The Master’s Life Part 11, Living Energy

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  • Everything you perceive is your energy
  • It’s the biggest Point of Separation in this lifetime
  • Doubt is natural and can be a beautiful tool for clarity
  • The Order of the Arc has served its purpose
  • What’s your Energy Quotient?
  • Everything is in service to you! Can you allow it?
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The good life, the Master’s Life

The Master’s Life
Part 11: Living Energy 

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When one recognizes that energy is not an outside force, but is rather one hundred percent in service to self, it is a turning point far more important than even awakening. Indeed, understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy fulfills the very purpose of life on this planet. Allowing this paradigm shift is not easy, for it brings up ancient doubts and questions that originated long before we came to Earth. However, as humans finally begin to understand the interaction between consciousness and energy, Merlin appears, magic comes to life, and the ancient Order of the Arc begins to dismantle, its mission accomplished. When one allows energy to truly serve in every way, what comes next is absolute freedom.

Everything in your life has an awareness of itself in service to you. To begin understanding how to work with this, Adamus explains that every physical object also exists as the “un” of itself, an expression just beyond physical reality but actually easier to connect with. It can take some time to really allow yourself to perceive energy in absolute harmony and service, but when you do, you can finally live as the Merlin, the master of energy.


1. Point of Separation (59:00)
The realization that everything is your energy is a turning point of massive proportions. Doubt is a natural and integral part of this journey, especially as the Order of the Arc dismantles. However, even that energy can serve you as a tool for clarity.

2. Energy Balance (1:08:07)
You now have the maturity to allow living energy – and true freedom – in your life. Understanding energy balance, that everything also has its “un” reality, gives you the tools to allow this profound change. In this session you can experience the freedom and absolute harmony of energy in service to you.

3. Energy Quotient (52:33)
You are changing your orientation to energy, which is a very important part of Realization. In fact, energy is the final aspect to be integrated, allowing it to become your new intelligence. Your “energy quotient” indicates how open you are to energy, and Adamus leads a merabh to truly allow this for yourself.

4. You Already Know (29:14)
Energy has no agenda; it brings what is absolutely appropriate to you, based on your consciousness. In other words, you already know what is needed. Now, simply allow it. In this beautiful merabh, Adamus helps you go beyond the human game of “I don’t know.”

5. Allowing the Change (47:36)
Energy has been realigning itself in preparation for one of the biggest Points of Separation you will ever have: changing your relationship with energy. Sink into this deep merabh and experience energy moving through you in absolute service. This is what allows you to stay on the planet as an embodied Master.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, October 2019

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It couldn't be more beautiful.
. This event will expire in about 2 hours for me. I would like to take these last moments to once again give thanks to Adamus and Crimson Circle Team for their amazing and supportive work. It truly brings me the awareness of the beauty and magic of going from the awakening into realization. Blessings to all of you.
Review by Mitra / (Posted on 4/11/2020)
The effects of ML11 after about 2 weeks:
- At first I labeled it "brain fog", which I am prone to from time to time... But this felt different; somehow meaningful and more complex. And oddest of all, it felt absolutely "right".
~ I began to be within myself & beside myself, simultaneously.
~ I seem to be moving/doing less yet more was getting accomplished.
~ My interior has become unshakably calm with no effort. Paradoxically there is an intense, alert interest.
~ In a dozen small ways I notice myself doing things differently, with no awareness of having decided to do it differently. These are effortless changes that are truly beneficial.
~ My affection for myself and my appreciation for my life as it is right now has amplified even more. Again, no effort.
~ My ordinary daily reality is shifting, changing, and I'm sensing it before I see it more clearly than ever before.
It took awhile for me to connect the dots. I'm experiencing integration - an absorbing & allowing of Masters Life 11 consciousness. There is no trying, no intending, no reaffirming of truths and no monitoring myself or my progress in any way. It just evolves & changes me in the most delightful ways
Review by Susan Young / (Posted on 3/28/2020)
Not ot be missed
. Master Life 11 – Living Energy - is yet another big and life changing event from Crimson Circle. So much new information, even more of Adamus’ Physics, Adamus’ definitions for realization, energy, and more. It took me some time to start integrating – after first time listening, I got really clumsy.

