The Master’s Life: Part 6 – No More!

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The good life, the Master’s life…

The Master’s Life
Part 6 – No More!

Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain

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Adamus said he had to interrupt his planned schedule of the Master’s Life Series to address some very specific things that have been holding Shaumbra back. He said, “Master’s Life 6 will be a little bit different than the other Master’s Life’s because, in a way, we’re stopping. I’m just calling for a pause. I’m calling for us just to stop and let go of some of the things that really are holding you back. No more tolerating the very things that are holding you back from the very thing that you want the most. You oftentimes allow these things into your life, and sometimes you use it for an excuse for not really allowing your enlightenment – the very thing that you came here to this planet for in this lifetime.

Adamus continues by talking about many of the things that are holding Shaumbra back. These include energy holding, fighting various manifestations of duality and, particularly, pushing down the natural anger that is part of the human experience. However, when these things are released, it allows a tremendous level of clarity to come forth and be experienced.

The anger is a sticky one because we’ve taught ourselves not to let it out. However, Adamus gives a very specific solution for freeing the rather putrid energy of anger that has been stuck deep within. The result of acting on this solution will bring a level of transformation that other methods and techniques have not been able to provide.

There are several merabhs throughout this presentation, and in the last session Adamus guides a very special DreamWalk to the Crystal Caves. It is related to his previous DreamWalk to the Crystal Caves, but goes far deeper, to a level that is almost tangible. There is also something very special within the Crystal Caves, something to be discovered and experienced when you’re there.

This Master’s Life Cloud Class is Adamus talking directly to you, wherever you are, whenever you listen. Every session has lots of information and a deep experience. Give yourself the gift of allowing yourself to say, “No more!”

Session list

  1. Beyond the Battle (1:09:26)
  2. Clarity (47:05)
  3. Anger (50:34)
  4. Change (44:39)
  5. The Mirror  (45:29)

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Adamus Saint-Germain

Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Studio, Louisville, Colorado, December 2017

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An experience of letting go of anger on a continual basis in a natural way!
Great experience to release your anger! When I a few years ago have had an experience a former friend of mine said that there is an intuitive woman who wants to talk with me about that experience. The first thing she asked me was: "Why are you so angry?" Of course that hit me very deep at that moment but I still had no clue about the why. A little later another friend of mine asked me: "Why do you always say that you´re sad when I can feel that you are angry?" This of course also has been tough for me but it began to move something within me. The years went by and I really had things to be angry about like my boss, co-workers, family members and so on and forth. What a beautiful Creation this Cloud Class Masters Life Part 6 now has become to me. And so appropriate at this time. I truely am glad that Adamus brought this topic up so I and we can release the anger finally. To me it´s been needed and serves me well. It is worth every Cent of Money I had to pay. Even how it came to me has been amazing and the preparation time (you know when you register for an CC Event and the things happening regarding that beforehand) although it might have caused some eybrowes raising for some of the CC staff members and I say this with a big smile on my face and nothing more because it´s an insider between us. Sorry and not sorry at all dear readers that you might don´t know what I am talking about here :-) That´s ok. It has been part of the appropriate preparation time for me for this beautiful Creation "No more." And yes, when you allow your natural emotion like anger to come up and don´t surpress it anymore it will bring clarity, indeed. This I experienced already! Thank you again, dear Geoff and Linda and Adamus Saint-Germain as well to the CC Staff for this amazing experience you´ve co-created to serve all of us who dare and choose to experience this. With blessings!
Review by Peter Südkamp / (Posted on 2/16/2018)
Experience your true BEingness~~
Why is Master’s Life 6 different? Usually I listen, experience, and write a review. I started listening the day the link arrived, and I’m still listening and experiencing….. on my 3rd time through the five sessions, and on the 4th writing!

It’s different because it is so much more than I was expecting . We’ve been hearing “No More” for years now and “Are you ready for your Freedom?” We’ve been peeling the layers and we’ve been opening to consciousness and realization …..

In the recent shoud, Adamus said that he’d had to postpone channeling Master’s Life–Creator, because there is still so much keeping us from being ready to allow BEing the Creator that we are. Well to be completely transparent, I fleetingly thought, “well that probably doesn’t apply to me”…...HA!!

Now, this is THE time to fully let go of all the causes and battles (great insights in that channel), face and release all 50 kilos of our anger (wasn’t expecting the personal reality of that one!), step into full clarity, embrace the changes coming into our lives ….no more qualia, agendas, and expectations…... and finally see /be the Creator!!

