The Master’s Life Part 13: Entelligence

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  • Human intelligence is based in duality and emotion
  • Energy intelligence is neutral and unlimited
  • It’s all yours
  • Take your place in the kingdom of Self
  • And finally let energy serve you fully
  • “Stop, look and listen before you start to freak!”

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The good life, the Master’s Life

The Master’s Life Part 13: Entelligence 

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Human intelligence is designed to perceive, retain and retrieve information in this physical reality. Based in duality and emotion, it is mostly used for problem solving within the inherent limitations of the human realm. However, energy intelligence – Entelligence – opens up the wisdom from every experience and every potential, whether past or future, and makes anything possible. The idea that “energy is all yours” comes alive in this experience, as your consciousness is invited into the Dvir, the inner “Holy of Holies,” the part of your reality landscape where energy sits in neutral, waiting to serve your choices. It’s a new physics that goes beyond duality, beyond the mind, and into your own unlimited ocean of energy.

Humanity is at a point of great change. After eons of evolution, we are still using “version 1.99” of the human mind, but now we’re ready for version 2. Many will choose physical and mental augmentation to get there, but the true Masters will do it the natural way, through energy intelligence. We’ve been preparing for this since Atlantis, Old Egypt and the time of Yeshua, and now it’s here.

Adamus talks about what energy is, how it works, and offers very practical advice on how to use Entelligence in your life. It is completely natural, brings “healing” even before it’s needed, and loves to serve you in every way. He invites you to thank the human intellect for its grand service (which will continue), and to “assume your rightful position as the Master, take the throne in your kingdom of Self,” and allow potentials of the highest resonance be in this reality. Entelligence – it’s all you.


1. Into Your Energy (36:02)
After a few cautions, Adamus invites you into a large, beautiful mansion, your own reality landscape, where you can finally connect with the vastness of your own energy.

2. Human Intelligence (1:02:01)
Like software, human intelligence exists to perceive, retain and retrieve information in physical reality, and it is all based on duality, emotion and qualia. It’s time for an upgrade.

3. Energy and Potentials (53:58)
Human intelligence is about problem solving, but with limited potentials. Your energy intelligence – Entelligence – is unlimited and loves to serve you in every way.

4. Your Ocean (52:58)
After offering very practical advice on how to use Entelligence in your life, Adamus offers a deep experience of being deep within in your energy. It’s here to serve you. It IS you.

5. Questions and Answers (37:36)
Adamus answers questions about trust, getting out of your own way, communicating with your energy, a busy mind, human desires, and much more.

6. Take Your Throne (45:57)
Invited once again into your inner sanctum, the human intellect makes an oath to support and obey the Master. It’s time to take your rightful place in the kingdom of Self and truly let your energy serve.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, Louisville, Colorado, January 2021

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This is another turning point on our journey that can bring us more in touch with our own energy.
In every recent Shoud or other material the main remainder is that the energy is all ours, but what I like about this material is how relatively easy facilitates that experience of shifting the perspective from what the human was used to use into this perspective that it is all within and the energy is all ours.
Seems easy to write that now, but my first experience with the material was kind of interesting, taking things as being very important and going just one session per day, and I still felt it as a huge step at the time. Obviously, I was experiencing the resistance in my own life, but that transformed when getting back to the material and really allowing myself to feel and to experience every session, but this time I was like very alive and with curiosity about the next step of it.
The first session has some interesting information on some possible effects – before or after - the experience of the material, and a unique experience of your own energy, Dvir, something that only very few humans experience in their life, but for us is possible because we have chosen to stay on Earth as embodied Masters and it is kind of needed to do so.
In the next session for me was impressive to get to understand and feel the simplicity of human intelligence and the fact that it still is at version 1.99 with multiple types of examples, and also explaining more about the basis of human intelligence that is in duality and what was said In January Shoud about going beyond duality. And the next session is interesting in presenting the next version of intelligence – Entellingence.
The next experience, with the ocean of your energy is with a merabh experience that can present another perspective about life and how things could work and be experienced. The Q&A session based on questions from the production team is fun and very relevant in terms of application into our lives – thank you very much for that!
The last session is also a merabh that brings another shift of perspective for the human and the Master and making sure of the transition into the upgrade of intelligence.
For me it was like a continuation of the talk about the types of energies from the book of Adamus called The Act of Consciousness and the discovery that was suggested in New Energy Synchrotize and getting back your kingdom.
Many thanks and blessings to the team making this material possible for us to experience and move on with it, Geoffrey, Linda, the entire CC Staff with such precious guidance from Adamus Saint-Germain.
I do highly recommend this material, maybe it will become a core material after some time.

Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 5/18/2021)
. Besides The Master’s Life, Part 7 – I am Creation Masters Life 13 Entelligence
is the most life-changing Masters Life I have ever listened to.
And I have heard a lot of them.

I mean, I have nothing more to say that I am no longer afraid of (my) Energy.

I have been skeptical about allowing Energy to take over my life because I did not fully believe that Energy was 100% mine. I knew it, but I did not have the knowingness. I am not fully conscious about what I considered Energy was compared to the role of consciousness, but there was something there that I could not wrap my head around, so it stayed a little scary to me.

In the first session, Adamus guided me on a "Dream-walk like experience" into my Dvir. My own holiest of the holiest inside my Mansion, I knew, it was inside my Mansion. I recognized the Beautiful Dark Blue Doors with many gold patterns on them at the end of the corridor.
When I opened them and stepped inside, I had two feelings simultaneously, not only what Adamus said a couple of seconds later, "The Emptiness," but also that I was part of that Emptiness at the same time. I was not only the observer but also the one that felt the awareness of Me in there.
In my Soul, in my Energy in the whole of me, and when he, later on, talked about it as an Ocean of Energy between the Human (This Creation) and the I am (pure consciousness), it just clicked in, every puzzle found its place.
Review by Jaziel / (Posted on 5/6/2021)
It's just getting better
I love all Master’s Life presentations from Crimson Circle. Each one a true mileston.
Each one expanding awareness to new potentials and arriving at perfect time.
Sometimes I wonder how many times I can express the beauty or the depth of those
materials. I’m deeply grateful for yet another turning point.
Master’s Life 13 – “Entelligence” is for me all about diving deeply into my own energy,
my safe space and my enelligence, knowingness, or gnost. It is very expanding and at
the same time very practical and gives the mind permission – to move from the driver’s
seat to ride along with the wisdom, the master, and the Soul. And the wisdom of the
Master is the real intelligence.  
Adamus starts with bringing us to our own inner sanctum – Dvir – a space that he took
us in Keahak 9. Led us through many altars to alter - one of his plays on the words - our
reality. And now we’re ready to just jump in.
Next, he describes the difference between limited human intelligence - which is
emotional and operated in duality - and the wisdom of the Master. Adamus also gives
us the magic word how to stop the mind when it is working so hard and trying to figure
everything out.
It inspired me to write a love and gratitude letter to my Human Mind that started like
that: “Dear Mind, you took me on a wonderful adventure of being a human. Navigated
my steps. Protected me. Collected and retained information of what will serve me and
what will hurt me. Thank you. You were in the driver’s seat for such a long time. And
now it is time to move forward. And I’m not abandoning you - Come along for a ride and
let’s discover what lays ahead…”
And, oh boy - my mind is very strong, I remember as a young person I noticed how my
memories are connected as a string of events. One memory was igniting another. It felt
very limiting, like my mind was a closed system. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not – and I
couldn’t find an explanation for this in any book – until I was ready to hear this, and
Master’s Life 13 gives very clear explanation of how it works.
Human intelligence is slow, emotional, and based in duality. It is immature. Time for
maturity if we dare. Will human mind accept enteligence? It will think about it... As you
may imagine my strong mind got a little upset, confused, even anxious … took a while
for it to calm down.
It is a practical and very important step in allowing full realization and staying in human
body. Beautiful Merabhs and it comes with few music pieces for us to keep.

