The Master’s Life Part 14: Soul Encounters

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  • The soul is your energy, potentials, wisdom, and sovereignty
  • You, human, are your own soul’s song of energy
  • Other people are you masquerading as them
  • Time’s up for this grand Game of Angels
  • You are the soul, dreaming of itself as a human
  • It’s time to wake up, put on your wings of wisdom and soar

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The Good Life, the Master’s Life
Master’s Life Part 14: Soul Encounters

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The word “soul” is used in many contexts, but what does it really mean? In this groundbreaking presentation, Adamus Saint-Germain says that the soul is all your potentials, your wisdom, and your sovereignty. In essence, it is God, the totality of your energy, the single and unlimited creation of the I Am. This means that everything you perceive is your energy, and it’s all in service to you. Then comes the question: how do other people fit into the picture? According to Adamus, they aren’t really there. Other humans are you, masquerading as them, within your own reality landscape. Mass consciousness is simply the mutual consent in this “Game of Angels” to perceive things as being outside of you for the purpose of experience, self-love and ultimately freedom.

Adamus describes the I Am as pure consciousness, aware only of itself. In this state of eternal existence, the I Am created energy, the soul from which all else springs. The soul is yours alone, and everything you perceive, including yourself, is an expression of your energy. The human activates the energy, chooses the potentials, and decides how to experience them, and the soul supports all of it. In fact, if the human chooses a hellish experience, the soul will joyfully play the role of the devil. The soul doesn’t care what the experience is; it simply rejoices in every moment.

In the human experience we perceive ourselves as separate from life, other people, God, and even our own Self, due to the mass consciousness agreements of Earth. We came here to learn about energy and understand ourselves, and therefore needed the illusion of separation. Each soul is unique and sovereign but can cast a type of influence or “shadow” upon another soul. It is much like an online computer game where the players seem to interact through the processor (mass consciousness), but in truth, each one is acting only on their own system, their own reality landscape. Ultimately every soul we encounter is our own.

NOTE: In “J'Encore,” Shoud 12 of the Teacher Series, Tobias tells a beautiful story that directly relates Soul Encounters.


1. History of the Soul (1:06:29)
After noting the nonphysical participants, Adamus begins by discussing the I Am, whose only creation is the soul. He then describes the soul as being your energy, potentials, wisdom, and sovereignty, and gives a brief history of how our concept of the soul has evolved over time.

2. Attributes of the Soul (55:35)
Adamus tells an old joke with a new twist, then talks about numerous characteristics of the soul. The soul knows not pain, love, judgement, death, failure, creation, need, or time. It is dreaming of itself as the human in experience; a human who is free to choose anything.

3. Soul Encounter (46:37)
You are reconnecting with the soul, thereby fulfilling your Atlantean Dream. Your deep longing for love has been the longing to remember your soul. Let it join you now. Among the infinite potentials, allow the one of remembrance and reunion. Wake up from the dream, join in the song.

4. Other People (59:43)
Other people are not really there. They have an influence but are not in your energy. It’s all you! Mass consciousness is the mutual consent that allows the perception of things and people as being on the outside. But they are you, masquerading as others. This changes everything.

5. Questions & Answers (57:46)
Human reality is like a multi-player computer came. Mass consciousness is the processor pulling it all together, but the other players are only illusions on your stage. After answering questions, Adamus asks if you are ready for the profound turning point of encountering your own soul.

6. Wings of Wisdom (46:49)
Everything in your reality brings you to deeper love and compassion for self. Other people have helped you understand yourself. The soul now comes “across the road” to be with you here, blessing every experience and making your wisdom available to the human. It’s time to soar.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Shaumbra Pavilion, Kona, Hawaii, March 2021

