Sovereign One

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 •  Let go of the world’s problems
 •  You are here to be an example of wisdom 
 •  Whatever you get into, you can always get out of
 •  As the ancient ones pass the torch, history can be healed
 •  Become your own One, a sovereign being
 •  Now, welcome magic into your life



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Sovereign One
The One you have been waiting for 

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As a pioneer of consciousness, you are here to be an example of wisdom and integration, your own Sovereign One. This takes tremendous faith and trust in yourself, and all it takes is deep allowing. It’s all new. The beautiful result is that magic comes into your life, and things happen for you instantly, nearly effortlessly, without struggle or stress. It’s the magic of Merlin. It will be a very deep and personal thing, and you will never go back to ‘normal’ again. Breathe. Release. Allow.

In these entertaining and lively presentations recorded in Solothurn, Switzerland, the ‘dynamic duo’ of Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain remind us that truth and enlightenment are always found within. And actually, We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. In session one, Tobias reveals a bit of his own history and reinforces why we are here at this time: to be New Energy Magi. Next, Adamus thrills and delights with his irreverent humor and straightforward challenge for us to let go of the old ways. In fact, he is interrupted many times by laughter, applause and cheering. Finally, Tobias returns to tell a poignant story about how the ‘ancient ones’ are moving on because the baton has been passed to us: No longer energy holders, but as Standards in the New Energy.

Note: The audio recordings include consecutive translation. 

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1. New Energy Teachers – Tobias (29:05)
Tobias shares some of his history and then talks about your journey and why you are here. It’s time to let go of the problems of others and be a New Energy magi.

2. Your Own One – Adamus Saint-Germain (30:40)
Adamus shares his story of 100,000 years trapped in a crystal and reminds that anything you got yourself into, you can also get out of. It is time to be your own sovereign One. 

3. It’s All New – Tobias (36:43)
Tobias tells stories of connecting with the ancient guardians and wisdom-keepers, and how they are leaving now to make way for the New Energy Merlins to step forward.

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Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded in Solothurn, Switzerland, February/March 2009

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