Ask Tobias: Relationships

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•  Discover why a lot of spiritual people are alone
•  Where, when and how did relationships begin?
•  The reason yours might have ended
•  You’re alone… now what?
•  How to develop a relationship with yourself
•  Sex in the New Energy


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New Energy answers to questions about relationships

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For those on the spiritual path, relationships can be one of the biggest challenges. In fact, many will find themselves alone for a period of time on the journey toward enlightenment, or stuck and unable to move forward. This is because it is an important time to develop the relationship with yourself, your divinity, and your aspects. In this session, Tobias talks about the origins of masculine/feminine relationships, intimacy, same sex relationships, and even mentions some of Yeshua’s experiences in this area. Of primary importance now is the relationship with self, which then influences all other relationships. They no longer have to be mirrors, but can finally be a source of joy, sharing and even the creation of New Energy.

Tobias is joined by Ohamah (known elsewhere as Ramtha) in talking about the history, origins and purpose of relationships, beginning long before Earth. Together they address the current dynamics of relationships for those on the journey of embodiment, then answer a total of 19 questions submitted by Shaumbra from around the world.

If you are facing relationship challenges, want to create a relationship or even wonder how to have a relationship with yourself, this presentation is for you. It will help you understand what’s happening, and how to create the situation you really want.

Question and Answer topics include: Intimacy, new energy relationships, karmic relationships, finding the right person, adultery issues, soul-mates and twin flames, frustrating relationships, relationships with addicts, sex in the new energy, and more.

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Length 1:23:53

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) or text (pdf)

Cost: $20 

Featuring: Tobias, Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Franktown, Colorado, August 2004

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