It brings the energy aspect to our awareness and according to Adamus – this is the last aspect that needs to be integrated.

Adamus starts with explaining what guilt is and why humans feel guilty. Gives us a historical perspective on guilt and limitation. Puts guilt in a perspective and shows us new ways to dealing with it. Using guilt as a tool.

Then he goes on to explaining why allowing energy to serve us is the biggest turning point after awakening. It is our true freedom. Everything is serving us in harmony. New relationship with energy with Living Energy. And new relationship with ourselves.

Adamus brings also the Intelligence Quotient and defines Energy Quotient – how much does the human allows the energy to serve them. I never took IQ test but Adamus told me few times in front of everyone that I’m very smart. And yes, I can see how this can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it helped me become independent as a human and a curse when I can feel its gravity sucking me back to places where I don’t want to be anymore.

Master Life 11 is all about taking the concept of Energy Serving Us from theory into practice. Living energy – experiencing aliveness of energy. Going beyond doubts, old beliefs. And allowing energy to serve. To serve in harmony. And with beautiful Merabhs it is truly amazing experience.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 3/26/2020)
Ready, Set, Realize!
. "No longer afraid
No longer suffering for energy
Living the energy!"
Feel into that as we begin"

Adamus lays it all out in this fulminant first channel, the other four sessions will help you put yourself together again, but the parts are no longer numbered... .

It is the post-spiritual part of our journey, spirituality was our portal, now that we are stepping through seem to need one thing, and one thing alone: our consciousness needs to understand and live energy to stay on the planet.

Something will have changed by the time you finish listening, Adamus promises, and it will be different for everyone.
I started writing three times before, it did not come together until I had cleaned up a few more areas of my life, again; including spring clean in my apartment, and literally, new lenses through which to view the world:) Procrastinations came to a head, insisting on making a choice now. Do what? You already know!
When the human life - which is supposed to be background at best now to my ever-present consciousness - when it takes the foreground, again, and I get reeled into reactivity, the feedback is instant. And when I try to be bogged down about it, there is no time for that either. There is no real difference anymore between little choices to dissolve a button that used to be pushed, or to make a so-called big human decision. It all flows from clarity in the moment, and standing in the way of that, for whatever nostalgic reason, is starting to hurt, as promised:)
I have a feeling it is going to keep on keeping on like that. No time for lists and plans and reservations: do it Shaumbra, do it now.

The mix of Adamus Physics and Shaumbra History as it unfolds and Experiences that have just become possible, it is a rich multimedia tapestry that just wouldn't fit between the covers of a book.
If I have to pick one insight that stood out for me, it was how Adamus honed in on the dynamics between Doubt and Depression, one feeding the other, paving the Hard Way UNTIL we have worn ourselves out enough to ask. Not just Who Am I? We do know that by now, but Who Do I Choose to Be! I put an exclamation mark behind that question, because it is a rhetorical one. We know we have chosen to be Realized Energy beings who stay on the planet. Staying conscious of this knowing will turn the energy of Doubt into the intelligent resource it can become, that opens us up to the infinite energy we also know somehow is ours.
And then Adamus writes this love poem to energy, as he describes it in ways no scientist will ever understand, that makes your heart ache to embody it!
And now I put another fresh flower into that vase filled with water that is a new fixture in my home - that, too, is explained in the first channel.

