ProGnost™ 2020 - Planetary Awakening

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  • The planetary awakening is happening – huge news!
  • Many will come to Realization through technology rather than spirituality
  • We found what we were looking for, so Order of the Arc is closing down
  • What comes from Earth will go throughout the universe
  • There’s a large number of first-timers on the planet
  • Humans are facing identity loss, digital hypnosis, gender blur and more


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ProGnost 2020
Planetary Awakening

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In this look at current trends on Earth, Adamus states that 2020 marks the beginning of a large-scale planetary awakening. The light of consciousness around the world has illuminated technology potentials that are changing the very nature of life on Earth. This planet, imagined into being by the Order of the Arc, was created as a place to learn the relationship between energy and consciousness. Now that this mission has succeeded, it opens the doorway for humanity to bring life to the entire universe. Adamus states that in the future many humans will come to Realization through the path of technology rather than spirituality, for Realization is simply remembering who you are and why you’re here.

Adamus talks about the many “waves of awakening” that have moved across the planet since the end of World War II, bringing drastic changes to all facets of life. This awakening will bring chaos and anxiety – remember your own – and could happen much, much sooner than expected, partly because the population of Earth became connected in the last 30 years – an unprecedented occurrence in Earth’s history.

While about 96% of all beings who have ever incarnated on Earth are currently on the planet, Adamus states that 33% of the current population are on their first or second incarnation. He also talks briefly about the curious fact that more and more beings are living multiple incarnations simultaneously.

Adamus provides a fascinating discussion of “quantum trends” on the planet, including loss of personal identity, reality confusion, more pleasure seeking but less pleasure, digital hypnosis, gender blur and much more. He also states that many who come to Realization through technology will leave the planet immediately. Shaumbra, however, have chosen to stay, in part to leave a legacy of wisdom for those who follow.


Session 1 (1:05:26)
A look at developments that have contributed to the planetary awakening now underway and a passionate reminder of why you are here on Earth.

Session 2 (1:15:13)
Imagine your own awakening, now happening 10 times as fast on a global scale, along with a huge influx of first-timers as technology follows consciousness, and important “quantum trends” are shaping human reality.

Session 3 (1:09:25)
Awakening brings anxiety and tremendous mental health challenges, while the technical race for singularity is on and the global awakening leads to creation of a living universe.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Louisville, Colorado, January 2020

