ProGnost™ 2021 - The Ænd Times


 •  Your energy precedes you
 •  We’re going local linear and far beyond
 •  Technology is driving tremendous change
 •  Society is transforming in countless ways
 •  There’s a reason you’ve felt deep sadness
 •  Take care of you first; it changes everything

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ProGnost 2021 
The Ænd Times  

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Humanity has entered the long-awaited Age of Aquarius, also called the Christos or Crystal Era, what Adamus calls the Time of Machines. Consciousness, energy, communications and technology are changing so fast that within 30 years every facet of human life will be different. As conscious humans move into Æterna or “no Time” and this potential is added to mass consciousness, it becomes possible to choose a past without trauma and a future of grand expansion. The deep sadness felt by humans across the globe comes from an inner knowing that we no longer need to create the inhumanity of the past. 

Adamus Saint-Germain outlines a number of trends at the forefront of this change, all driven by technology and backed by consciousness. These trends include things like bioengineering, decentralized manufacturing, CRISPR, new language processing capabilities, redefinition of the family unit, physical and mental augmentation, and more. The coronavirus brought tremendous change, and business is playing an ever-growing role in shaping the planet while the roles of cultural karma, religion and military power no longer serve humanity.

You go first; the planet follows. It’s why you’re here.

Session 1 (1:14:56)
The Ænd Times are here now; everything is changing faster than ever, driven by technology. 2020 brought huge changes in all realms, and many new technologies are changing the planet. 

Session 2 (1:04:59)
As society undergoes drastic changes and new trends of all kinds, super mass consciousness grows exponentially heavier and denser with the tremendous amount of energy communications. 

Session 3 (1:04:51)
Time, originally kept in place by the Order of the Arc, is meant to be flexible; you can be in Time and in Æterna (“no time”). The Tears of Humanity come as we realize it’s about taking care of self, not harming others.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoff & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, Louisville, Colorado, January 2021

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The Ænd Times
. A cloud class that has a lot of information and feelings about this times and helps to realize that we are in a new era. In this event Adamus brings some perspectives and trends regarding the global situation, while at the other gatherings it’s about our journey. In this one it’s interesting to note that the trends and perspectives are for us to better navigate into the times that we are in.
I appreciated much the wise prepared way of Adamus starting easy with some jokes and getting pretty fast into the main themes that would help us understand and be prepared for the next world changes that are taking place. The first two sessions do explain much that changes are coming on all levels, while the technology is the main factor that drives these changes in a kind of neutral way. So the sessions present a lot of information to the mind and going beyond into the feelings, addressing the fact that we are in a new era already, it is already here the thing that we are here for, divine and human incarnate. And all is put into a working perspective, including with the major changes in all of creation in 2020, and here, on Earth, we still have to face some major changes that are in the making.
As I perceived the importance to understand how technology is a major factor driving the changes – in fact it is the tool for change, I also liked the kind of new perspectives that Adamus presents about bio-engineering, nanotechnology, 3D printing, CRISPR – DNA editing and correcting it, quantum computing, super teams, neuromorphic computing, and language processing that brings us into the AEnd time – everything is about energy and communications.
The second session is more society oriented, putting things into a perspective how the work from home is here to stay, the redefining of some concepts, like family, and other trends that bring about more change like the augmentation using technology, Tears of Humanity, Super Mass Consciousness – ready to overload, something called BrainNet – topics that are very captivating to some degree.
Session 3 is the most amazing, kind of being prepared by the first two that are leading to something very deep in terms of feeling. One of the topics is time, and a broad talk from Adamus in terms how time affects humans, and how it becomes a responsibility to them, looking through all history from coming here from the Order of the Arc to Earth, and now this element of evolution becomes the responsibility of humans. And this portion can be a good reference on understanding time and Æterna (the term that means no time), with some practical applications. Other important talk is about the Super Mass Consciousness, how everything is uploaded there, and how we can use it as a reference or library from time to time once we are released from it, and so much more detailed information on how it works and the best potential for it to open humanity into evolution. The most deeper part is the Merabh for Tears of Humanity, that is the experience that concludes the event, but has more deeper effects than expected. It is a very personal experience and now it is available as a separate material, also, but I found it more relevant in the whole material.
While this ProGnost marks the awareness that we are into a new era (The Ænd Times) and that are changes that are on their way into the human life on the planet, with a very touching Merabh about the Tears of Humanity, I do appreciate and giving thanks for this event to Geoffrey, Linda, and the CC staff presenting such important perspectives to us.
I see this material special and do highly recommend it.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 4/1/2021)
New information from Adamus
. As usual in Prognost, Adamus talks a lot about global trends and the list is very long this time from DNA editing to 3D printing and so much more. And I am still researching the companies involved in those new and upcoming technologies and adding them to my Watch List. Just like robotics in 2015, and crypto currency last summer. And as we know - Adamus doesn’t give stock tips. He broadens the understanding where to look at or feel into in those times of de-centralization of information and YouTube influencers. He very strongly pushes us into hearing the song of energy and choosing what is in harmony with our own. But is helps to know the direction.

