The Gift of Chaos

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 •  Humans and angels love to put things in order
 •  Order is limitation, and it’s always temporary
 •  Chaos comes when consciousness wants freedom
 •  Chaos is beautiful, free-flowing energy
 •  Breathe chaos in, it doesn't need to be frightening
 •  Your Body of Consciousness knows exactly what to do


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The Gift of Chaos
Free-flowing Beauty

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Organizations. Structures. Forms. Systems. Humans and even angels have an innate desire to bring order to everything. However, order and chaos are not what you might think. Order is a limitation of energy, it can even become a prison, and it is always temporary. Chaos is free-flowing, beautiful energy swirling in ways the mind cannot understand. When things in life become stuck, chaos is called in to bring freedom. Human consciousness and Gaia have called in waves of chaos to bring evolution and change to Earth, and it will appear in many forms. Instead of resisting chaos, allow yourself to truly experience it and breathe it in. Your inner wisdom, the Body of Consciousness, knows exactly what to do with it. 

This presentation was given in a bookstore, and Adamus speaks to a very multidimensional audience, inviting the nonphysical listeners to feel into the humans who are present, and vice versa. He then invites everyone to feel the chaotic energies of all the books, their authors, and everyone who’s ever read them. It’s an illustration of the beautiful and beneficial nature of chaos. Also includes questions and answers, covering such topics as how to support sensitive children, Pakauwahs or animal totems, human evolution and much more. 

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Length: 1:05:34 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

Cost: $15 

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain 

Recorded in Fairfield, Iowa, August 2010 

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