The Simple Master – Allowing & And

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•  Do you really choose to stay?
•  Redefining death; merabh of “new death”
•  Consciousness, energy and the mind
•  Allowing change
•  Humans, energy and power games
•  The sense of Truth
•  What’s next? It comes to you

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The Simple Master –
Allowing & And

With Adamus Saint-Germain

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There are three simple principles for living the life of mastery: Allowing, And, and Death. “Allowing” does not mean being passive, but rather accepting everything that is happening within and assuming it is all serving you. “And” is opening up to the many levels of reality, and understanding it is all true at the same time. Rather than the end of physical life, conscious “death” is the freedom of ending the cycles of lifetimes and can be experienced here and now. This “embodied death” deeply changes one’s trust in self and path into Realization. Adamus discusses the ‘un’ of reality, explaining why changes and creations in the physical world seem to manifest so slowly and how to accelerate them by moving beyond duality. He also explains how to go beyond living as a local-linear human and bring every part of reality into the And of Realization, the long-desired reunion with Self.

Adamus also talks about the sense of Truth, power games – with a tangible experience of what power “sounds like” – and, again and again, focuses on the Allowing that brings it all together in the And. In a memorable segment of more Adamus physics, he explains what the And really is and how everything – past lives, future lives, all of your potentials – come together in the circle of the I Am. The reason you’re here in this Time of Machines is to radiate potentials and illuminate consciousness through your own personal Allowing, integration and freedom.

The Simple Master – Allowing & And contains essential teachings for continuing to live in this physical reality as both a human and Master. This sacred and transformational presentation includes several merabhs, deep experiences to help one integrate the insights and information shared by Adamus Saint-Germain.

Simple Master sessions 

1 – Wisdom Gathering (1:11:28)
Realization is easy, but the human makes it hard. The Master is already here, but not what the human expected. Death is a very important element, it means “to leave” and “to grow.” Every Ascended Master has had a death experience. A very important question – Do you choose to stay? – is followed by a merabh of wisdom-gathering.

2 – The Observant Master (1:14:48)
Masters before you had struggle, challenge and difficulty. For you it can be simple and easy. Audience interaction about being an observer, both of others and of yourself.

3 – Redefining Death (39:32)
Adamus: “Death is my friend, she freed me.” Death is about releasing and going beyond the cycles of incarnations. We are redefining death, moving the point of death from the end of life to now, and allowing freedom. In the nerabh of new death, you allow the old to die away and allow this embodied death to serve you.

4 – Consciousness, Energy and Allowing (1:14:00)
Consciousness requires no energy; it is the maker of energy. As you allow the death of the limited self, the way you work with energy will change. If you want more energy, check your psychology and come back to the “I Exist.” Assume the energy will be there and that things will work out. Includes a merabh for allowing change, bringing in the wisdom, and allowing the Master.

5 – Power (57:54)
Allowing is not a practice or discipline; you can so it at any time. It’s not about others, it’s about allowing you. Humans are constantly looking for energy and trying to get power. Even though it’s an illusion, it is pervasive, always there. (Audio example is played.) If you have an agenda for Allowing, you’re in a power game.

6 – Truth (47:49)
“Power is the act of manipulating others for energy feeding.” Over the next few decades, power will be exposed for what it is. Discussion of power centers on the planet. Truth is a beautiful sense, especially after you’ve been in Focus for a long time, and there are many truths. In the merabh of Truth, the Master goes non-linear and realizes that, in the And, it is all true.

7 – It Comes to You (31:04)
Truth and And – this is where it gets fun! Question: What will you do for the rest of your life? In the merabh, what comes next is truly magic, if you allow it. Though the human can’t even imagine it, the potentials are all there. You came here to meet yourself, now go out, enjoy life and allow.

8 – Duality (59:11)
The mind has its own perspective; let it know that fantasy is okay. “Just imagine…” In duality, from which this reality is created, there is an opposite to everything. There is also an ‘un’ to everything. It balances the physical version, and this is key to changing reality. You are here to go beyond local-linear, but you don’t have to figure it out. It just happens.