Do treat yourself to this class, which is key, core and timely:
Adamus talks about consciousness understanding energy all the time now, at every event, but this Master class puts it together into a focussed experience, that you can spend 90 days with in this pivotal year of 2020. The presentation is just as masterful: the intro, the set design, Geoff and Linda's wardrobe, the colors, graphics, music woven into context — it is simply beautiful and a fitting expression of the content being transmitted.
I love Adamus for his commitment to us. I love myself that I keep showing up, and allowing the Light of my Soul to dissolve one unattractive insecurity after another. And I am profoundly grateful to the CrimsonCircle and the Class Act of Consciousness that Geoff, Linda and the Staff are producing time after time! Maybe I don't say it enough, but I feel it every day:)

Siglinde Schwenzl
Member of CC Product Review Team
Review by Siglinde / (Posted on 2/28/2020)
The new perspectives of Adamus physics
. In my experience with this material I liked the idea of helping me to make the shift of paradigm – that all “outside” perception is my own energy – and I liked the lectures about the new physics or Adamus physics.
With every view of the material, I experienced more clarity and simplicity while allowing and realizing the importance of this information. While it is the best timing for this talks, as explained by Adamus, it is interesting to realize that it is a huge turning point (or point of separation), even more important than the Awakening, and that it is natural to experience doubts. Also, it was interesting to note how the energy of doubt can become a tool for creativity.
I found interesting the experience of realizing that energy is harmoniously in service, mostly by the everyday experience, experience that has its support in the talks about the `un` of things from the physical reality. In a way, if I had unconscious fears of energy, the experience just brings more ease and trust. Also I liked the perspective of the new definition for freedom: the understanding that energy serves you.
In the third session there is a lot of information connecting some points, which eventually encourage more allowing. I liked the understanding of how we got to believe that energy is external, the connection between the understanding of energy and Realization, and I liked the idea that energy (seen externally) is like the final aspect to be integrated.
And the merabhs are amazing, as always. The one with You already know has some interesting perspectives that makes live easy and allowing. As well is in the final one.
What changed after some experience with material: well, after about a month I realized that some old doubts just don’t come anymore, and that it is fun or interesting the exploration of the perspective to play within your energy. Most important change is the realization that I already know and that is a relief even to the mind – not having to manage or try to make a mental choice: energy is responding to my overall being / consciousness (human, Master and I Am) and I am just allowing my energy serve me.
After a number of views, I started to sense how even the energy transmitted is so vibrant and that it is a very safe space in this material that allows a very clear perception of the information on many levels. For that I have to express my great thanks to the team making this material possible for us to access and enjoy the experience that comes with it: Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda, the entire CC Staff.
So, I do highly recommend this material.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 2/21/2020)
Allowing to unfold
- There are already excellent reviews. After twenty days of living this material, I say: it unfolds, it unfolds, it reveals. Yes, the fifth session too.

Again and again, it takes me by surprise to perceive new perspectives whenever I listen again to the sessions. Knowing that I listen to all of this through my own energy, it is my energy bringing me these new perspectives. Isn't that fun to realize?!!!

