The Master's Voice with Gerhard and Einat

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The Master’s Voice
Allowing your true expression

Presented by Gerhard Fankhauser & Einat Gilboa


Many humans tend to hold back their expression, and often cringe at the recorded sound of their own voice. Generally, this is because of judgments and blockages they have taken on, sometimes in early childhood, and choosing to hide their expression rather than letting it come out fully and clearly.

In The Master’s Voice, master musicians Gerhard and Einat guide you into finding a new and conscious relationship with your voice, getting in touch with your true, Master voice, and releasing the conditionings and overlays that can block the natural expression. This is very helpful in connecting you with your own Self, as well as facilitating your creating, teaching, and many other forms of expression.

The Master’s Voice has four segments. You are invited to participate in your own voice from the comfort of your own home. You can replay each segment as often as desired, truly opening up to your own Master’s voice.

Cloud Class attendees also receive access to a downloadable PDF (text) file with a synopsis of each session.

Part I – Your Resonance (35:21)

The human voice is the most magnificent expression of Self. Every tone has a creative power; every word able to create joy or suffering, every voice a magical and far-reaching effect. You have a unique, signature voice that belongs only to you, and discovering and opening that voice is ultimately a discovery of yourself. Opening your voice is not about volume but about presence, being present in your voice, present in every sound you make. It is about opening up the resonance of your body, releasing blockages and allowing your voice to vibrate in its natural beauty.

Part II – Your True Voice (31:01)

Our breath connects body and soul; it is the link between our physical and spiritual being, the first and primal rhythm of our life. It carries life force, which flows and pulsates through our whole being, and out of that flow of breath is born our voice. 

In order for the breath to become the voice it needs you, your spirit and command. When your spirit touches the breath it becomes your voice. In this session we’ll experience that birth of the voice out of the breath.

Part III: Freedom of Expression (26:56)

Your voice is the most direct and powerful expression of yourself. It is your signature sound. Unfortunately, many times people imitate others, pretending or hiding their own expression. They allow judgements, conditionings and cultural overlays to block their natural voice and expression. You have the right to enjoy your vocal expression and allow your soul and being to express freely.

When you connect with your true voice, the voice of the Master within, your expression becomes natural and whole; you feel at ease with it, and there is a magnetism and charm that radiates through your voice. You become whole, aware and free from what is not yours.

Part IV: Into the heart (29:52)

Every sound is a vibration with multiple layers, acting as a carrier wave for information. It is like a cup filled with whatever content one pours into it through your intention, feeling, thought and presence. You can compare this with a radio station, where the frequency of the station is only the carrier wave that transmits the content. There is such a magnetism to every word and tone when it comes from your core and when you are fully present in your voice.

Good singers, actors, magicians and healers know how to give direction to a tone, spirit to a word, intention to the sound, and with awareness, a Master can charge a tone or word consciously. It all depends on our state of presence and consciousness.


Format: Streaming video, plus supplemental PDF

Cost: $95

Availability: 90 days from time of registration

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I recommend it.
This was a terrific Cloud Class!
Review by Libby / (Posted on 11/11/2016)
best chance to find your true voice!
I love every minute of this class full of love and wisdom! I just quitt my singing lessons where I tryed to find my voice through technics - and now just expand my true voice with this prescious material and experience!!
Review by voicebird / (Posted on 11/6/2016)