The channels and merahbs in Masters Life 6 actually allowed me to see a cause I’m still hanging on to…..trying to protect children from the public schools!……….and to come face to face with my 50 kilos of anger.

Adamus reminded us that indeed, we do have a lot to be angry about from all our lifetimes, but it’s time to let it all out and free ourselves from the heaviness and density that shrouds us from experiencing life in full sensuality!

And the Dreamwalk to the Crystal Caves…..potentially more life changing than anything we’ve done.

Are you ready to let go of all the causes? Are you ready to perhaps yell and scream in the car like I did to allow myself to really, fully, deeply feel the anger at myself that I’ve acted blind to…...the “act” of “Oh, well; it’s okay” to many experiences of emotional and physical abuse.

And then after feeling the anger bubbling and then finally screaming at how I had failed to love myself enough to say “No More”……….then came the sweet wash of love and total forgiveness, not for the abusers ….for me!

Master’s Life 6 is an exquisite experience of allowing clarity and changes so that, in the dreamwalk to the Crystal Cave, we can at last see clearly and with love beyond words who we truly are!

Thank you dearest Adamus &St Germain, Geoffrey & Linda, CC Staff, and our magnificent Shaumbra family who have shown up here, now, in THIS lifetime to allow and experience that which has never been!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 2/16/2018)
NO MORE - The Splitting Of The River
Master’s Life 6 radiates a potential for self-liberation. One is either ready to let go of old stories and go beyond them…or one is not. There really is no middle ground. If people feel called to this material, and are truly ready to let go into it, they may experience a paradigm shift that triggers release and realization.

In my experience, saying “no more” can be compared to crossing over a fence. One can leap over with certainty…or, one can keep a leg planted on known ground and tentatively touch down a toe on the other side, ready to retreat to safety at the first sign of fear or discomfort. While the latter approach might appear to be self-protecting, I’ve discovered it can actually result in confusion, suffering, and a very uncomfortably placed fence picket.

Leaping beyond the barrier of our beliefs requires blind faith and full commitment. We can only leap, and once in the air, trust the momentum of our clear choice to carry us into freedom. We can’t micromanage the process and we should not hedge. The energies respond to our clarity.

This class came at the perfect time for me. I had been preparing myself for this moment for months. As I opened to the potential of freedom waiting for me, I discovered things I’d hidden from myself that were causing my suffering. I witnessed my life experiences from a completely different perspective that shattered my old world-view. I had to face what I’d been running from. Now, as a result, energies are releasing, epiphanies are popping, and change is my new normal as many old forms are leaving. Great waves of clarity have been rising up from the rubble of my old convictions. In short, it has been blisteringly uncomfortable, liberating, disorienting, and vastly amusing (I have slapped my hand to my forehead more than once).

For some time, Adamus has been reiterating that to move forward we must stop the fight or we will suffer. I now understand why he says this. We cannot dabble with new physics and hang on to our old dualistic stories. Liberation transcends the fight. EVERYTHING goes new.

Tobias once asked us: “Are you ready to embrace a new way? Are you ready to get off of the old merry-go-round? Are you ready to let go of every belief that you have, every box that you’re in, in order that you can be who you truly are?” The way you answer his question will reveal if this material is right for you at this time.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 2/15/2018)
The Master`s Life: Part 6 – NO MORE! Quite honest: When Adamus opened this segment of The Master`s Life my first inner feeling was “What! Are we going backwards? Do I have to repeat things that I did in the seventies and eighties? Expressing and releasin
The Master`s Life: Part 6 – NO MORE!
Quite honest: When Adamus opened this segment of The Master`s Life my first inner feeling was
“What! Are we going backwards? Do I have to repeat things that I did in the seventies and eighties? Expressing and releasing anger in so many ways through therapy.” But so it is! According to Adamus most of us still carry 50 kilos of anger within which needs to be recognized, expressed and released.
Adamus tells that it is necessary and important to skip things that stand in our way for truly being able to integrate new energy into our lives; to let go of the battle, that is part of living in duality. To go BEYOND the BATTLE. One of the methods is to recognize ANGER within ourselves AND to express it, really express it; then stop, be aware and let the Master in, so the wisdom can be filtered out from the situation and integrated into our lives; to really say “NO MORE” to things standing in the way for realization and embodied enlightenment in this lifetime, which is really why we are here.
To find CLARITY we must also release things in our lives that we identify with.
We must really be ready to allow CHANGE; to let in and ALLOW new energy into our lives.
The Master`s Life 6 – NO MORE ends with a beautiful Dreamwalk to the Crystal Caves, called “THE MIRROR.” In the Crystal Cave there are many mirrors; you meet yourself and have the opportunity to integrate New Energy with Consciousness within yourself. A beautiful and uplifting experience to let go of “causes,” battles and fighting; to go beyond duality … integrating the Master.
I went very deep into this experience of The Master`s Life – NO MORE and enjoyed it very much…
I highly recommend “NO MORE,” especially if you recognize stuff standing in your way in your daily life of duality… And who doesn`t?
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 2/13/2018)
Push pause and let go!
As Adamus opens this Master’s Life, he states that it is a bit different than the others. He very clearly issues the invitation to stop everything and take pause to consider what is holding you back. At a time when there is such a perceived momentum building for embodied realization, why stop now? The wisdom of this pause is revealed in the five sessions along with the invitation to experience the release of what you are energetically linked to.