My living energy goes so far as to "remind" me when it is appropriate to listen to a specific session. Well, that is energy in service, isn't it?
Review by Ad Voermans / (Posted on 1/20/2020)
Ode to ME
- Toward the end of my first beautiful and deep experience with Session 2, I clearly knew my lead line for the review. Ode to Me. Adamus is at his loving best, inviting and exhorting to allow the simplicity of allowing energies to be fully in service. His words feel as a beautiful breath-taking poem of love, ready to break into song, an exquisite Ode…… invitation to embrace the love and awareness of Living Energy.
In the 1st session, Point of Separation, Adamus reminds us that allowing Energy to come alive is a huge turning point, the biggest point of separation ever. Even bigger than allowing our awakening.
We’re moving from the conceptual awareness of the human being the energy component of I Am One into making it real.
Allowing Living Energy is essential to our being able to stay here on Earth in embodied realization.
Adamus summarizes how we came to Earth to understand the relationship between Consciousness & Energy, allowed the experience of doubt, and are now allowing doubt to lift to allow clarity.
Where we are now was the unknown point in our journey. Adamus said he saw the potential but couldn’t know until now that we would go off the charts with this monumental turning point into Living Energy.
He added that Consciousness and Energy have never been integrated before now, but that will have to be another Master’s Life!
What is Energy? Scientists don’t understand. Energy is the compassion of the Soul, the I Am, highly condensed so we can experience, express, Be, and feel. This Passion of Soul created Energy. Energy is communication/communing.
Energy is the Song of the Soul, in song with all that in, in harmony.
Adamus ended Session 1 by saying we’re going someplace off the charts, someplace New!!
Ah… this is New Energy !!
In Session 2, Energy Balance. Adamus says our fog of doubt is lifting and we’re stepping into Clarity. And into Freedom. Freedom is allowing Energy to serve me, knowing that all energy is mine, never wanting for anything any more.
True Freedom, Adamus says, is knowing that my energies are serving me for the highest consciousness or good of my ONE. For example, my energies know best how to serve me in my choice to stay on Earth to experience and create within embodied realization. I don’t have to define how! I don’t have to tell Energy how or what to do, not even about abundance. I just dance & sing & allow!
In talking about the energy balance, Adamus talks about energy being passion and compassion, Song of the Soul, particle AND wave, matter AND un-matter. He goes on to remind us that all matter has an awareness of itself as being in a form to serve. All energies know they are here to serve. This transition, this turning point, this paradigm shift is solely about our allowing that awareness to become Reality.
The energies of the air, and the stars, and the sea are all in service to me. And, as Adamus says, the roads are in service to me, and the magic is when I allow that there are no potholes for me!
When we allow energy to serve in the highest consciousness, beyond human limitation, this is the magic!
All energy is in harmony serving me. That harmony is in the perception I choose and in allowing.
Adamus ends Session 2 with what he says is not a merabh but an experience, with music. Music, he says, is the greatest human experience with Energy being in harmony.
“The Song of the Soul manifests as music in this dimension.”
The conclusion of this session, the most touching and inspiring for me, truly felt as “Ode to Me”, as Adamus lovingly invites us to embody and allow I Am Here, I Am in Life, I am allowing energy to serve me. Can you embody this?, he asks.
“This is so simple!”, Adamus implores, “It’s harmony, here to serve you. Period. End of story! Energy is crying out in harmony to serve you.
This is life.”
Session 3, Energy Quotient, begins with asking now that we know that Living Energy is within, how did it ever get external? It was part of the agreement we made to forget when we came to experience self on Earth.
Now, Adamus reminds that, in this unprecedented huge turning point, even greater than Awakening, I now become aware of how I am energized, knowing that I now live and create in My Energy, Living Energy!
Adamus beautifully distills by saying that once I realize all Energy is mine, and realize it is all in harmony, then the real dance, the magic begins, allowing myself to fully open up as Creator.
We are now done understanding. Now we live it!
After reviewing the first 2 sessions, Adamus goes on with an overview of where we’ve been in realization and where we’re going as Living Energy. Realization is the first part and is simply allowing everything to integrate: I Am, Master, Human, wounds, dark & gray aspects, abused childs, etc.
Realization means I accept all my experiences without regret, and no more trying to improve the human. “I accept all that I am in this moment.” I accept “the glory and grace of my being.” I Am that I Am. Period. No exceptions.
Second and more important is the Energy now integrated within, wisdomized by the Master/Merlin. The final integration. The most monumental shift ever.
Adamus goes on to talk about EQ, Energy Quotient. This is not like IQ which is related to cognitive intelligence.
Energy Quotient is determined by how worthy you feel to receive the Energy that is You.
There is not really intelligence in Energy. It doesn’t need intelligence. EQ connects the dots, for example between the wave and the particle, between physical and non-physical. It brings potentials into your knowingness. Where did you loose your car keys? Energy may bring you a picture of where you left them. It’s energy connecting the dots, bringing you what you need when you need it!
The best example, I thought, was about how we got Adamus. When Tobias left, we didn’t say, “Oh, now let’s create Adamus”. We allowed Energy to serve us, for our highest good, our highest Consciousness. And Energy connected the dots. Adamus was created of St Germain, Geoff & Linda, and all of us!!
The 4th session, You Already Know, was sweet and supportive, reminding us of all that we do know.
Some of the reminders included: You already know your deep and true desires for this life, the importance of this lifetime for yourself and all of Shaumbra, the magnitude of this lifetime, what makes your heart sing, what makes you soar, that it all comes to you, and it is all within you.
He ends with saying, “Let these words be with you: I Already Know.”
Session 5, Allowing the Change is truly an experience beyond words! Adamus reminds us that something has been happening the whole time he’s been talking. Energies have been re-aligning in the biggest point of separation of your lifetimes.
It is time to change your relationship with Energy.
Then he tells a beautiful Adamus story of walking on the beach to illustrate how energy serves us. It ends with what he calls a Merlinesque change of re-orienting to our knowingness that answers and solutions just come, bringing everything appropriate when you need it.
The essence of this merabh experience is to BE the Energy and allow the transformation. Energy IS inside and it IS alive, vibrant, and full of colors and sensuality! The Song of the Soul comes alive within!
Adamus states clearly the Energy has already unplugged from the old paradigm and is now plugged into the New. New Energy.
This is the completion of a long journey. The completion comes with allowing the awareness that Energy is within. This is the gift to self, a New relationship with Energy. Adamus says we’re off the charts. We knew it would come.
“It is Here Now”
Every Master’s Life experience has significantly expanded my life, my reality. ML 11, Living Energy, is the paradigm change I have been waiting for, for as long as I can remember.
It’s all about Energy. Energy is all about communication, about communing. There are no more lines dividing, no more boundaries or limits, no more separation. I am now communing and singing and dancing with all that is, knowing Energy is within, serving me for my highest.
The Song and the Dance are real now.

