The Seven Seals

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 •  Your existence began with the Seal of Separation
 •  It was followed by limitation, darkness, sin and suffering
 •  These locks allowed you dive into time, matter and experience
 •  Now, remember who you are and why you’re here
 •  It has all been for wisdom
 •  You are God also, feel your own I Am presence

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The Seven Seals
Unlocking Your Divine Potential

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Tobias offers an enlightening new interpretation of the mysterious Seven Seals mentioned in the biblical Book of Revelations. According to Tobias, the Seven Seals are universal and ancient belief systems – or illusions – about our separation from Spirit, our limited Self, the darkness, sin and guilt we carry, and the perceived need for suffering and salvation. Tobias says that there is no heaven or hell, no right or wrong, and that all is consciousness in experience. He invites us to take a deep breath and choose to live life beyond the old limitations.

As Tobias takes the listener through the process of gently opening each of the Seven Seals, enhanced by the beautiful music of Yoham, this becomes one of the most transformational journeys you can experience with the Tobias materials.

Note: Tobias also spoke about the Seven Seals at the Midsummer Conference, July 19, 2003. CLICK HERE to read or hear this message. 

Tracks (click each title to hear a sample)

Opening – (07:54)
Seal 1 - Separation – (10:46)
Seal 2 - Self – (11:12)
Seal 3 - Satan – (12:27)
Seal 4 - Sin – (09:50)
Seal 5 - Suffering – (08:42)
Seal 6 - Salvation – (08:25)
Seal 7 - Self (Realized) – (09:59)

Total Length: 1:19:15

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $15

Featuring: Tobias and Yoham (Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa, Amir Yakobi)

Recorded at Sharfstein Studio, Tel Aviv Israel, February 2009

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