The Mystery of Music, Harmony & Healing

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The Mystery of Music, Harmony & Healing by Gerhard Fankhauser

In this book by Mystery School alumni Gerhard Fankhauser, you will learn how music is the foundation of creation and the universe itself. Gerhard teaches how bringing harmony and musical expression into your life can bring balance and wholeness to every facet of existence.  

From the book:   “Beyond all cultural and religious differences, beyond nationality and profession, beyond race, gender and age there is a longing that we all know. It is the longing for harmony, which is the most perfect and amazing expression of the Divine and embraces all, welcomes all, includes and unites all.   Making music is a primal experience of reconnecting to nature and ourselves, tuning into the vibration of beauty and harmony. Our voice is a powerful tool for healing and our songs are a beautiful answer to the mystery of life. Overtone singing can be a way to cultivate our inner temples, share a sacred communion and tune into a more celestial dimension of sound.   Healing music helps us remember our own divinity, beauty and essence, and to bring more harmony into our life and relations. The actual mystical experience is far beyond words and makes our hearts dissolve in a blissful dance of love and joy.”  

THE MYSTERY OF MUSIC, HARMONY & HEALING includes 133-page e-book and 8 audio tracks.

1.     Armenia (8:12)
2.     Sweet Mystery (7:13)
3.     Garden of Silence (5:35)
4.     Fatamorgana (8:47)
5.     Teardrops (9:27)
6.     4th Seal (4:46)
7.     One (5:54)
8.     7th Seal (6:08)

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