That we are holding on to causes and battles is not new. However, there are energies embedded in this Master’s Life that are there to allow you to go very deep into what those are for you. As humans, we love our causes and battles for many reasons. We have had the understanding for some time how they give us a perception of purpose and identity. They can be difficult to release, but if you choose, this Master’s Life will assist you on the deepest level to do just that.

I’ve given myself the awareness that the body is my last “battlefield.” I have made several semi-successful attempts to give up the battle with the body, but not until the Clarity session did I allow myself to truly release it. It was my “no more” moment with my personal battles.

The sessions are not lengthy, and have experiences (merabhs) in them that allow for a shift if you choose. The last session was a beautiful dreamwalk back to the Crystal Caves which was a little surprising and most delightful.

I highly recommend this Master’s Life 6 - No More as some of the most supportive material yet for those choosing realization in this lifetime. This pause to consider what is holding you back came at the perfect time. A most heartfelt thank you to all those who helped to bring this through.
Review by Kathleen Haws / (Posted on 2/12/2018)
Release your anger, let go of all courses to allow real changes in your life!
Isn’t it an amazing title for a cloud class: “No More!”? I love it. In this cloud class Adamus shows us so clearly that there is no room for the games we play with our selves (and others), if we choose embodied realization. No more!
This cloud class is mostly the essence of the beautiful Merlin event in Sibiu last autumn. Stopping the courses, we have been fighting for. It’s not our battles anymore. Especially because it’s just duality: Masculine – Feminine, the same energy only expressed in different ways. And the same goes for all the other opposites.
To have real changes in our lives, we have to look at what is holding us back: Health issues, abundance, family etc. And as he has said over and over, if it’s in your life, it is still serving a purpose for you. I have, after having watched the cloud class, experienced some issues I thought I had let go of, suddenly popping up again. My feeling is that I have to go even deeper to find another “forgotten” purpose it is serving.
If I should choose one of the channels as my favorite, it would be “Anger”. I guess most of us have been brought up with the overlay that you should not be angry. If you have been involved in some spiritual groups before CC, you would surely have met it. So, what happens with the anger? It doesn’t disappear just because you don’t express it. Instead it is a suppressed, stuck energy in your body and in your other layers. A lot of headaches has to do with ager. I know it from myself earlier on and from others I have worked with, giving massage.
To me it was such a relief when I in my twenties began expressing my anger in therapy. Before that I only expressed it when I had had some drinks, and then it was mostly very destructive. I went beyond the fear of my anger and allowed myself to be angry. And to me that is the energy you need, to say, “No more!” to others when that is needed. It doesn’t not have to be in a rough way, just the clear statement, you don’t go any further with me!
Adamus encourages us to start expressing our anger. Let it out from the depth of us. And then he asks us to do one more thing, in the middle of this expression. I will got give that away – it might take something from your own experience. But wow! This is amazing!
The last channel, “The Mirror”, a DreamWalk to the Chrystal Caves, is very beautiful, and with some great additions to the original Crystal Cave DreamWalk. It gives you a very special opportunity to look at yourself.
If you want change in your life – real change – this Master’s Life 6, “No More!” is a great place to start!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 2/10/2018)
A "Kick Ass" Cloud Class

Once upon a Timeless on the Nile trip, Adamus asked our group what the difference between Adamus and Saint Germain was? I remember my answer… St. G was like a fine cup of Earl Grey tea while Adamus was a more like a mug of strong dark “Kick Ass” coffee! ( A Canadian brand.) That description aptly prepares you for the message and tone of Master’s Life 6, “No More!”

