a lot of stuff I’ve never thought a lot about or studied…. It’s not been my “thing’ but understanding my own energy and why I’m here HAS been my passion and this update connects it all for me! It’s not outside me. It IS me. You can’t separate understanding this topic from yourSelf!

As Adamus says too “The planet is overdue for an economic change” and the Corona virus of course is doing exactly that. Shaking it up both inside and out. And now we’re really paying attention aren’t we? When suddenly it hits our wallets and way of living. The economy is front page news everyday!

I think for most people including Shaumbra, there is a lot of ignorance and shame regarding money. We’ve kept it separate from ourselves when ultimately it is ALL our own energy and time to “own it” and not “owe it” according to Adamus. And why this update is so timely when Adamus insists that we Master up and live abundantly or get out. It seems like it’s the one dragon that spiritual people still drag along the path of Realization… But it will keep you from crossing the Threshold and enJoying life as an embodied Master sitting on your park bench drinking coffee listing to “kaching!”

Adamus doesn’t hold back and dives deep into the subjects of debt, bankruptcy, credit cards and more. Who me Adamus? Actually prior to finding CC 20 years ago, I looked much of that dragon in the eye and realized back then debt was just a number, not good or bad and paid off what seemed like an insurmountable number without going bankrupt. I literally created a sales bonus that cleared it in three months but totally agree with Adamus you can’t let it own you and need to allow the forgiveness of self. Living debt free is the freedom of the Master and Adamus makes that very clear to move forward you need to own, not owe. Deep breath and another sip of coffee!

However Adamus also delves into investments and endorses cryptocurrency much to my surprise! This is certainly an area too I’ve had experience in and felt my wisdom lacking, “losing” in the tech bubble years ago and avoiding the market since. When Shaumbra were playing with crypto a few years ago, I put my toes in the water and did invest some now worth half of what I put in! So yes Adamus I’m in the game and willing to have a look at my energy again as he invites us too. It’s just me investing in me! I agree from material to a digital standard is what the world will value now. And what’s the difference in a placeholder for energy? I think I’m getting it… I really love that you are giving us some “practicum” now as part of your classes! AND going to offer more “Adanomonics” in future sessions. I guess that’s getting our “MA” advanced grad class!

There is so much valuable, rich information in this ProGnost Update! And yes you will have to invest $60 usd of your own energy and borrow from the bank of your “I AM” to experience it. You giving to you. What’s there to lose? Maybe just your excuses about living an abundant life in ease and grace. On the beach or bench of your choosing, with Kona coffee of course!

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 7/12/2020)
What struck me the most was the clear statement, that “either you owe or own energy,” stated by Adamus about economy, now Adamonomics, created by Adamus. As everything – everything – is my own energy, is perceived by me … I cannot blame others about anyt
. Adamus is glowing with an amazing, vital, breathtaking energy in this update of ProGnost 2020.
I guess that Geoffrey Hoppe has needed a couple of days to “recover” after channeling this.

It is not often that I listen to Adamus without taking a “nap” in between. In this update I was not falling out; Adamus was so energetic and direct in sharing his message.
Among “spiritual” people it is common to have the view that rich persons have bad personalities, have cheated others to obtain their wealth. Adamus states that many of the persons leading the world`s biggest corporations are conscious people. They are here for a reason; among other things to change commerce, education and equality and to help balancing economy (energy exchange) in society.

What struck me the most was the clear statement, that “either you owe or own energy,” stated by Adamus about economy, now Adamonomics, created by Adamus. As everything – everything – is my own energy, is perceived by me … I cannot blame others about anything; other people are my own creation and I also create what happens between us, so why not just create abundance at all levels. Abundance is the natural state of being …
I feel abundant at many levels but with the money flow. It has always been easy for me to create the money I need; it just turns up at the right time. But feeling abundant totally is something else. It is not about the money in the bank. It is a feeling. It is letting energy serve me.
Adamus encourages us to get familiar with cryptocurrency, as this is going to be used more and more in energy exchange. I got curious and found that 1 bitcoin = over 9000 USD! I was amazed …
Economy is “house” from Latin, says Adamus. Just like Shaumbra and Keahak are a kind of houses, created at a conscious level through a gathering of individuals; economy is an agreement about energy exchange.
Look forward to Adamus` Adamonomics lecture in this ProGnost 2020 Update. He is so inspiring.

I really love this boost from Adamus in ProGnost 2020 Update, Adamonomics 101.
AND a Master`s Pause about Abundance is almost out. Looking forward to that, too
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 7/12/2020)
It is all in your own energy
This is Adamus at his best! So passionate and clear. I love it. It is all about economic, or Adamomonics as he calls it. I would not have found it an exciting subject beforehand, but that changed.
Essential, it is the understanding that it is all your own energy. When you trade with somebody, you are really transforming one expression of your own energy into another. The other person is not part of your energy. So, it is a game you play with yourself. It is difficult for the mind to get, but I got a feeling that it is true. That gives a whole new perspective when everything takes place in your own energy. You are not taking advantage of anybody else, and they are not taking anything from you. Adamus has talked about it for quite a while now, and during these sessions I felt it began to sink in on a feeling level, not just as a mental concept.
The unbalance of energy goes all the way back to when we left our I AM and just wanted to go back home. We did not know how and then looked at other entities for the answer. Seeking outside of our own energy. That caused the first virus to appear. We know the sexual energy virus, having to do with unbalance between feminine / masculine energy, light / dark etc. The corona virus that we have right now has to do with economic unbalances, and we will see changes coming. People will no longer accept the old ways.
The corona virus has given most people time to review their lives. When everything is quiet, you can feel yourself. Go deep within to discover how do you really want to spend your life? Going beyond limitations.
One of the things he talked about that gave me goosebumps was that some people of high consciousness had chosen to come to Earth at this time to create businesses that would support equality. It would not only be about the bottom line, but a balance in use of resources and taking care of the environment and also giving back to those who buy their products.
In connection with that there would also be the goal that everybody should have the same possibilities. What they do with it, that is up to them. – After all, it is their own energy.
Abundance, one of the important issues. I feel I have a very abundant life in terms of the place I live, nature, relations, doing what I love to do – everything except money. It has been an issue since I was a teenager. It started by an incident where I was blamed to use my own money to buy something I wanted. They ought to have been saved so another could use them if necessary. I do not blame that person, after all it was my own creation. It put up a pattern that I really wasn’t allowed to own my energy. Every time I had extra money, something happened. The car had to be fixed, the washing machine broke down etc.
It also ties into the old belief that if you are spiritual, you have to be poor. You have to sacrifice yourself. So, on one hand I wanted some nice things (and bought them) and then punishing myself for having done that by not having money enough for some necessary things. What a game! But funny, I have always managed to have money to go to workshops, no matter how bad the finances were. All this shows me, I am the creator of these games. So, I can also un-create them! It all takes place in my own energy. All I have to do is to allow.
Adamus talks about a lot more, but this is what stroke me the most. He always says, he will feel into where we are at and talk about that. To me this was truly a wake-up call. Thank you Adamus.
I highly recommend ProGnost 2020 Update.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 7/10/2020)
Good to know
. Adamus is sharing a lot and very important information. It’s the summer of Passion or Realization and I am happy to know now what he does share with us.
Review by Merlin Peter S. / (Posted on 7/9/2020)