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Planetary Awakening and why we are here
. In this ProGnost I did enjoyed the perspectives that comes with the Planetary Awakening, that was announced in this event, and understanding why we and me are here while contemplating and feeling the vast information that comes in each of the sessions. I have to say that after a number of views, just now I can fully enjoy the good jokes that Adamus makes along the presentation, maybe I just got used with the information and it is easy now.
It was fascinating to realize that what comes from Earth will go to other parts of universe and technology is the way to do that, and I liked very much the perspective in why was the shutting down of the Order of the Arc: because it’s working, we found the answers and we continue on. Then comes the news that it is a Planetary Awakening – huge News, now the planet it’s officially in Awakening (and that is scary). A very interesting realization about our path: the realization that we took on the spiritual path, and the rest of the planet will not be using that path, they will use the technology path. Then comes the history of planetary awakening – the perspectives on the historic events, where I found a real value in looking from a new perspective at the events I knew or even lived, but now is a fascinating perspective, well, like looking with different eyes. It was interesting to note that technology connected humans in a very short time in 30 years – absolutely unprecedented, and that it will bring the planet together. The fact that the human mind / psyche is not ready for the level of changes that are coming is very notable by the effects of wide use of mind-altering drugs. And it was kind of interesting helper to understand why I and we were waiting with our realization for this time and why are we now here.
From the second session, I found it very interesting the opening discussions: the reminder what awakening is - let go of everything – releasing everything so you can get back to who you truly are, that fact that we have chosen to stay, while most coming to realization will leave quickly, the fact that the average time for awakening is 3-5 lifetimes, and now it becomes some hundreds years – in linear mode or 2050? Now it is also the time when everything goes new (system, network – organic or manmade), as it was presented in a Shoud, but now it is that time. The most important remainder is that Technology follows Consciousness (always!). In the talks, Adamus place a high importance on what we did, or how (we have taken personally some problems that were not ours, including abundance issues) and now it’s time to just release that, while reminding us that we did brought this consciousness. The time of convergence is detailed in this talks, how Gaia is leaving and it will be felt in this year, how all beings that incarnated ever on Earth are back, even that it is a very short lingering in the Near Earth realms – no more than 12 years between incarnations. Some of the quantum trends seem to be kind of known, or casual (for the mind), but feeling into that is interesting to feel what some potentials could look like. It is interesting to note that it can be the next 12 signs of awakening looking on all the talks involving the technology.
The third session is very interesting by having a talk about trends, also, but also there is a Q&A portion, that really explains interesting questions. It was fascinating to realize how the idea that we chose to be here for a reason and that this talks are for us to understand the world that we chose to be in. Interesting about technology, that you just have to be aware of it, not really know it, and it all will be ok. Also it is fascinating that technology will launch humans into realization. And that the energy is nothing but a communication, that will open eyes, because technology is proving that’s a lot more out-there. And the amazing thing that technology will have the capability to go to a rock and infuse the life-force energy like Gaia did.
So the main idea is to Allow our Realization, Realization doesn’t hurt… it is time to Remember why we are here and that we are here to Allow our Realization. In the Q&A it comes very easy to notice and understand that we are here for a reason and that brings some effects – on Earth, on Cosmos and on the Order of the Arc. Also, there is a chapter about what we can do… interesting, and fun: I liked the illustration made by Adamus regarding allowing, looks like fun, but real application from my part, I can say already .
So I find this material very important in order to understand all the perspectives of why we are here and the importance of this time of convergence. On a personal level it is very important for me.
Many, many thank to our friends that make it possible for such important materials: Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC Staff.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 4/15/2020)
Important - do not miss this one
. This was such an important information for me personally. Connected so many dots. Prognost was never my favorite program from Crimson Circle. Prognost 2019 update literally made me sick. This time the energies were more harmonious, and I felt hope for humanity no matter which potentials we choose. Technology and consciousness are connecting, and I can feel that.

Prognost usually shows planetary trends and this is the only CC program where Adamus doesn’t collect energy of Shaumbra. This time he presented History of the waves of awakening and brought a lot of new information.

I personally embraced technology in my life on a professional level. Decided to become a computer programmer in early 80ties. And after connecting the dots while listening to Prognost 2020 I felt how deeply soulful choice it was. The world of technology embraced me especially after moving from Poland to California due to my daughter’s medical issues. Once everything was fine with her, I started looking for a job. New country, new language, 7 years break in professional career, so I found an entry way into one of the largest chip makers in the world. I started as a technician over 20 years ago. Now I’m leading technical projects and having time of my life. Connecting consciousness and technology. Adamus mentioned Moor’s Law on so many occasions. I happen to know who Gordon Moor is – he was a founder of my company.

Prognost 2020 brings important information about changes in human psychology. Human psyche can’t keep up with the changes and I enjoyed the segment for Mental Health Care a lot. It gave me deep understanding of why I am here on the planet right now. Helped me to embody and celebrate it.

In the end I felt huge relief – technology without awakening is not a valid potential anymore. Seems like we crossed that threshold and now we have strong potentials towards awakened technology.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 3/17/2020)
The Planet Awakens
. In the video narration that introduces each session of ProGnost 2020, Adamus Saint-Germain states: “I created ProGnost to give you a vision of what the world will be like in the next few decades.” And he does just that by discussing some of the quantum trends that are already here and some that have a high potential to be on the planet in the years to come.

