The Master's Life Part 9: Realusion

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• Discover how reality comes into being – and how to change it
• Learn what gravity, time and space really are
• Release the “mem-brain” that’s been limiting your consciousness
• Making friends with energy
• Human physics vs. Adamus physics
• Everything is within, only YOU can change it
• Shift your perspective – it’s the wizard effect!

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The good life, the Master’s Life…

The Master’s Life
Part 9: Realusion
With Adamus Saint-Germain


• Norsk

ProGnost, Adamus Saint-Germain’s annual planetary forecast, is always provocative and eye-opening. He usually shares his unique perspective on the rapid

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For the embodied Master on Earth, it becomes important to understand how this reality came into being and how it can be changed. After telling the enthralling story of Carl, who is about to drown in quicksand, Adamus explains in detail how you can change any situation in which you find yourself. When you become aware of gravity, time and space each as a sensuality – a way of experiencing – it completely changes how the energy comes in to serve you. Even though ‘Adamus Physics’ goes far beyond modern science and even quantum physics, he says these disciplines are beginning to recognize how energy and matter actually do respond to consciousness, and it’s all about perception and perspective.

This “real illusion” is brought into being by consciousness, which until now has been mostly obscured by a membrane. However, as this barrier is released, one’s entire relationship with energy changes, which then allows everything in your reality to change. Adamus states that every human has the right to change their perspective, and by doing so, reality can be whatever you choose. He talks about how everything is actually within you, perceived through your own lens or filter, and is therefore completely changeable.

Ever the eloquent storyteller, Adamus illustrates these principles with the story of Carl, who panics as he finds himself mired and sinking in quicksand. It is an effective and memorable way of getting the point across. And, as Carl finally opens up and gets out of his mind, each epiphany that he allows is one the listener can truly relate to. You will come away with a whole new understanding of energy, of this human reality, and how to liberate yourself from the old limitations. It is what Adamus calls the wizard effect.

1. The Master and Carl
The Master is in his celestial spa when he hears Carl, his human self, desperately crying out for help. Carl is stuck in quicksand, his struggles only getting him in deeper, so the Master appears and begins sharing his wisdom. With only moments to go before his imminent death, at last Carl begins to open up and allow the membrane of his “memory brain” to begin releasing. Regardless of the ultimate outcome for the human, this is a profound moment for the Master.

2. Epiphany (39:20)
Moments from death, Carl is now allowing some profound epiphanies to come in. Deeply realizing that “I Exist!” he now understands that he is the creator, the observer, the experiencer and the wisdomizer of everything in his life. In the midst of crisis, he can finally see that consciousness – his consciousness – is the basis of all reality, and he wants to remember this always. Now Carl is faced with a choice: drown in the quicksand or change his perspective. What will he do? This is your story as well.

3. Allowing Consciousness (39:21)
For Carl, it was a moment of truth and a moment of death, something that happens to everyone at this point in Realization. His consciousness expanded, and something happened to completely shift his reality. Now where is the Master? He has gone from sight. Carl began to hear music; it is energy, the song of the soul. You don’t have to go into such a state of crisis in order to release the membrane and realize that time and space are not what they appear to be. Nothing exists without consciousness, and you can experience the implications of this in your life right now. There’s a bit of Carl in you, what will you choose?

4. Gravity (50:53)
Shifting one’s perspective – it is the wizard effect. It’s very natural, but rare among humans. If you’re staying embodied on Earth, it’s important to know there are many different perspectives you can choose. The limitations of physical reality are very seductive; freedom is when you see it all comes from within. Adamus talks about the membrane, gravity and physics. He says gravity is “the ultimate glue” that holds reality together – and you in it. Gravity: it’s origins are from the Order of the Arc, it is the ultimate answer to the energy crisis, and it is the biggest factor of your reality. When you realize gravity as a sensuality, everything begins to change.

5. Time, Space and Energy (59:57)
The secret is realizing the real illusion of this reality, the “Realusion,” and simply shifting your perspective, like a wizard. Adamus talks about his friendship with Immanuel Kant, and how he learned to go beyond the limitations of physical reality. With a shift in perspective, time and space simply do not exist. He explains how time can become your friend (even aging is just a perception) and how the Master allows time, space and energy to truly be in service as they respond to consciousness. This is a fascinating session with meta physics that will eventually be understood by scientists. Near the end, Adamus leads a merabh to bring it all together.

6. Merabh of Realusions (39:17)
Even though all this is a type of science, it’s really just about changing your perspective of reality and experiencing the sensuality of life. Reality is a matter of perception, how you see things, and you can shift it at any time. Now, the energies are all yours – familiar, responsive and supportive. All you need to do is dance with them and see how they respond.