Iwona Wirkus
Member of Crimson Circle Review Team
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 4/29/2021)
Point of transformation indeed
. I never imagined, ever, that I could have such a profound transformation just by seeing it for the first time. ENTELLIGENCE was perfect after THRESHOLD, a turning point indeed. Nothing else will be as before!
Review by Mirna Bueno / (Posted on 3/31/2021)
Your brain is ready. Are you?
The Brain is ready. Are you?
ML 13 Entelligence.
Practical, magical guidance to source our life from the Soul which was designed for that role, unlike the brain.
The brain ever-focussed on survival, knows now that continuing the dominant role it drifted into in an effort to protect the human, how ever entrenched it became, is no longer sustainable. It can no longer keep up with the rapid evolution of human consciousness. As we feel into the mind, very different from "going mental", the mind is ready to shrink back to natural position while evolving its true function of being in obedience to the Soul! No longer trying to replace it - an experience as temporarily intoxicating as it became exhausting and frustrating.
So right around the current Reset of the Ages, there seems to be a special window to finally make the necessary adjustment within ourselves.
I have been enjoying my mind as much as I enjoy my car humming along without warning lights. But it turned into a bad dream when I allowed the computer to fill in location (I AM HERE) and destination (FULFILLMENT), which it had no way of knowing, instead of just providing navigation to where I AM/Master/human chose to go. The nightmare of robots taking control of humans, we kind of tried that on already, so we may be perfectly equipped to prevent a repeat.
A sustained intensity in my life over the past few months, where everything seemed to happen all at once 24/7, proved to be a perfect set up to open wide to the experience of singularity in the Dvir. I am not worried if I feel nothing, nothing as in "the absence of noise" is good ....And sometimes no-thing also feels like every-thing: rich, full, home, all me, vast. Because it is all there: all my energy, all potentials and the wisdom to choose the ones that hold the greatest fulfillment. It is my inalienable Soul!
This was the key for me, Adamus starts the six sessions in the Dvir, and he ends it there, "putting it all together", in a beautiful ceremony, for lack of better words, that forges a new relationship between mind and master consciousness. Big exhale, a sigh of relief felt throughout my creation. The separate music downloads will take you where you are ready to go, "all the way" is an option. I love using the separate, carefully infused tracks at the end of the day for a reset into the night.
The first week, I would wake up with intense anxiety I didn't think I was still capable of; then the day unfolded, in some familiar ways, some very new.
- the way I work is changing; two clients commented they enjoyed my sessions, because I
managed to "put it all together" for them, the challenges they faced and a graceful way to
approach them ( I am talking to myself really, but I am happy it works for them, too:)
- dreams are amping up. The car again, this time no gas or brakes, no steering wheel either!
Also, a possible vision of things to come, a version of a legacy for me to leave when I am complete that is uniquely mine. I have dreamed moments before, feelings, but not content like that in a while!
- a very different way to solve problems, great and small, by acknowledging there aren't any and simply putting the situation in the Oven of Grace (yes, that is how long we have known, but now I can smell the cake and eat it, too)
- the importance of beloved words for me, declining. All that matters is how I feel when I choose them, and how "another's" choices make me feel, including silence. I know, it is all me, and yet, more to realize there...). Words came into being to communicate, with other people - that whole huge mess of relationship to OP's is starting to shift under my feet, finally. (Big shoutout to the handful of humans who manage to radiate with me at no one's expense - I appreciate you!)
By the end of the week, the pressure suddenly lifted, insights and creativity kept coming like a waterfall. It was Friday, so trying to function through that experience was challenging and rewarding - voice-journalling in traffic, laughing/crying and fixing my face before the next appointment (grateful for masks and face shield for once, also tried to put a face mask on my shoe at some point, instead of the bootie...)