9 – Why You’re Here (57:48)
Allowing opens up the And, local-linear becomes a game. And is beyond duality – the student and the Master, masculine and feminine, abundance and lack. It’s all true, just get out of your own way. You are here to radiate the light of consciousness in this Time of Machines, to radiate potentials in the development of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. In the merabh, this is your new life, Master and human.

10 – Questions & Answers (1:07:14)
Being here now and staying on Earth – that is your true passion. Audience questions and answers.

11 – Merabh of Allowing in the Circle (32:38)
Now is the time to integrate it all, to simply deeply allow.

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Adamus Saint-Germain

Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center in Louisville, Colorado, USA, July 2017

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DreamWalker Death Transitions Master's Life 4 - Sensuality Master's Life 7 - I Am Creation Master's Life 11 - Living Energy 

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Freedom from the fear of death.
In the Simple Master, Adamus gives us the opportunity to get a good look at what runs us as humans: the stories, the programs, the fears. He says we can see death in a new way as something that frees us. We can choose to allow the death of our old patterns and evolve beyond them.

Adamus also talks about power, what it is, how it works, and all the ways it can show up in our lives. I learned that if I am trying to force things to happen it is time to stop.

Adamus gave us an example of how power sounds and feels. It is a vibration that occurs when we feel we need to be in control. I can see how the vibration of power runs through our society on a day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis. Most of us use power regularly. Now that I know what this vibration of power feels like, I have the opportunity to choose. I can fall into the power game, or I can choose to show up differently and vibrate the love vibration and allow.

Power is pushing with an agenda. Allowing has no power in it. Allowing is trusting my consciousness to attract energies that are appropriate. I can shift out of a needy vibration into a trusting one and allow things to come to me.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 1/16/2018)
another gem
Simple Master is yet another gem from Crimson Circle. Simple and straightforward, summarizes all the teachings from Tobias and Adamus up till this point while adding new insights and perspectives. It is a well laid out 3 day workshop recorded live - very interactive and entertaining with many beautiful Merabhs for integration. Explains why changes are so slow and difficult in this reality.

First day starts with deeper understanding what’s happening in our lives right now and Adamus calls it “wisdom gathering” that is happening on many levels and in many lifetimes. It continues with bringing a concept of “observant master” which reminded me a lot about Tobias’ “short wall”. It’s about going beyond fighting, struggling, pain, stress, depression. It is setting up a template of easy realization. The rest of the day is all about dying of the old limited self. Brings a new concept of death, a death without leaving physical body that is covered in detail in DreamWalker Death program.

The second day starts with the basics: I EXIST and the way the consciousness creates realities to experience. How the energy works. How the body accepts energy based on your psychological state. The flow of energy is constant it’s the human limiting the flow. Adamus reminds us not to push energy which is yet another teaching from Tobias. The day continues with Allowing and ends with And. Those sessions really resonated with me.

The last day brings more “Adamus physics” about living in local linear reality vs living in the circle, new information about the balance in our dualistic reality and has very interesting Q and A session.

As usual, it affected me on many different levels, one of which is reconnecting with my passion, why am I here at this particular time.

Very clear message that stands on its own. Next step to support us on our journey. One of my favorite. Bringing the human aspect closer to the master or the non-energy, wisdom part of us.
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 1/9/2018)
The Simple Master is a Masterpiece!
I experienced the Simple Master for the first time in Italy last September. I was not sure it would be worthwhile to view it again, but doing so was a vastly rewarding experience. As I engaged the content this time I could see how much I’d transformed in three short months. I now met the material in a completely new way, with greater openness and trust. Additionally, I found the online course to be wide-sweeping, unlike the course I attended, which was tailored very specifically for the audience in attendance. The Cloud Class goes into great detail about new energy creation and physics, which I found exhilarating.

The session on Power is particularly informative. Adamus offers a visceral example of what Power feels like, and with this came a sensual understanding of how my agendas were distorting my creations. I could feel the energetic signature of power, and see how it was subtly woven into my creative efforts. After this session, I felt a deep re-wiring occur in my brain and experienced waves of fatigue as I released those old power patterns. This has resulted in a greater sense of spaciousness and openness as I rest in the unknown. My desire to micromanage outcomes is fading away.