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, December 2018

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It's all about perspective
I smiled as I reviewed my notes for Master’s Life 9: Realusion. Many words are underlined, several sentences are in all caps, and some even have stars on them. In other words, as I was experiencing ML9, a lot of things that Adamus Saint-Germain said really landed with me.

He weaves the story of a man stuck in quicksand (with vines around him no less) through this installment of the Master’s Life series, and that helps to bring some continuity to the sessions. This is a dive into Adamus physics, which he acknowledges isn’t widely accepted by science currently (to say the least), but it doesn’t try to negate current physics, but rather to broaden it. That is a good perspective to have as you navigate these sessions. There are definitely some things that will bump up against what your mind currently accepts as truth, or your real illusions.

I took the opportunity to feel into what was my quicksand. What is holding me back - what has me stuck? What has me all tangled up? And how far down have I sunk? After several days, I’m still feeling into that, and always appreciate an opportunity for insights.

While taking my daily walk, I’ve been looking around at everything that I’ve been perceiving that is outside of me, and shifting my perspective to begin to experience that there is nothing at all that is outside of me. As one of the sentences in my notes reminds me, all that is out there is simply my perception of energy. And true to the AND, I can also have the perspective that everything IS outside of me. But as Adamus says, when you open up to everything being within, it changes everything. That is what I’m feeling and experiencing more and more.

Master’s Life 9 is a master level experience. He covers consciousness, energy, perspective, perception, time, space and gravity among other things. Don’t expect to understand this on an intellectual level. This is an experience with sensuality as our relationship with energy changes. As with the previous Master’s Life sessions, I highly recommend this to those choosing realization in this lifetime.

Kathleen Haws
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by KHaws / (Posted on 3/10/2019)
It's all perception!
Yesterday I couldn’t imagine what words I would find to summarize the experiences of Realusion. This morning I woke to a spectacular and stunning awareness of coming to Realize who we are, now choosing to experience unlimited sensuality, shifting and changing perspectives, living beyond time, space and gravity, and allowing all energies to serve.

The story of Carl in the first session of Realusion was graphic and clear and real for me. I remember some years ago when Adamus began talking more about Senses, he reminded us we can always ask, “What if….”, “What if I am not stuck and sinking in the quicksand?” Now we’re back to the same awareness, talking about you, as the Wizard, observing what’s going on, taking a breath, connecting with I Exist, and then simply changing perspectives.

Carl, like so many of us, waited til the “last minute” to change his perspective from, “I’m going under” to “I’m rising up, out, and beyond!!” He realized, I Am the Creator of all of my reality, I am the Observer of my own reality, I am the Experiencer of my creation, and I am the Master/Wisdom. For me, this was the most inspiring and relevant story Adamus has ever created and shared!

Carl’s choice, like ours, is between sinking in a limited perspective of reality or allowing unlimited consciousness with the awe of its simplicity, no qualia, no storing, no rules, no goals, simply the joy of I Exist and a love of sensually experiencing life, just for the sake of BEing.

It’s all perception. There is no space; there is no time; it is all right here…. within. Becoming conscious is like knowing the sun is always there, even in the darkest night. Consciousness has always been here. It lights all that is.

Session 4 on Gravity was my favorite and was the catalyst for the greatest transitions and new experiences. Simply remembering that gravity is here to serve me is beyond words staggering.

Gravity is a sense we created in the Order of the Arc to create a playground for our experiences on Earth. It’s more than what keeps our Aussie and NZ friends from falling off the earth.

Gravity is sensuality. It serves me in whatever way I choose to perceive it! I’m the Wizard who shifts perspectives whenever I choose, and now I am experiencing gravity sensually “transporting” the energies to me, to serve me. This is so much more dynamic and real than believing that gravity is a vertical force just here to keep me stuck to earth!!

Gravity is the “medium” by which energies come to me. Gravity is the sense that Lights the stage for my impassioned dance with the Song of my Soul.

Adamus goes on to talk about time also being a sensuality. For the Master, time is both linear and circular. We can be both in and beyond time simultaneously. Time is a rhythm, and the Master allows the rhythms of time to shift and change.

Space, like time and gravity is sensuality. They are not really here. They are just perceptions and sensual experiences.

“Energy is the Song of the Soul.” This is so sweet and simple and a most joyful experience to allow.

