Sovereign One

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Sovereign One
Solothurn, Switzerland

In these entertaining and lively presentations, Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain remind the listeners that truth and enlightenment are always found within.

In the first session, Tobias gives a bit of his own history and reminds energy workers from around the world of why we’re really here. In the second channel Adamus thrills the audience with his irreverent humor and straightforward challenges to let go of the old ways, and is interrupted several times by laughter, applause and cheering. Finally Tobias returns to tell a story full of passion and wisdom about how the ‘ancient ones’ are moving on because we - the ones they have been waiting for - are finally here.

These inspiring channels were given in Solothurn, Switzerland, at The Gathering, a platform for lightworkers, teachers and leaders to join together for humanity’s awakening. Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe were guest presenters at The Gathering, joining others such as Cecilia Sifontes, Jonette Crowley, Wulfing von Rohr, Caroline Cory, Barbara Bessen and others. This special set contains the full audio recordings of Tobias’ and Adamus Saint-Germain’s messages channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe.

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