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The Darkness is Your Divinity

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 •  The answer to your tears and prayers – “Where is Spirit?”
 •  Light and dark are different expressions from the same source
 •  The Darkness took on your burdens, pain and self-loathing
 •  It was the greatest gift of love from Self
 •  The Darkness IS your divinity, seeking to reunite with you
 •  Light and dark – together forever in love and service


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The Darkness is Your Divinity
It's the Ultimate Gift of Love


In spiritual circles, the word “darkness” evokes a strong reaction for it represents the absence of light, ignorance, evil and wickedness. When we run into “bad” things within ourselves, we tend to reject those tendencies, burying them ever deeper. But in fact, that inner darkness is the greatest compassion of Self, existing to serve us with unconditional love. It’s a profound and even controversial statement from Tobias: Your darkness IS your divinity. But perhaps by embracing our own darkness, we allow for a deep reunion of all that we are, becoming the true embodied Master on the planet.

In this bold message, Tobias lays out the foundation for why the so-called energy of ‘darkness’ has been serving you through all your lifetimes. He explains its relationship to the light and how darkness has taken on the role of ‘spiritual landfill’ for all the things you loathe about yourself. Tobias says that after spending so long fighting and rejecting the darkness, thinking it was the true enemy, it is now time to allow for the joyful reunion and full integration of light and dark within your own being. Can you be so bold? 

“The answer to your prayers, the answer to all of the tears that you have shed – wondering where Spirit is – has always been right there, hidden behind the things you didn’t like about yourself and the world around you.” ~ Tobias 


Format: Text (pdf)

Audio download available in the Channel Library: Shoud 12 of the New Energy Series 

Cost: $0.00 FREE 

Featuring: Tobias 

Recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, July 2004



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