I learned to love Prognost over the years – it provides very practical information that expands my horizons and continues to have a large impact on my wellbeing, since I do take actions, explore new things and concepts, and don’t panic when things go under water. I also noticed how Adamus is crafting the new information so we can absorb and implement into our lives. Thank you for that!

Adamus is also talking about technology. And I am deeply embedded in technology, working on a smallest hardware levels with transistors, capacitors, diodes, etc. I am very familiar with CMOS, silicon-based technology. And, what I find a little ironic - I’m working in memory business, supporting the creation of components for Solid State Drives. And I still feel human passion to do this work.

At the end he is also talking about sub-current of sadness that is affecting g humanity right now. I’m glad to see the Merabh was released on YouTube and as a free download for all to experience. I found this part very touching.

Form personal perspective I can’t recommend Prognost enough. It is so supportive in making choices and dealing with current reality. And if you are looking for a new information form Adamus – this is it.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 2/5/2021)
Technology drives changes on the planet. Bioengineering, decentralized manufacturing, Nano technology, 3D printing, neuromorphic computing and all the other inventions affect our society deeply. Augmentation of the brain and the body are also influencing
. PROGNOST™ 2021
WOW! I am so glad that I am not totally unaware of what is happening with technology development. If I had been, I guess that I would lie crying out loud with fear of what is going to happen with humanity, because everything happens so fast right now.
Adamus lines up where technology and humanity on the planet is at right now. We are in the Crystal Era, the ÆND-times; it is all about energy communications … It is not technology that comes first. Technology is a result of consciousness and is developing in an accelerated pace because humanity is bored. But what are the effects of technology?
Technology drives changes on the planet. Bioengineering, decentralized manufacturing, Nano technology,
3D printing, neuromorphic computing and all the other inventions affect our society deeply. Augmentation of the brain and the body are also influencing how people can act in the “new world.”
Is it all OK? Well, you will have to feel into it. Information credibility!? You`ll have to feel into this, too, because technology has made all of us to publishers!
Adamus presents what has happened to mass consciousness. All these digital devices and the digital connectivity have increased the size of mass consciousness, so we now have a Super Mass Consciousness! All uploads (Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, What’s Up etc.), changes that are happening, feelings and moods, contribute to the contents of SMC. SMC changes all the time, it has to, and it changes our DNA … As a consequence of this your concentration fails, your body is aching etc.
Adamus goes deeper into how the Corona virus works, how it affects persons and society in general. Economy, habits, work styles etc. are changing. One thing I found “amusing” (and NOT) is what Adamus calls Global Stupidity. I`ll leave it to you to guess what this stupidity is about
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 1/28/2021)
Wonderfully alarming
. Holy Aeterna, where to begin.
It is "unreal" what fits into one event these days, with the groundwork laid over the years! This review is a snap shot at best, what jumped out of me just now, it will be different for you and different for me the next time I listen. I make notes as I listen rather than reading the text file - I seem to own the content even more that way.