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deep e profound point of transformation
. I thought I had already experienced a profound transformation, I was wrong... ML14 brought me a depth never experienced before, an encounter with myself that turned into pure ecstasy.. Nothing will ever be the same...
Review by Mirna / (Posted on 7/9/2021)
A very deep material and another turning point for Shaumbra
I was fascinated by the information that clarifies the terms used by Adamus like I Am and the Soul, and understanding the attributes of the Soul in the first two sessions. I enjoyed the detailed history of the term Soul and that opened the stage for redefining what the Soul is and its attributes, even getting to understand the role of the human and the value that it has.
The next session is the experience of a merabh that goes very deep and gives the opportunity for reconnecting with the soul and fulfill the Atlantean Dream.
In the fourth session comes the talk about other people that every human perceives them and experiences a vast range as a human. It was quite an experience to understand the they are not really there and the fact that they are me. It is huge shift in perspective and a start of the returning to the natural physics. Also, there are many perspectives to reflect on or even feel deeper about subjects like loneliness and more deeper relationships at a soul level.
The next session is a Q&A session – thanks to the production team for feeling and presenting the questions for us - is more into a practical level for the human life and what changes are to be expected. I also was impressed by some play of words: there is no salvation for the soul, there is only the savoring of the soul.
The last session is another merabh that brings another deeper level of connection with you and brings back the wings of wisdom.
For me it is an amazing material, with the opportunity to understand and appreciate the game of angels, and that is time to go beyond it. Perhaps the cloud class about the Journey of the Angels brought much clarity and helped me to go through this Master’s Life with much more ease (considering that in Journey of the Angels comes a moment of a question: how many souls are out there? And Tobias – guest also of this Master’s Life class – said that in the eye of Spirit it is only you that matters). But, as explained by Adamus, there are days when I feel everything is re-aligning and shifting and there is some resistance while allowing. In a way, this information is like beyond the choice from the movie Matrix – red pill or blue – it’s already clear that the red one is going to make your transition to the natural state more graceful and is nothing else that matters – and that would be my perspective. Of course, all is a natural becoming, question is how bad can be the effects resisting to this (not allowing) and I know it can get bad, so the question is why is worth it or why suffer longer? This material is by design helping us to make the transition easier in order for us to remain here as embodied masters and that is for me the reason to honor the easy way that is presented here. To be congruent to what’s presented – my energy, my soul and my chosen way.
Also, I appreciate the beauty of the videos, the beautiful music in the merabhs and offered as download and I express my gratitude to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and CC Staff for this profound and important cloud class.
Review by Florin M. / (Posted on 6/25/2021)
It is still all about allowing, allowing, allowing … The mind cannot comprehend, I must go into the feeling and allow the soul to integrate, meet the human, to be who I really am. Of course, there is a beautiful merabh by Adamus, supported my music and gr

The soul is your energy, potentials, wisdom, and sovereignty
You, human, are your own soul’s song of energy
Other people are you masquerading as them
Time’s up for this grand Game of Angels
You are the soul, dreaming of itself as a human
It’s time to wake up, put on your wings of wisdom and soar

I could not help but copy the highlights from the store page … This description shows so well what it is all about: Everything you perceive is your energy. It is only there as long as you perceive it. It is really not there! Mass consciousness tells it`s there because of a mutual consent of things being outside of us.

Things are really turned upside down for us in this Master`s Life 14. I have watched/listened to the sessions a couple of times and felt rather awkward because my mind tried to figure out how this can be so … Simultaneously I have felt freedom coming forth in my life in a new way, a deeper way. As persons in my life are me masquerading as them with the purpose of showing myself who I really Am (I Am), then I Am free; I have no one to scold, blame and so on because they are all me. I have created my life and take the full responsibility.
I am happy that I have gone through Tobias` “Journey of the Angels” several times; it gives me an understanding of how I have now reached the end point of my journey, the Human encounter with my Soul. If you have not read or watched this, I will recommend that you do so, too!

It is still all about allowing, allowing, allowing … The mind cannot comprehend, I must go into the feeling and allow the soul to integrate, meet the human, to be who I really am. Of course, there is a beautiful merabh by Adamus, supported my music and graphics, where I have the opportunity to meet my soul. This is / can be an exceptionally beautiful experience.
I highly recommend this Master`s Life Part 14: Soul Encounters. Give yourself time (much space) to go through the sessions. It takes time to integrate as it turns everything upside down. Many questions come up and luckily many of them are answered in session 5 Questions & Answers. On behalf of all Shaumbra the recording crew has produced questions for Adamus to answer, and they are good questions.

Thank you to Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and the staff for this creation.
Finn Andersen
Member of CC Review Team
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 6/22/2021)
A turning point of epic proportions!
The first thing that hit me listening to The Master's Life 14 'Soul Encounters' was the new level of clarity expressed. So... even though the words/information itself (strictly/mentally speaking) no longer adds anything to my knowledge, the distilled beauty of the wisdom shared excites me - Shaumbra, we've come so far!

And it feels very supportive too, in these times of being "at kind of the infancy stages" of truly utilizing my soul wisdom - which can be hard sometimes; to be kind of 'on the verge' but not quite there... my senses not yet fully opened to All that I Am in a way that brings true boundlessness and freedom to life.

And that takes me to the content of this ML, for it brings even more clarity to what is Consciousness versus Soul Energy - historically and practically - and what is the human role is in all of this... and what about other people and their souls in this mass-consciousness co-creation?

The Merabh in the 3. and 6. session brings it all together beautifully, inspiring us to allow the reunion - the grounding - the Soul Encounter we have longed for that brings everything to wisdom, even all the 'others' we have created images of and played with throughout our lifetimes here...