This account is not complete, every time I listen another set of experiences forms. Beginnings and endings have become elusive, as creation moves in spirals. I am starting to enjoy that dynamic, the "pains" of letting go and deconstruction seem to get smaller and experience of "the new" becomes more tangible and real with every dare.
What dreams have come!
Siglinde Schwenzl
member of CC review team
Review by sig / (Posted on 3/30/2021)
Snowdrops & Raindrops
Spring doesn't seem to want to come to my hometown just yet.
So when yesterday I woke up to the warmth of sun rays on my face it was a delightful surprise.
The day before that I’ve started listening to the new Master's Life and I had 3 last sessions left to watch.
So I packed my backpack and went on my favorite hike through the hills and woods near my home. I wanted to visit snowdrop flowers in the forest. There is such a fragile and sublime beauty in them yet they're practically the first flowers that are rising from the ground in Spring. What a beautiful symbol of reborn and reset.
I was walking, breathing, feeling the sun, listening to Adamus, when suddenly dark clouds came over, the rain started to drip - first slowly, then faster, denser. And exactly at that moment, Adamus was saying, once more, about how it is all My Energy, how it will never go against me, how it will never betray me. And here I was, standing under the pouring rain when all I wanted was a calm and nurturing walk in the woods.
And, of course, my mind got pissed. It wanted to command my energy to move the fucking clouds away. Then it got upset, "Yeah, it's my Energy and it always serves me in the best possible way, sure, this exactly what I wanted."
But I was at the endpoint of my walk, I had to go home anyway so I started walking back, left foot, right foot...
... until I entered this large expansive space in a forest, it was a little valley: old rocks to the right, a hill to the left, and in the middle... the soil was absolutely covered with snowdrops. I knew they would be there but I wasn't expecting them to look so beautiful covered in raindrops, like an embodiment of clarity itself. I’ve never seen them like that. I was mesmerized, carefully walking among them, touching them, communing, taking photos and videos. Meanwhile, Adamus was murmuring his final merabh and I was absolutely enjoying the experience.
I completely forgot about the annoyance of the rain, now it was an absolute Gift of Beauty - from myself to myself, within my Energy. I felt grateful. I felt safe. Not safe from the rain, wind, or cold. But truly safe. Safe meaning whatever happens is truly my best experience at the moment and there is nothing threatening ‘out there’, nothing. A feeling that is almost foreign and unknown to a human on this planet.
We are very much like those Snowdrops, Shaumbra. We feel the Spring, we feel the warmth and starting to Sprout through the cold and thick snow of mass consciousness into absolutely new territory. We might look fragile, but our core is of commitment, beauty, and wisdom. We are entering the Spring of New Energy walking in the first line and I am so proud of it.
At that moment in the forest, I’ve felt as if I truly was able to sprout through the veil of my mind and finally feel “it is all your Energy” statement versus trying to grasp it mentally from every possible angle. And that feeling is impossible to describe.
Just by standing there, observing Beauty, basking in the energies of this very intimate Master's Life my mind was finally able to settle, to let go, to be okay with its new role.
And for me, it is the exact essence of this course.
There are many beautiful explanations of the workings of the mind/brain, there are many reassurances of how our life will look beyond the old mind but behind all of that, there is something that really takes care of the mind and cradles it into a long-awaited calmness. And it was absolutely needed before surrendering into the Entelligence of my beautiful Energy.
I’ve felt safety, joy, and calmness that wasn’t perceivable before.
P.s. Guess what? The rain stopped exactly the moment I passed the area with snowdrops.
Thank you for your precious time, friends.
Review by Nazar / (Posted on 3/18/2021)
Time to Go Beyond
It wasn’t until the beginning of the merabh in the fourth session of The Master’s Life Part 13: Entelligence that I understood why I couldn’t watch more than one session at a time. Generally I can go through more than one in a sitting, and it was when Adamus said that Cauldre (Geoff) was wondering why the sessions were more challenging to channel, he explains that there is more of an energy quotient than ever that’s being conveyed. Adamus takes an “essessment” (my word for energy assessment) of Shaumbra to be able to deliver the appropriate amount of energy for where we are at any given time. Apparently we are ready for what Adamus calls a tremendous amount.