"Energy precedes people and events". Herein lies the passive challenge if left to mass consciousness, and the active solution if deployed consciously. Shining our light is the way for us to live with ease and grace in a very intense world, it will also help steer humanity through the next 30 years, away from the abyss of another standstill of energy / random collapse of mass consciousness into a new a new time of peace, creation and compassion. It is all on the table now and that is why we are here.

The energy preceding this Prognost was ... deafening noise like never before: from a chattering mass consciousness, to chatter from our own bodies being recreated, chatter from our minds trying to absorb and sort the unbelievable, chatter even from nature, complete with two 4.4 earthquakes and the volcano back spitting fire in the case of Big Island. On top of that the Tears of all of Humanity now allowed to come to the surface! Massive relief of no longer having to suppress these questions of WHY we allowed such cruelty among human angels, WHERE we lost our way and our dignity when we first came here with high intent and purity. Finally feeling safe to feel the overwhelming grief of it all, that I had pushed down since I was 5, 19, 29, 44 years old, so I could stick around. In the beginning of CrimsonCircle, with Tobias, it was just about our own story, that felt big at the time. We have indeed expanded, Shaumbra, we are now able to look at all of humanity's pain and misery while breathing living compassion, so all of it can be distilled into wisdom, and a new way forward can open up.
Still, I have to slap myself sometimes, when Adamus talks about how we can already make whole not just our own lives and everyone we interacted with through all times, but the "history" and "future" of the entire planet and everyone ever incarnate on it. Was it in the last Shoud where Adamus said energy itself has no intensity, no proportion, only the mind tries to make those senseless pronouncements? - I find that very helpful, right around now.

It is crunch time for consciousness and energy to meld, and it may still take about 30 years until the planet and its collective consciousness are securely anchored in the new era of Christos energies that we have just entered after the Great Convergence. The AEND times, the Age of Aquarius, by any name The End of the Old Ways. Resources, answers, creativity, innovation, new values to live by, peace and prosperity for all: It is all within us, as we take care of ourselves and learn to move lightly in linear time and in flex time/ no time.

Session one goes into current Technologies in detail, always intriguing, informative, optional food for thought between the lines for you investors out there. Technology is driving the massive changes, because only technology can. We don't need to love it, just understand that it serves consciousness including our own, and maybe not fight it...
Session two, equally thrilling, goes into how humans respond to the changes and potentials, social trends, shifts in how we work and live together. Social Media for instance are here to stay and flourish, but Adamus raises a big red flag when it comes to extremes like physically connecting individual brains, for the "convenience" of it... or a new form of global stupidity through over-reliance on technology - much like industrialization and machines have diminished our basic physical prowess. One more fascinating thing on the Corona Virus, why and when it is going to drop off.
And the third session, Adamus physics unleashed:
A presentation on Time, that had me go back over and over, as I felt understanding on new levels. "Time is, in a way, the pace at which experiences and events occur, which allows the movement to the next series of experiences and events, which ultimately leads to the understanding of personal energy and sovereignty". Anytime he follows up with "Pretty simple, huh?" you know he just dropped a bomb.
And a merabh on the Tears of Humanity; it sounds heavy, it is heavy, AEND it is liberating in the knowing that War is Over, one DNA at a time with exponential ripple effects, like in John Lennon's "So this is Christmas" with the underlying refrain of War is Over that has been playing in my head for most of December.

IT IS ALL T/HERE, in the AEND, where "time" no longer passes you by, but "holds the clock" to open a world where you choose your experience, complete with all the energies to realize it. Human Divine Incarnate.
Our Shaumbra energy precedes us, more each day, and the humanity will take notice of the potentials we shine light on. "You love this planet ... you have been leaders before ... the holding pattern you were in is over ... It is time to get off your arse [sic], for you have "things to do, places to go and a world to shine your light upon!.