This ProGnost is called “Planetary Awakening”, and that the planet is going through its own awakening at this time seems remarkable. Adamus reviews events from years past to explain why the year 2020 is so signficant, and the part that Shaumbra plays in the planetary
awakening. He again reminds us that it’s no coincidence that so many of us chose to come at the time of a quantum leap in technology. You can’t avoid a discussion of technology when it comes to taking a look at the future of the planet, because its influence on the direction of where humanity is going can’t be overstated.

That there are other pathways to realization is just one of the surprising things that came from ProGnost 2020. Like others, I didn’t see that coming, and it took a second for it to sink in. But the more I felt into it, it seems in line with where humanity is going. Letting go of the notion that there is just one way to Realization is a beautiful opportunity to be fully in compassion. To honor and respect the pathway of others - even into their own Realization - with no judgment. It can allow you to break down the idea that there is a heirarcy of any kind in Realization. In other words, one pathway is not higher, nobler or more esteemed than another. Like Adamus said, others will do it differently.

Yes, there is some information in ProGnost 2020 that can be difficult to hear. However,
embedded in this experience are things very pertinent to Shaumbra as they become realized. Adamus again issues the invitation to understand just why we are on the planet right now. We’ve heard it many times before, but as he works with us at the deeper levels, we can take it from a mental concept to something we embody and celebrate! That feels like a ray of light in what can feel like some pretty dark forecasts. Adamus ends ProGnost by giving some simple suggestions of what to do right now, which I always appreciate. Spoiler alert: allowing is

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 2/23/2020)
Mission Accomplished
cried the Essenes for old times' sake, knowing full well it was merely Allowed to unfold...

If you like fireworks, you will love Prognost 2020. I could not listen to it sitting down, I was standing, pacing, grooving, stretching - the intensity was as exhilarating as it was uncomfortable, depending on how I listened.
There has been this gradual shift for me during Prognosts over the years: from sitting, transfixed, listening to learn what was to come at us, to being in motion like a player on the field sharing an earpiece with coach on how to play the game and have fun with it, too.
Embodied, while Realized, no agenda except allowing creation to flow through me while somewhat functional, occasionally social and always safe.

So why do we chose to stay, when just about everyone so far left like a bat out of hell the instant they were realized? Adamus keeps asking/reminding us, how committed we are to stay, I have been thinking three times should have been enough! Then it occurred to me that every time he asks, it is because things have changed already again, and it is not getting prettier, but it MATTERS in ways we can't even grasp.
Adamus draws a big broad stroke where the formerly overarching Order of the Arc is now but a wave among waves... He unearths the passion of the Mission all of us have been on from our very first incarnation to now, until "Do you choose to stay?" dissolves into an intense feeling of the Honor that is in our choice, and the crazy Adventure of it all. "What happens on Earth goes Everywhere". No pressure...
Off the Charts are the demands and challenges he lays out, and equally Off the Charts are the resources to meet them, if and only if we realize that "It is ALL my Energy", and "It is All Here to Serve Me". I am getting why Adamus says we need to Allow that to make it as Beings of Realized Light on this planet, and why Now, this year, is a really good time to do it.

Shit is definitely going to hit the Fan:
Earth is in its own Planetary Awakening Phase now, and that is HUGE news and it changes everything, literally. Sooner than expected with Technology whipping the pace into a frenzy by connecting everyone on the planet every moment of every day....
Oh and Spirituality is just one portal to realization, yes, Spirituality is optional. That knocked me for a loop, Technology is equally capable, and it is the path the new ones will take??!!?
Heck, a really good trauma might be enough at some point ... I am thinking of the actor Will Smith, who bungee-jumped from a helicopter into the Grand Canyon and has not been the same since; he may just have found a really fun way home!

I don't much care today about capitalizations or punctuation, or even if any of this makes sense; y'all have to read between the lines, listen for yourselves
( and get your own brains mangled, to come out giddy with understandings you have no way of communicating anymore.
Does it help if I say it feels great?