The description Adamus offers of New Energy physics in the last half of the class makes it absolutely clear why total allowing and trust is necessary for the Ahmyo life. Control and new energy do not mix. We are entering a whole new world of creativity as embodied masters - one that is without effort of any kind and that brings a compassionate reunion with our soul’s magic.

After participating in this class I now have a bettering understanding of the deep changes that have already taken place in me and what is now unfolding. I am more comfortable in my own expansiveness, recognizing and accepting the diverse range of my many potentials. Knowing nothing is missing from within me, I can trust my radiance to magnetize the appropriate experiences with perfect synchronicity.

This workshop is a brilliant primer on New Energy Creation. It also offers one of the very best Q&A’s I have ever seen! Brilliant questions and in-depth, fascinating answers.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 1/5/2018)
Intense Workshop with very good background and energetic assistance for anyone one the path to embodied enlightenment
Review Simple Master
German translation below.
I write this review because I am part of the product review team. I did not pay for the class.
I would never have registered for the class – I only did it because I am part of the review team. And boy – am I glad that I found my way to the class. I have been into Allowing for a long time – since I asked Adamus how I could do better for myself and he answered with: “Trust yourself”. When he later explained about Allowing it was a simple continuation of “trust myself”. I don’t have to do anything. I “simply” trust myself (make the conscious choice, learn how to) and everything else sorts itself out. So – I already got this.
But still: This intense (intense!) class deepened the understanding (of Allowing and And) and allowed me to dive in even more. I felt a huge wave of transformation. A lot shifted, integrated and was cleared out. If you plan to do the class: Make time for yourself. Don’t do anything important parallel. I did not have a lot of energy for anything else and was “out of business” for one day completely.
Apart from being very transformational, there is a lot of good information in it. It always helps my very active mind. I loved the discussion about the physics, about why we are here (interesting for all of you who struggle with passion, with what’s going on on Earth, with the topics of ProGnost), power (making it very visible – brilliant technique – very helpful), duality (I really start to understand it – and what is so special about New Energy) and creation. The Question and Answer session is excellent – the only sad thing is that it is not longer.
The part about Death and Dying is important, especially for all who did not yet do DreamWalker Death. And even if you did that – there is a point in Simple Master that many of us probably skirt around, since it is so scary. Realizing yourself includes death. Even if you stay in your body -you go through a death process. Facing this is not so easy and with the help of a skillfully made class it’s a lot easier (and I assume that I would not have allowed this truly without some help from the outside
Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 1/2/2018)
An Un-Cloud Class! Simple Master a Classic
I have to admit… my first impression watching the new cloud class, Simple Master “Allowing & And” was kind of “meh”. I know it already! Some of the material seemed like a mash up of many other programs Amyho, DreamWalker Death and the ProGnost ’17 update. But later on in the class, Adamus DOES remind us that “We already know it and have simply come here to meet yourself!”

The reality is this material is simple AND complex! As Adamus points out simple can be “very, very deep.” Adamus St-Germain is always brilliant in his professor mode and very good at recapping information and weaving it back and forth between Shouds, Keahak and cloud classes. And he’s working with us on a level few humans have gone before! Let’s face it, most of us are remedial angels that need to truly hear and feel things numerous times to “get it” or integrate it in our lives… At least I for one freely admit that after 1,400 plus lifetimes plugged into this crazy matrix. Palm slaps AND cosmic 2x4’s for some of us are needed on a daily basis.

I also admit that this is the first cloud class that I really felt myself zoning out and falling asleep not just in the amazing merahbs but several sessions! So I was glad to be awake to hear Adamus say that “Allowing is the best sleeping pill ever, it puts you out… and that if you find doing this together in the Allowing, you start getting sleepy you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re just relaxed…” Oh Adamus has my number as usual! You can’t get it wrong! Sleep your way to enlightenment. I’m mastering that!

