Sounds of the Soul

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  • What do you want?
  • Mastery is allowing the energy to serve
  • But you must get out of the mind
  • Energy wants to move and serve
  • It is the song of your soul
  • Command your body, mind, dreams & more

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Sounds of the Soul
A Journey of Mastery
Sacred Egypt Tour 2010

Transformative information on mastery, creation, energy movement, and so much more. Adamus Saint-Germain and Ah-Kir-Rah (Kuthumi) discuss topics such as living as a Master, allowing the Song of your Soul, commanding energy, using your voice, remembering your origins and more. Adamus also reminds us of The Shaumbra Dream, and that it’s finally coming true.

In February 2010 a group of 98 Shaumbra met in Cairo for 12 incredible days. They visited many sacred sites in Egypt including the Temples of Isis and Horus, the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid and more. Recordings include some of the Shaumbra toning sessions led by Anders Holte and Cacina Spaeth, as well as presentations by Norma Delaney in the Temple of Isis and the Paws of the Sphinx.

The Shaumbra Dream – excerpt



1 – Introduction from Geoffrey Hoppe (4:29)

2 – In Cairo (12:42)

3 – On the Boat to Philea (35:25)

4 – Temple of Isis, Philea (7:00)

5 – On the Boat to Edfu (46:20)

6 – Temple of Horus, Edfu (toning) (13:50)

7 – Temple of Horus, Edfu (21:16)

8 – On the Boat to Luxor (44:10)

9 – On the Boat to Luxor (53:59)

10 – On the Boat Near Karnak (toning) (13:13)

11 – Final Night on the Boat (43:35)

12 – Gouda’s, Across from the Sphinx (19:03)

13 – In the Paws of the Sphinx (17:31)

14 – King’s Chamber, Great Pyramid (first group) (37:12)

15 – King’s Chamber, Great Pyramid (second group) (35:55)

16 – Mena House Oberoi Hotel (17:49)


Format: Downloadable audio & text

Cost: $95

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Ah-Kir-Rah, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe, Norma Delaney, Anders Holte, Cacina Spaeth

Recorded in Egypt, February 2010

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