Siglinde Schwenzl
Member of the CC Product Review Team
Review by Elise / (Posted on 2/17/2020)
Don't miss this stunning presentation!
. Prognost 2020 Planetary Awakening is seeing and feeling an overview of the quantum leaps and most likely potentials for the next 30 years. It’s about why we chose to be here at this specific Time of Machines/explosion of technology, and what we can do right now. It’s so we can understand the world we have chosen to live in. It is a stunning “BIG picture” of “us” from creating the Order of the Arc to creating the Living Universe.
Adamus creates exceptional clarity and awareness and a beautifully expanded knowing that All IS Well in All of Creation. Don’t miss it.
In the first session, Adamus shares several big pieces. NO one, not even the Ascended Master’s can see what’s going to be happening on Earth past the next 30 years (after 2050-54); things will be so different, there’s no way to “see” it from where we are. Everything goes off the charts into what he calls singularity. He gives the example of the Mayans not being able to see past 2012 for the same reason. Too different.
We are now in the beginning of a planetary awakening, made possible by technology. He noted that the reality of this awakening became clear only in the past 6 months.
Everything goes New. Technology is following consciousness. THIS year is critical as we are in a quantum leap in technology; all of which will not become public for a few years. Advances in technology are 3 times more this year than in any of the past 5 years. Use of SSRIs will increase from use by 13% of the population to 33% in the next 5-6 years.
He wants us to remember clearly why we’re here. To understand the relationship of Energy & Consciousness.
Earth is a tiny “backwater outpost” in a huge universe, a universe that is waiting for Earth. Technology is the way.
And yet, it took me several listenings to get this: Realization is not spiritual. The new wave of awakening humans will experience realization via technology.
Adamus presents a meaningful timeline of waves of awakening, beginning with 1948, the year after my birth year! WW II is over, Israel becomes a state, the counter culture of the 60’s, the moon landing in 1969 that was seen by 2/3s of the world’s population, the internet, the coming together of Shaumbra in 1999, and several other markers. However, the most significant is the development of the iPhone around 2007, solidifying technology around the planet.
With global use of around 5 billion iPhones by 2009, “technology became an equalizer of consciousness….that would ultimately ensure that technology kept on going and ultimately ensure the awakening of the planet.”
And while the internet provided limited use for individuals in 1991, today there are about 6 billion connected devices on peoples desks and in their hands, around the world. This is looking back just 30 years. Adamus notes that this is unprecedented!
All of this originated in the Order of the Arc with awareness that the relationship of energy and consciousness was shifting/slowing down. The Earth experiment began. The “pump was primed” 2000 years ago, and now, Adamus reminds us, we chose to come here in THIS lifetime to be a part of all of this awakening, technology following consciousness and both now going beyond the mind and body.
Adamus begins Session 2 with saying that while we might expect a planetary awakening to take 2 to 3 lifetimes, it could happen in the next 30 years. EVERYTHING GOES NEW.
He discusses a number of “Quantum Trends”, the signs of Tech Awakening and makes an analogy to when Tobias gave us the signs of Human Awakening. Signs of Tech Awakening include loss of personal identity, social isolation, power, control, and rules, epic reality confusion, lack of focus, increased pleasure seeking, less sensuality, decreased sensitivity, loneliness, digital hypnosis, erosion of the family unit, gender blur and a few others.
Planetary awakening and acceleration of consciousness via technology will not be like we did it. And yet, awareness is awareness and realization is realization, no matter the “path” to get there.
In Session 3, Adamus talks about global and individual anxiety, mental health, Replica, the technical race (both the act of getting there first as well as the creation of a new race of humans), reminds us that consciousness is behind all of this, and then does questions & answers……...all his!! He does engage the audience on one question.
They are great questions: Did our being here now activate planetary awakening or did we show up just to be a part of it?, What does Tobias’s departure and 1500 Ascended Masters coming back have to do with this?, Will we ever be acknowledged for our pioneering work?
The next few questions are, for me, immensely expanding and inspiring. “Will the global awakening lead to bringing humanity, the human beingness, to other parts of this vast empty universe? Will Earth eventually just go away or become a museum where people from far away will come to see where the creation of a Living Universe all started, “how the Order of the Arc created this beautiful thing that has now gone out and created a living universe?”
The “ultimate” question for me is “How is it that technology could precipitate one’s coming to Realization?” Adamus explains that this will come into being as technology realizes that the physical world has its counterpart in an unphysical world, and that they are always communicating. Technology will come to understand a lot about the human mind and that the human mind and body are all a communication network; that the brain has no intelligence and is simply a processing center. Then technology will have its “Aha” moment, realizing “there is so much more, it’s not linear, we’re not in this little container of biological activity. There is so much more.”
“It’s the new physics that is brought about through technology that will blow their mind that will then cause
their Realization. That’s it.”
My simple distilled understanding is that whether we come via the “spiritual” path, as we did, or the tech path, realization is about realizing that all energy is communicating/communing, all energy is serving me, and I know why I AM here.
The last section of Session 3 is “What Can You Do? Adamus begins with reminding us that we’re here for a reason, and we’re here by choice. He invites us to simply allow Realization, that 2020 is a key year, avoid distractions, act like a Master, and remember why you’re here.
In some part of his presentation, Adamus becomes overwhelmed with emotion in inviting us to remember how immense and beautiful our part is in all of this.
He concludes Prognost 2020 with, “Let’s take a deep breath together for the awakening of a planet and your role in it.”