Adamus has us jump in the deep end with death right at the beginning. I believe Adamus first redefined death at the live Simple Master event in Norway and then again at this cloud class recorded with a live audience in July. I just happened to take the DreamWalker Death update before doing this class but it is indeed enlightening information and glad CC is making the merahb a download available with the cloud class. Embodying death this lifetime seems to be something every Master must integrate and we all will experience it in some form from losing health to wealth. Can we relate? It’s the final step into enlightenment allowing the death of our limited self. Adamus even mentions that this cloud class could have been called Allowing, & AND Death.

However as I continued to allow and relax into this material some new aha’s did wake me up! I loved the way Adamus talks about being the observant comedienne Master and how this differs from judgement. “When you become the observer without fear of judging, suddenly you become aware of the Master.” And he urges us to “Be the artistic observer in the beauty of life.”
As well there are a lot of gems regarding power, energy and how it really comes from the distilled wisdom of the soul within. Hmmm, pondered my mind… My Master gets this. My human still challenged. New Energy is truly new !

AND totally mind blowing for me was the brilliant Adamus physics session on the “Un”. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, sometimes these sessions feel like an episode of “Dark Mirror” or “Stranger Things” on NetFlix. I’ve never heard Adamus talk about this in past or current classes until now. I won’t even try to explain it. Just buy the damn class! I’m still “unthinking” it…

If you’ve never attended a live Crimson Circle class before with Geoff, Linda, Shaumbra AND Adamus this is the next best experience. Simple Master is certainly one of the more lively studio cloud classes with lots of audience interaction in true Adamus style and a great question and answer session near the end. There is also a merahb at the end that is truly “beyond words”…. I believe Simple Master will be considered one of the core classic cloud classes since Adamus has said he wants to be remembered for his signature “Allowing & And.” ( AND death of course!)

“As the Master sitting on the bench turns to the human and says “It’s about time, the show is about to begin.” So get the popcorn and settle in….
Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 11/29/2017)
Ahhh.....(head slap).....I knew that!! How elegantly Simple!!
If you give yourself one gift for the Holidays, the Simple Master is perfect. And to that, add the best earphones for the last Merabh! I hope CC makes this merabh available for purchase….it could easily be the perfect beginning to every day. The 30 minute Merabh has no words, simply transforming music along with magical graphics that bring together awareness and experience of I AM/I EXIST, allowing, AND, and “UN”!
When I experienced Quantum Allowing in 2012, Adamus said it was the last workshop we needed to do. And yet, we continue to move beyond. AND, since then he has expanded our awareness and clarity with the experiences of 5 Master’s Life presentations, the book, Memoirs of a Master, and now Simple Master.
As Adamus reminds us, there is nothing new….we know it all, AND ….. Simple Master took me to “More”.
In a recent shoud, Adamus struggled with finding words to define wisdom, and the same is true here. Simple Master is an experience beyond words.
Adamus connects with us on death, being an observer, being the Creator of realities and playgrounds for Soul/I AM to play in, the “Un” of everything, what New Energy really is, what passion really is (so simple), as well as more about AND, allowing and “Un”. Plus the 30 minute merabh with vibrant dynamic graphics sans words!
Thank you Geoff & Linda, Adamus, CC staff and all of Shaumbra who are here on Earth now to step into the Realization of Living and Radiating as Simple Master!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 11/20/2017)
Simple is Key
This was an interesting product to review as I was in attendance at this event. Viewing it again brought back feelings and insights I had while attending The Simple Master. But for those experiencing it for the first time, the energies are very intact and there for anyone who chooses to connect with them.

As a reviewer, I don’t explain in detail all the segments that Adamus presents as I feel that takes away the discovery (and the fun!) for those who view or listen to the event. I can speak to how I feel about the material and how I experienced it for myself.

The Simple Master is three full days and it was necessary for me to have some time alone during the day and also afterwards for integration. Each segment is an experience of its own, and I especially appreciated the merabhs that assisted in that integration.

I will admit that having death be a part of The Simple Master was a bit of a surprise. But it was one of the most beautiful pieces of the entire experience, and I soon realized how shifting into what Adamus called Conscious Death is key going forward.

One of the greatest awarenesses embedded into The Simple Master is right in the title: Simple. Allowing is simple. He speaks of the simplest of awarenesses: the I EXIST. This whole workshop was a beautiful reminder to keep it simple.