This material feels like a master class (no pun intended) in mind intelligence, energy intelligence (Entelligence) and connecting back with self. Years ago there used to be a “M” movie rating which meant it was “suggested for mature audiences.” This Master’s Life is a clear invitation to step into a maturity that is beyond the emotional duality of the mind, and to be the mature human, which is the Master.

As part of the human experience, we’ve allowed the mind to take the lead with how we perceive and retain everything we’ve ever experienced. It’s been an incredible game of limitation and turning our back on our energy, wisdom and soul. During my awakening years and even beyond, many of my awarenesses have come through the recognition of how I have created limitations for myself. This Master’s Life is clear that the time has come to go beyond the mind into Version 2 which is the Entelligence.

So, are you ready? To be absolutely present in your ocean of energy and let it serve you? To go beyond the limitations of the mind and into the Entelligence? To truly soar? To take your rightful position in the kingdom of you?

Each of us answers these questions in the way that is most appropriate for us. This Master’s Life provides an energy packed safe space to explore these kinds of questions. The invitation to dive deeply into your ocean of energy was particularly profound for me, and although I’ve had other experiences to do so, this merabh really helped me to go beyond concept, and really integrate that within me. I feel Master’s Life 13 is some of the most expansive and supportive material to date.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 3/15/2021)
This Master`s Life is one of the most “simple” in content, and at the same time it goes deep, deep into my feelings and prepares me to give in, let go, make my brain (mind) shut up. In short, it prepares the way for going beyond the mind, beyond duality a
This Master`s Life is one of the most “simple” in content, and at the same time it goes deep, deep into my feelings and prepares me to give in, let go, make my brain (mind) shut up. In short, it prepares the way for going beyond the mind, beyond duality and emotions, letting me stop standing in my own way … and allow contact with my Dvir, my Entelligence, my Energy, my soul, my full awareness, God within … The “inner core” has many names.
Adamus points out the difference between the human intelligence, which is there to perceive, retain and recall memories for use in practical life. The brain is the physical thing, located on top of our shoulders; the mind is a state of being. In fact, the brain is not intelligent or smart at all. However, energy intelligence … Quote: – Entelligence – opens up the wisdom from every experience and every potential, whether past or future, and makes anything possible. It is unlimited and loves to serve in every way. The description in the CC Store of this Master`s Life 13 is so clear and thorough that I recommend you go there for further information about the contents of the 6 sessions.
I`d like to tell how I`m feeling right now. Generally, I am enjoying my life. My thinking is somewhat quiet in general. What fills my awareness is what is happening in my body … A little soreness during the last 3 weeks in muscles and perhaps also in joints; it`s not easy to locate exactly where the pain is, but it`s there almost all the time. As if I had a slight flu … and it is not a flu! Here I remember one of the things Adamus said in the sessions: When you meet something in your life that impresses you etc. take a deep breath, “Stop, look and listen before you start to freak!” The answer is always to be found within yourself (your Self, my comment) … I feel that what is going on is the reaction happening in my body as a response to integrating the lightbody. I look forward to feeling into what is happening with me now during the consciousness reset Adamus talks about 14th – 17th of March …
I really enjoyed going through ML13. It is opening, uplifting and expansional and with so much clear information from Adamus. A QnA session deals with many of the questions coming up. Information has threads to Synchrotize, ProGnost and other “old” materials … But simple and clear, easy to understand and integrate into my life. Contents, music and graphics are beautiful in every way. I`ve listened to the 4 pieces of music, that Adamus has embedded with “our own Energy” with great joy. The music goes deep in every way. The music goes over the whole spectrum of tones and is very touching. One thing, though, that disturbed me in my experience of Music 1, was to realize that the music looped with about 2 minutes intervals … I guess it is the music teacher in me that brings this up. I also see when graphics go in loops … This music reminded me of choir works by Tallis, so I`ll go and listen to some of his music, too.
I give thanks to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and the production crew (Rude Awakening included) for this gift to consciousness and all of us; and I fully recommend you enjoy this Master`s Life 13 - Entelligence.
Finn Andersen
Member of CC Review Team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 3/14/2021)
Such a profound experience
. This Master's Life is like a CROWN put on these all 13 parts of this series. The experience is so beautiful, profound and deep. After this long journey I'm HOME again and it feels SO good. I'm deeply loved by my own Energy. What a beautiful realization !
Review by Anna K. / (Posted on 3/12/2021)
Master's Life 13 is Not What You Think! From Duh to Ah!
Master’s Life 13 “Entelligence” was released as usual with divine timing for me and most Shaumbra who are ready. Not only is the number thirteen magical and reduces to the master number four, this Master’s Life comes out just before the time of March 15-17th 2021 that Adamus had predicted will be the reset of consciousness in humanity! Adamus even reiterates in the first session that this is a major turning point for Shaumbra moving from Human Intelligence 1.99 to our true version 2.0 “Entelligence”.