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Patti / (Posted on 1/16/2020)
- Masters Life 11 Session 1: I like the inspirational use of graphics that
were used to help get people tuning in have a feel for what Living energy appears like...
however for someone that "sees" energy like me, it wasn't correct! Yes I can and
have seen the particle form to energies and various different waveforms. What attracted
me here is that I want to maintain this ability continuously - right now as it is I simply
move in and out of the experience, here one moment, gone the next and then back again!
Good try though Crimson Circle team with the graphics but not quite correct :0).

Masters Life 11 Session2: Omygoshhhh yes I have wanted this for so long! ...
"the human had to come to a certain wisdom and maturity"...."The road you are driving on
is in service to you even if it has potholes. We're going to a place where the potholes
won't matter for you"..."Are you ready to let Energy serve you even if other people are
still tied into a herd mentality"..."All Energy is in harmony for you..there are no
accidents or bad negative energy for you"... YES YES YES and YES!!!

which takes me into Masters Life 11 Session 3:
What happened with this? Good question. I fell into a REM state in myself and as
I was listening to the message channeled through Geoff I noticed that there was no
emotional warmth just a directness and exactitude in the delivery of the message.
I decided not to react by thinking "what's wrong"; I simply listened to St Germain
going over his discourse about I.Q. and then E.Q. which he describes as Energy quotient
and where there are higher I.Q.'s (as usual only refers to Europe, US and Asia as the standard
- and always manages to "forget" places in South America, Canada, India, Middle East, Russia and of course never
connects any of the Consciousness Pioneer work being done to anyone of African origin).
Then the discourse praised people assumed to be of high I.Q. and high E.Q. and proceeded
to cap around the 42 minute mark asking Shaumbra with higher I.Q. to start shifting to
"increase" their E.Q. to let energy truly serve them. As he was talking in my REM state
I could feel a lot of distortions in the channel; there was something not very clear in this channel
(studying the attributes of Shaumbra with high I.Q. for example) The distortion was
really bothering me so I started to pick out many tiny red "hairs", many tiny strings of "hair"
and all these "hairs" started crisscrossing over each other. I suddenly realized that I had
amassed so many "hairs" and proceeded in a moment of passion to try and pick them all up.
Instantaneously all the hairs came to Life in a massive hexagonal formation, within which were
contained many smaller hexagonal boxes each whirring and clicking with light anad making incredible
sounds. My first thought was omg I better not breathe all the hairs in as I could choke but that
didn't happen as I was surrounded by an amazing energy experience. Is this the passion of the
soul bringing my energy to life - what can I say there are so many meanings to this. Somehow the
channel suddenly stopped playing. Got out of REM and proceeded to play it again. This time
I could hear the warmth of Geoff's voice as the message was channeled and it did not come across
so distantly. As I listened to it again wide and awake I felt the distortions again!!!
Honestly what happened with this channelling - not Adamus's best result - I think he could
have delivered it with more clarity and less side commentary as to why E.Q. is lower
and the explanations/discourse given were not on point for this Master. He focused too
much on trying to explain letting energy serve you and it came across as bitchy and snippy.
The whole "lot in life" explanation was lame. Thats not why people settle for less.
Even the lotto example was terrible. I came to hear a Master (St Germain) and yet he came
across like a fool.
Session 4 and Session 5 wrap it up with dignity. Have to say still a good product. Just feel into it like a Master. I definitely got my money's worth.
Review by Juhl-Jessica / (Posted on 1/13/2020)
About Living Energy: During 5 sessions Adamus guides us gently into a deep understanding and feeling of what energy is and how to deal with it: ALLOW!
- Living Energy: What a concept. Energy is living. I am living energy. I create what I experience, and I live in my creation …
This Master`s Life really made me space out. I`ve walked around for several days now and tried to summarize for myself what to say about my experience … I`ve felt a kind of emptiness. I have had, still have a flu without being really sick, nose has just been running continuously for a couple of days; my left knee is out of balance today, so I have to walk with care … Otherwise I feel sound and healthy, enjoying that the mild weather we enjoy here in Denmark have made the birds sing today as if spring had already begun.
About Living Energy: During 5 sessions Adamus guides us gently into a deep understanding and feeling of what energy is and how to deal with it: ALLOW!