I know that I left the Simple Master with awarenesses to support me in the embodied enlightenment that I didn’t have before; and really, isn’t that the idea?
Review by Kathleen / (Posted on 11/19/2017)
This changed my life
This Cloud Class is one of the best I have ever attended. It might seem complex when Adamus talks about some of the topics but indeed it is very simple when you allow. I attended previously the Quantum Allowing and in this Cloud Class it goes even deeper and into expansion. And the grand pearl contained within all of the Sessions is the Redifining Death Session wich is beyond words. It changed my life.
Review by The Simple Master Peter / (Posted on 11/10/2017)
WOW! Adamus did it again: Created a class that gives the impression that nothing else is needed but this class to live life fully.
The Simple Master –
Allowing & And
With Adamus Saint-Germain
WOW! Adamus did it again: Created a class that gives the impression that nothing else is needed but this class to live life fully.
This time Adamus is very precise: To live fully as an embodied Master on Earth you must be willing to go through your own death. You must be an observer to what happens around you and within yourself. Know what consciousness implies in creation and know why you are here: Allowing brings everything together in the And… and past lives, your future lives and all of your potentials come together in the circle of the I Am… Therefore, you are here!
Having followed CC sine 2001 and taught the CC materials since 2007 I wonder why I still experience cleaning up old stuff and getting tired. This is what happened going through this class. More than ever it is important to really give yourself time and space to go through the material. It goes deep, deep within.
I have heard other persons express this and I must say they are right: This class summarizes everything that I have learned through all the years – and it gets more and more simple
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 11/8/2017)
Deep understanding of Allowing. Going so much beyond. And feeling / understanding, why we are here now.
It is actually funny, I have for some time been thinking that I would attend the workshop “The Simple Master”, next time Geoff and Linda would do that in Europe. And then it came to my door step – or more precisely, to my pc! “It comes to you” - also the title of one of the sessions…
This cloud class is amazing! Adamus – and St. Germain – is always great, but this is over the top. He talks about wisdom gathering, distilling all the experiences you have had into wisdom. He has talked about that before, but I had more of a feeling of it this time. It leads perfectly to the following session about The Observant Master. To distill the wisdom, you have to see beyond all the emotions, wounds, joy etc. Just observe without any judgement. Neither of others nor yourself. It leads to a feeling of freedom, letting go of the pain, guilt or whatever… To me it’s not new to be the observer of other people. My way into spirituality was through massage. That means you have to observe the one you are working with, both the body, what it could tell, and also open up to feel the other layers of the person. This is so enriching, because you understand so much more, and that is one of the things I like!
He talks about death, even takes us through an experience, and the important is that we can die, and still be in the physical body. It is about letting go of the old, so the new can come in. Earlier in my life I worked with Tarot cards, giving readings, and to me the card Death always meant exactly that. So where is your perspective, hanging on the old or are you willing to let it go and allow the room for something new?
If I should pick the most important to me in this class, it is about Allowing. I have of course heard it a lot of times before, but here I felt it so clearly. I really liked how he had the audience to stand up, take a deep breath and Allow. Then take a step to the side, meaning get out of your own way. It’s such a wonderful way of remembering something.
Well, one more thing: Duality. We all know that, but here it becomes very interesting, when he mentions the “un” of things. For example, you see a tree, and then there is “the un-tree”. I won’t try to explain this, but it made so much sense to me. Kind of opening up the understanding of physics. And that was also what was going on in the Q&A session. So many great questions from the audience, kind of diving into all of this. I must admit that mostly a Q&A is rather boring. It gets so mental. But this one was so interesting!
It also touched me deeply, when he talked about the reason we are here now: To shine the light of consciousness in a time that needs it so much!
To go through this cloud class has been quite a journey. I have been extremely tired and needed more sleep that usual. Also, a feeling that a lot has been shifted inside, without yet being able to say what. A lot of integration time is needed. And the feeling is good!
The only thing I would like to change is the volume of the music during the Merabhs. I find it difficult to hear the words of Adamus some of the time. But that is tiny small compared to all the beauty in this.
So, if you want change and expansion in your life, this is it!!!!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 11/7/2017)