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Amir and Gerhard's QUANTUM MUSIC

The Quantum Leap Celebration in Taos, New Mexico in September 2007 was richly enhanced by the music of Amir Ya'akobi and Gerhard Fankhauser. Their music, a blend of several cultural elements as well as New Energy, was one of the most popular presentations in Taos.

The original recordings of the live Quantum Leap music have been remastered for the perfect listening experience. The music is an ideal accompaniment for your breathing sessions, to play in the background while you work, or to get up out of the chair and dance.

This Quantum Music set includes:

1. Quantum Music - Live recordings from the Quantum Leap Celebration
2. Amir's 'Trance Dance' - Amir is one of the best percussionists in Israel performing with trance-drumming project 'Tribal Dance.' Amir has  the gift to provide a rhythmical experience from the very subtle levels of expression until pure joy and ecstatic drumming.
3. Gerhard's 'Fatamorgana' - Gerhard is an excellent string player and specialized on the Spanish & Arabic lute. He is a singer as well and performs mainly his own and authentic mystical songs and traditional prayer songs from different traditions.

Amir and Gerhard's QUANTUM MUSIC

3 CD set - $35    3 zip files, MP3 audio set - $25     

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