... and I actually ended up having another 'awe of creation' moment with this - wow, it actually includes very concretely every single person I've perceived no matter how I created the image! "To perceive is to create" is something I've heard for decades but... with ML14 it's truly dawning on me... the truth of it... the implications... just how huge it is, this creation of mine - it's massive!

And knowing that absolutely everything is our own energy, why choose hardships? Or annoyances? What about SEV, and sex, and relationships? Questions like these and more are answered - all so 'to the point' in ways that give little room for avoiding ones own greatness - and resistance: "You just jump and you do it because it's you. It's your energy. How could it be wrong for you!"

It's a lot to grasp for the mind... and I'm ready now - we're ready! It feels indeed like a "turning point" - of epic proportions! ML14 efficiently "tickling" (the only way souls can 'touch' each others) my deeply embedded longing to reunite with my soul while in body, allowing it to flow into my life having the boundless 'buffet' of soul energy available here: "Now choose boldly, outrageously... with wings of wisdom, and let it be so."

This ML is such a gift for those of us ready to 'sing with our soul',
with gratitude to all souls that walk this path with me, Lise - a member of the CC Product Review Team.
Review by Lise / (Posted on 6/17/2021)
A New Level
. It was an unseasonably cool and rainy day as I listened to the last session of Master’s Life 14 - Soul Encounters. I was curled up with a blanket on my bed, and the enormity of what I had just experienced began to sink in. I understood that this was perhaps one of the biggest points of separation (as Tobias called quantum leaps of consciousness) that Shaumbra has experienced so far. I just lay there warm and comfortable allowing all of it to wash over me.

I got a heads up about this Master’s Life while attending Energy Works (or Kasama as Adamus referrred to it) in Kona in March. The staff had just filmed it, and I could tell by the looks on their faces that it was big. I had no idea just how big.

I have never felt to personify my soul. In this Master’s Life as well as in the Kona event, what I resonate most with is that the soul is absolutely sovereign, and is the energy, wisdom, pure intelligence and potentials. However you understand your soul, Master’s Life 14 gives you the opportunity to have a sacred encounter with that soul, with you. The human can choose that reconnection with the soul, with their energy, which is everything.

Other people. This is perhaps one of the more startling parts of this Master’s Life. That we perceive everything through our own energy and that energy is ours alone and is our sovereign domain is not new. But Adamus takes us from everyTHING to everyONE is ours. I could hear my human saying, “Whoa! Back up the truck, Chuck. Say again?!” That is a HUGE shift in perception, and will be something that each of us will have to allow to unfold in our own way. Adamus does say that it’s not like we’re going to absorb these materials and suddenly everything changes, because there will be challenges.

I always take note when Adamus mentions compassion as it’s something I’ve chosen to take a deep dive into in this lifetime. He says that we start to recognize that this beautiful reality landscape is all ours and everything in it serves us, everything brings us deeper and deeper into ultimately the true love and compassion for ourselves. How much more in compassion can one be than to recognize that?

What does this mean going forward? The Crimson Circle staff prepared some excellent questions for the Q&A session, and other questions will no doubt come up. I see this as a great opportunity to trust my knowingness to guide through this point of separation.