As well personally, seven years ago on March 13th, I experienced a devastating fire at my father’s home that really shifted so much in my life until this moment. In fact serving as Executrix right now for his estate is really giving me the chance to put ML 13 into practice. Energy serving!

I have always thought I was reasonably “intelligent” or smart. I’ve never known my exact IQ and certainly not a genius but have always known I could learn anything if I “worked” excelling in school and work. “Working hard” to me was the answer along with Google now of course! I always figured if I didn’t know it, I could learn it. As an Executrix right now though I have to admit feeling rather “dumb” sometimes talking to my lawyer and accountant about the rules and taxes dealing with my Dad’s estate. I thought I “knew” and prided myself on being on top of it and then felt stupid when I missed something. Duh! Doesn’t it feel like if we’re really smart, we are in control and life will be easier if we can anticipate what’s coming? Our human doesn’t like surprises… and tries to anticipate them by careful planning. Ha!

Well what if it’s all just my energy? Duh! What if there is a greater “E-ntelligence” at play that is serving me vs the limited human mind “intelligence” trying to process, control, figure it out? I think in the past I would have called this my intuition or Gnost, knowingness. Really as Adamus tells us our energy IS our Soul, is our God and just waiting in the wings to serve us when we truly allow and get out of the way. As he sums it up in ML13 “Would you rather have a high IQ or the wisdom of a Master”? Duh!

This Master’s Life is not easy to put into words or get too mental about because it is going beyond thinking or our “HI 1.99” that is all about perception, retention and then retrieval of facts and figures. It has served us well for lifetimes keeping us safe. Much of what you will hear has been shared before in Shouds, Keahak and other CC material. But it’s not about memorizing and repeating. It’s about finally integrating and knowing and allowing… That’s the duh and aha!

Adamus says you may not feel anything or “think” anything has happened after listening to this latest Master’s Life, but again that’s the old human intelligence looking for bells and whistles and gold stars for knowing the answers! The real “test” in moving to HI 2.0 will be experiencing a life of ease and grace. In “Entelligence 2.0” there are no problems because things have already resolved and rebalanced. There is no healing! Your energy is always in service and you’re not trying to figure it out… As Adamus says the only thing a Master needs to do “Is make pure, true choices and then let energy do the rest and then just enjoy the experience”.

I know. You’ve heard much of this before and so have I. But we’re not “there” or Realized until we are truly living this and allowing the unfoldment in our life on a consistent basis with no doubt allowing the human mind to take the backseat to our Entelligence. It knows better!

This may be a wee example of this. I recently bought two round end tables for my living room. The top veneer was not perfect so I had thought of covering with glass. I was going to go and get a quote from our local glass shop but got busy. That night I “happened” to look online and see two glass pieces for sale for $20 AND turned out not only from someone in the neighbourhood but directly on my way home from yoga… It was that easy peasy! It’s all my energy right? I know we all have had experiences like this and we have to get this is natural. Unnatural is struggling and fighting for what we want in our lives and trying to navigate with our human mind.

“That’s where we’re going with version 2. “It’s already done. Your Entelligence has already taken care of all the details.” Now it’s just up to you to choose and allow. That simple” says Adamus.

This Master’s Life 13 Entelligence feels like a tipping point for Shaumbra either new or old veterans like me. “Get it” and live it and it’s going to be a joy and fun adventure to remain here on the planet problem free. Now we know why “All is well in all of our Creation” the mantra Adamus has reminded us of for over eleven years… Duh!

Entelligence 2.0. Time to upgrade your system!

