Standard Technology

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Heal and balance with your natural rejuvenation system! This new nine audio CD set features Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain's sessions in Tel Aviv, Israel and Del Mar, California.



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Standard Technology
Personal Study Course
Activating Your Natural Rejuvenation System

You already have the inherent ability to balance and rejuvenate yourself. But after many lifetimes in the density of Earth, your human system has forgotten that it's there, and forgotten how to use it.

Standard Technology is the ability to heal yourself with your own natural rejuvenation systems. Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain discuss principles of energy dynamics, and new understandings of how you can literally heal yourself. They introduce the spiritual science of New Energy physics and its significance in applying Standard Technology to the elegant and vast communications network of the human body.

Standard Technology is explained as a non-modality, yet it's something that can be experienced on its own or to enhance virtually any approach in either conventional or complementary medicine. Attributes of self-trust, personal knowingness, conscious choice and breath are integral components.

In addition, a true openness to one's own belief system of the heart is essential. Some questions to explore include:

  • Are you ready to truly heal? At the core of your being?
  • Are you ready to make clear, conscious choice for you and you alone?
  • Are you committed to rebalancing and rejuvenating your body without the need of force (affirmations, etc.) of the thinking mind? Can you truly embrace the deep, gentle breathing to serve as the vehicle for your own elegant, multidimensional cell-to-cell communications network?
  • Are you ready to go beyond focusing on fixing or attachment to a specific outcome? Instead, do you choose knowingness and real trust in your body's innate wisdom and natural ability to self-balance and heal?
  • Are you able to give yourself one half hour a day of your precious life to discover what you are capable of? To breathe? To truly invite a new level of consciousness, a new standard within your entire being?
  • If you are truly ready to choose, trust and breathe to become your own healer, Standard Technology may be for you.

The Standard Technology Personal Study Course includes:

Nine channeled session with Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain
181-page Study Guide Book 
Available as a Digital Download (MP3 & PDF)

Purchaser acknowledges that this course is for their own personal use. Materials contained in the Standard Technology Personal Study Guide cannot be copied, broadcast or transmitted to others.

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