Many thanks to Geoff and Linda and the Crimson Circle staff for this Soul Encounters experience. I feel that Shaumbra have gone to a new level.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 6/16/2021)
. ML.14 is truly the romantic dance between the Soul and the Human. Adamus as always is brilliant and I am so happy to be here in this magical and amazing experience. If you want to Know the true love and beauty, you better take this beautiful Master's Life 14.
Many many thanks from me who is you to all of you who are me playing as others in this theater called Life. The game is over now.
Review by Mitra / (Posted on 6/16/2021)
"A turning point"
In a shoud not long ago, Adamus said he sometimes likes to start at the end and move to the beginning. So I will start with the last thing Adamus said at the very end of Session 6 of Soul Encounters:
“Master’s Life 14, a turning point, Soul Encounters of the most unusual kind. Hm.”
In Keahak I, Adamus gave us a number of very meaningful “homework” assignments. Several were about the Soul. The one that was most dynamic to me was when he told us to fix an exceptionally special dinner meal with very fine wine, and invite our Soul and Adamus St. Germain.
The feelings I experienced of how real they are, both my Soul and ASG is still as vivid as it was that night! So it has only taken another decade to have this encounter, knowing I am my Soul and knowing Adamus is just an act of consciousness of me!
Realization is a Becoming!!
And another awareness, gift, clarity that came with Soul Encounters is that in 2009, right before Tobias left, he gave us a pen. On the pen are engraved the words:
User Accepts All Responsibility.
Now I get it!! As Adamus expresses in Session 4 and in the Q&A, everything and everyone is ME. So I finally “get” that I Am responsible for all of it. Everything is simply an act of consciousness of ME.
And one more clarity that came in listening to, reading, and reflecting on Soul Encounters is that, for me, there’s a subtle but also huge difference in saying “It is All Mine” and “It is All ME!”
At the February Energy Works workshop in Kona, my perception was on everything “being mine”. And while that expanded my awareness of who I Am, it is Soul Encounters, and the perception of “It is All Me” that is what Adamus referred to as the “turning point”!
I usually listen to presentations from the beginning, but I had read a number of posts about Session 4, so I started there. It was a week until I was ready to listen to more. I know he’s talked before about OP’s (Other People) that appear to be in our Energy, but that had stayed as a concept for me. Session 4 made this understandable and Real!!
And the Q&A session, which is the best ever, gave even more awareness and clarity of how OP’s and everything from traffic jams to wars is mine, is me. And the sweetest awareness is that as I become aware that there are no wars within me or frustrations in any jams, then they are no longer real anywhere!
Sessions 3 and 6 include profoundly touching merabhs of feeling my Soul again. Now it’s not just that my Soul is singing the Song of my Soul to Me…….we are singing it together, to one another….as ONE!!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 6/15/2021)
An amazing and historical turning point for all of us
. After listening this channels I felt like someone gave me a very hard punch in the chest to resuscitate me somehow from a dormant state, where you gasp out loudly and then come back to life again. Indeed, this is an historical turning point. Adamus – or yourself – grabs your human illusions and totally tears them apart. The part of me that Knows within this makes perfect sense, was observing the human me twisting and trying to put together a few questions. Happily, my only neuron left in the brain soon surrendered. I felt such a wave of gratitude and trust sweeping through all my bones. After all, this is my own voice inviting me to soar with my own wings of Wisdom.
Review by P.M.E. / (Posted on 6/13/2021)
"They" are all you!
This Master’s life is without any doubt
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 6/11/2021)
The Master's Life You've Been Waiting For!
. My late husband, a graphic designer, once told me that every artist always drew themselves. I realized he was right when I noticed how all his cartoon faces DID look like him! In fact, I still see him in the faces of the Mayan characters on coffee packages he designed when I cruise the grocery aisles…

After watching and absorbing the new Master’s Life 14 - Soul Encounters, I realize now just how true this is for EVERYTHING in my reality. Actually, the only reality I see now IS me, myself and I. ML 14 really could be called “Sole” Encounters. Everywhere I turn, I bump into myself! It’s uncomfortable but also liberating when I truly embrace this. Deep breath.

Yes we/I have heard this before in new age teachings that everyone is our mirror and it’s all about our perception. Ram Dass use to say there is “only one of us here in drag”. However somehow this Master’s Life really drills down and grounds this understanding in a truly visceral way and expands on information I’ve never quite heard before. As Adamus says it changes EVERYTHING and I have to agree (with me of course!). It’s like I can’t unsee it now and a tad on overwhelm... Good thing social distancing is still a thing! But the real mask has been over my eyes and time to come off. It’s the “red pill” ala Matrix!

This was THE Master’s Life I was waiting for and answers so many questions about dealing with “OP” Other People, that it’s worth the price just for session 4 alone as well as the brilliant questions and answers. Hint: There are no other people. Only you masquerading as you to help you discover you! Mmmm that should change a few social media interactions…. Face YOU Book. Now who are you blocking or arguing with??

As well the first two sessions of this Master’s Life are equally insightful about the history and attributes of the Soul. My human was always a tad confused but thanks to the clarity of Adamus/me I’ve got it. I had some huge aha’s! I was very overdue to invite my Soul into my life and I can really feel a shift after the Merahb where we’re invited to sing with our Soul. I can still tune into the music now days after! It’s my “BG” background music now. All these concepts from Keahak, Shouds and workshops seem to have landed now and clearly distilled in this Master’s Life at least for me. We, oops I am ready! No doubt.

Adamus does warn us/me that we will forget this and get pulled back into mass consciousness. Hell, we’ve/I’ve had a lot of human lifetimes since the Wall of Fire to dive into some really fine dramas in this “Game of Angels.” But IF this is to be my last lifetime to finally live as an sovereign Master and enJOY whatever I choose from my buffet of potentials, I AM ready for that “enlightenment muffin.” As Adamus says “The embodied Master is a creator in the joy of life and fears nothing. Now let’s get on with it!” This can only happen with 100 percent responsibility for everything in my life being my energy and my choice. Whew!

I want to thank Adamus and all my cast of characters in my life who have allowed me to come to this grand realization and understand energy. Master’s Life 14 is a gift you can only give you! If you are ready…

Tammie O'Rielly
Member of the CC Product Review Team of Me

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 6/10/2021)