Be sure to take a whole day to absorb the three sessions. Hydrate, move a little, nourish yourself.
Thank you Adamus, and Geoff, Linda, the CC Team, and Shaumbra this mad and beautiful World over, for another beautifully expressed Act of Consciousness.

Siglinde Schwenzl,
member of CC review team.
Review by Sig / (Posted on 1/26/2021)
That is why we are here!
. I am always excited when it is time for ProGnost. I love the overview Adamus offers of what is going on, on the planet and where it leads to. After 2020 that was a tough year for so many, I could hardly wait to hear what was coming now. And wow, this is so big! Not easy for most people, but we, Shaumbra, can choose differently.
Actually, this is why we are here at this time. To help big changes to take place, going into a New Era, just by being embodied Masters and shining our light! Just writing this, touches me deeply, as it has done every time Adamus has said it.
When I was a teenager, I felt I was born too late. All “the good causes” were done, nothing to “fight” for, to make changes. Of course, others came along, but things really began to change, when I began my spiritual search. I feel it all leads up to the work we started in Crimson Circle that now is culminating. And now I know why I am here!
A lot of what Adamus talks about is information, some of it he has talked about before. But still, the effect was for me – well, not easy to explain. The two following days I almost walked around like a zombie. So much going on, on the inside that I am still not quite aware of. I discovered a pattern though that has to do with postponing “the good things”. My life is mostly like I want it to be, much joy and expression, but still…
Another one is a fighting aspect that I thought I already had integrated. I felt so tired, had also to do with being tired of staying here on Earth, although I deeply feel my commitment to stay. But it is rough at times. That brings me to the last subject Adamus talked about: The tears of humanity.
When the Dragon entered in ’19, it caused the awakening of the planet, and it also brought up all the buried stuff. So, people are feeling this deep sadness because of what we have done as humans towards other humans; killing, torturing, raping, stealing – and the list goes on and on. Why did we do it? – Most people are not aware of this, but it takes place below the surface whether they want it or not. And we, Shaumbra, are feeling it too. Adamus takes us through a Merabh in the end to bring it all to wisdom. I like that he says, no excuses just wisdom.
In the first session, Adamus talks about technology, how that is the key to changes that leads into the new era. Technology, energy, and communication are connected. We know energy is communication, the song of the soul, and at some point, all humans will understand that. Technology is bringing us all closer together. I have watched different TV programs about new technologic advances. It is amazing. Although I don’t understand it all, what strikes me, is that the scientists are so passionate about what they are doing and are doing it for the benefit of humanity.
The second session is about social society. The new ways we are connecting and interacting. Much of it via the internet. That also leads to the question of information credibility. The answer to that is very simple, feel the energy of it. The same goes for all the other new potentials that are offered to us.
I could mention a lot more subjects, but I will go to the third session where he talks about time. And the necessity to go into no time, what he calls Aeterna, to be free. That will eventually free all humans as well. Imagine for a moment that humans understand that all energy is their own. No need to steal or anything else. Then the Earth would truly be a place, where divinity and human walk together. So, as he says, take care of yourself first. Then the rest will follow.
I would like to mention the beautiful decoration of the stage, as well as the graphics and music. The first piece of music brought me back to my young days. I love it. Deepfelt thanks to Adamus, Geoff, Linda and the whole staff. Such a beautiful work you do!
I highly recommend ProGnost 2021, The Ænd Times.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 1/24/2021)
A New Era Begins
On the heels of the year 2020 with all the stunning headlines, Adamus Saint-Germain offers one of his own in ProGnost 2021: “Extra, extra: Humanity has just transitioned into a whole new era!” We know that we’ve been on the brink for a long time, but 2020, with all of the events on this planet and in the other realms, has launched humanity into what will be a world like we could never have imagined. We are in what he calls the AEnd times, a fulfillment of a dream.