In true Master style, Adamus doesn’t mince words and serves his message up hot and black with no sweetness added. Why? Because many of us are stuck at the moment and don’t realize what is still keeping us from our realization. Hence Adamus gives us a much needed dose of caffeine to wake us up! He challenges and provokes us to really look at what is holding us back and the things we need to let go of that are still in our energy orbits. And we know he sees us when we’re sleeping…

Things, what things you may ask? Adamus has a list and I’m sure like me, he will jolt you with more than one, conscious or not! Do you still have a “cause” you care about, a battle out there about politics, world peace, the environment, women’s rights, animal rights, spirituality, your health and body? Something you fight for because it’s “right”? And if you don’t think you have any causes, check your facebook posts… lol. A good clue as to where you might be still stuck in duality. According to Adamus it is all the same energy and time to let it go. Big breath!

I know personally as a gritty angel, I came in swinging a very large sword of Michael and have fought a lot for “truth” over the years and integrity especially in spiritual organizations. Doing the “right” thing has very important to me. Even in Crimson Circle having issues with those who steal material, complain and malign… Well no more! I realize I want my realization more! If they want theirs, they will have to let go too of their power games in this lifetime or next. Not my battle. Or circus.

As Adamus says causes are for drama and energy. Masters sit on the park bench and observe… drinking lattes of course!

Adamus continues serving it straight up looking at where we also may compromise ourselves in relationships , being fed on, taken advantage of… again no more! As he has said before “A Master is an intolerant son of a bitch!” Anger brings clarity. And you may find yourself angry with Adamus before you finish this cloud class!

According to Adamus, most Shaumbra are still sitting on 50 kilos of anger that needs to be felt and released… Rather than radiate you to need to blow up first! Your light is covered up with a lot of thick muck. In a potent Anger Merahb he helps us feel it and bring the Master’s wisdom into the ring. A big aha for me to remember!

If it feels like Master’s Life 6 is a little rough, tough love for Shaumbra, it is! At least the first four sessions can feel that way. However trust me the last session, a surprising DreamWalk back to the crystal caves, makes up for it in more than diamonds and rubies. I feel Adamus purposely distacts our human as usual to offer us the real gem of wisdom in the end. For me it was FINALLY understanding this deep divisiveness within and why the need for no more fighting. The battles outside only mirror the original conflict within. Why a Master can have NO MORE limitation from duality. There is no right, wrong, good, bad, black and white in realization. And then New Energy can truly be experienced which IS integrated. This is what we’re here for. Realization AND embodying New Energy!

Mmmm I feel this will be continued in Masters 7… how to truly create with New Energy? Maybe Adamus can serve that with wine this time?

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 2/9/2018)
The point of no return...
Once upon a time I took a trip down an amazing river. Before we started, our guide called the group together and made us sign all the usual waivers saying whatever happened from that moment on was our own responsibility, and then went over all the safety instructions. Of course no one heard them, because we were all so eager to be on our way. And soon we were off, each in our own little river kayak, loaded down with all the stuff we thought we would need along the way.

Over the next few days we learned how much we didn’t know about navigating rivers, especially this river, which had an infuriating way of throwing you right out of your boat just when you thought you had it figured out. Soon most of our gear had been lost to the river and many people had turned back, but we kept going because our guide said he had been this way before and would see us through.

Each evening we would all sit around the campfire and talk about the day’s voyage, and the guide would give us tips and pointers about how to navigate the river more easily. “You’ve got to trust it,” he said again, on the fifth evening. “When you stop battling the river, it will carry you.”

“You’re crazy!” someone shouted, as they angrily picked up what was left of their belongings and joined several others who were walking away. But many of us were paying rapt attention to the guide, for we had been discovering just that. The more we trusted the river to carry us, the smoother it went.

On the sixth day we stopped early, and we could all hear an ominous thundering roar coming from just around the next bend. The guide called a meeting and said, “You’re all doing really well, better than I expected in fact, but there are some issues we need to address before we go any farther.

“You see, this is the point of no return. Once you go beyond this point there is no turning back and nowhere else to go, and if you are still battling the river, or anything, it’s going to chew you up and grind you to pulp before we reach the end of our journey. I have every confidence in you, because you are so committed and you’ve come so far, but there are some things you need to address, and to get very clear about, right now. In the morning you are going to have the most amazing experience of your entire existence, and you will get through it, but if you don’t address these issues now it’s going to be a rough and painful ride.”

The guide went on to explain some of the many battles we were still fighting and how to let them go, and just before bedtime he took us through the most beautiful dreamwalk I’ve ever experienced, to prepare us for the day ahead and the transformation it would bring.

And that discussion, my friends, is what The Master’s Life: Part 6 – No More! is all about for me. Don’t miss it!
Review by John McCurdy / (Posted on 2/3/2018)