The Masters Life - Part 1: Transfiguration

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Moving to the next level…

The Master’s Life
Part 1: Transfiguration

With Adamus Saint-Germain

La Vida del Maestro, Capítulo 1 – Transfiguración

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At the January 2014 Shoud, Adamus Saint-Germain announced that we were moving to the next level of our journey, going from awakening to mastery. He invited all Shaumbra from around the world to make a deep commitment to their embodied enlightenment, and offered a Master’s pin (the spade symbol) to anyone around the world making that conscious commitment. And now Adamus has announced a completely new series, The Master’s Life, available on the Crimson Circle Cloud Class.

Adamus points out that we’ve gone beyond awakening, and now is the time to do what we came here to do – live as realized Masters. He plans to do 2-3 segments per year related to the very real changes in our lives. This guidance will answer many questions about enlightened living, and address some of the issues and anxiety that come with the rapid changes in body, mind and lifestyle.

According to Adamus, the physical body is the most affected by all these changes.  To support us in this, he starts Chapter 1 of The Master’s Life with Transfiguration, or how our biology is bringing light into every cell of the body. Adamus says that what we are doing is like rebuilding one’s entire car while speeding down the road at 90 mph. He continues on to say that we are going into polymorphosis, becoming many at the same time. It is a huge transformation – no wonder we’re feeling it in our tissue and organs and bones.

The Master’s Life – Transfiguration includes five sessions, each about an hour long. There are four consciousness-shifting merabhs during the sessions. Registration includes 90-day access to the Cloud Class streaming files.

The Master’s Life series is designed for Shaumbra who have gone beyond awakening, and are now ready to live as embodied Masters. Your conscious choice is the only prerequisite to participate. Transfiguration is the first chapter in this series, with more to come soon. You can register for any or all chapters as they become available.

Introduction (5:24) – With Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

Session 1 – Rebirth (1:09:03)
Adamus says that from the very beginning of our physical existence a space has been held open in every cell to receive the crystalline energies of the light body. However, as these changes take place, the body isn’t sure what’s happening, and they have very real psychological and biological effects. The day is coming when you will have a whole different awareness of your body. It will have a sense of freshness and you will feel renewed and truly alive.

Adamus also talks about birthing into a physical body, one of the grandest miracles in all of creation, and says that we are now in the process of rebirthing ourselves. After explaining the physics of birthing, he then takes listeners on an incredible journey of revisiting your very first physical birth. With the intense merging, bonding and compression of energies, it is one of the most profound experiences your consciousness has ever created. And now, through the miracle of allowing, we are doing it again.

Session 2 – Biological Intelligence (58:47)
In this session Adamus talks at length about the biological intelligence, the body consciousness. He says the body had learned well how to sustain and evolve itself over eons of time. It has learned how to live, function, die and rebirth itself, again and again, picking up attributes from the bloodline as well as mass consciousness. According to Adamus, death is actually the intelligence of the biology giving itself a rest so it can re-collect and continue itself.

Adamus then explains how we are at an “interphasial” stage, like water shifting from liquid to solid as it freezes. We are between phase equilibrium, only instead of going from one to another, we will now become both. Although it is a natural process, it is disconcerting to the biology because it has never experienced this pattern in any previous incarnation. In this process of rebirth, it is incredibly important to connect with the biological intelligence and let it know that all is well. At the end of this session Adamus leads an experience of reconnection and renewal.

Session 3 – Light Body (1:11:11)
The body has found its balance over many lifetimes, but now that you are allowing in a whole new energy spectrum, everything is changing. How do you keep your balance? It is about living in the “and” and allowing, which means having such a deep trust in yourself that you allow whatever is coming. Adamus gives an invitation to truly enjoy the things you love about human life, because those are the things you’ll take with you into your enlightenment. “Love the life you have right now,” he says, “Instead of focusing on what you don’t have,” for that is what you will bring with you into the other realms.

Adamus explains how important it is to have an understanding of your first birth into biology because you can better understand what’s happening in this time of your rebirth. He then gives details about what the light body really is and how it affects your physical body as it comes in. He also explains that the physical body is feeling “out of phase” with what it has known in the past, and how you can best support yourself through this transfiguration process.

Session 4 – Allowing (46:09)
Adamus assures us that this Transfiguration really is happening, but you must expand the senses in order to perceive it. The human is used to being on a journey, going out to explore, but now it is about realizing that it comes to you.

He then leads a beautiful merabh of allowing. He invites you to open the senses and allow the body’s intelligence to relax and trust. Adamus states, “What you’re really doing in allowing is coming back to your original sense of being aware.” It is one of the most memorable experiences Adamus has offered.

Session 5 – Transfiguration (56:47)
After sharing a humorous metaphor about how most humans are not really interested in true awareness, Adamus tells the touching story of Yeshua’s transfiguration. Adamus says that Yeshua wasn’t expecting anything in that moment, but what he experienced in receiving the light body is exactly what is waiting for all those who allow. Of course there are many challenges to this, but your expanded awareness will bring a whole new perspective of any “problems” you may have.

To further the shift in personal awareness, Adamus then guides the listener through a simple yet profound experience of allowing your own transfiguration.

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“Best yet!!”

“When I bought it I could not imagine the amazing of it ! The best!”

“Apart from Keahak, I haven't been this excited about any CC materials so far! The clarity is beyond words and Adamus at his best.” 

“When I finished it, I cried as a child and today I read again the last part with same or more expansion of consciousness.”

“The 'completeness' I now feel after finishing it tonight is something I can't put into words.”

“Wept during 'rebirth'. Feel LOVED. Thank you!”

“I have no words for the beauty and wonder of my experiences during and after this listening to this. Best Christmas gift ever :)”

“This is exactly what I was waiting for. It just could not be more beautiful.”

“Finally, after all those webinars, books and classes that were touted as being "Life Changing," THIS IS REALLY IS LIFE CHANGING!!”

“The most beautiful, suitable and supportive gift you could give us in this time - thanks a lot Adamus, Geoffrey and Linda.”


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