No ProGnost event is about predicting the future, but rather to make us aware of what is driving change on the planet, where it is going, and our role in all of it. There’s no dodging technology in this ProGnost, as it is what is driving the changes. The consciousness of Shaumbra along with others shined a light on technology. So we have only ourselves to blame! All kidding aside, as Adamus explains, it’s a great way for humanity to enter into the new era. It’s everywhere in life, affecting every thing.

I particularly enjoyed the part in session one of the three Adamus presents, where he describes some of the technologies that are now available or soon will be. It was fascinating, with one being quite disturbing. If you are one who likes to invest, this is an opportunity to go beyond the traditional mental way of looking at companies who are developing these technologies. He invites us to deeply feel into the energy communication or the song of energy, and then see if that song resonates with us. You can then see if you are drawn to financially or energetically support them.

I really appreciated the perspective that Adamus shared about the Corona virus and the vaccine as it relates to our DNA and what he calls Super Mass Consciousness. It was valuable as I feel into it for myself and consider my choices.

In going over my notes from previous ProGnost events, I believe this is the first one to contain a merabh. (There was a “forgiveness experience” in a previous one). I was a bit surprised when Adamus included a merabh, but I welcomed this experience to deeply feel into what he calls the “Tears of Humanity.” While watching the news a few days before ProGnost, (the events in the US are quite compelling, after all) tears welled up in my eyes, and I said out loud, “It’s just so sad.” More tears came during that merabh, and as Adamus put words to those feelings, it was a validation and an opportunity to better understand what so many of us are feeling these days. He ends ProGnost with a beautiful reminder to take care of ourselves.

Fun fact: ProGnost 2021 attracted the biggest live audience (2200 from 64 countries) outside of the monthly shouds. I feel it’s an indication of the interest and investment we have with ourselves, the planet and this new era for humanity. Awareness is key, and this ProGnost delivers.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 1/20/2021)
A BIG picture of where we started, where we're going, and how we get there!

Prognost 2021 The Ænd Times

Clearly in sync with The Ænd Times, Adamus unleashes the expected AND the unexpected.

Adamus discussed many topics. I’m writing about my experience with some of them.

He talks about rapid leaps in technology as he has for several years, expanding information on what to expect in the next 2 years, next decade, and the next 30 years.

In the 3 sessions, after talking about trends in technology, he talks about what’s happening with Super Mass Consciousness, Super Connectivity, Brain Net, changes in the internet, social media, family structure, and other topics.

He beautifully and eloquently distills what Time is, so it’s understandable. And he talks about Aeterna, no time.
He talks about the Corona virus and MRNA
and also gave an incredible explanation of the relationship of Super Mass Consciousness and our changing DNA. He shared how Super Mass Consciousness/the Cloud can either come to an end or evolve. He gives his perspective.

Why are we here? Adamus asks and addresses this question. Where is Mass Consciousness going? Where are we, as conscious beings, going?

For me, Adamus brings great clarity on entering the Christos, the Crystal Era, but more than any Prognost, this one is deeply personal to each of us who came to earth to understand Energy. Who, in the process, found deep compassion for humanity, and most importantly have learned that taking care of ourselves first allows us to shine our Light of Consciousness on all humanity.

This Prognost gives a BIG picture, like a giant stretch and a deep deep breath. It encompasses feeling our own Energy, our Song, to feeling ourselves as the handful of Creators in the Order of the Arc, coming to our beloved Earth that has now expanded to a world of billions of souled beings. Adamus invites us to look at why we came, wondering how so many angels have forgotten who they are, living in greed and indifference to others.

Prognost 2021 is a multi-sensual experience spanning from the Order of the Arc to where we’re headed over the next 30 years, when humanity moves into this new era.