Adamus explains again that within the old perception of time and space, there are delayed responses, related to believing “it’s outside of me.” In reality, there is no time lag and no space differential. We’re shifting our perspective to realize it’s all happening now, simultaneously and in synchronicity.

The Master doesn’t live in denial of the human condition. The Master realizes, “I am a Wizard, and I can change perspective at any time.”

It’s no longer about “getting to” Realization. It’s now about shifting perspectives, having more and new sensual experiences and allowing all my energies to serve me.

The last session was the Merabh of Realusion. Realusion is about changing my relationship with Energy to an awareness that is intuitive, natural and familiar. It’s knowing that energy is not a group or composite place from which I draw; it is all mine!

As we shine our Light we can feel how Energies respond. It’s about experiencing the Merlin effect where gravity isn’t pulling me down like it was with Carl in the quicksand, but is lifting me up and beyond, and yet…. it’s all within!

It’s all perception!

A resounding thank you and “Whaa-whoo, we are here!” to Adamus St Germain, G&L, CC staff, and all of us!

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Patti / (Posted on 3/9/2019)
We are getting out of our own quicksand with a gentle ever-present loving hand from Adamus. Thank you, wonderful Master for this incrdible seminar!
Now I understand pretty deeply inside me, why the old way of Masters getting to their moment of Realization was called the ‘tearing of the veil’. It was brutal, indeed, and the body could not coop with that huge infusion of sudden wisdom and conscience. But we are lucky, choosing a different way to get there. Even being, each one of us, in our personal kind of quicksand to the nostrils, right now, we have the ever-present loving hand of Adamus pulling us out gently, at our own pace, for more than 10 years, out of our stubborn beliefs and limitations. And he does that so gently and brilliantly, that we can only deeply bow in profound gratitude! What an incredible seminar!!
Review by Placidia Espinha / (Posted on 3/8/2019)
This Master's Life is truly the answer to all of my questions about life itself and how the reality is being created and how it can be changed. I was asking me this question over and over for so long ; and finaly the answer comes tu us so clear and so bea
This Master's Life is truly the answer to all of my questions about life itself and how the reality is being created and how it can be changed. I was asking me this question over and over for so long ; and finaly the answer comes tu us so clear and so beautifully presented by our dear Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and Crimson Circle team. I truly appreciate this material and I am so happy for being here and recieving this information that ignites the knowingness within me. Thank you.
Review by Mitra / (Posted on 3/3/2019)
I love this material.
This Master's Life is truly the answer to all of my questions about life itself and how the reality is being created and how it can be changed. I was asking me this question over and over for so long ; and finaly the answer comes tu us so clear and so beautifully presented by our dear Adamus, Geoffrey, Linda and Crimson Circle team. I truly appreciate this material and I am so happy for being here and recieving this information that ignites the knowingness within me. Thank you.
Review by I Am That I Am. / (Posted on 3/3/2019)
Another great Master's Life. The video production is awesome too.
Review by Kai / (Posted on 3/2/2019)
This Rocks!
This Cloud Class totally rocks! :O And Shaumbra rock to allow this level of... change! The content is eye-opening, deeply liberating, personal, and practical for living as an Embodied Master. I was in this "interesting" experience (quite the lightning bolt type shift in consciousness, haha!) just before listening to it and... the material provided me with the framework and new perspectives in the form of a simple story. The production is just ingenious, captivating, and playful, and it flows and lives with the messages; a whole new style that supports staying very present and out of the mind!! I'm walking on into completely different experiences with these realisations!
Review by Maija Leisso / (Posted on 3/2/2019)
Realusion- or how Reality is being made up and the real ease of releasing the Membrain
When I read that this new Master´s Life Part 9 „Realusion“ is now being available I, just for a brief moment, was not sure if I would allow myself to experience it right now and I had some resistant feelings against it but I allowed those feelings and followed my Intuition that it‘s ok for me to experience this now and that I am ready for this. and guess what? I did have the correct feeling and I realized that Adamus only did express that wich I knew since a very long time. Even as a little child I asked myself if I am the only one as a person who does perceive the outside reality the way I do perceive it with kind of being in the position as an observer or that others do have the same or even a totally different perspective about the seemingly outer perceived reality. And now I know all about that because I got an answer Tommy question and much more because I also do know that my question has been appropriate and that at that time I simply was not able to, like Adamus mentioned, how to express that knowingness. So I again give thanks to myself, to Adamus and of course to the Crimson Circle for this experience and information as well as allowing myself to even share this with Mass-Consciousness in the ways of my own choosing.
Review by Peter Suedkamp the Wizard / (Posted on 2/27/2019)