The Lost Children of Christ


 •  Did childhood trauma cause you to shut down?
 •  Though difficult, it was for a reason
 •  The Earth faced equal potential for life or destruction
 •  You came at this critical time to bring Christ Consciousness
 •  Those around you did not understand, couldn’t support you
 •  The world is ready now; this is your time


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The Lost Children of Christ
Carrying the Seed of Consciousness

In this deeply moving message, Tobias explains the reasons behind some of your childhood challenges. If you were born in the decades after World War II; if those around you regarded you as strange or odd; if you often felt sad, lost or abandoned for no obvious reason, perhaps you came into this lifetime as a light bearer. You are probably one who carries the Christ Consciousness seed from the time of Yeshua (Jesus). It was precisely because of this precious treasure within that you didn’t fit in; it just wasn’t time yet. So, you experienced a physical or emotional trauma during childhood that caused you to shut down and hide. It caused you to close the door on the special gift you bore because the world was not ready for it. In doing so, you became one of the Lost Children of Christ. 

This was Tobias’ first channel in the new millennium, and perhaps one of the most touching. For many awakening humans, it explains their childhood trauma and the subsequent energetic shut-down they experienced. In fact, it is nearly impossible to read these words and feel the energy without shedding a tear. In this profound message, Tobias shares how greatly honored you are for the deep heartache you endured as a child and speaks directly to the higher purpose behind those challenges in your early years. Although this wound – and the waiting it caused – has been carried into adulthood, Tobias says that now is the time for the Christ Consciousness seed to germinate and grow. The world is ready. Let your unfolding begin. 

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Featuring: Tobias 

Recorded in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, January 2000



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