Waking up the morning after listening to Prognost 2021, The Ænd Times, is a unique experience. Feeling the indescribable depths of the merabh, The Tears of Humanity, feeling my tears and the tears of those who have been dismissed as not valuable, AND feeling the gift, the hope in this merabh. It is knowing, as in The Atlantean Dream, that we’ve chosen to be on Earth now to shine our Light of Consciousness in a rapidly expanding and awakening world, in the Time of Machines.

I feel you shining!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 1/18/2021)
We're Here for the AEnd Times!
I always look forward to the annual ProGnost event of planetary updates and this year more than ever after the “interesting” year of 2020! What would Adamus share about potential events and trends and after talking about a virus waaay back in 2014, I now do sit up and take notes!
Well ProGnost 2021 “The AEnd Times” does not disappoint and I’m still feeling the energies… and tears of a very profound experience I’m sure along with the other initial 2200 Shaumbra from around the world. Wow.
You may be new to Crimson Circle or an old vet Shaumbie like me, but you will want to hear this brilliant and beautiful creation from Adamus, Geoff, Linda and the CC Production team. It truly feels like an Adamus love song to Shaumbra and the final Merabh “Tears of Humanity” is truly stand alone and stunning like the classic Silent Prayer of Tobias. What just happened?
Right, I think we just “uploaded” something massive to the cloud of Super Mass Consciousness or “Borg” to quote Adamus.
If you ever wondered WTF you’re doing with your life and why you are here, this is it! Yes, Adamus has told us in just last week’s Shoud, Keahak and other material but somehow like a good stirfry it all came together for me as Adamus dished it out with his usual spicy flair.
No, not much about politics thank GodSelf and yes LOTS about technology, Adamus always starts with the “AEnd”. Everything of course is ALL about energy and communication and now everything on the planet is oriented towards both! In fact, it’s catching up to what Shaumbra have been doing for awhile. Understanding our energy.
We’ve awakened, danced with the dragon and given up the battles of changing the world. Been there, done that over a few lifetimes. But we came back and have been in a holding, waiting pattern… wondering when and why and what’s next? At least I have for the past sixty plus years with a few distractions along the way! Not too exciting a life really. We’ve been bored to quote Adamus.
My 94 year old father just passed away and as I wrote his obituary, was feeling into what will the next thirty years bring if I choose to stay that long? Now I know. Adamus has lit a fire under my “arse” to stick around and shares the major technology and social trends that will light the way for the next three decades. And no, we don’t have to keep up with it all as we sit on our park bench but just be aware that this is our “raison d’etre”. Finally filling the dream of human and spirit/divine incarnate on the planet! I’m not leaving yet dammit when the fun is beginning (humming “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”)
Adamus shares a lot about things to watch (AEND invest in) and always reminds us to feel into the energy or song which is in everything. Harmony or discord? Some fascinating trends already in the news like 3D printed homes and “Crispr” DNA editing. Loved the about Language Processing. I may speak French yet! Nothing to be afraid of but to be aware of because it can serve us. Technology will be the driving force for the change on the planet we asked for. The Age of Aquarius AEnd Apple!
My big aha in this PG 21 was really how when DNA is changed and “uploads” to the cloud of “Super Mass Consciousness”, it can come back and change humanity. This is huge and how ultimately the Corona virus will “disappear… presto! To me, DNA has always stood for “Divinity Now Awakening.” So yes, as we shift and release old family DNA, it DOES free the generations. To quote Adamus “Mass Consciousness changes one DNA at a time”. I love this and want a bumper sticker! Or billboards. Or both.
But alas no need to preach or teach anymore. Just simply radiating my own consciousness, allowing my energy to serve me, living in AEterna will do more for humanity than any online petition or protest. We applied for he job posting Adamus ends the Merahb with. We’re hired!
I think I’ll add some popcorn to my benching. Exciting to be here now at this time in history. We chose it Shaumbra. Now scoot over…
The AEnd.
Tammie O’Rielly
Member of the CC Product Review Team

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 1/17/2021)