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 •  Learn about the sexual energy virus and how it affects your life
 •  Create your own path to self-love, and allow the return to joy 
 •  Discover the futility of power games 
 •  Learn how to stop others from depleting your energy
 •  Improve your relationships, health and well-being
 •  Excellent for counselors and other professional facilitators

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Sexual Energies School®
Return to the essence of yourself


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Why SES?
Nearly all of us have experienced childhood trauma, emotional wounding, energy feeding, power games, and even physical or sexual abuse in our lives. With these painful things in our history, it’s easy to see other people and situations as the cause of our unhappiness and limitation. However, with a deeper understanding of energy dynamics and the choice for self-love, one begins to realize that it has all been a wisdom-gathering game played out in the basic pattern of the masculine-feminine energy split. As a result of this duality imbalance, there is an energy virus that has brought distortion to every part of life, including relationships, sexuality, physical health and more. Even though this virus is pervasive and seemingly inescapable, there is a solution, one that opens the way to self-love, energy sovereignty and enlightenment.

This solution is a “prescription” that helps one to eliminate the virus within themselves, thereby no longer passing it on to family and loved ones, and bringing an end to its destructive internal effects. In fact, when you step out of power dynamics and into self-love, the virus simply loses interest.

Is it for you?
Physical, sexual, emotional and psychic abuse are prevalent all over the world, manifest in every part of society and impact every single person, whether rich or poor, young or old, masculine or feminine. However, this abuse energy is often difficult to identify because it shape-shifts, quickly changing form like a mutating virus in order to remain hidden and active within each individual. It can appear sweet and vulnerable in one moment, and viciously shaming in the next. It can act out as both the abuser and the victim, feeding on the energy stirred up by these dynamics and perpetuating its existence. The virus causes physical imbalances in your body, especially in the abdominal area; imbalances in the mind that cause depression, anxiety and fatigue; and distortions in the family, workplace, school, church and other organizations. It is carried and propagated by virtually everyone on the planet.

The potential for freedom
By allowing yourself to dive deep into the transformational experiences in the Sexual Energies School, you will come to understand how this virus operates within your own body, mind and life – and how to set yourself free. You'll learn where the virus came from, how it has played out in the other realms and throughout Earth’s history, and hear a touching story of Yeshua (Jesus), Mary Magdalene and profound healing. The energies of these two Masters will also be very present with you throughout the class. 

Through these deep experiences, you’ll come to realize that it’s not about placing blame on anyone or anything, not even the virus. The separation of Adam and Isis, representing the masculine and feminine energies, served a beautiful purpose, and now they are ready to reunite within each individual being.

Attending the Sexual Energies School is an opportunity for profound transformation and healing, with effects that can include better physical health, the end of energy stealing and power games, balanced relationships, enhanced creativity, and eventually true enlightenment. It is a return to the essence of yourself.

More than 10,000 people around the world have participated the Sexual Energies School, allowing the return of joy into their lives. 


1. Who’s to Blame? (Adamus Saint-Germain)
There is no one to blame; not past lives, mass consciousness, God, karma, aliens, ancestors, or anyone else. The sexual energy virus affects every part of life and appeared because of the duality by which we came to understand Self. 

2. The Virus (Tobias)
Beginning with the Safe Space, Tobias talks about how the virus of abuse came into being, why it is called the “sexual energy virus,” how it affects your body and mind, and the effects it can have in your life. 

3. Victim and Abuser; Power Games (Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain)
Tobias explains some of the manifestations and effects of abuse – it is all about energy stealing – followed by a poignant story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, who are both part of this school. After a very deep personal dive into your own experiences, Adamus gently invites you beyond power games into freedom. 

4. The Powerless Life (Adamus Saint-Germain)
Stating that power is a predominant illusion on this planet, Adamus declares that when you step out of power dynamics, the virus loses interest in you. 

5. History, Part 1 (Tobias)
Tobias gives the ancient history of the sexual energy virus, beginning with the original duality of masculine/feminine energies, the energy-stealing and power games played out in the other realms long before Earth, and how the virus came back to life in Atlantis, leading to its downfall. 

6. History, Part 2; The Alchemy of AND” (Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain)
Tobias continues with how the virus plays out in modern times and mentions some of the deep trauma points we all carry. Adamus then explains how the virus distorts sex – one of the greatest joys of being human – and invites you to bring trauma points into the healing alchemy of “and.” 

7. The Solution (Tobias)
Tobias speaks in depth about the virus and its troublesome effects on every aspect of your sexuality. Yet, it has also served a profound purpose, in fact you wouldn’t be here if not for the virus. But it’s service is complete, and now comes the time for transformation. 

8. Aliyah (Tobias)
According to Tobias, Aliyah is the becoming of self-love and is the only known solution for transforming self and releasing the virus. A lot of resistance will be triggered – the virus trying to prevent its demise – but with newfound health, love, sovereignty and clarity in your life, there will be no turning back. 

9. Creative Energy Aliyah (Adamus Saint-Germain)
Adamus talks about his personal time of enlightenment, which included elements of Aliyah and more. In this Age of Self, it’s about returning to one’s Self, sovereignty and love. Adamus then guides an experience of deep sensuality, new energy Aliyah. 

10. The Age of Self; Q&A (Adamus Saint-Germain)
With the transformation that is offered in SES, one at last becomes filled with self-love and self-worth, a requirement for going forward as Shaumbra. Adamus also answers audience questions about Aliyah, enlightenment, self-love, energy feeding, jealousy, feeling safe, sexuality, relationships and much more. 


Format: Streaming video and online text e-reader

Cost: $595

Featuring: Tobias, Adamus, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Breckenridge, Colorado in 2006 and Louisville, Colorado in 2015

Refunds: No refunds on digital purchases


SES Introduction Wound of Isis Wound of Adam Merabh for Adam and Isis

Angels & Aliens Aspectology Love of Self merabh The Alchemy of Light & Dark

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The original “Sexual Energies School” (SES), so called because it deals with the ancient imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies, was channeled by Tobias in early 2006 in San Diego, California. The school was then filmed before a live audience in July 2006, updated with Adamus in 2015, and has become one of the most important Crimson Circle workshops. It is now translated into 19 languages, available in e-reader format.

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This is the time of the Dragon...So this will help in allowing the Dragon to clear all old energies that are not longer serving us
Haven't taken class yet. but from what I've understood of it so far?
I think it should be taught to every soul who as able to receive it.
Review by Mattie / (Posted on 9/16/2020)