Love, gratitude, and honor to all of you!
Special thanks to Geoff & Linda for being the voice of Planetary Awakening, with Consciousness.
Review by Patti / (Posted on 2/13/2020)
Our Time Has Come
- “You’ve chosen this lifetime for your embodied Realization and you’ve chosen to stay on the planet to bring New Consciousness. Your office is a park bench or café or wherever you happen to be… Your work is to simply radiate your light!”

So proclaims Adamus’ resonant voiceover as ProGnost 2020 opens with the inspiring video of light rising over the planet… chills! For me, this was and IS the essence of this latest annual planetary update. Nothing more, nothing less. As Adamus states, this is the ONE thing he wants us to really get by the end of this ProGnost. To realize why we are here right now on the planet. That we are here by choice at this time of awakening on the planet. Period.

The next three plus hours of information really fill in the blanks regarding the “why” if you want convincing! It was Professor Adamus AND Geoff/Cauldre at their best delivering a slick slide presentation of what’s happening and our part in creating it. Not psychic predictions but quantum trends in consciousness. I think we all knew 2020 would be different and ProGnost confirms these feelings.

If 2019 was the year of the Dragon, 2020 is the year of true planetary awakening! It’s official, cue the “Age of Aquarius”! Remember that song by the Fifth Dimension in 1969? ( I sure do since my gym teacher made us do a dance routine to it much to my chagrin!) Actually, I think one of my favourite parts of PG20, is the timeline Adamus takes us through outlining our waves of awakening on the planet in the last few decades. Yes, like many of us I was one of those born in the ‘50s after WW II. Still a little young in the 60’s to “partake” other than the music and fashion but I was married and friends to many hippies who helped “blow the doors of the mind open” with LSD as Adamus shares. I remember the moon walk. And soaking in the rain, beating drums to usher in the “Harmonic Convergence” in 1987. (WTF at 4 am in the morning too!) And buying our first “Apple II” in the early ‘90s because my late husband KNEW that was the wave of the future in that little box. Whoa having font choice was revolutionary enough for me!

I really loved this roll down memory lane realizing how the dots connected of how much we’ve been a part of this grand group of gritty angels that left the Order of the Arc to connect again in the Crimson Circle. Didn’t always make a lot of sense to the human but now looking back seeing how the energy has perfectly served me being here right now! I always said I wanted my resume/CV to reflect my “true work” and this would be it. PG20 gives such a lovely confirmation to our journey of awakening as Shaumbra since the time of the Essenes. We’ve earned the Amyho life dammit!