Tammie O’Rielly
Member of the CC Product Review Team

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 3/11/2021)
Open to your Dvir - your sacred energy
. When I listened to the first session the first time, my feeling was, “Yes! This is made for me!” And for at lot others of course. But it felt so personal. To me it was like coming back home.
Adamus first talked about the Dvir in Keahak 9, as this sacred place you could enter when you had let go of guilt and shame. As I understand it, it is also allowing yourself to own your energy. That is not something that happens overnight, but slowly unfolds to a deeper and deeper understanding /feeling. And acceptance of course. Sometimes it would be easier to say that somebody else did something to you, instead of “I created it myself.”
In the following session Adamus explains the working of the mind/brain, the human intelligence called HI. One thing I find very interesting is that the mind stores the emotional part of an experience, not the whole experience. Well, actually it stores the whole experience, but when you remember something, the brain pulls out the emotional part. So, thoughts are in reality based on emotions. That also means, the brain is working in duality. Good – bad, light – dark etc. It has served us until now, but also the mind is now ready to let the wisdom of the Master, called Entelligence, combining the two words energy and intelligence, take the leading place. Entelligence is singular, there is no duality. Everything just is. As Adamus says, imagine for a moment not having the mind chatting away, working on solving problems, and instead be in the Entelligence where everything is solved before it becomes a problem. Now you can be creative instead. We just have to choose it.
I really liked the session with questions and answers. So many great questions from the CC staff. I felt the questions I had were addressed in this session. As Adamus said, the mind always has questions, and it quiets it down to answer some of them.
The last session was a Merabh that allowed the transformation from the old intelligence, version 1.99 as Adamus called it, to the new version 2, Entelligence. It is very deep and almost impossible to put into words. I have just listened to it again and the only thing I remember right now is the sentence, “Take your place on your Throne.” And so I did.
The graphics are absolutely beautiful. It always is, but this one is over the top. The symbol that is used in the spade is amazing. And repeated in the figure on the table in the studio. To me, it communicates the essence of this Master’s Life.
After the first session, Adamus asks us to listen to one of 4 pieces of music in which he has embedded our energy. So far, I have listened to two of them and they go deep.
Adamus says in the beginning that you may not feel anything, maybe more emptiness. And that is okay. Perhaps some Aha moments. I felt that a few times, but I can’t put it into words right now. And I think that is a good description of my experiences with Master’s Life 13.
My heartfelt thanks to Adamus, Geoff & Linda and the whole staff. I highly recommend Master’s Life 13, Entelligence.
Anne Maribo Andersen CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 3/11/2021)
Timing & content are perfect!
. Reviewing the latest Master’s Life, Entelligence, is both the easiest and most difficult of all the 13 Master's Lifes and numerous Master's Pauses.

The summary of each session in the Store (link below) and also in the March Shaumbra Magazine are excellently distilled.

The first and fifth (last) sessions defy words. They are deep, intense, and beautiful experiences and transformation with your Dvir, your Soul, your Energy.

Having just experienced Energy Works in Kona 2.21-24, this material, and especially the merabhs are perfect expansions of what 19 Shaumbra workshop participants, plus Geoff & Linda, Moishe & Michelle experienced 10 days ago.

The first session of Entelligence, only 36 minutes long, was like a light to a fire that’s been waiting and ready. It felt complete for me until I experienced the final merabh. The merabhs create lovely resonance and completion.

The night after I listened to the first session, I grabbed my journal to write about the Passion I am feeling. Not a passion to “do” anything, but a pure passion to BE all that I Am!!

And as Adamus always explains what a merabh is……...a shift in consciousness, I am aware that this passion has always been here. These shifts in consciousness now make it possible to finally and fully BE One with who I Am.

Two of the 3 sessions in the middle were more information about traditional human intelligence. Adamus explains that the human mind can not ever understand this shift to Energy Intelligence, but his explanations give us a sense of what we’ve been and are now experiencing in all these recent transitions.

I do like his analogy of describing all the lifetimes of the mind as HI, human intelligence, now finally transitioning from Intelligence 1.999 to Entelligence 2.0. A new and entirely different operating system. The mind is now, if we choose, as are all our lives and aspects, coming Home to experience its natural state of Being.

The 4th session, a Q&A, is excellent.

And while sharing my experience with the sessions feels repetitious in always expounding new found clarity, it is so. And with each dusting away of the fogs of old belief systems, doubts, and mass consciousness, the clarity increases. Each subsequent “product” is the opportunity to experience exponentially more clearly who I Am.

Entelligence is absolutely perfect in its timing and its content!!

CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Patti / (Posted on 3/8/2021)
. I Am Here. It feels like Home is coming to me. I am Home. Finally I got it. The search has ended. Home has been always there but I wasn't aware of it. Thank you for the beautiful experience and showing me the way back Home
Review by Mitra / (Posted on 3/6/2021)