Re-Order Your Reality

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A Timely and Important Message from Adamus™

How to Manage Your Changing Energy Connections

“A rescue remedy for these chaotic times!”
The old paradigm doesn’t work the same any more because:
1.    The forces at work in the omniverse are changing
2.    The way you are connected to the forces are changing

Adamus delivered a new message on March 26 that will give any awakening human a deeper understanding of what is happening in their inner and outer worlds. He begins the message by talking about the shift in human consciousness from a physical/mental reality into a multi-dimensional, full consciousness reality. Adamus gives a concise explanation about how we are reconnecting ourselves to forces such as duality, gravity, magnetics and life-force energy, and gives advice about how to “re-order” our energy connections for a smoother, more graceful transition into our new Body of Consciousness.

This new message is ideal for all Shaumbra, and an excellent tool for anyone who wants to understand what is going on around the world, and within themselves. It offers comfort and insights while providing practical tools for personal growth. After listening to this message you’ll realize that you’re not just a “passenger in a crashing car.” Instead, you’ll have a new understanding that everything is happening for a reason, and you’ll be able to tap into the natural evolution of the current changes.

In RE-ORDERING YOUR REALITY Adamus addresses the following topics:
• The natural forces around us, including gravity, duality, magnetics and life-force energies
• How we connect into these forces to create reality
• How and why these connections are changing
• What happens when we change the way we’re connected to the forces
• How our new connection provides a new perspective of the past, and how that changes the future potentials
• How to manage your energy during and after the re-ordering of energies

If you’ve been baffled or overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world and within you, this special message will provide many new answers as well as a new way to approach reality, awareness and consciousness. It’s a brilliant chapter in the owner’s manual for the new times.

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fantastic and timeless
I am listening to this now in June 2020, 'The Year'. Although this was done some time ago, messages are so timeless and deep and they could be applied to NOW. Also, Q&A is fantastic. Finally, as Adamus summarises at the end, the last 5 minutes could be a great short motivation speech that one can revisit to over and over again!!THANK YOU!!!
Review by Mari / (Posted on 6/16/2020)
Core information of Adamus Physics.
Always wanted to understand what exactly is New Energy and how it works perfectly for you?
Plug in and "be lectured" by Professor Adamus who is doing here a high voltage job in giving detailed clarity you'll never forget.
Review by D.V. / (Posted on 3/6/2018)