And while we are now allowing our Realization, the rest of the planet is finally awakening. And like our journey, will go through some of the same challenges. However, the big reveal in PG 20 is that unlike us, it will NOT be through spirituality. It will be through technology! What no drum beating in the rain?? Incantations, meditations, chakra tuning? Wow makyo free according to Adamus but with more angst. He goes on to share how this will evolve in the “Time of the Machines" and totally syncs with what is shared in “Master’s Life 11 - Living Energy”. The next 30 years will go quantum and off the charts as the whole planet is connected… I’m glad I may still be here to see it if I choose being the stubborn soul I am!

Now you may be slightly bummed by this different path for those now awakening since of course we all walked to school barefoot, but it will certainly have a gritty path too and Adamus talks about this in depth. There is a dark side to all this technology… from lack of social contact to reality confusion and less pleasure, more depression. Ever our therapists will be a chat bot! (Heh google tell me again how to love myself.) “Digital hypnosis” too and a society where everything is monitored (China is already there.) Too much information, too many choices, too much technology!

Whew! I think anyone like Shaumbra sitting in their Sovereign space will shine a different light in the coming years. And again, that is what Adamus emphasizes IS our work. To simply radiate our light. Unlike most of the 95 percent of the total population that is now coming back, we bring 1000 plus years of wisdom to share in our stories that AI will NEVER replicate.

Adamus ends ProGnost 2020 with some poignant questions that made me realize just how important the pioneering work we’ve done and the role of Shaumbra and Crimson Circle is in the history of planetary awakening. We ARE the first group to truly understand the role of energy and consciousness and “get” all energy is ours. (See ML11). The Order of the Arc is rolling up it’s welcome mat because of us. Can we now acknowledge who we are even if our karmic family can’t? Our Angelic ones can! And Adamus promises free drinks on him at the Ascended Master’s Club. French champagne of course!

ProGnost 2020 ends with a touching music video by Liam Ó-Maonlaí. Get the Kleenex.

“Worry not, your time has come. The time of angels has begun…”

Our time HAS truly come Shaumbra! I feel deeply grateful for reconnecting with so many of you and discovering the Crimson Circle in my timeline of 2003. Thank you for making this possible Geoff and Linda Hoppe, Tobias, Adamus, the Crimson Council and all the CC staff that takes us where no group has gone before. We are blessed and I look forward to the next 30 years of “interesting times" sitting on my park bench, dog by my feet, latte in hand!

