The New Human Species

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•  Non-physical friends
•  New species coming in right now
•  Homo sapien, homo techno, robo sapien, homo christos
•  Fracturing TimeSpace
•  Earth changes and cycles
•  Light body / bioluminescence 
•  Much more…


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 The New Human Species
Beyond homo sapiens


Featuring world-renowned channelers
Jim Self • Steve Rother • Geoffrey Hoppe

Listen in as these three teachers share their wisdom and insights about the new directions that humanity is taking.

In the first session, Jim Self talks about the reconnection of our mental and emotional bodies and the implications in our everyday lives and experiences.

Steve Rother shares about the four steps that are underway – moving into a morphogenic body, a neurogenic body, a new neural network and finally into bioluminescence.

Geoffrey Hoppe talks about the four species that will soon share the planet – homo sapiens, homo techno, robo sapiens and homo christos – and what this might mean for our experiences as embodied Masters on Earth.

The second session consists of questions submitted by audience members, along with answers and the unique perspectives of each presenter.

Session 1 – 1:20:27
Session 2 – 1:14:08

Format: Downloadable video (MP4), audio (MP3) and text (PDF)
Note: The video recordings of these sessions are also available for viewing on YouTube.

Cost: FREE

Featuring: Jim Self, Steve Rother, Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, August 2018


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