Quote: Energy is not an outside force, but is rather one hundred percent in service to self, it is a turning point far more important than even awakening. Indeed, understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy fulfills the very purpose of life on this planet.
So, what we have to do is to embody the magic Merlin within and feel the fact that we create our own reality. Because of the connection between consciousness and energy/reality and because of dual energy in every living thing (balance between reality /un-reality) we can choose to let energy serve us in every way … ALLOW all energy to serve us. This sounds so easy and still Adamus must remind us about it.
There are merabhs, of course, in several sessions and the energy in these are so gentle, nurturing and loving that you really have time to dive deep within, relax, accept and love yourself, so opening and allowing get easier …
It is all about allowing (read: get rid of all the old stuff, accept all as it is and avoid standing in your own way), also if you want to stay here as an embodied master
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 1/9/2020)
Allow YOUR energy to serve you!
Living energy. It’s such a beautiful title. It makes me think of flowers and trees growing, and as I understand it, it describes how energy is going to be in our lives! Each one of us with our own energy. Fully alive and vibrant. Serving us. Doesn’t it make you want to sing and dance? At least that’s how I feel.
All our lives, we have perceived energy as something outside of ourselves. Something some people had and others not. If you wanted to have it, you had to work for it. Or steal it from others, as you know from SES. And if you had it, you would probably be afraid of losing it again. The whole concept is a set up for struggle. Also, when you perceive energy as something outside of you, you may very well fear it. What is it going to bring me? Will it hurt me somehow, either physically, emotionally or in another way? You would never really trust it.
Now Adamus turns it all upside down, by saying, “What you perceive is all your energy.” The first time I heard it was at the Ahmyo Retreat in November ’18. That was really a tough one to take in. It is all my energy. – For many years, I have known and (mostly) lived from the understanding that I create all situations in my life. The good ones as well as the others. Kind of taking responsibility. But it still could make me uncertain of what I might attract into my life.
Where I feel, I experienced a shift, was in a Keahak session, where Adamus took us to a place of our own energy. Just to be in that. I often do that. Such a good feeling.
All energy is yours. It’s your friend. It wants to serve you. So, what are you going to do? Just allow. It may not do it in the way you – the human – expect. But it will always serve the highest consciousness potential.
In the first session, Adamus talks about doubt. How we are going to take a new step on our way to realization, and then the doubt comes in: Is that really a good idea? Is that safe? What if it’s all an illusion? Maybe you better go back to “normal”. And then we stop and think… Adamus says, just allow it. It’s an opportunity to take a moment to make sure what is right for you. Don’t fight it. And the doubt will slowly fade away.
I feel that I mostly know doubt from situations, where I especially afterwards ask myself, should I have done something else, or why didn’t I… In my journey towards realization, I have always felt that it was the right thing for me. That was never a question. But surely, I have had – and still have – fear about some of the steps. Well, I guess that also is the mind presenting doubt.
Adamus provides a lot of information in this Master’s Life 11. I think I have heard most of it in Keahak (ML 11 was recorded about 3 month ago) and still, I get so much from it. Because the words are one thing, but the most important is the energy behind it. That is what makes it real, something that you can integrate in your life. And then of course the words help you understand and relate to it. I have often experienced that I hear something, and then later hear it again or maybe put in a little different way, and then I get it!
If I shortly should say what is the most important that I so far have got from watching this Master’s Life, it is getting deeper into the feeling, it is all my energy and it wants to serve me. I often stop during the day and say it to myself and feel into it. And then it’s of course allowing it to do so!
There is so much more in Master’s Life 11, for example the final Merabh where he wraps it all up and let us experience the difference between struggling for energy and letting it serve us, but I will leave it here. I certainly will recommend Master’s Life 11, LIVING ENERGY.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 1/8/2020)
Time for the Living Energy
- More about energy? Haven’t we about covered that yet? My answer to the first question is “Yes.”, and my answer to the second is “Yes, and not exactly.”