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 1/24/2020)
This year`s forecast was a great surprise and eye opener for me. I had a feeling of where the world goes, but Adamus really makes it clear what is happening, shocking clear. What Adamus describes is the quantum trends in human consciousness; the most like
- Since 2014 Adamus has held the annual forecast, called ProGnost … and I have been looking forward to each one. Scary, mind-blowing, soothing …
This year`s forecast was a great surprise and eye opener for me. I had a feeling of where the world goes, but Adamus really makes it clear what is happening, shocking clear. What Adamus describes is the quantum trends in human consciousness; the most likely potentials, subject to change; it is important to understand the big picture.
Adamus tells about the development of human consciousness, the waves of awakening, from the very beginning till today. Repeats the fact that Earth was imagined and created by the Order of the Arc; that life on Earth is not a test or a punishment. Like Gaia is leaving Earth, leaving the responsibility for taking care of Earth to humans, so is the Order of the Arc now shutting down. Why? Because a planetary awakening has begun … Wow! So soon! What a surprise! Adamus asks if you and I remember our awakening to prepare us to realize once again why we are here: To be realized beings staying in physical body on Earth, shining our light to soothe the way for those going through their awakening. NOTE: Not with bla-bla talk about our spiritual path! New ones go through their awakening the technology way!
2020 will be the year of technological breakthroughs with a quantum jump in inventions, especially about energy. Try to feel into the speed that technology has evolved: 30 years has passed, now a computer is in the hands of people … everywhere on Earth. This causes a huge shift in consciousness. We now have an interconnected digital society … Many good things from this, but also causing a denser mass consciousness.
Loneliness and lack of social skills are bi-results of the use of these technological devices. The mind is not able to follow the level of changes. We will see an increase in the use of anti-depressives, drugs, alcohol AND suicides. So, this is where you and I come in …
Adamus mentions a phenomenon called Replika. I googled it. Here it is: “The AI companion who cares. Always here to listen and talk. Always on your side. Join millions growing with their AI friends now!” This is a site where you can buy and program your own best friend. Doctor, lawyer, best friend, lover (soon to come via IA) … you name it. Now you can have your doc, best friend etc. on your mobile phone. A chat bot assisting you in managing your life. I find this scary, but many people are using it now; I wonder if they are aware of, that it is not a person communicating with them but a robot (bot).
I have gone through the Sessions twice; and I will go through at least once more. Adamus says in the beginning that he will make sure energetically that we get the message … I have had very sensitive skin after ProGnost 2020. Have had dizzy periods (like after other channelings) … So, go for your sensations
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 1/23/2020)
Planet Earth is awakening!
- Since Adamus a few years back, started talking about AI and robots in ProGnost and the updates, they have almost been like a horror series. But this one is different. What really excites me, is that the planet Earth has started its awakening! He couldn’t have said it would happen just 6 month ago, but now it’s official. Not all people, but a lot. What really astonishes me, was that they will do it through technology! I had never thought it would be possible. I have always thought the only way was through spirituality. Like we have done it. Maybe I shouldn’t complain so much when my grandsons, when visiting us, want to play on their iPad…
And more, it’s not only the humans that are awakening, the planet is too. You probably remember, Tobias and/or Adamus talked about that Gaia is leaving. That causes people to take responsibility for the planet. A lot of debate about that is going on now.
On an unconscious level, people will feel that she is withdrawing, and that causes anxiety. A feeling of being abandoned.
Although I feel excited about this awakening on the planet, it is not because it is all going to be peace and love from now on. If you remember your own awakening, it was often very tough, when all the suppressed stuff came to the forefront to be seen, accepted and released. And sometimes joyful moments too.
The most important for all Shaumbra on a personal level, is to remember why we came here on this time. We have chosen to be here and have our realization and stay on the planet to shine our light as a support to all the humans awakening. Meaning, allow your realization! That also includes, to let go of all the burdens we have taken on that never were ours. He even said that we came in rather clear but took on burdens to make it easier for those coming after us. But they are theirs to deal with now.
Adamus emphasizes several times that they will have some other issues than we had. We had the guilt, shame and unworthiness. Because they are not doing it the spiritual way, they will bypass that. Instead they will have loss of identity and not knowing they can go deeper within to find who they really are. Like we did. Loneliness will be another issue. Some will work from home and have no contact with other humans. That is a tough one. I certainly appreciate that I have been on this journey together with others. Just to know that you are not alone, others are going through the same as you. Before I met CC, I have been in other groups. A great comfort.
Adamus mentioned several other issues. There will be an increased drug abuse, depression and suicide. Mental problems will be solved with the use of different “happy pills”. Not the most joyful scenario.
The most important we can do is to have total compassion for them. Whatever they choose. By our example show them that we got through it, and they can also.
A final point I would like to mention. According to Adamus, nobody – not even the ascended Masters – can see what happens after 2050. The Earth could blow up, or it could take a quantum leap, into realization. Well, we’ll have to wait and see.
There is so much information and new perspectives in this ProGnost. I managed to stay awake (almost) both times I have watched it, but afterwards and the following days, I feel like I was walking around like a zombie. Although some of the stuff is everything else than nice to listen to, I still have this feeling, Yes! Now it is rolling!
I would also like to mention the beautiful intro, both the words of Geoff /Adamus and the graphics. The lightening on stage during the sessions was absolutely beautiful.
If you want to stay tune with what is going on, on the planet right now, this is THE information you are looking for.
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 1/21/2020)