Adamus Saint-Germain is the first to admit that we’ve been talking about energy since before he came in over ten years ago to work full time with Shaumbra. When so many are on the brink of their realization, energy is still front and center, and with good reason. In The Master’s Life Part 11 - Living Energy, Adamus once again explains that allowing our relationship with energy to change to where it truly serves us, is vital to our ability to stay on the planet as embodied Masters, and is indeed true freedom. It’s about turning it from a concept to LIVING it. We now have the spiritual maturity and wisdom for living energy. That’s what is different.

The first three sessions contain Adamus physics. Some of it has been covered and experienced in Keahak and other events. But it’s fascinating to me that the more he explains, the simpler it becomes. The last part of Session Three and the last two sessions are experiential with beautiful merabhs.

I found Session 4 entitled “You Already Know” incredibly touching, as I allowed myself to go to a deeper level of opening to my knowingness. I can’t put it into words, but I felt and experienced that invitation to open even more. Knowingness has been discussed many times, but this “experiential merabh” has embedded within it the invitation to go very deep into understanding of energy and knowingness. I can feel that more expanded opening within me, and it’s beyond words.

In The Master’s Life Part 11, Living Energy, are beautiful moments of clarity, all to be discovered. Those moments are different for all of us, and the invitation is there to bring them to yourself at the perfect time.

As with the other installments of The Master’s Life, Part 11 is incredibly supportive of those wishing to stay on the planet and to allow energy to serve them. As Adamus says, this is the time to change the dynamic of how you connect to, relate to and use energy. This material invites you to do just that. A big thank you to Geoff, Linda and the Crimson Circle staff for their continued willingness to bring forth these incredible experiences.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member

Review by KHaws / (Posted on 1/2/2020)
It is the long awaited Change and you only need to allow it!
- Very clear, very deep experience. Now that is the fulfillment and the realization that Energy is always in harmony with us, is all ours and here to always serve us and always has. No more is needed for you to know other than that you already know. Life changing!
Review by Merlin Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 1/1/2020)